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Off Topic / Attempting to come back..
« on: April 05, 2018, 11:56:03 AM »
Hey sorry for anyone i left hanging.. My father sadly has passed away.
In the last two months his final illness took a rapid down ward turn and i had to focus
all of my attention on that and on work..
its mostly over now but the crying.. attempting to be a bit more active.. my therapist says that
its good for me to talk to my friends and people i know
so coming back here.
sorry again
See all of you on the boards

Rules & Regs! / photos
« on: November 22, 2017, 05:06:56 PM »
hey there!
I am having a very hard time posting photos.. can any one tell or show me how to do it!?

Off Topic / Boil Perms
« on: November 19, 2017, 04:21:11 PM »
Ok.. i need some advice on boil perms.. See i tried it with my ghouls rule clawdeen and it came out absolutely lovely.
so now im making the attempt with my siggy robecca i just got... any advice? Is there anything special you need to do?
With clawdeen i just up ended the kettle of boiling water on her hair and took it out of the curlers later after it was dry.
Is that all you need to do or are there other steps besides detangle, roll and add hot water?

Post Merge: November 20, 2017, 12:38:01 PM

never mind i figured it out!

Off Topic / adagio Teas
« on: September 21, 2017, 08:14:18 AM »
Since teavana is going the way of the dodo bird in a few months..
Id like to share my newest tea supplier here..
If any of the other tea junkies like me wanna give them a try they are awesome!
there are all kinds of goodies to be had.. even mlp themed tea!

Brags / SDCC Thrawn
« on: September 17, 2017, 09:32:35 AM »
 :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Someone got me the SDCC grand admrial thrawn set for 25.00+10.00sh = 35.00.. hehe thankfully i dont owe the comic shop owner my first born or anything.. but some how he got a CASE.. of the things and was selling them super cheep on ebay.
 :biggrin: :biggrin:
SO im happy... i have my killer smurf on the way!

Off Topic / my collections..
« on: September 17, 2017, 09:22:46 AM »
Hey i just wanna ask.. does anyone else go through this?
people you love, people you want to listen too but they are stepping out of bounds, telling you what you should do with your collections?
I seriously just wanna scream because the other night i got the "I've fallen out of love with my collections... why do you still love yours?" Speech from someone and it really makes me mad.
I've always hated that.. ive told people in my life a MILLION bloody times.. I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING MY DOLLS.. bloody well deal with it!
and yet i have people talking to me like its a phase or just something that i can randomly stop caring about.
I'm sorry.. no. No i cant just turn my love for dolls off..I WISH i could sometimes.
And IM SORRY that when you look at your transformers collection all you see now are bits of plastic. But that isnt how it is for me.
UGH .. it just makes me want to yank my hair out.
THIS is EXACTLY what the family did to my grandma about her doll collection.
HOW do you deal with this frustration.. especially if its your own damm house .. that you PAID FOR.. paid off, and you OWN that your putting this collection into!
GAH... im so irritated right now.. I've even stopped buying dolls.. (tho that is mainly cus i havent seen any new ones i like)
but it just seems like they are trying to tell me what i can and cant love because THEY changed.

Sorry rant over.. but i had to get that out of my system or i was gonna scream.

Off Topic / Just curious...
« on: July 30, 2017, 06:35:59 PM »
Feel free to move  this to some place else mods if it belongs..
But I am really wondering... and curious.

Lately ive been finding a lot of old dolls.. look at my crud ton of "please tell me who this is!" posts over in other dolls hehe... in good will and the local pedlers mall.
someone seems to be ditching their collection.. which made me wonder.
What makes a person wanna start collecting dolls ?

For me.. it was my grams..
My maternal Grandmother mavis.
She had a wonderful collection of dolls.. and i really loved them, So i got into collecting too.
now despite the fact family members have had the gall to compare me to Patricia Allanson.. I still love them.
So what got all of you into collecting and why?

Off Topic / Cleaning....
« on: July 29, 2017, 04:18:31 PM »
Does anyone else on here seem to have a crud ton of cleaning? UGH.. I pretty much scrubbed everything but my art table..
art studio= NO TOUCHIE.. my mess my system my business .. everything else is now spotless.

