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Trader Support / Intermittent Internet Connection
« on: June 09, 2016, 03:15:29 PM »
Just wanted to give a heads up my internet goes up and down right now it is up. My ISP is coming out Monday to replace the line to the house from the pole. So I am sorry I have not been able to respond to messages please bare with me until Tuesday/Wednesday! No sales have been made/money transactions so no worries there. I work 12+ hour shifts right now so I respond when I can with that and the internet. Today was my first time I am off before the sun goes down in awhile and the net is up.

Buy/Sell/Trades / MH stuffs for sale! On Hold!
« on: May 01, 2016, 02:35:06 AM »
6/9/2016 - Having internet connectivity issues off and on and work has been hectic. I have an appointment with my internet provider to come out on Monday. Fingers crossed. Please bear with me. Sales on Hold until my internet gets sorted.

5/10/16 - Sorting through tons of items will be updating this thread within the next week. If you are interested in stands, Jem Dolls, or nudes listed please feel free to contact me.

Hey all!

All prices are negotiable. Shipping rates to be determined upon weight of package and I will always ship First Class or Priority. If you want I am always willing to ship in bubble mailers or box depending on preference. I am also willing to put holds on items for no longer then a week (unless we work something out; I am pretty flexible and easy going when it comes to holds). I will be constantly updating the thread off and on so check back now and then to see if anything is added or if you think I may have something (I am a small pack rat when it comes to MH goodies) ask and I can always check!

Shipping to the USA only currently (exceptions can be made to people I have shipped to over seas before and as long as insurance + tracking is paid for by the buyer which is the same for US Shipping; however if a country fails to update the tracking code I can not be held responsible for the package as I have no real way of verifying if it was received or not.) Please note that it is spring and if the weather is really poopy packages may get delayed. I usually hit the post office a few times a week so shipping can be with 24-48hrs of paypal payment.

Payment should be sent via paypal and sent via goods and services.

Pictures available upon request. This is so I don't flood the forum with gobs of pictures and so my photobucket account doesn't get overloaded. Plus we are having power issues in our house again so lighting is wonky specially with all this rain we've been getting so the pictures may not be the best as I prefer to take pictures of the items outside in the sun light so there is no question about spots possibly being shadows etc. :)

Monster High Stands
Black Stands $1.25 ea. (I have quite a few available for sale)

Monster High Nude Dolls for Sale
Abbey Art Class $3.00
Abbey Coffin Bean $3.00
Abbey Music Festival $3.00
Abbey Picture Day $3.00
Abbey Scaris $3.00
Abbey Signature $3.00
Cleo Picture Day $3.00
Draculaura Dead Tired $3.00
Draculaura I Love Shoes $3.00
Draculaura Scarnival $3.00
Draculaura Swim Class $3.00
Lagoona Ghoul Spirit $3.00
Lagoona Scaris $3.00
Meowlody Zombie Shake $3.00
Operetta Picture Day $3.00
Operetta Black Carpet $3.00
Purrsephone Zombie Shake $3.00
Scarah Ghoul Spirit $3.00
Venus Music Festival $3.00

EAH Nudes

Jem Nudes
Clash $12.00 *No flaws that I have seen will always double check before packaging*
Jem $12.00 *Light up earrings unsure if they are working removed the battery long time ago hair is blonde now :(*
Jetta $12.00 *No flaws that I have seen will always double check before packaging*
Kimber $10.00 *Some nibble marks on arms looks like Pizzaz or Roxy tried to nibble on her arm in a cat fight LOL*

Other Nudes

Brags / Kask's Little "Yay" Posts!
« on: April 29, 2016, 12:37:00 PM »
So after trying to find the Sweet Screams Ghouls (mainly Frankie and Ghoulia) I went to a Big Lots I normally don't go to and found Sweet Screams Ghoulia and Abbey yesterday! Now if I could only find Frankie and Draculaura I'd be smitten (even though I had them in my hands in Target multiple times just not when they were on sale; I even got one for a Swap partner way back in the day too *Draculaura*). *Proceeds to kick herself* Oh well maybe I will find them soon!

