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Off Topic / Re: Anyone Else Love Blind Bags/Boxes?
« on: February 28, 2017, 02:57:55 AM »
I'm really looking forward to the new Power Rangers line that Bandai showed at Toy Fair. That tiny Rexy/Gabutyra! Gah!
 :D :D

They come in like craggy rock capsules.

More, closer pics starting here in this facebook group:

Off Topic / Re: Anyone Else Love Blind Bags/Boxes?
« on: February 27, 2017, 03:45:09 PM »
I'm really looking forward to the new Power Rangers line that Bandai showed at Toy Fair. That tiny Rexy/Gabutyra! Gah! And my Minecraft minis collection is grossly behind. I'm still missing some from Series 1! Time to creep some codes on the chest series I guess.

This is all aside from collecting the MH Minis, of course. I'd like to try one of the LOL dolls though.

You could replace the glass with a bit of clear vinyl. It wouldn't shine the same as the rest, but it would still be functional. And you could maybe paint on it for nifty designs and stuff. Or you could stick the vinyl to the glass pieces (somehow...) so the gap was filled and the break had some support.

Monster Discussion / Re: Doll Stand Recommendations
« on: February 14, 2017, 10:00:55 PM »
Which size e-tings do people use for Monster High? Is it the same that they recommend for Barbie?

Sightings / Re: FIVE BELOW: Finds & Sales
« on: February 14, 2017, 09:34:30 PM »
Holy crow. I guess I'm stopping in tomorrow.

Trader Support / Re: Help justkitter sell some stuff!
« on: February 12, 2017, 10:24:54 PM »
Usually weights are posted on Amazon listings for things, so that can give you something to go by if you don't have a scale/have something that is too heavy for your scale/too light for the weigh-yourself-holding-the-thing-and-subtract method (or if that doesn't work for you for other reasons).

Take things slow with eBay if it feels like a lot. Take 3 or 4 things that you think will sell the fastest, take some good photos, look at some other listings for disclaimers and things other people mention about their items.

The convenience of Priority Flat-rate boxes cannot be oversold tbh. Though you end up spending more than metered unless you're shipping something especially heavy. There are also free not-flat-rate Priority boxes, including a size that will comfortably house a couple dolls (it's a bit bigger than the smallest Flat Rate box). My dad ships a lot of cards and likes to cut them up to reinforce his envelopes.

There's another category of mailing called Media Mail, which is only meant for books and tape media and things of that sort. The USPS site will have the whole list somewhere. Don't let people talk you into shipping at that rate for items not on that list because it is subject to inspection and it'll get returned and you're out of that money.

Thirdly, insurance protects you, not the buyer. If you're shipping something expensive/rare, insurance is a necessity. Others have said that Priority mailings include insurance up to $50, but after that you have to buy it if you want it. It's very cheap, only a few dollars for each $100, but if something goes missing and the buyer wants a refund, it's the insurance that makes sure you're not the one that gets screwed. Note, eBay does not require sellers to refund for lost packages, or to refund for anything at all if everything was as described in the listing. This is something you should build into your price, since eBay doesn't really make it easy to add in their shipping calculator.

Good luck!

Sightings / Re: MEIJER: Finds and Sales
« on: February 09, 2017, 10:30:55 PM »
Me again! (I am like half this thread lmao) and there's so much new clearance!

Snow Pixies Veronicub 4.79
Epic Winter Ashlynn 14.99
Epic Winter Briar 11.99
Signature Bunny Blanc 9.99
Signature Farrah Goodfairy 9.99
Book Party Kitty Cheshire 7.49

Gore-geous Accessories Robecca 7.49
Ghoul's Getaway Jinafire & Spectra 8.99
GSR Frankie & Toralei 9.74
Shriekwrecked Draculaura and Dana Treasura Jones 9.99
Designer Booo-Tique Frankie 9.99
Signature Kala Mer'ri 9.99
Dance the Fright Away Playset 19.99
Budget Sleepover Draculaura & Frankie 4.99

Frightmares Aery Evenfall 4.99
Vinyl Cleo & Ghoulia 4.99
Minis Carrying Case with Space Frankie 4.49

Megablocks Creepateria 11.99

Star Darlings Scarlet 9.99
(and another one, she was all in purple, I think she was the same price)

Descendants Sig Jane 5.99

Trades / Re: Monster high minis trading thread
« on: February 09, 2017, 09:40:48 PM »
Just left my local Meijer to find the carry case with Space Frankie in it on clearance for $4.49! If anyone wants to trade a couple minis for one of these, hit me up sooner than later. They had a bunch, but this is a really good price.

