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Introductions! / Hey!
« on: August 29, 2016, 11:23:19 AM »
Hey everyone! I started doll collecting with My Scene dolls back when they came out. I took a long break from dolls as I lost interest when the My Scenes weren't sold in the US anymore. My passion for doll collecting started again with Monster High. At first I didn't get any because my fiance thought they were, "creepy" but I picked 2 up one day and it's been dolls, dolls, dolls, since then. I've always been attracted to darker things, and that's what made me like MH. I've been collecting monster high dolls for around 3 years now. I also have ever after high, collector barbies, and bratz. I'm always open to collecting new doll lines too, but right now I feel like the doll market doesn't have what I'm looking for, so I'm a bit picky with what I purchase!
I don't have friends in real life who are into dolls so I'm hoping to have some nice chats about dolls here!

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