Buy/Sell/Trades / Kask's Wants!
« on: April 26, 2016, 02:28:48 PM »
Clothing Pieces Etc

Frankie's Goodies Wanted
Fearleading Dress

Ghoulia's Goodies Wanted
Dawn of the Dance Earrings

Lagoona's Goodies Wanted
Signature Pet Neptuna and Bowl

Cleo's Goodies Wanted
Signature Pet Hissette

Clawd's Goodies Wanted
Sweet 1600 Stock
Signature Belt

Holt's Goodies Wanted
Signature Headset
Signature Shoes


Right Shoes Needed
Abbey - I <3 Fashion - Black and Purple
Abbey - Signature
Abbey - Skull Shores x3
CAM - Cat
CAM - Skeleton - x2
Catty - Signature
Clawd - Sweet 1600
Clawdeen - Music Festival
Clawdeen - Scaris
Clawdeen - Sports Pack
Cleo - Mad Science
Cleo - Scaris - Gold/Turq
Cleo - Signature - x2
Draculaura - Gloom Beach
Elissabat - Signature
Frankie - Ghouls Rule
Frankie - Skull Shores - Black and White
Ghoulia - Dead Tired - x2
Ghoulia - Mad Science
Lagoona - Signature
Lagoona - Swim Class
Operetta - Dance Class
Operetta - Roller Maze
Operetta - Signature
Scarah - SDCC
Spectra - DDG
Venus - Swim Class

Left Shoes Needed
Abbey - Home Ick
Abbey - I <3 Fashion - Black Sneaker Boots - x2
CAM - Inner Monster - Spooky Sweet - Pink/Yellow
CAM - Werewolf - x2
Clawdeen - Coffin Bean
Clawdeen - Gloom Beach
Cleo - Scaris - Gold Cat
Draculaura - Signature
Frankie - DotD
Frankie - Picnic Casket - x2
Ghoulia - DDG/GNO
Ghoulia - Gloom Beach
Ghoulia - Skull Shores
Random - Fearleading
Lagoona - Classroom - Yellow/Black/Blue/Brown
Lagoona - Picture Day
Lagoona - Scaris - Octopus
Robecca - Dance Class
Rochelle - GNO
Scarah - I <3 Fashion
Spectra - Signature
Toralei - Signature
Venus - Music Festival
Venus - Signature

Dolls Wanted
Complete Cleo's Wanted
I Love Fashion

Complete Venus's Wanted
I Love Fashion

Barbie Stuff Wanted
So In Style Trichelle Doll
So In Style Trichelle Doll #2

Barbie Other
Articulated Barbies (any race)

Solo Shoes! Any and all!
Any extra Frankie nudes
Vampire Male CAM Wig
Puma Male CAM Wig

Off Topic / Power issues
« on: January 15, 2016, 01:44:09 PM »
So we had some family over for the holidays. They knew the house we live in old and it can't really handle a lot of load being put on it. Sooo my mom and I went out to her doctor appointment on the 28th and ended up having to hurry home because they "tripped a few breakers". Well...not only did they trip them they blew them and the outlets ontop of that. We told them not to run a lot of things at the same time. Well my bathroom has no power, my bedroom has only two working outlets now, the dining room has only one working outlet, and the kitchen has two down outlets luckily the fridge and stove still work but that is it. So they made some comments which blew my lid about how we should have it upgraded and fixed to code. Well it was to code before they showed up and caused havoc. My mom and I don't use a lot of electricity. Our average electric bill is $50-70 during spring summer and fall. $120-150 in the winter when we had the polar vortex it was $170ish.

So they ended up leaving the next morning when they couldn't take the cold. They were going to stay at a hotel but decided to head home instead so they pretty much left my mom and I to fend for ourselves for something they screwed up. No offer to help pay to fix, no we are sorry just a bunch of grief... We called to see if they made it home safely no response but we heard from other family members they are home. We open up our house to try to show some hospitality and we get walked all over. We've had problems with a majority of our family before so we were trying to offer an olive branch (they didn't like my dad so they blamed my mom for it and shunned her even though he has been passed away since 2009).

