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Yeah, they should have gloves, pants, hair tied up high out of the way, and actual safe eyewear. But it's a toy, officially for little kids now, so there's not too much concern for lab safety.

Monster Discussion / Re: How do you display?
« on: July 25, 2017, 03:41:41 PM »
Mine are on a tiered shelf inside a cabinet, and are shuffled around. The ones without stands lean against the wall or are posed sitting, and the ones with stands frequently initiate domino collapses. I shift my current favorites to the front from time to time, and sometimes move them out of the cabinet into storage if I want room for different dolls.

Monster Discussion / Re: Family Sets and the Clawd/Clawdeen 2 pack
« on: July 25, 2017, 11:41:21 AM »
I feel really stupid for not realizing that the child-age siblings come in two sizes. I guess they'd have to be characterized as "elementary school" and "middle school" sizes- Kelpie and Alivia in the latter, and Barker, Fangelica, Ebbie, and Pawla in the former. 
So I guess (if the two names are siblings, not parents) Stitchlyn would be a smaller sibling, fitting the solo pack scale, and Packlyn might be an older one, since Clawdeen doesn't have a sibling in that group yet. That might mean she'd be packaged with Ms. Wolf, unless they give Clawdeen a second doll in the line to pair her with.

Monster Discussion / Re: Family Sets and the Clawd/Clawdeen 2 pack
« on: July 24, 2017, 02:00:25 PM »
You're right, it doesn't have to be the same. I was just theorizing because the number of names we know for the next group combined with the leaks would correspond to a similar pattern.
Would "Alphonse" be too obscure for a G2 name? Considering that the name Moanica was ripped for another character, I don't know if we can trust the book series to accurately influence what little G2 canon we have.

Monster Discussion / Re: Family Sets and the Clawd/Clawdeen 2 pack
« on: July 24, 2017, 10:57:50 AM »
Honestly, Alpha would be a better name for the Wolf mom. Packlyn doesn't need to be a leader's name. The only problem with assuming Packlyn and Stitchlyn are parents is that the structure of the second wave is left unclear. I'm not saying I don't want them to be the moms, but it makes more sense that they're extra siblings.
The only concrete reason we got a parent doll in the first line is because Fangelica's family wasn't accounted for, and they wanted to advocate for kitchen supervision or something. The reboot isn't very concerned with adding characters for story reasons.

The thing I like is Frankie's dress (a LOT), but I don't need two unarticulated dolls, and certainly not when one of them has black legs instead of actual leggings.

Monster Discussion / Re: Family Sets and the Clawd/Clawdeen 2 pack
« on: July 24, 2017, 07:30:56 AM »
I can see a place for Harriet, but no other family names are currently trademarked. If there's a wave 3, I expect she'll be there, but the second lineup seems pretty tight right now.

... Now that you mention it, it is weird that they did a male doll of a parent but not a female one... and the promo pic of monster family had Clawdeen's mom with a different cub than the one already released, so maybe she can be packed with a couple of recolors... or even better, Howleen :o
They also have designs for Lagoona's mom and his little triplet bros, so there's another possibility.

Is this the one? It's not for the family line, but still might be useful:

So Barker has a twin brother (he'd be a full-size child doll, then, but he can't be Packlyn), and Lagoona has two brothers we haven't seen. The unnamed Wolf and Blues are probably wave 3 material, and the parents will likely piggyback off them. I don't think previously-released older siblings will get different dolls in the line.

Monster Discussion / Re: Family Sets and the Clawd/Clawdeen 2 pack
« on: July 23, 2017, 08:18:35 PM »
I'm wondering if we are getting another set of single little girls.
It seems Iike wave 2 will exactly mirror the first- the line is cleverly designed so you can put the family together with this assortment alone, and all of them are meant to be united in one scene for an family activity.

