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Buy/Sell/Trades / Have: MIB Lagoona Blue (Frights, Camera, Action!) WTT
« on: January 07, 2015, 11:11:31 PM »
Looking to trade my Lagoon Blue (Frights, Camera, Action!) for some other doll of equal value? She is unopened, and her box is in great condition. My sister had bought her for me for Christmas, but I already had her... so I'm looking for a different doll instead?

Does anyone want to make a trade? If so, please just post a doll for offer?

Thank you for reading.

edit: I only own Lagoona, Clawdeen, Spectra, Scarah, Honey and Avia, so.. :)  I'd love a Rochelle, or Toralei, or whatever. Could even offer a couple of just.. dolls.. they don't have to be boxed? Lagoona was about $18 at the store, idk?  I'm not too picky XD Just looking for dolls I don't have, which is pretty much a wide variety lol

Monster Discussion / Re: What was the last MH thing you bought! part deux!
« on: November 03, 2014, 06:36:07 PM »
The last MH thing that I bought...? The 5th doll in my collection... Frights Camera Action! Honey Swamp! :D  I love her hair so much. @_@

I still haven't taken her out of the package. I almost don't want to because I'd like to have some boxed versions and some loose ones for display... but she's soooo preeeetty....

Introductions! / Re: Hello Friends, I am Here!
« on: November 03, 2014, 06:31:33 PM »
Thanks for the welcomes! :D

And yeah, I can't believe I found her! I didn't know what she was at first, but I sort of recalled "those high school dolls?" in my head, and she was fully articulated, which is as close to a BJD I'll probably ever get haha. OTL

But yeah, I was super excited. I'm glad I found her, even if it means I'll likely form a bad habit of doll collecting haha.

Aw, Lockette! Yes. T^T Rescue cats are the best. Well rescue animals in general, because I've had rescue dogs before too, and they were great. They always seem to form tighter bonds with me than ones I've hand-raised, which is so weird to me. I guess maybe they understand that I saved them? And are eternally grateful?! I dunno. But I love them so much. I don't know what I'd do without my Dodo :(

And thanks! :D It's so surreal, this engagement thing. But it's great! :D

Introductions! / Hello Friends, I am Here!
« on: November 03, 2014, 11:58:29 AM »
Hullo, everyone~!

Some of you may recognize me from MLPArena, some may not. I am the AntiFerret over there (no I'm not anti-ferrets, it's more like AntiSora from Kingdom Hearts.. XD only me, Ferret, instead!) I was also known for a while as TheMonokeros, but I changed my username, etc.

Well! I have only recently gotten into MH, actually. I was at a thrift store, and there was this "cool articulated doll!" in the toy area for like a dollar. I thought she was really neat, so I picked her up. I don't actually like dolls, but she looked like a ghost sorta, so I snagged her because I love ghosts, monsters, and all things that go bump in the night!

It turns out that she was a Spectra Vondergeist doll! I saw one like her at Target. I found out about the whole Monster High thing, and was excited because.. yeah, monsters, woo! So I snagged a few more dolls, this time from actual stores. (I'll put my tiny pics of my collection near the bottom of this post lol.)

So yeah!

My name is Tj, and I live in California right now. I've lived all over the US and even in Canada. (46 states and 5 Canadian provinces under my travel belt right now!) I came out to Cali to be with my girlfriend back in 2008/2009. Left briefly in mid 2009, came back in mid 2010. Started college. I am in my last semester. :D I will graduate in December (walk in May though, boo) with my AA in Art (with some literature in there as well, woo creative writing!) I want to do author-illustration work, mostly with my own books, because I want to write! I am also a sculptor. I work primarily in stone (alabaster and blackpearl steatite), ceramics, plaster and tin-core wire. I worked in a ceramics studio at my campus for 3 years, but stopped at the end of last semester because I'm graduating and won't qualify for the position anymore sadly. But I still go on campus to do work in the sculpture and ceramic studios because my professors love me. :D

Lessee... I like outdoorsy stuff, like biking, swimming, hiking, camping and rock climbing. I love photography, but my camera is broken right now (funny story, but I'll save that for another day...) I paint, too. I like to create customs, and used to have a few MLP customs I did (like the My Little Black Parade, an MCR pony I made in like 2008 lol) I've considered doing some MH customs and see how that goes, but only if I can find some baits or something.

I have two cats, and a fish. Both of my cats are rescues; the girl was tossed into the grass in front of me while I was having lunch in my car near a park! she was like 4 weeks old! I was so mad, but now she's mine! Even if she is a cranky tortie! She's 1.5 years old now. The boy, someone found him in a dumpster, and I elected to take him in. He is the most loving, adorable, Let's Not Go There, Please? cat. He's very fluffy and fat now, and he's all grey. We named him Dorian (haha.. .get it..? Grey..? Dorian? .. boooo lol) and he just turned 1 a couple months back. He almost died because he ate a random sewing string from a spool my sister didn't put up D: ... but I saved him! My vet is amazing. T^T  And now he just follows me everywhere. I call him Dodo (like dodo bird? XD ) and he's a dork. My fish is named Astral.. and somehow is the oldest betta fish ever or something.. he's like 4 years old. @_@  He is a very active fish, moves his little rocks around, and makes bubbles for no one. It's cute and sad. But he's a great fish! My Widget (the tortie) likes to chatter at Astral from the bed, but she can't get his bowl because it's one of those wall-mounted types....


... man, I talk a lot. :o but now you know some about me, I guess?! I recently got engaged to my girlfriend of 6.5 years. :D No date set yet, we're taking it super slow. I posted about my silly engagement thing on MLPArena, if you're on it... XD

Anyway, here is the pictures of my tiny collection! The loose one was the one that I found at the thrift store. :o! She came with her headband, two bracelets on her wrist, and the shirt/skirt but nothing else.

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