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Monster Discussion / Re: Info About Face Sculpts?
« on: Today at 05:44:48 PM »
According to Garrett Sander, Casta's headmold was based off the Witch CAM; they *technically* have different sculpts as CAM heads are different to "normal" MH heads.
I don't want to sound annoying and nitpicky, but I don't believe they are. The wig slots don't seem to be molded into the heads; they are most likely created by machine like the piercings- Amanita has a CAM mold but her scalp is normal.

Monster Discussion / Re: Info About Face Sculpts?
« on: Today at 04:23:58 PM »
Amanita does reuse the Vampire CAM mold (gorgeously, I might add; the CAM looked weird with it)- I forgot about that one. The vampire/Amanita ears are much straighter- the witches' ears are much like the genies', with the curved shape and slighter point.

Porter and Billy look very different to me in terms of shape. Luna and the Bee are similar but have subtle differences, presence of ears aside. Kiyomi and the Ice Girl- definitely not the exact same because Kiyomi has molded eyelash ridges to define her invisible face, which is an added level of detail only used elsewhere on Iris and the 17-inchers. I don't know about their ears, but Kiyomi's are slightly pointed.

Mo and Neighthan- they're both grey but different in practically every way. Besides Neighthan's ears and facial muscles, he has a very flat horsey nose, and Mo has a strong cleft chin that Neigh doesn't.

Sirena could be a retool with different ears, but I don't have her or her lookalikes for reference.

As for Elissabat and Drac, they aren't the same. There are subtle facial differences, and Elissabat is molded with two ear-piercing guide indents due to her signature jewelry.

Also, head sizes need to be considered, since some MH heads are proportionally larger to their bodies than others- Robecca is one of the big-heads I've noticed.

On the whole, I think it's just like real people- some look like others, but they're different faces all the same. I can't buy into any of the legends and theories because it seems like a waste of effort for Mattel to copy and drastically alter a mold (some may be retools, but not many) instead of just creating a new one from scratch.

Monster Discussion / Re: Info About Face Sculpts?
« on: Today at 05:42:10 AM »
The definite shared molds are Catty and Toralei, the twins and Catrine,  Gigi and Whisp, and Ghoulia and Cupid. Casta's face is very similar to the Witch CAM, but they may be slightly different. In the reboot, mostly everyone has the same base mold but with different paint (Draculaura being an exception).

The two Gorgon ghouls don't look all that similar, and some heavy alteration would have had to be done to create Viperine (the addition of ears, the removal of the face plating, the shaping of the chin, etc.)- it's more likely they're entirely unique molds.

Avea and The ears are one thing, and the lips are very different. And lots of people saw resemblances between Billy and Valentine until actual comparisons showed how different they were.

The good thing is that most of the molds are exclusive to their characters!

Ever After High Discussion / Re: How do I remove legs?
« on: Yesterday at 12:57:56 PM »
Apparently this also applies to G2 Monster High, which uses a balled joint system.

Interesting. I've melted doll hair before, and it turned out a coarse, matted mess, not these alien tubes of fiber. I don't claim to be an expert, but there must be something else involved here.

Step 1. Make sure you're not living a cosmic horror movie.
Step 2:....geez, that's a bad situation.

Something chemical must have happened to the hair, but I'm not sure what the reaction would have been. Baby powder and glue and water aren't particularly reactive, are they?

Monster Discussion / Re: First Day of School Wave 2
« on: Yesterday at 08:24:39 AM »
Dang, Cleo does have tinsel after all. I guess it makes sense for her new signature, but I hoped they had abolished it altogether.

Oh, I didn't know they changed the joints. It still seems like an overcomplicated solution, though, if they aren't completely compatible.

Monster Discussion / Re: What Doll are You Not "Over" Yet?
« on: Yesterday at 05:56:11 AM »
Scream and Sugar Amanita is heading that way for me. Once I tidied up her hair, she's absolutely stunning in a different way from her sig release. I bet any more dolls of her will continue to enchant me- she just looks good to me no matter what!

I think the simplest, best answer is just to switch their heads. I don't believe there's a successful way to perform a leg transplant. EAH dolls have ball joints at the hips that the legs just pop onto (so they can be swapped around between them), but MH dolls have a more sophisticated mechanism. If you want the reduced height and don't care too much about the body difference, a simple head swap should accomplish that, because a leg swap doesn't seem functionally feasible.

Monster Discussion / Re: "Electrified" Movie
« on: January 18, 2017, 05:40:34 PM »
If you've been wondering if we'll get another movie after Electrified, good news! Amazon has a listing for the novelisation of Autumn 2017's movie.