Wave 1:
* Three solo sisters- Ebbie Blue, Fangelica, Pawla Wolf
* One sister-pair activity pack- Lagoona and Kelpie Blue at the beach
* One sister, brother, and baby pack-- Clawdeen, Barker, and Weredith Wolf
* Also, the Dracula family kitchen set, because Fangelica's sister isn't accounted for in the other sets, and they probably didn't want Lala in the kitchen with her sister alone.

Wave 2:
* Three solo sisters-- Packlyn Wolf, Pharrah de Nile, Stitchlyn Stein
* One sister-pair activity pack-- Frankie and Alivia Stein grilling
* One sister, brother, and baby pack-- Cleo, TBA brother, baby (one of them is named Lux)

We're not getting a parent or playset this time around, because all of the older siblings are already in the other sets this time.

So I'd imagine Stitchlyn will have more BBQ tools to help her sisters, and Packlyn will probably have pajamas like her siblings. I wonder if they're gonna keep the "same plans" joke with Stitchlyn and make her identical, too. And what could the de Nile family time take the form of? I'd guess a picnic since they haven't covered that yet, but I don't know.

Monster Discussion / Re: What's made you go "wow, that's so clever"?
« on: July 23, 2017, 03:54:00 PM »
One more I just realized- I <3 Fashion Frankie's hair rooting. If it were vertical or even in a high ponytail, it'd form the right pattern of black with white side stripes that her mother rocked.

EDIT: Also, probably my favorite detail they've ever done- Elle Eedee's factory stamp being moved to break up her leg details, making it an in-universe canonical feature to add to her manufactured backstory. So clever!

Monster Discussion / Re: Family Sets and the Clawd/Clawdeen 2 pack
« on: July 23, 2017, 03:51:26 PM »
I wonder what's up with Stitchlyn? I'm guessing she's another infant, and so she'll be sold with the Stein sisters like the Wolf-family beach set (Clawdeen, Barker, and Weredith), but the barbecue theme almost feels incomplete. I'd absolutely love the classic Frankenstein's Monster parents in MH form, articulated or not.

Monster Discussion / What's made you go "wow, that's so clever"?
« on: July 23, 2017, 09:01:29 AM »
One thing I love about this brand is the creativity it's shown. Every doll used to have something really cool and creative about it, and some still do. What's stuck out to you in terms of MH's designs and details? I've already went over some of my favorite monster design concepts they did, so I won't re-list them here.

* If I list Twyla stuff here, I'll be here forever, so just...Twyla up to Electrified. Tons of cool ideas for her theme I never would have thought up.
* Whenever Operetta doesn't wear her typical mask. The alternatives they've come up with are nicely themed to the looks they're in and do the job just as well.
* C.A. Cupid. While she really didn't fit in this franchise, what they did to creep up a cherub was impressive and it's because I like her so much that her scarcity pains me.
* Gloom Beach Frankie's shoes. Once I realized the sandal straps were like the restraining straps on Frankenstein's lab table, I was sold.
* The Sweet Screams theming. Everyone had some kind of connection to their candy motif, and the eye alterations were also fun.
* Invisi Billy's outfits. Those confusing blurred-together dual-chromatic patterns and gradient blues all make him difficult to focus on, which is totally perfect for who he is.
* Marisol Coxi's shoes. They're not even big enough for her own feet, and the soles leave the classic footprint behind wherever she walks!
* Amanita's leaf-skeleton motif. It's suitably spooky and elegant without being too obvious, and it feels more like the restrained designs of the very first dolls.
* Luna's insect-leg eyelashes and antenna eyebrows. Also, her gala train is one of the cleverer ways they've slapped a Skullette on something.
* The Great Scarrier Reef forms for the main characters. I appreciate a good pun, and vampire-squid Draculaura takes the cake.
* The heart carved into Treesa's arm. Some lovebirds probably did that while she was sleeping.
* Alivia Stein. I know a lot of people are making their own versions, but all of her "flaws" to other people are actually hilarious ideas to my mind. Too identical? The Steins probably recycled Frankie's plans! Same eyes, but reversed= lazy? Those are the matches to Frankie's eyes, the ones they couldn't find when making her! I personally think it's a brilliant way to invoke family resemblance on a manufactured being, and the rest of her design is fine by me. I wouldn't hate a different dress, though.