 I guess from previous actions when family members pass and people stick out their hands for money I should have known better. It has my mom super upset and both of us in a scramble still to figure out what to do. We can't really afford to spend a ton of money house repairs right now she has to get her eyes checked out again she has macular degeneration in both of them. So right now none of the outlets that we have working can handle our little oil space heater. I really hate kerosene and with three dogs that's rough and you still need to open a window to vent it kinda defeats the purpose. So for now we are layering up and making due.

We went a whole winter without heat before and running water because of Sandy screwing the proverbial pooch pretty hard core. It was rough but for water that was pretty easy filled up jugs from a neighbors house to flush the toilet and use for boiling. My job had a full bath at it so my mom and I still got our showers and I had a gym membership too then so it wasn't bad at all. Just had to get used to waking up and not jumping immediately into a nice hot shower. I love living in the boonies in our own house but sometimes...I wish we lived in an apartment and all that kind of stuff would have to be taken care of by the landlord.

Finding people that don't want an arm and leg to work during winter months is also a pain. :P

Trader Support / bscfan82 not replying
« on: December 06, 2015, 11:21:14 PM »
I sent payment for dolls on the 20th of November and asked for tracking information on the 24th and if she had even sent them out yet:

Hey there wondering if you have had a chance to send out the dolls yet? Haven't heard from you in a few days! Also please let me know if there is a tracking number! Thanks!

Sorry, been super busy but I did get them mailed and I will give you the tracking info once my husband gets home (I left them in the car and he took it this morning lol)

Her last login was on the 27th of November and I haven't gotten a response yet from her. (November 27, 2015, 09:31:34 PM) She never sent me the tracking number. I have sent her a few messages and left replies on her sales thread. I have now opened up communication on Paypal. I am trying to keep my cool but this is a bit unacceptable. Is anyone else having issues with her as well? There seems to be a lot of communication problems on her thread by the looks of it. Maybe she will get notified by some members here alerting her to this. I've tried to be as patient as possible.

Trader Support / Lost package
« on: October 06, 2015, 10:11:42 PM »
I got some goodies from a member here and the package went missing. The package says on the tracking it was delivered to another city. I contacted the post office and the Post Master told me that the delivery person just probably didn't change her scanner over to my city. They said it was delivered on the 26th of September which was a Saturday but there was no mail that day and a few days before the delivery woman SHOVED a package that was obviously bigger then my mailbox into it and had to use a rubber band attached to my mailbox flag and the mailbox door to keep it closed (it was raining as well that day). On the 26th it was raining as well. They were also told multiple times to hold packages at the post office. So either she put it in the wrong mailbox or someone stole it or who knows?

The communication with the seller is meh. She hasn't really sent me any details about the package (I have the tracking number). So I can ask them to look around the post office for it etc just in case. She suggested showing up at a strangers house (who has the same address as I do but in the city it was supposedly delivered to? via the tracking information). I was advised against doing so because we live in the boonies. People out here are likely to shoot first then ask questions after you are six feet under. :(

I haven't had this happen to me. I've had packages go MIA for a little bit but then make it to me. So I need some advice on how to proceed (the order was no small amount of beans either). The post office told me it did have insurance on it. I am going to stop by there again today later on and see if they can triple check again and ask if they can put little notes in the other peoples mailboxes near mine....

I also got the mail today and the mailbox was wide open :( I am having a LOT of problems with my local post office needless to say. So I am sure it was a snafu on their end.

Monster Discussion / Howleen Ghoul Fair problem! (Solved!)
« on: September 19, 2015, 02:38:00 AM »
So I got a Ghoul Fair Howleen because this release reminds me of Pinkie Pie. I take her out of the box fix her hair and go to pose her on a spare stand on my desk with Pinkie Pie near her...and I find out her left leg doesn't turn in the knee socket.... *slow face palm* It bends back like normal but it's like it go glue in place *sniffles* Has anyone else came across this issue with her? (I got her from the Mattel store when I ordered Finnegan which apparently was not in the box with her so that's another issue.) I want to see if this a defect or just my bad luck. It's going to be a hassle to return her as well so I am not looking forward to that one bit.