Full disclosure, I'm only interested in keeping a couple of the cases so if anyone just wants the mini, I will only separate a couple of them.

Monster Discussion / Re: Hoard organization
« on: February 09, 2017, 09:17:06 PM »
Even more secure would be bending it in half around the pin and then making your hooks so they fit into the grooves where the thigh pieces meet the torso piece. But this is a really great idea.

Monster Discussion / Re: Hoard organization
« on: February 09, 2017, 06:42:21 PM »

That's my menagerie before I took it down to pack for my move. That's just a DIY shelf from Menard's (they come prefinished in a few colors) and with brackets to attach them to the wall. The riser is another one split longways down the middle with smaller brackets to attach it to the wall. The riser ends behind Clawd so there's room for Bloodgood's horse and Goo's stand. (There's a Jackson in there too, he's covered by Luna and Moucedes because he doesn't have a stand.)

As for storage, I've packed them into liquor shipping boxes nabbed from Costco. I literally stood there in the store consolidating some cases together so I could steal the boxes with the cardboard dividers. They're plenty big enough for the doll to remain on their stand and just slide right on in. I took off any accessories I didn't trust to stay in place (like Amanita's hair flower or Invisibilly's folder) and put them in a separate box all together. Obviously bottles that are tall and round like vodka will be better than, say, the spiced rum which comes in a different style bottle. No one really batted an eye when I rolled out of there with them in my cart with my groceries. One downside is that the tops have been cut off, so you may need to improvise a lid if that's important to you. If you don't have a Costco, a liquor store or grocery store may be able to help you out. (Incidentally, most state laws preclude Costco/Sam's Club from requiring a membership to purchase alcohol, so you can just walk right in and do this if you don't have a membership. Just tell the guy at the door you're there for alcohol if they ask for your card.)

I have no idea of the acid content of these boxes, so I wouldn't recommend it for permanent storage, but for moving or keeping everyone organized while displays are cleaned/updated, it'll do the job and keep them from marring each other.

I kept the boxes to the vinyls with the boxes to my Figuarts and other figures in a filing cabinet that wasn't being used for files anymore. The only boxes I keep are the ones that can neatly be unpacked and repacked like these. If it's basically made to be destroyed like modern MH/EAH boxes, they get tossed.

Rhana - Do you have any trouble with dolls being too tall for that shelf? Like say Casta or Vandala on their stands? I'm not sure who the tallest normal-size ghoul is right now.

Off Topic / Re: Valentine's Plans? :)
« on: February 04, 2017, 05:58:19 PM »
The wife and I have reservations for fondue, and I have a couple little things for her. She says she wants to bake me something. It's our second Valentine's Day since we got married, so we're all gross and stuff.

writtenhuman - Good luck with the LDR! We were like that for a while before we finally were able to move in together. It's the little things that count!

Sightings / Re: TUESDAY MORNING: Finds & Sales
« on: February 01, 2017, 11:16:43 AM »
Went today, spotted a WTW Kitty, and sig Melody and Farrah all for 9.99. Also a handful of Vinyl Chase Ghoulias. If you need her, hmu.

Monster Discussion / Re: How do you justify your collection?
« on: February 01, 2017, 11:06:19 AM »
I set price points for myself that I try not to buy dolls that are more than that amount, if I can help it. Sometimes I'll stretch that if it appears to be something that's HTF in other areas.

I also have set a basic ground rule for sigs only in my collection, unless the exception is pretty special, like Draculauras in yellow or I <3 Fashion ghouls.

Sightings / Re: MEIJER: Finds and Sales
« on: February 01, 2017, 06:57:17 AM »
I found the Color Me Creepy Werewolf starter pack today on clearance for $10 and change, and the 2016 Careers Game Dev Barbie. So I'm a super happy camper.

Also they had the Minis in the little packets, not the lockers. I stood there like a loser for like 15 minutes wiggling them into the little windows to try to get the best ones I could lmao.

Edit: Oh yeah they had a bunch of last year's Fashionistas too, but I decided to come back for them another day.

