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Ok I might have to get the 2-pack this year.

Monster Discussion / Re: Your perfect MH Doll
« on: April 05, 2016, 11:26:50 AM »
Either a gothic lolita Twyla or a Sweet Screams River Styxx.


Also anybody up for a daughter/son of the Mothman?

Actually we already have Luna Mothews, daughter of the Mothman.

Aside from already named characters like Johnny Spirit and Quill/Harper, and maybe some monstrous-looking FAIRIES (since they already made monster mermaids too) and ALIENS (I miss Novi Stars...), I would rather MH take some time off from making too many 'new' characters, and just release new/different/better versions of underused characters and characters that only have one single release first.


*Homer voice* DOH!

Ok wow I completely forgot! Mousecedes and Elle stand out better in my memory than Luna. XD Thank you for correcting me.

Monster Discussion / Re: New MH Characters You Wish Mattel Would Create
« on: February 28, 2016, 12:20:06 PM »
*slams fists on the table* DAUGHTER OF THE MAN IN THE BEAVER HAT (London vampire)!!!

Also more Japanese mythology girls!!!

Also anybody up for a daughter/son of the Mothman?
(EDIT: I completely forgot about Luna! I AM a giddy goat)

Let's just assume they haven't gotten to most of those characters yet. I mean Elissabat? No.... they gotta keep her.... Skelita is definitely staying.

I found it weird Clawdeen's siblings didn't have it... It'd be weird if Mattel just got rid of them like that.
And Operetta too. She seems to be one they'd keep.

Have "How I Boo": Abbey, Astranova, Catrine, Catty, Clawdeen, Cleo, Deuce, Draculaura, Elle, Frankie, Ghoulia, Gil, Gooliope, Jinafire, Lagoona, Luna, Mouscedes, Nefera, Rochelle, Spectra, Toralei, Venus

Don't have "How I Boo": Amanita, Avea, Batsy, Bonita, Casta, Clawd, Clawdia, Elissbat (though we're getting new merch of her????), Finnegan, Garrot, Gigi, Gilda, Heath, Holt, Honey, Howleen (is Clawdeen gonna be an only child or something???), Ivisi Billy, Iris, Isi, Jane, Jackson, Kala, Kiyomi, Kjersti, Lorna, Marisol, Neighthan, Operetta, Peri and Pearl, Porter, Posea, Purrsephone and Meowlody, River, Robecca, Scarah, Sirena, Skelita, Slo Mo, Twyla, Vandala, Viperine, Wydowna, Bloodgood


Well there goes my chances for a really cool Daughter of the Man in the Beaver Hat (London vampire) doll...

Oh geez this isn't good. This isn't good at all...

The main reason I got into Monster High is because it was so edgy and high quality. I never liked girl toy's as a kid. Even though I collect MLP now, I did not like G3 as a kid. I still don't. When I bought Avea Trotter, I was blown away. The first thought I had was "Where were these kinds of dolls when I was a kid?!". Monster High dolls are really out-of-left-field and it's devastating to see the unique qualities be thrown out the window. How many other toy lines out there would make something like Gooliope, Elle Eedee, or Peri and Pearl? And release them in retail stores and have them a decent price?

I think Twyla can be added to the "characters I'm worried about in the reboot" list. Twyla is my favorite because of her darker colors. She's got a shadowy look (quite literally) and the reboot is getting rid of that.

I'm so disappointed. I've been into Monster High for a year and now they're doing a "softer" more "cutesy" reboot...

Yeeeeeeeeeees <3
They looks amazing ahhhhh <3
Thank you Mattel for making things that empty my wallet XD
No seriously though, I neeeeed them <3 They are STUNNING!

Catrine's Art Studio / Re: Puff's Art Thread
« on: July 18, 2015, 01:19:40 PM »
Ahhhhh I love your art <3
MarisolXLorna is adorable. I might have to start shipping that!

Good. Have some more.


Catrine's Art Studio / Re: Puff's Art Thread
« on: July 13, 2015, 02:41:46 PM »
Ahhhhh I love your art <3
MarisolXLorna is adorable. I might have to start shipping that!

Isi looks really, really awesome. That outfit is filled so much nice detail. Batsy looks nice too. I really, really hope Kjersti comes with a hat. I will buy all three when they come out.

Introductions! / Hi!
« on: May 06, 2015, 12:21:24 PM »
Hello and greetings from Long Island where Billy Joel plays on the radio 24/7 (a little too much Billy Joel for my tastes ha ha). I've recently taken an interest in Monster High and Ever After High (specifically EAH) dolls and am amazed by how detailed and well-crafted the dolls are. Some of you may know me as SubmarineHallucination at the MLPArena. For who do, hello again! I'm a big art nerd so expect a lot of fan art from me. My collections of both are pretty small so far, but I'm aiming to get more soon.

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