Buy/Sell/Trades / MH Stuffs for sale!
« on: September 16, 2015, 12:57:15 PM »
First off I will ship to US only for now; sorry overseaspeeps/Canadians. If something pops up and I am delayed in sending the item(s) I will try to post here and let you know what is going on and I will also PM the person(s) I am trading/buying/selling to (usually will just PM unless I am taking a break from selling then it will be noted here). Shipping charges in the US will vary depending on how you want your items shipped. Tracking is ALWAYS required for both of our piece of mind. Any other questions please feel free to PM me. The prices are always negotiable.

*I am willing to hold items from 24-72hrs and longer on a case by case basis.*
*I have three dogs however; I keep all clothing in ziploc baggies and in a plastic container. They are also kept with dryer sheets to keep out the smell of the plastic baggies/plastic container. I also have pre-washed most clothing that allows it to be washed with gentle laundry detergent (Woolite).*
*Pictures will be taken of items as groups when purchased unless requested beforehand this will save me on having to edit them over and over or having to retake them*

Monster High Shoes $2.00 per pair
Abby Skull Shores Purple Gummy Heels
Clawdeen I Heart Fashion Black Heels
Clawdeen I Heart Fashion Purple Sneaker Heels
Cleo Orginal Ghouls Gold Shoes
Draculaura I Heart Accessories Black Heels with Ankle Strap
Frankie I Heart Fashion Blue and Silver Heels
Frankie Coffin Bean Fashion Pack Red and Blue Heels
Ghoulia GNO White and Red Bone Heels
Honey Swamp Signature Shoes
Jane Boolittle Signature Shoes
Meowlody Zombie Shake Red and Black Fishbone Heels
Purrsephone Zombie Shake Red and White Fishbone Heels
Rochelle GNO Heels
Scarah I Heart Fashion Silver Heels
Scarah I Heart Fashion Green Heels
Spectra Picture Day Heels
Spectra Small Fashion Pack Silver Open Toe Heels
Venus Signature Shoes
Viperine Signature Shoes
Wydowna I Heart Fashion Silver Boots
Wydowna I Heart Fashion Yellow Heels

Clothing - ALL $2.00 and Under SALE
Abbey I Heart Fashion Off One Shoulder Shirt $2.00
Abbey Ghouls Rule Dress $2.00
Abbey Picture Day Leggings $2.00
Abbey Picture Day Top $2.00
Abbey Snowboard Fashion Pack Shorts $2.00
Abbey Music Festival Skirt $1.50
Abbey Music Festival Top $1.50
CAM Ghost Dress $2.00
Clawdeen Original Ghouls Jacket $2.00
Cleo Mad Science Labcoat $2.00
Draculaura Signature Top $2.00
Draculaura Picture Day Skirt $2.00
Frankie Home Ick Black Silver Blue and White Dress $2.00
Frankie I Heart Fashion Dress $2.00
Frankie Deluxe Fashion Pack Multicolored Dress $2.00
Frankie Coffin Bean Fashion Pack Top $2.00
Frankie Coffin Bean Fashion Pack Skirt $2.00
Frankie Killer Style Argyle Tights $2.00
Frankie Killer Style Dress $2.00
Ghoulia Dead Tired Top $2.00
Ghoulia Dead Tired Bottoms $2.00
Ghoulia Mad Science Lab Coat $2.00
Scarah I Heart Fashion Multi Colored Dress $2.00
Scarah I Heart Fashion White Jacket $2.00
Scarah I Heart Fashion Tights $2.00
Wydowna I Heart Fashion Splat Shirt Dress $2.00
Wydowna I Heart Fashion Multi Colored Skirt $2.00
Wydowna I Heart Fashion Tights $2.00