Sightings / Re: WALMART: Finds & Sales
« on: February 01, 2017, 06:41:50 AM »
I've only been to two Walmarts so far, and both are pretty heavily picked-over. But I found a $5 singing Ari today, so that's a bonus. Idk how much she was, but there was a horribly mushed up GSR Lala. The doll looked fine but the box definitely got crushed under something.

I guess I'm warming up to gimmicky Sigs. Once I have more doll space (no time soon) I'm curious to see how she interacts with Astranova. The budget and First Day of School versions just didn't have great details to me.

Off Topic / Re: Help with IDing
« on: January 31, 2017, 08:38:59 AM »
I'm not sure if you were just asking about the handbag in that first pic, but the blue satellite dish thing is Sig Elle Eedee's headdress.

Sightings / Re: AMAZON.COM: Daily Deals and other Finds & Sales
« on: January 28, 2017, 10:31:09 PM »
Some current Warehouse Deals, fulfillment by Amazon, focusing on pre-reboot dolls

FF Frankie-as-Clawdeen 13.04
FF Scarah-as-Toralei 11.29
FF Operetta-as-Frankie 11.06
FF Clawvenus 11.41
FF Lagoonafire 11.97
FF Neighthan 18.30
Ghoul's Alive Clawdeen 11.93
GSR Peri and Pearl 11.41
GSR Posea Reef 10.54
GSR Toralei 8.68
GSR Kala Mer'ri 9.18
GSR Frankie 10.74
Gloom Beach Frankie 8.26
Inner Monster Fearfully Feisty 3.64
Ghoul's Getaway Jinafire 8.21
BYBY Draculaura 9.18
Haunted Draculaura 9.26
Gore-geous Acessories Honey Swamp 8.43
Scaritage Operetta 10.39
FFT Clawdeen 8.21
GS Spectra 7.95
GS Venus 13.20
GF Elissabat 10.43
DT Frankie 10.85
DT Draculaura 9.96
Sig Kjersti Trollsøn 11.26
FDC Frankie 11.69
New Scaremester Gigi 12.94
Frightfully Tall Frankie 15.80
Frightfully Tall Clawdeen 16.31
Scary tales Frankie 13.83

Skyra Bouncegait 7.33
Pyxis Prepstockings 6.51
Aery Evenfall 7.38
Fawtine Fallowhart 4.38

Ghoulia 8.02
Deuce 7.77
Twyla 6.53

As always, check the description to get an idea of what you're getting, especially if box condition is a concern for you on some of these older dolls. Happy hunting!

Monster Discussion / Re: Monster High Minis Discussion
« on: January 23, 2017, 02:41:47 PM »
Huh, that site is calling that Clawd Clawdeen. Which doesn't suit her aesthetic at all.

Trades / Re: Monster high minis trading thread
« on: January 22, 2017, 08:55:38 PM »
So by some miracle, I found a handful of Halloween minis at my local Walmart today! I bought six, and ended up with three extras, two Draculauras and one Frankie. Ironically, the Cleo had been clawed open by someone was the only one I didn't end up with a duplicate of. I haven't bought many of these right now, so I don't have any of the regular ones to offer.

So for trade I have to offer, still in plastic and with orange lockers included:
Draculaura x2
Frankie x1

I'm interested in anything I don't already have. Which is shorter than my want list, so I'll just leave a list of what I have here lol. I am especially looking for the Beach Cleo exclusive from the three pack.
Haves (or pending):
OG Frankie
OG Lagoona
OG Catty
OG Rochelle
OG Moanica
OG Toralei
Circus Venus
PG Frankie
PG Lagoona
Ghostly Draculaura
Ghostly Twyla
Ghostly Ari
Ragdoll Clawdeen
Sleepover Abbey
Candy Abbey
Candy Catrine
Pattern Catty
Pattern Rochelle
Space Frankie
Space Abbey

If you're interested, go ahead and PM me, but I'm hoping for a bit better than a 1:1 trade on these, since they're so hard to come by, unless for other Halloween minis.

Edit:1 Halloween Drac and Halloween Frankie are gone! Still one Halloween Draculaura left! My 'have' list has changed a bit, too.

Off Topic / Re: Randoms to ID please !
« on: January 10, 2017, 05:39:35 PM »
The two rose pink purses (the sparkly longer one and the clutch) are Barbie items, and I'm pretty sure the helmet is too, but may be for one of the younger sisters depending on its size.

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