I wonder if itís linked to the recently leaked lines, or if Mattel have something else waiting in the wings.
Probably not. Garden of Frights is the yearly specialty line (like Sweet Screams, Freak du Chic, and Shriekwrecked), just with more new characters due to the bug nymphs. The other stuff seems to be unthemed, and Party Ghouls is just a random theme that isn't connected to anything, either.
So whatever it is, it's new and will likely bring back some other characters we've yet to see in G2!

Draculaura's Darkroom / Re: what are your favorite doll clothing swaps?
« on: January 18, 2017, 05:37:11 PM »
My CAM Gorgon. Get her as a gift from a friend, a little customized. No idea where the dress is from. Glasses are DFP Ghoulia, bracelet is Classroom Lagoona (I think), bag is a Barbie or similar, shoes are made by my friend. I think they tired of customizing. xD Necklace is custom and she had a random flower in her snakes.
The Gorgon looks really cute in glasses. If I ever get my Mummy/Gorgon set order, I might have to try that out!

Clawdeen's Closet / Re: Fright-Mare clothes?
« on: January 18, 2017, 08:17:20 AM »
That's what I thought- a low back and a separate halter-collar type situation. Now the question is whether or not I would leave the paint on underneath. It might look awkward with the outfit shining through, but the torso is molded in the outfit color, not the skin color. Either I'd paint it over in her skin tone or remove everything but the neck

Customs / Re: Adding detail to Cleo's wraps
« on: January 18, 2017, 08:14:10 AM »
That looks really nice, like the Mummy CAM taken up a notch! If only Mattel had accented her bandages themselves.

Monster Discussion / Re: "Party Ghouls" Abbey, Rochelle, and Venus
« on: January 18, 2017, 05:57:05 AM »
The box art surprised me. I'm not sure why. I guess I just don't expect it anymore (since Mattel said they were getting away from it.)

Does Draculaura have box art?
Nope, she has photos like the WtMH dolls.

Ever After High Discussion / Re: What do you want for SDCC this year?
« on: January 18, 2017, 05:55:25 AM »
Considering the theme of the EAH exclusives is "[Character]'s dreaded future", there are lots of possibilities. I was thinking either a Duchess in either destiny (or maybe both), a Lizzie as the Queen of Hearts, or a Ginger as the Candy Witch, as all of them are destinies they're not happy with.

Trader Support / An Amazon grievance...
« on: January 17, 2017, 02:34:28 PM »
I've tried to order the CAM Gorgon/Mummy set from Amazon, and the listing was from a seller with recent positive reviews. However, they failed to ship the item within the proper time period the first time. I try again. And then I hear nothing. After about a week, I check the orders tab, which informs me that the package has been successfully delivered. Um, no. No. It hasn't. And yes, I've looked. We didn't have a drunken mailperson stash the box somewhere obscure. And the neighborhood I live in is not an unscrupulous place, so theft is highly unlikely. I've requested a replacement, but I didn't expect an ordinary item to turn into a grail purchase through the process of ordering it!
 Is it a crappy seller who bought themselves a good image, or horrendously bad luck with circumstance conspiring against me?

EDIT: The seller has replied in condolence and promises to get back to us...I'm hoping they're a kindhearted slacker, but their side of the story will be key to understanding this mess.

[Admin Edit - moved to Trader support] - Lilith

Monster Discussion / Re: "Party Ghouls" Abbey, Rochelle, and Venus
« on: January 17, 2017, 05:47:17 AM »
Well, at least it's cohesively designed and ties into Draculaura...nevermind the lack of party connotations and the lack of explanation- for who and what the party is being held.

Monster Discussion / Re: "Party Dolls" Abbey, Rochelle, and Venus
« on: January 16, 2017, 08:00:58 PM »
At first I was excited about her vines, but with no removable parts for redressing purposes and obvious jointing, I'm considering rebodies for the new Venus dolls. I don't understand how they messed her up-surely they could have just embossed the existing G2 shape and been done with it?

Monster Discussion / Re: Family Sets
« on: January 16, 2017, 04:04:51 PM »
I hope some returning guys use the G1 body, but Clawd should not be one of them. Some guys in MH are better suited to the bulkier frame, and Clawd definitely could use it. I think the stock photo uses the G2 body but not the arms, so the final version should have the same physique as Deuce. Gil doesn't seem as well suited to the new body, and it would be extra effort for Mattel to include his fins and scales, so no change.

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