MH Arena Rules
Your use of MH Arena is subject to the rules and guidelines shown on this page. By using MH Arena in any way you signify explicit agreement to all of the statements contained herein. These rules and guidelines apply to the titles and body of your posts, to your signature and to private messages and emails sent from the forum. Failure to adhere to the rules may result in your posts being modified, moved or deleted. Continued failure to respect the rules may lead to your account being suspended or a ban being placed on your continued use of the forum.

Mandatory Post of Introduction
We ask that all new members first make an introduction post. Please tell us a little about yourself and/or collection. Members feel more at ease if they know that you are serious about posting on this site. This also lets our moderators know that you are taking our forum rules seriously and have read them. It is not uncommon to receive a private message from a moderator asking you to make an introduction post. We're a very friendly site and are eager to welcome you.

You may only have ONE account
No Multiple IDs: Multiple IDs make the board harder to moderate. We want to promote a sense of closeness within the boards and keeping track of multiple IDs makes this harder. It's also for security purposes and will make it easier for us to crack down on scammers. Multiple ID's will be automatically banned. Also, please do not share accounts with others. If another person in your home or circle of friends wants to be at the Arena, they may make their own account. Make sure you post in your own account only.

Respect for fellow members/heated threads
While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Warnings on threads that get too heated (volatile) may be given before the thread is automatically locked.  If a moderator's warning is ignored, the thread will be locked automatically. Excessive involvement in heated topics may warrant a suspension from this site. Please treat other members with respect and decency. Topics that were locked may not be started again.

Furthermore, through your membership here at MH Arena you agree to not only treat fellow members with kindness and respect but all Moderators of this site and the Arena itself in general. If you have a question or concern/problem with a Moderator it needs to be done via private message not on the forums.

Sensitive Subjects
Sensitive subjects such as religion, politics, abortion and animal rights will be closely monitored and will be locked at the mods discretion. Unfortunately, Moderators do not have the extra time that these topics require. This stance also includes signatures or avatars that have subject matter others find offensive, or involve any of the above mentioned topics. Thanks for understanding.

Mature Content (no nudity)
As a member of the Arena, you are subject to our community content guidelines regarding what you post and what you link.  Arena members should not post any material which may offend, or that is unsuitable for teenagers.  This includes, but is not limited to, harsh language, sexual material including references, violent and/or gruesome material. Please be advised that our members will use adult language occasionally in their posts, but the language should not exceed what can be said on network television.  Any use of material that is inappropriate for the Arena will be removed by moderators, and you may be subject to disciplinary action including warnings, suspensions, and banning for repeat offenders.

These content guidelines apply not only to the material you post, but also material that you link to.  Make sure that the link that you post falls within our content standards when it comes to language, violence, innuendo, nudity, and sexual content.  This applies to blogs, videos, art galleries, forums, and any site you link to.

We do not allow posting about any illegal acts that you partake in or have been involved in. This includes illegal drug use.

No R-Rated and above pictures: It is your responsibility to follow this rule. MH Arena or anyone affiliated will not be held responsible. By posting here, you agree to these terms. No vagina slits, no penis, no butt crack and no nipples may be shown in picture, drawing or custom form. If we receive any complaints the Mod team will review each case and decide if it is appropriate.

Please be aware that you are solely responsible for the content that you post here on MH Arena. Owners and Moderators of the Arena will not be held responsible. We will cooperate fully with any authority that requests for us to do so.

No supplying inappropriate links to members, especially minors
Sending private messaging or emailing from this site with links to inappropriate websites, forum sites, etc. (foul language, flaming, inappropriate content/pictures, etc.) to members is a potentially bannable offense. If the member is under 18, you risk being banned without warning.

Spamming and staying on topic
Please refrain from straying from the original poster's topics in a thread.  Try to keep your posts constructive and relevant, and avoid posting only to increase your post count or status.  Threads should be kept in their appropriate forums and should not duplicate the content or subject of an existing thread. Any posts that do not follow this rule will be moved or deleted by the Moderators.

"Type-speak" is not allowed
This community also includes members who's first language may not be English. They may be using translators and we don't want to isolate anyone. If you don't know what "type-speak" is, here is an example: "4 Sale- 3 S3a mon5t3rs 4 1 d0llar!" Please do not "shout" at fellow members - this means refrain from using all capitals.

No Backseat Modding
If you see anything inappropriate or something posted incorrectly, please PM a Mod or Admin for help. Do not try to sort the issue yourself. This only embarrasses the member. If we do find you telling people off, or you are being condescending, please expect a warning PM. It's not fair on other members or the staff if you take this attitude.

No posting links to live auctions
This is in effect as a common courtesy. The only exceptions are if the auctions are yours (advertise to your heart's content) and if you are posting the auction link in order to warn others of potential scams or misrepresented items. ("Misrepresented" means the item is not what the seller claims it to be, not that you don't feel it is worth what the seller is asking.) Instead you may post a picture from the auction or a description.
Moderators will remove these links and either add a photo or PM you to do so.

