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Brags / Inner Monster birthday brag
« on: September 12, 2014, 11:52:53 PM »
I bought the IM Fearfully Feisty n Fangtastic Love doll from Amazon last week. With the intent to harvest parts for the were cat CAM I found.

And as a bday gift to myself (today's my birthday). Well I opened the box and love everything about her. So no harvesting of parts. Here's the album link:

This is my first MH doll I've deboxed and handled. Never having been interested in dolls, I'm sold on the unique and dare I say spooky/creepy/other-ness. Flame wings and crab leg back pieces. Dripping hearts on her dress and legs. And the joints, she can hold poses. Plus I adore the multi eye feature. Feeling Sauron like, presto Sauron eyes. :P

I want to custom paint her flame shoes and flame back piece in Harley Davidson colors. The wig isn't half bad considering it's an add on. Just needs a bit of brushing to tame the fly a ways.

I want to get the add on pack for this doll. No name as of yet, have to ponder that one a bit. She also came with a comp book that's blank. So you can create her personality/character.

Haven't messed with popping her apart and putting in the guts. Think I'll keep those separate, there awesome though. For being so tiny, there's a few tiny skulletes. And even a chilli pepper.

Brags / First doll-EAH GF Raven Queen
« on: August 01, 2014, 11:30:50 PM »

Figured I was over due for a little tlc, my birthday is next month. So am calling this an early bday gift. She was purchased at my local Wal-Mart. The pencil pouch has this trippy hologram effect going on. That will be used for art supplies. While Maddie is my favorite character,Raven is a close second.  And because I live with my iPod and headphones glued to me, that she has hers was a big selling point. Like to imagine she's rocking out to some killer classic rock or country (no twang though). Or a good mystery audio book.

The amount of details are astounding. I love all the tiny bits and bots she comes with.

Yes she will be deboxed. Right now till I find a safe place for her (I have three cats) she stay boxed up. The EAH collecting bug has bitten.

My first EAH doll. GF Raven Queen. by runswithwolves34, on Flickr

My first EAH doll. GF Raven Queen. by runswithwolves34, on Flickr

Introductions! / Hi
« on: February 25, 2014, 11:23:13 PM »
Thanks for letting me join. I went with the list format cause it's easier to type out. On my iPad mini.


How old are you? 37
Where do you live? State, Country? Planet? California, Earth.

Do you work or attend school? Profession or major? Am currently attending two schools. One is a trade school. My majors are cultural anthropology and Native American studies.

Who are the important people in your life? My friends who are my family.

Dolls: No MH yet.

How long have you been collecting? No dolls yet but that will change shortly.

What made you want to collect Monster High dolls? The mix of classic horror and or legendary creatures kids. And the creativity put forth in the line up. Both where unexpected surprises when I started researching MH.

Tell us about your collection! I want to focus on those characters that I find interesting. Right now that's Skelita and Honey Swamp.

Thanks for letting me join.

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