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Ever After High Discussion / Evil Queen Theories!!
« on: January 07, 2015, 02:05:06 AM »
So, I was thinking about the books lately after watching Thronecoming again, and something began to niggle in my mind.. we get a lot of vague references to what the Evil Queen did after she went off-script, both in the books and web-series. But what did she DO to achieve all these things? We know she impeccably played her role and poisoned Snow White... but after the reveal that she switched the Book of Legends so she could be evil as she wanted... what more did she do?

Well, we know from Faybelle's statement in the books that the Evil Queen usurped the role of the Wicked Fairy. But.. the Sleeping Beauty story has a long run time, right? Over 100 years between each generation. So really, there's no way that Evil Queen could have taken over the WHOLE story.... the Wicked Fairy would have HAD to do her thing for the first couple acts, right? The laying of the curse, then the temptation.... Prick! The beauty sleeps for 100 years....and then comes the previous generation of graduates from EAH. Now, my theory is that Evil Queen stole the show for the climax... the forest of thorns, the battle, trying to keep the prince out. In Briar's story, it mentions her father used to slay dragons... so maybe the Queen brought in a dragon for the big fight? I mean, since we have Briar and her plethora of brothers, obviously the story worked out. Sleeping Beauty might be the reason it did... because although her prince likely did not sign the real storybook, she for sure did about 102-ish years before all the mix ups. So, her happily ever after was locked in; the magic of the book made things work out despite the efforts of the Evil Queen to muck it up. I think she didn't mess up the Snow White story to cover her tracks; she wouldn't have been able to get momentum if she was found out because she destroyed her own story.

Next, we know that she apparently went a little crazy for a good while... She married the Good King, had a daughter, and raised her through young childhood, as the books tell us before she was captured and sealed in the mirror prison. I can't remember exactly how old Raven was when this happened, but I think she was about 7?? Somewhere near there. So.... what else was she doing?? Surely it wasn't all the corruption of Wonderland... I mean, that could indeed have taken a while, but nearly a decade? If she was so powerful that they needed all those teachers and magicians to lock her up, it couldn't have taken her that long. Especially considering the books give us hints that the Wonderlandians are alive at the very least, when we see Maddie's book of Wonderland communication. It seemed like the White Rabbit was writing to her, so they're surviving in some manner and are still together enough to give advice to the escapees. Also, with the coming releases of Alistar and Bunny, and the little hint of where Briar sent the SBoL to, Wonderland might not be TOO badly off... It's still connected enough to get something through, and still full of Wonderlandiful magic. They never go into details about the condition either...and it's likely the next special will be a trip there. So what else did the Evil Queen do during all that time? Any thoughts?

Introductions! / Hello everyone!
« on: January 16, 2014, 12:02:10 PM »
Well, my name is Abbey, and I'm almost 25. I'm gonna be blunt: I don't collect dolls..... But I kinda wish I could. I only have the budget for two hobbies: collecting ponies and my cosplay. Not to mention the space! But I love Monster High and Ever After High, and like to look at people's pictures. I even design some ghouls and mansters of my own, and just like to observe. I'm on MLP Arena and wanted to see some of the pretty pictures here too!

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