CAM Blob Wig $2.00
CAM Deluxe Inner Monster Purple Wig $2.00

Black Stands $1.50 ea. *Have quite a few to sell*


Sold and Shipped
Abbey I Heart Fashion Tutu Skirt $1.50 SOLD
Frankie Picnic Casket Dress $2.00 SOLD
Frankie I Heart Fashion Socks $1.50 SOLD
Cleo Dead Tired Slippers $3.00 SOLD
Draculaura Signature Boots $3.00 SOLD
Frankie I Heart Fashion White and Silver Sneaker Boots $3.00 SOLD
Luna BYBY Single Pack $8.00 SOLD
Clawdeen Original Ghouls Purple and Gold Shoes $3.00 SOLD
Clawdeen Signature Shoes Purple Black Gold and Grey $3.00 SOLD
Scarah I Heart Fashion Green Shimmery Dress $2.50 SOLD
Amanita Gloom and Bloom Under Dress (Green Top with Black Leather Skirt 1 piece) $2.50 SOLD

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Monster Discussion / Monster High Shoe Database?
« on: September 10, 2015, 02:32:29 PM »
I know there was a post about a member here making one. I have tried to use the search feature but it hasn't brought it up and it's not in my book marks anymore. Is it still around and if so does anyone have a link to share for it? Thanks :D

Monster Discussion / I have fallen in love with Elle Eedee
« on: August 27, 2015, 04:42:19 PM »
I love her. I have so many ideas I would like to get some fiber optics and LED lights >.< Urgh I just wish she wasn't so darn expensive and not in a three pack. If they made a 17" doll of her I would be on board to just buy her. Does anyone have any other ideas for Elle Eedee (or any of the other new ghouls)? I also finally have a love interest for Robecca as well.

Trader Support / Don't panic! My internet is back!
« on: September 22, 2014, 07:25:47 AM »
I had taken a weekend trip last week which ended up lasting an extra day due to car troubles (not mine thank goodness). Got home to find my internet wasn't working at all. Apparently there was a nice wild animal that decided to climb on the cable that goes from our attack to the pole; that animal weighed too much and down came the line. So finally got that fixed today but now I have found out the floor under my toilet is soggy because of a leak that happened when I was gone to Seattle...soo now we get to deal with replacing a toilet and the floor boards *slow face palm* I am going to try to get caught up with the messages in my inbox but please please be patient it may take a two or more days to ship because I am trying to get a plumber/carpenter set up so we can get this toilet problem fixed.

Sorry again I know I am taking part in the swap too. Still shopping on that as I haven't been around much and the things I tried to snag off snagged :( So I am getting flustered with that.

Off Topic / Water Heater Busted
« on: August 16, 2014, 03:57:40 AM »
Soo water pump kept running went down to check on it and found a nice 2inches of water in the basement. I opened the basement door (which the only access is from the outside) and my glasses fogged up. Yup I think within the past two years I have spent at least four months total without running water. Living in the boonies is not fun when you enjoy hot showers. We went one whole winter with partial electric and little space heaters when our main breaker switch went bonkers all because we had an electrician say that it would cost $5000 to replace the whole box and run new wires. So we kinda were in the welp lets try to do what we can. Showers twice a week three on special occasions at a friend or the gym where I had a membership. Our local gas station let me fill up jugs of water when we needed it. We made due :)

Ah the good ol' days. When Sandy went through we were without any power for a good three weeks. I laugh at it now and realize those experiences in the past have taught me how to now deal with anything that may happen in the future. Zombie apocalypse? No problem. Just needed to do a little rant. I was a lot more peeved at the start of this and had some choice words for the crap the world keeps dealing me and my mom but it could be worse.

So in light of this please go check out my sales thread. Kaskurgi needs a new hot water heater LOL

Trader Support / *fixed* Seller opened upaid item dispute on me..
« on: August 15, 2014, 03:11:55 PM »
After we agreed to wait until the other auction ended that I am currently winning so I could get combined shipping. I sent a message asking why she did so after she said she had no problem waiting until the other auction ended that I was winning. Contacting Ebay on this matter as I have all the messages saved stating she would wait until the final auction ended. She has also not done the combined shipping either on the two other auctions ugh what a fiasco.

It's being fixed now by the seller and ebay - she didn't know how to turn that function off in ebay so ebay and her are rectifying it.

