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Customs / Re: Which heads do you have to soften?
« on: October 02, 2017, 10:03:53 PM »
The rare dolls that I behead without hair-drying them first are Bratz. You just have to push the head forward into the neck than pull it fast. The last time I did that, my elbow hurt something and I heard a big crash xD

I left a mark on an Equestria Girl head while I was trying to pull it out without heating... Never again.
But the minies ones, as well as the LPS Blythe or the knock-off MH, yeah, they can be pulled without effort.

I heated a VIP Pets head today. They definitely needed it to be pulled-out..

Customs / Re: Takō's Room || (BFC Ink old body tutorial -add arms-)
« on: July 16, 2017, 02:29:56 AM »
So it took me two hours to eye-mod her since I forgot to do the mod BEFORE I did the heavy make-up stuff. So, of course, no boiling water to put out the eyes. I had to do this from the inside...

So now, I can take off her eyes whenever I want u_u That'll be helpful if I find a better pair. The eyes hold on well, no need for putty but I'll use some anyway. In some years, if I happen to find my doll eyeless with the eyes fallen in her skull, I'll surely frightned myself xD

This is the skull mod. Of course, I did it after I made the wig and I kept the cap. I don't put it on because I don't trust this plastic. Less it is, better it is.
With this, the skull is less heavy and it relieve some weight from the neck so the neck joint won't be loose too soon.

Camille got a few mods as well. He got his ear-to bottom lips piercing chain and I made him one parrot earring (pirate theme, guys, pirate theme...) He needs boots.

Of course, she got her scars. I just love this picture 'O' And I need a better photo taker ><

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

I did her necklace and her outfits as well (one part of the skirt is actually missing lol). I'm considering adding her tattoos. (barcode on the neck, skeleton hands on the... well on the hands...) and doing her nails. Of course her face is quite bland and I'll need to blush it.

I don't forget the part 2 of the tutorial, but I can't do it actually '-'

Customs / Re: Takō's Room || (BFC Ink old body tutorial -add arms-)
« on: July 11, 2017, 10:09:41 PM »
OMG yeah thank you ! You just made my day :3
I want to know if I can get one elastic through the whole legs so I can add double knee joints by the way (Camille and Mika can barely even bend their legs...) but I'm so afraid to ruin my dolls... :/ I'll see if I can get another one when the store reopens. If so, I'll do it!

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

I'm yet working on Mika. She needed a change of clothes and a little sculpting for the non-pretty part of her body. She'll enventually ends up looking like Rasetsu to Mukuro song, Mojo from Urban Rivals or Deidara, with extra pairs of mouths and eyes. That was a heartache to turn her pretty face into a mass of scars. :/ Hope it'll worth it !

Introductions! / Re: Hello ;)
« on: July 02, 2017, 03:03:53 AM »
Thank you for the welcomes :) Sorry for the late ♥

Uh well, I like Venus (Zombie Shake !), Rochelle (Haunted) and Heath. I also think Honey has a sublime body sculpt, just... All this vines *-* That's sad her knees are always so fragile. :'(

Customs / Re: Takō's Room || (Shibajuku hybrid page1)
« on: July 01, 2017, 11:52:00 AM »
Add articulations to a BFC Ink old Body :) Part I

Disclamer: Please, before following this tutorial, note that I'm using a french BFC Ink sold under another name. Each images I saw on the web confirm that mine is the same as a regular old BFC Ink but I'll wish you check twice that the inside are really the same because I don't want to harm your doll. If you could try first with one that you don't care, it would be better.


Hello :)
I'm doing a little tutorial for BFC Ink, since it's the second time I'm doing it. Today's lab rat is little Mika \O/ Let's start !

The old body, contrary to the new one, doesn't have a lot of posability and the arms cannot bend. That's the arms we're working on.

The first thing to do is to mark where it would be cut. Since I'm planning to do a double joint, I will cut twice on each arms, in each side of the molded elbow.
I'm marking with water washable pen (I'm used of calling this 'feutre bulle' since kindergarden and I don't remember why x) ) so I can clean this up once it's done.

Cut with a cutter or a X-acto knife. You should end up with this:

Cutting one's own doll is a little scary but don't worry, she'll be fine soon.

Your doll should looks like this... It's not over yet !

See that elastic in the shoulder ? Let's cut it. Scissors work well. Once you're done, the upper arms should be released. Put them aside with their kind, beware you don't mix up right and left.

Now you have to make a scar to your doll. Yours to choose... Front or back ? For Mika, I choosed back. It's optionnal, but I think it's easier this way since I'm keeping the half-spheres inside the torso.