Monster Discussion / Gooliope Question...
« on: July 23, 2017, 02:54:21 PM »
Hey Ghouls...
Just a fast question here.. What did the original version of Goo's look like?
Was she the circus themed one or the Nautical themed one?
I found the circus one for a ridiculously good price in the discount isle at the local wally world and have already purchased her.
but then i saw one with blue hair and a ship theme on line ... just wondering which was the original
thanks for the help!

Off Topic / Feeling it today....
« on: April 14, 2017, 08:10:24 AM »
Putting this in the Zombie Zone because i dont think it belongs in the main threads.

What it boils down to is that I am Really just feeling the disenchantment with Both the EAH and MH doll lines today.
And its not because of the reboot or anything like that... I'm just feeling discouraged...
Like no matter how much I love them.. I AM JUST WRONG...
EVERYONE else hates them... SO I should hate them too...
And right now I am actually kinda close to hating all of my dolls because I Mean.. whats the point?
Whats the point in loving something if Everyone else hates it... and you constantly get your Joy sucked out for still liking it?
I know this is purely whining.. and I would do better for my self to not hang around the folks at the doll shop at the mall that make me
feel this way.
But i had some extra cash and went in there to get some... and was Told TO MY FACE .. that i was a looser for liking the reboot.
Whats the bloody point.. if the dolls i loved and still love are going to get me that kinda reaction outta other "fans".

So yah.. this is totally just me whining and venting because someone at the doll store hurt my feelings.. but i just needed to get it out..
i've been through so mu ch the last few years.
These stupid lil bits of plastic were one of the few things that still made me smile with out feeling Guilty.
If i go out to eat, or buy some clothes, or something for my house, Or talk about my new car, the
"Family" gives me crap about misusing my father's money even tho its all coming out of MY funds. I still am getting all of that malarky
This was something that i did that i thought was totally innocent.
now even that's being ruined.

Like i said.. Im totally whining.. but i really am feeling it today.

Monster Discussion / back issues.
« on: March 23, 2017, 06:07:01 AM »
Monster high bodies..
Ok.. so i was playing with some of my reboot girls this morning and had them sitting next to my Ghouls Rule Lala(hugs purple.. thank you again!) any how..
Ive noticed a REALLY significant difference in a couple of areas..
While the eyes re bigger and the heads are a different shape.. What i am actually referancing now are the bodies.
The reboot bodies have ahh.. better posture? maybe?
They dont have that crazy arch to their back.. and stand up straighter.
Is it me or has anyone else noticed this?

Monster Discussion / monstrous celebrities
« on: March 02, 2017, 06:55:18 PM »
Soo ok..
In both the monster high and EAH worlds they have their own celebrities..
But what real world celebs would you like to see or if you make monster versions of
would you pick?

For some reason i am just enamored of the idea of Gordon Ramsey as a banshee(what do you call a guy banshee?) Chef. Maybe hes related to Schara?
Hes got the accent, he's loud, and his yell can cause pain and suffering in any and all that hear it.

So if you could make your fave celebs monsters.. who and what would they be?

Monster Discussion / Area availability
« on: February 24, 2017, 10:01:26 AM »
OK.. question...
what areas do some of you folks live in .. and what does the availability look like in your area..
Im trying to compare it to what is around here.. So i can see if im just living in a spot that has them...
or if its something about KY in general.
Reason for this..
I was doing some shopping around last night and checked somethings.. All of the area big three.. Walmart, Meijers, and Target.. all have both EAH and MH in stock.
Checked toys r us and they have a decent selection tho they are mostly over run with american girl dolls.
Nordstrom, Khols, Tjmax and burlington all had at least some of each of the newer lines.
So either KY is a good market.. or im just getting lucky.. I would like to know tho.. because i will be going to some other areas and may need to order home for my doll fix.

So .. where are you and whats the 411 on your doll availability?

Off Topic / Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer...
« on: February 17, 2017, 06:59:36 PM »
Kay are there any other nerds like me here that are about two inches from Grabing Disney and starting to shake until a trailer falls out?  This time last year we had one for rouge one.. sames in 2015 for TFA..
COME ON disney!!
edited topic title to make it clearer - Wuvmykitties, OT Moderator

Brags / Snagged...
« on: January 17, 2017, 08:40:32 PM »
Snagged silvi timber wolf! been prowling for her for ages!! shes so pretty!!