Off Topic / Robin Williams :(
« on: August 11, 2014, 05:00:46 PM »
You will be missed but never forgotten. A big part of my childhood and teen years were filled with laughter. There was not a movie or show that he played in that I did not enjoy. I loved his brash take on comedy too as I got older. My mom is really upset by his passing since she literally grew up watching him from start to finish. Big hugs to all of those that are also taking his passing hard. We may not have personally known him but he brought a lot of joy and laughter to many of his fans.

Off Topic / Communication!
« on: August 10, 2014, 11:38:11 AM »
I understand real life gets in the way but...sometimes it just urks the poop out of me. I know I get absent minded and sometimes I forget (or the proverbial SHTF) but I've had people recently just blow me off for no reason then come back later and say 1) Oh I already got one not interested in trade anymore after I have messaged them about a trade quite regularly get no reply for a week + then boom 2) Say they will notify me if they find something..which they do they post about it in a thread and I look for a message and nothing and find out they already split it or traded with someone else 3) Blow off PM's and admit to it and not leave feedback x_X I guess that would also fall under lack of common courtesy.

I just needed to get this off my chest this has happened all in the past 10 days of 1 month! I kept in great communication with all three of the people. Sometimes I just want to reach through my screen and shake people a little too violently :P Just when you thought you were out of high school and left all that pettyness behind. The internet rears it's ugly head.

 Oh and it's not just the internet it's real life too. Same thing finding a new job. Rinse repeat except it's to put more money in my bank account to be able to actually live life. The constant "We will be in touch." is such a line of bs :P I call to check up on it and heck my one application/resume was never even handed over to the correct person.


/end rant

Brags / Woo my first SDCC goodies!
« on: August 04, 2014, 09:29:21 AM »
I got Manny and Iris today! Finally showed up the outer box is damaged and the box they came in we won't even talk about that. Half the box was pretty much opened already :\ Luckily no one had sticky fingers.

Manny is HUGE! I mean super HUGE! I want to take them out but I am waiting patiently in case I can find an auction with his jacket for a reasonable price. Until then he and Iris will remain in the box. I didn't expect Manny to be THAT big. Pictures do not do his size justice at all!

Buy/Sell/Trades / Trading for Equestria Girls Dolls
« on: August 04, 2014, 09:07:57 AM »
Looking for Equestria Girl Dolls

Sunset Shimmer - Original Version
Pinkie Pie - Original with smiling face and peg feet complete

Any of their outfits/shoes/wings/music instruments.

Trading for the above with anything from my thread. May also be willing to trade some of my EAH dolls as well (nudes). May be able to buy them as well if the price is right :D

SDCC Manny/Iris for -> SDCC Webarella MIB Pref. but will consider loose with all items! :)

Looking for:
Jane - Gloom and Bloom - Nude
Wydowna - I <3 Fashion- Nude Only
Casta - Nude
Catrine - All White Hands - Nude
Catty - Nude

If you are interested in other things but don't have the above you can check out my Need List Here or if there are possibly other things you are interested in my Sales List Here.

Customs / Cleolei Repaint?
« on: July 10, 2014, 05:30:24 AM »
Has anyone thought about painting her mummy wraps that are on her body? If so can I see some pictures. Once I obtain her I am thinking of painting her mummy wraps but would like some ideas on how and what colors to paint it. I wanted to go with black but I would kind of like to stay true to form with her original mummy wrap colors or make them more of a rusty gold/yellow? Hard to explain. Any ideas or thoughts would be great! (Is it bad that I may lob off that chunk of toralei hair too?)

Clawdeen's Closet / What sewing machine?
« on: July 03, 2014, 04:09:27 AM »
I am a long term (aka my whole life) hand sewer. I am tired of it and am looking into purchasing my first sewing machine. It should be relatively inexpensive since it will be my first and not overly complex (my brain does not need to be punished anymore lately LOL). Are there any that you all would recommend? I would mainly be using it to sew doll clothes maybe sometimes hemming pants. Thanks! I also blame the lovely creator DGRequiem of those patterns on Etsy for me needing a sewing machine.

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