Scar's done. Now you'll have to use your fingers to eject the two C pieces that were released when you cut the elastic.

Here they are. There was some left over elastic as well.

Take a break. Breathe. It's still not over yet.

This is the upper arm. You have two of them and... Well... You'll have to get ride of the C piece and the half-sphere thing in each of them. I'm doing it by softening the plastic with an hair-dryer before pushing the pieces throw the whole upper arm. The second time is easier but the first ? It took me more than half an hour and my fingers were burnt.

AAAAALL DONE !! \O/ Now the second upper-arm.

And after it'll be time to put her arms back !

Make a small cut in one side of the wrist. You'll finish cutting it in the second part but now we just need it half-cut so it'll hold the elastic.

Beginning from the small cut you made, put the elastic inside the arm.

Then in the elbow and the upper-arm. It should look like a really weird necklace x)

If you place it well, you don't see it had been cut. This tricks should help you figuring if the elbow is correctly installed or if you put it the wrong way.

Push your elastic through the half-spheres in the torso then continue on with the other arm.

The elastic should be hold by the pression of the non-cut side of the wrists. Ajust so the elastic is straight and tight and YAY your doll should be able to pose !

We'll see how to make it look better with a little sculpting in the second part.

Customs / Takō's Room || (BFC Ink old body tutorial -add arms-)
« on: June 29, 2017, 09:32:43 AM »
Hey! :)

So, I customize since some years now and I'm exploring a good variety of doll's size. I was gifted a Little Princess Belle from Zapf Creation but I disliked the head and didn't know what to do with the body... Until recently. Cause Shibajuku Doll, guys!

So I had this shibajuku, whom I liked the head but found the body too small (I'm quite a Blythe fangirl but, surprisingly, I have some problems with the shibajuku proportions...)

Obviously, this leads to my hybrid, Annabelle x)

Since the head of the shibajuku pop off easily, that wasn't a matter at all. But the little princess head was more difficult... Level of difficulty: Monster High; the neck peg is a hook.
The neckpeg of the little princess isn't the size as the shibajuku at all. I had to do some cutting of the neck all with an X-acto knife. Nothing very troublesome.

This is what I ended up with. The neck isn't perfect still and I'm afraid I'll have to do more carving in the future. Sadly, she can't move her head neither up nor down for now or even tilt it but she can turn it right to left and left to right !
The wig was in progress. It was quite easy to take away the rooted hair.

Wig in progress :3
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Wig finished :3

Wig's made from maybe seven different colors of yarn. I alternated when I glued them up. After this, I unbraided all of this.

Then working with the outfit

This one's made from old tights of mine. I just sewn a little. I also got rid of her make-up.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Then she got her trousers. Let me know if you want the pattern for the trousers. .-.;
Here she's next to (my kind of) WIP BFC Ink doll custom, Camille.

She's not finished yet; I still had to paint her body a little. The matching isn't right since the head is so pale and I want her a little darker. I want to change the eyes and eyelashes and I know I'll have to do her a whole make-up.

Introductions! / Hello ;)
« on: June 10, 2017, 12:15:34 PM »
Hi !
Name's Takō and I'm 23years old. I'm from France so please pardon me if I make some mistakes with the language. I'm really doing my best but sometimes I can forget how to speak right!
I recently ended my years at the university and I'm actually looking for a job. So to speak, I got plenty of time working with dolls.

I'm into dolls since I was a child. My mom's a Barbie's collector and she has a lot of them. It helped me on this path. Since I started customizing mines, she started customizing hers. That's kind of funny and I'm still silently waiting for her to buy some resins and mold stuffs so I can borrow those to her.

I'm mostly into Monster High and porcelain dolls because they're the most entertaining to custom. But I really do love the huge BFC Ink and I'm just waiting for two canadian ones I bought online to come home. Can't wait!

Back to MH, I only have more or less twenty of them and I'm working on ten, but I have a lot of spare corpses and heads xD Since that's heavy modifications (cutting, sculpting, entirely painting...) I don't have even finished one MH yet. Also, I do have five MH/Bratz hybrids and I'm willing to do a MH/Obitsu hybrid. I like hybridizing so much. x3

Pen name's ChambredeTakō for the dolls. I got a facebook page, but I'm not famous yet lol My customs often have the purpose to get me a better view of the characters of the book me and some friends are writing, Berceuse Cauchemardesque, so, hell yeah, my dollwork may be a little frightening at first but I promise none bite!

Thanks for reading and have a nice evening!

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