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Introductions! / Hi everyone! *waves*
« on: February 27, 2017, 08:35:27 AM »
Well, I've never been good at introductions, but here we go...

My name is Sabrina and I was born in Argentina some 32 (I know) years ago. My life it's kind of on hold right now because I am the sole caretaker of my grandmother, but I have every intention of resuming my studies this year.

I started my collection right off the bat, when the first dolls were released. I just fell heels over head for the painstakingly detailed designs and the not so subtle dark references in the dolls diaries, from Draculaura's past as a human girl and determination to "not going back to her old ways" (drinking blood?), to Spectra's chains (she obviously died in a dungeon, was she a spy/traitor? Maybe that's what informed her current gossip-y nature). The general gothic aesthetics were just the cherry on top, I knew these dolls were something else.

I got my first (Spectra - the store was out of Draculauras) for Christmas, and I've been slowly growing my collection ever since, though it's kind of a challenge because I have to buy them overseas for three to five times the original price. That's why I don't buy every single doll but the ones I know I can't live without it, and kept them all in their boxes - mint condition.

Off the top of my head - so far I have both Cleo/Deuce packs and the original Clawd/Draculaura gifset. Draculaura, Operetta, Spectra, Elissabat, Sirena, Casta Fierce and Rochelle first editions. Draculaura Collector's Doll (my precious); Draculaura and Lagoona Blue's Monster Exchange Program editions; Draculaura and Frankie Sweet Screams editions; Draculaura Art Class edition, Nefera and Luna Boo York's edition, Cleo Ghouls Rule Edition; Dracubecca; Cleo, Draculaura and Operetta Frights, Camera, Action! editions; Operetta Dot Dead Gorgeous and Clawdeen Ghoul Sports.

I already ordered Lagoona and Rochelle Shriekwrecked Nautical Ghouls, and I am dying to get my hands on some good Abbey and Robbeca dolls.

I am so glad I found this forum! :)

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