Monster Discussion / Re: Predictions for SDCC 2017?
« on: July 23, 2017, 07:48:05 AM »
I don't see anything that makes her look like a family-line doll. Those don't have pets (she'd be themed to a certain family activity like bedtime or cooking or swimming and she doesn't have pajamas or the stripes that the other Wolfs in the line are wearing), and the proportions and body shape don't look like the younger siblings. She's not articulated, but she seems to be the right size and age.

Also, her hair has pink, orange and yellow! Nice.

Monster Discussion / Re: Predictions for SDCC 2017?
« on: July 22, 2017, 10:58:51 PM »
Since Alivia is technically a signature doll with those molded stitches, I think I'm going to paint them so they're clearer, because she won't ever have a deluxe version with those details picked out for us.

 And because her face is a copy of Frankie's, I would also really want to try copying her sister's signature hair, because she's got stitches and bolts on top of a square head to be shown off. Her official style is so G2- "If there are any creative spooky ideas, hide 'em!!!"
Makes me wonder if there's a creative rebellion going on, and the team is trying to overthrow the cuteness regime from the inside.

Monster Discussion / Re: Predictions for SDCC 2017?
« on: July 22, 2017, 01:28:38 PM »
Nah, it's definitely Howleen. That ear can't be anything but hers.
Disappointing about the no joints, which begs the question of where she's going to be released. The family line? An unnamed budget? It does sort of look like she has arm fur now, though.

The big question is which of her hair colors they'll use. Orange/yellow like original? Pink? Or pink/orange?

Monster Discussion / Re: Family Sets and the Clawd/Clawdeen 2 pack
« on: July 22, 2017, 10:18:51 AM »
I just noticed that Alivia has molded stitches going across her forehead that line up to her bolts! That's a great detail, and a feature of the original Monster that Frankie doesn't have!
I just hope the bolts are molded into the head on the production doll rather than sloppily glued like the promo pic's are.

Monster Discussion / Re: School Spirit Frankie Lunch Set
« on: July 22, 2017, 08:59:51 AM »
That honestly doesn't seem like something Twyla would wear......
You're right, it isn't. She's supposed to be a Victorian girl with a haunted-house theme, with occasional shades of gothic lolita. None of that is shown here.

My big question with this set is "Why?" Whose idea was this, or who made the team do this? Look, the reboot has some bright spots and isn't completely trending towards awful (Alivia Stein, for example, is pretty clever), so I don't think the new creative team is completely blind. What gives?

Monster Discussion / Re: Predictions for SDCC 2017?
« on: July 22, 2017, 08:55:52 AM »
I like her!

I think it makes a lot of sense that Alivia looks pretty much identical- they just adapted the exact same blueprints! I also love that she has the eyes the Steins couldn't find when they were making Frankie. That's the MH cleverness I miss.
EDIT: Just noticed the forehead stitches. That's a great part of the original that even Frankie doesn't have!

Also, her Frankenstein's Monster arm pose is the only acceptable solution to non-articulated arms.

Monster Discussion / Re: School Spirit Frankie Lunch Set
« on: July 21, 2017, 08:33:56 PM »
Is Twyla back to her G1 color now? She seems less purple, more like she should be.

Monster Discussion / Re: Predictions for SDCC 2017?
« on: July 21, 2017, 05:17:36 PM »
I'm honestly excited for Alivia, just because I don't think it'll be too easy to ruin Frankenstein's Monster, and the siblings haven't been atrocious so far.

Monster Discussion / Re: School Spirit Frankie Lunch Set
« on: July 21, 2017, 02:19:39 PM »
Not gonna lie... I sorta dig Twyla's hair.
But none of the rest is good. Twyla used to be my all-time favorite character for the ridiculously creative boogeyman themes they'd give her. Electrified was the last one that impressed me.

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