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Monster Discussion / Re: Collector's Edition Abbey Bominable
« on: March 22, 2017, 11:49:54 AM »
If only the fake fur was white she would have been perfect.

Eh, still like her, she just needs different shoes. Then again I love crazy over the top stuff sometimes  ^^;

I didn't like the shoes before but seeing she has matching streaks in her hair makes me like them more now.

I'm going to have to add Back to School to the Least category. Some of the dolls are nice but the line itself has so many issues. First the budgets and the deluxe dolls don't even have the same theme. It's like they took a random budget line and gave them school accessories.

Now that you mention that, it does!  It's like they just threw together a few things and said, "Here's our back to school line.  The kids won't notice that nothing goes together,  they're too little." XD

The budgets could have even started out as a wave 2 of the archery dolls but they decided they didn't want to bother with making the needed new molds for them.

It also almost seems like the Deluxe ones started out as a kind of Freaky Fusion "Inspired By ______" thing. Madeline's crown is very Briar as are the roses in her dress pattern, Meeshell has locks on her shoes and dress which is a Blondie thing, and Holly looks a little edgier than usual.

Off Topic / Re: Help with IDing these?
« on: March 21, 2017, 03:03:00 PM »
Thanks, I didn't think it was.  It's most likely Barbie I'd guess.  I thought the shoes were male CAM, but they come with sneakers.

I don't think it's Barbie either. Most the Barbie ones I've seen have a strap that goes all the way around the head.

I just realized that maybe the deluxe line was originally meant to be some kind of EAH Freaky Fusion. Meeshell's outfit looks like it was inspired by Blondie and Maddie's outfit looks inspired by Briar. I'm having trouble figuring out if Holly is inspired by anyone but her look is a little more punk than her usual princess look.

I'm going to have to add Back to School to the Least category. Some of the dolls are nice but the line itself has so many issues. First the budgets and the deluxe dolls don't even have the same theme. It's like they took a random budget line and gave them school accessories.

Another weird thing about Back to School Maddie: her accessories are silver. Maddie mostly wears gold :|.

She has no reason not to wear silver tho (its not like she's allergic after all) and it actually looks good with her color scheme. I'm guessing the main reason they changed it was so her accessories wouldn't be exactly the same as Holly's since they all use the same molds.

Looking closer it almost seems that Meeshell and Blondie switched shoe molds for some weird reason. Also I could be wrong but I think all the Back to School shoes might be unique except for Cupid's.

Blondie's shoes are from HTT Briar but in yellow. Other than that I think you're right, everyone else bar Cupid has new shoes.

I keep seeing people saying Meeshell's shoes belong to maddie but I can't find any of her previous dolls wearing them. If anything they look like they should be for Bunny (cottontail and spat details) or blondie (padlocks) but honestly that'd be like, a whole new level of character motif confusion even for EAH.

I could just be bad at recognizing shoes and Darling's are also repeats and just the Deluxe ones have new shoe molds.

Blondie had pom poms on her Epic Winter shoes so the "bunny tail" could actually be something like that.

Convo that must have happened at Mattel

Exec 1: These Floral themed budgets are good. Let's give them glasses and books, raise the price a couple bucks, and make them the budget part of the Back to School line.

Exec 2: But we already have a Blondie in the deluxe Back to School line. We even have the new shoe molds for her ready at the factory.

Exec 1: Just make deluxe Blondie into a Meeshell and give her a new outfit. Nobody will notice the shoes are more suitable for Blondie.

Exec 2: Wow you are a genius!

Looking closer it almost seems that Meeshell and Blondie switched shoe molds for some weird reason. Also I could be wrong but I think all the Back to School shoes might be unique except for Cupid's.

On the bright side, at least EAH is making a line that's actually school related. :P

Nothing here really stands out to me. Where are the new sigs? :/

I don't think we're going to see any new sigs....JMO....

and while I'm glad they are giving EAH one (final?) try at making a profit, I reeeeeeeeally don't think a back to school line where the dolls seem so "dressed down" compared to what they wore before makes sense.  The patterns on those dresses look almost (?) silk screened.  For some reason, when I look at them I feel like they commissioned an Alibaba vendor or supplier to make them, and this is the result.

If they're trying to quietly kill off this line, they'll succeed.
(again - all JMO)

They could just be filler. Meeshell's shoes are really weird. They have locks which are Blondie's motif and bunny tails.

Monster Discussion / Re: Monster High facing its end?
« on: March 17, 2017, 06:57:59 PM »
There seem to be some people who wanted the MH reboot to fail almost as revenge to Mattel for changing it.

You know some of the more budget ones might at least make good head donors. I kind like TC Maddie's hair color and makeup combo. Her hair color looks brighter than usual and I don't think any of her past dolls have had a gold upper eye with light teal underneath.

Also Cupid looks like they just took her regular head and shrunk it a bit.

Monster Discussion / Re: Predictions for SDCC 2017?
« on: March 16, 2017, 12:33:57 PM »
With Mattycollector gone, are we getting SDCC exclusives this year?

There's no way Mattel is going to totally drop out of SDCC whIle Hasbro is still there. The only difference is it is probably going to be Mattelshop running it instead of Mattycollector except for the MOTU Classics which is being handled by Super 7.

13 it looks like there are toddler style dolls (Princess Friend), some with minimal articulation,  some with regular articulation. Isn't this the same or similar variety that Disney offers? Head to head competition?