Shill Bidding/Bidding on your own auctions
If we find that you have been involved in shill bidding on ebay or other auction sites, you will be listed as a shill bidder on our "Traders to Watch List". Ebay will be notified of your suspected shill bidding. You will also not be allowed to sell here at the Arena for 3 months. If you do sell during that time, you will be permanently banned. If you are caught shill bidding a second time, you will be permanently banned. *Please keep in mind that due to other circumstances, you could be permanently banned the first time you're caught shill bidding.  

Selling Toys or Posting on behalf of Previously Banned members
will not be tolerated here. Once members are banned from the site they no longer have any privileges associated with being a member on this site. Any outside posting, requesting or selling on behalf of a banned member will result in your account being suspended and/or banned.

Shout Block Etiquette
The same posting rules are in effect in the Shout Block at all times! Before using the ShoutBox, make sure you have at one time or another made an introduction post in the Introduction forum. The ShoutBox must be kept to lighter topics, to the point and fun in nature. The ShoutBox is to be used by members 14 years and up. Please do not monopolize the ShoutBox. If you are having a lengthy conversation with one person, take it to private messaging please.

Please PM any mod if there is an issue with the Shout Block. For further information about what is expected in the ShoutBox, please see this thread.

Private Messaging Etiquette
You can send your friends private messages using this feature. You should be using this function for talking to friends, trades, sales, and the similar, not spamming. If you feel that someone is harassing you via pm, it is your duty to report them to a moderator. *Please keep in mind that when you send a Moderator a private message that it may be shared in our confidential Moderator forum. We work as a team here. If you don't want your PM shared, then you may ask in advance.

Trading/Selling Minimum Age
You must be at least 16 years old to sell or trade at MH Arena - this includes swaps. Please do not buy from or trade with anyone under 16 years old here. It is your responsibility to know the age of the person you are trading/buying from. MLP Arena is not responsible for any transactions made here.

Reporting Scammers
Snail mail addresses, real names, phone numbers, etc. are NOT to be posted to protect those involved. Please private message a site admin/mod if it is a very serious matter. We may allow partial information to be posted. You do need permission first.

Posting a scammer's e-mail address IS allowed.

No Pleas for Charity
While we completely sympathize with dire situations, we are not able to accommodate pleas for charity or donations. This rule is in place to protect you more than anything else. It has been our experience that in the long run, this will only cause you more harm than good. If you need donations or charity we highly recommend doing so in your "real life" and not on line. Any posts started will be immediately deleted.

Signature Rules and Avatars,950.0.html

Suspension of Your Account
If your account gets suspended, it could be one of several things. It could be a mistake. If you feel that we have made an error (it happens!), please contact Loa. It could be that we suspect of you intentionally creating an account to harm this site and/or its members. Also, it could be because you put a moderator on ignore and/or blocked one or more of them from PMing you. Lastly, it could be because you have repeatedly broken forum rules. Please remember that we do not have the time or energy to babysit.

NEW REASON: If you start throwing around the lawyer-we're-going-to-sue-the-Arena card, you and the Arena will quickly part ways.

If you are suspended you will receive an email automatically with a short explanation as to why you have been banned.

As the MH Arena and the MLP Arena are sister sites, being banned from one will mean being banned from the other.

Members who break forum rules multiple times will receive a "warning" on their profile.  The more times the Moderators have to edit your posts for content, the more warnings you will receive.  Once a member reaches a certain warning level, your profile will become restricted.  If the problem behavior persists, then your account may be suspended or permanently banned.

Moderators Code of Conduct
All moderators will treat members with kindness, respect and courtesy at all times. We strive to keep this site running smoothly providing a fun atmosphere for all. Please keep in mind however that all our Moderators are volunteers and human too!

If you feel you are being treated unfairly, please send a private message to Loa.

Moderator's Edited Notes
On occasion a Moderator may edit or delete your comments that were posted. These Moderator edits may never be removed. If you have questions, please send a private message to that Moderator and s/he will explain it further with you.

Advertising of Competitors
Posting a link to a competing forum with the sole purpose of advertising and encouraging membership is not allowed.  You may, however,  promote any other forum (provided it falls within our content guidelines) in your personal signature.  Please see the Signature Rules for help on this.  Do not promote sites which feature content that exceeds our content standards in the rules above - this rule is the same whether in links, posts, or signatures.

Who runs this site? Loa is the owner. The MH Arena is the sister site of the MLP Arena. The moderators and admin are all avid Monster High lovers and strive to be knowledgeable in the forums they moderate. They are also all volunteers. We appreciate their dedication to this site immensely. They were chosen from members like yourself! This site is not about one person, this site is for the Monster High community (you) and will be passed down from collector to collector. If you have suggestions or questions, send us a PM.

Thanks for taking the time reviewing this. :love:
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