I like the accessories, especially the books and the glasses. I understand the point about the masks being same-y, but the factory molds are the expensive if Mattel is trying to reduce costs/boost profits, swapping out colors but using one design of molds is a way to do it.

I'm intrigued, with a side of 'wait and see'...

It's almost exactly like what they were offering for Disney Princess back when they had the license since I'm pretty sure the toddlers are licensed to another company. But unlike with the Disney Princess toddlers (since the licensing money goes straight to Disney) they get licensing money from these since they own the IP.

I kinda like toddler Raven but I haven't even seen Maddie or Apple in stores.

Ever After High Discussion / Re: No more "Princesses are Powerful"?
« on: March 15, 2017, 10:52:26 AM »
Well, now that the new dolls have been revealed.....Princesses sure aren't Powerful.

Yeah... Yikes.

When I saw them I was like "..What did they do to these beautiful girls..?"

I feel like Mattel is going 5 steps forward with Barbie; 2 steps forward with Monster High (it's getting there.. Still eh about
the reboot) and like 10 steps back with Ever After High.
Such a shame..

I dunno. It seems more like three steps forward and six steps back. The $20 Back to School dolls are good. Full articulation, prints that go all the way around, and no molded leggings or tops (the bar has never been lower). Three dolls out of all nine dolls found. (I don't count the toddlers since after seeing in Toy Fair footage that the toddler Chelsea was made by Just Play I'm almost sure the EAH ones are too)

Monster Discussion / Re: Family Sets and the Clawd/Clawdeen 2 pack
« on: March 15, 2017, 02:55:49 AM »
I wonder if they will get Just Play to do large toddler dolls of Pawla, Fangelica, and Ebbie.

Monster Discussion / Lots of Looks Draculaura
« on: March 15, 2017, 02:53:56 AM »
It seems Frankie isn't going to be the only one. I hope this means a Clawdeen and Cleo might end up happening.

I wonder if the toddlers are by Just Play like the toddler Chelsea is.

It looks like the $20 ones might actually have full prints on their clothes, full articulation and no molded leggings (I never minded them but I know they bothered a lot of other fans).

Off Topic / Re: Anyone Else Love Blind Bags/Boxes?
« on: March 14, 2017, 09:20:46 PM »
I love blind bag. But the ones that appear often are sold on kiosks that sell magazines. Like these

Oh you are European? You wouldn't happen to have these where you are would you?

We dont have those ponies here at all and the European Palace Pets are much better than the US ones.

Ever After High Discussion / Re: No more "Princesses are Powerful"?
« on: March 14, 2017, 08:56:36 PM »
So I saw this a few days ago, meaning to post it, but been extremely busy with life.

EverAfterHighLoves on IG;
went to Mattel's Trademark page and saw that the slogan of "Where Princesses are Powerful" has been abandoned.

This may be a complete rumor/speculation or they haven't gotten it back yet;
but this also may be a reason why we have heard virtually nothing about EAH from Mattel.
They might be re-branding EAH as well.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

If they are getting rid of this slogan; I'm not too upset about it haha. Never really cared for the WPAP slogan.

After the fandom backlash the MH reboot leaks got, they might be being more careful this time around. Perhaps everything EAH was in the secret area that only buyers are allowed in.

Have any last EAH stragglers been confirmed for release? I was hoping for a Ramona, too. :(

I'm still trying to get a few older dolls to complete my collection, but then I suppose there won't be much left to buy. EAH seems to have shifted to budget dolls, and only the ballet line really interests me out of those.
mattel is making noises about new releases on the web site but so far no real information.

I do have to ask i mean.. why dont people like the new dolls?
All of the ones i got have nice articulation.. good stiff joints... (The princess club dolls)
ALL of them have great hair.. (hollys is usually a night mare but her PC doll was awesome.. really soft and silky.. maddies was almost as good as her mirror beach doll which is famous for its great hair)
I havent gotten the archery club dolls cus.. well.. the only character i like was roseabella so i dont know bout them.
The raven doll was very nice.. same gimic as the new up coming wonder woman doll.. again good stiff joints , awesome hair.
THe budget dolls are ok..i really liked all the detailing on darlings bodice even if it were molded and again GREAT hair.
The PC dolls cam with just as many acessories as the original dolls.. and the smiles are kinda cute.
And folks say that there is no availibility in their areas, but they are all over the place here.. Meijers, Target, Wally world, burlington, TJMAX.. all of them have EAH dolls here in ky. Even the sour face tru that is only interested in selling americangirl dolls have a few.
maybe im just lucky.
But i mean if you dont want to collect.. or y ou dont like the new dolls.. thats fair. ITs up to you to do what makes you happy.
Im just wondering about the circumstances my self.

For most fans they are just used to the original ones with extra articulation, everything fabric, and cool themes. For me while I'm willing to tolerate the molded stuff as long as it looks good and I can even deal with only the elbows for extra articulation, I can't deal with stiff arms and the themes have been rather boring. Epic Winter is the last line that I was excited about and that was after seeing the changes.
I guess so yah.
The PC doll do have full articulation .. the molded leggings are wierd but they are cute and really detailed.
Maybe its just a matter of taste..?
any hoo.. i like em but i do realize there are some folks that dont.

I love Epic Winter even tho its not the most popular line. PPC is pretty much the same quality level as Epic Winter imho. I actually kinda like PPC but not enough to buy them when I collect so many other things. If they had another stand out line like Epic Winter I might be tempted to part with my money again but the current lines are easy to resist.

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