Off Topic / Feeling... Strange... just need to talk.
« on: January 16, 2017, 09:40:02 AM »
So ... ok,

I honestly feel like 2016 sucked, on the level of the malestrome consuming ships sucked.

Lately i just cant shake those bad vibes and negative feelings.
I have really been struggling with a LOT of nonsense since 2012, the year my mom passed away.
I ASSUMED... all the doctors I've talked to...and every professional I've seen... has told me that eventually things would
be better.
Even if i never stopped missing her, I'd come to terms with the grief and move on.
What they failed to tell me was that my mom's death.. would be the tip of the bloody ice berg.

In short order I had one uncle pass, my sister pass, my Father have a stroke and another uncle pass in that order over the
next four years.

And in the time before my father got sick... He couldnt get over my mom passing.. so I wasnt allowed to.

And now suddenly EVERYTHING has changed.
I WANT to think its in a good way... but i feel horrid and guilty because of the fact that my father had to go to a personal care home
because I was not able to take care of him.. and after his broke my hand they would not allow me to take care of him.
So i fought, and scratched, and yelled and begged and pleaded until I got him 100% coverage at VA and got him into quiet literally the best personal care home in the no cost.. The government takes care of it all.
He hates it.
and the rest of the family hates it.
Everytime i talk to one of them.. i get the "when are you going to let your father come home" Speech.

But like i said.. lately everything has changed.
The house is paid off now, i make more than enough to pay the bills AND have money left over for other stuff.
I have a lot saved and try to keep most of the money in there.
I re did my house with new furniture because all of the old was worn out.
Tossed out a lot of junk..Cleaned, polished and have made an effort to take care of everything.
I got rid of my money pit truck and bought a brand new chevy spark.
My fiance moved in with me and we are making it offical this spring.. plans are underway.

So by all rights I SHOULD be feeling good... Instead I feel like ALL of this has come at the expense of my family.
My councilor has told me.. that being the survivor does NOT mean I am taking advantage of my family.
I couldn't do anything about my mom and sister passing and nothing i did or didnt do could change the fact my father
got sick.. and i did the best i could to get him taken care of.

I have no reason to feel guilty but i still do.
Perhaps its all the stuff i put up with from my family over the years.
Not my mom and dad persay but my sister was abusive and my other family (aunts, uncles, and grandfather) could
be termed that way.

Honestly i just need someone to talk to at this point and a safe place to vent.
No one has to comment on this and feel free to ignore it.. but thanks for letting me talk

Brags / Crystal Castle
« on: November 17, 2016, 01:14:28 PM »
Ok.. i just scored at complete she ra crystal  castle, Starburst shera and swift wind for 50.00 at the local peddlers mall.
Me= Happy!!

Brags / HAPPY!!
« on: October 26, 2016, 07:46:32 AM »
ok .. im calm.

Off Topic / Wanting to Drop Kick people...
« on: August 29, 2016, 05:34:06 AM »
I've never been what would be classified as  a 'violent' person.
But lately the desire to punt some people over the nearest horizon is getting to be stronger and stronger.
My father had a very large stroke.. and as I'm sure everyone on here knows (due to my constant whining)
I will no longer be able to take care of him.
I have been working with the VA to get him into the best personal care home they have
in fact i HAVE gotten him accepted to it.. its just going to take time to get him there
cus they have a waiting list. But due to his rank and condition hes going soon.
This how ever is not good enough for my father... Or my relatives... or apparently some of the "Volunteers"
that hang around va and troll for money.
They are all trying to convince me to send him some place else... that even with the money in the bank
we cant afford.
the social worker whos helping me is great.. I love miss angelina like a sister now.
She says that they will get him into the best one and i dont need to worry.
So im honestly at this point wishing both my father, my relatives, and the stupid 'volunteers' would back the Flip off
cus im going nuts.
And i really do wanna drop kick them at this point.
Sorry about the more whining.. but i really needed to vent at this point.

Brags / New goodies
« on: August 11, 2016, 09:49:25 AM »
So ok.. ive FINALLY gotten around to taking some shots of my collections and newest goodies.. thought id share just for fun

here are all my spring un sprung girls up front there..

here are some new sigs including meeshell

these lil lovelies i found at various places around town.. I really do love how shasha's eyes almost glow in the flash here

my star darlings and their wishworld fashions

now we cant leave out the boys here.. All four of my galens  <3 Luke, Vader, Gruesome (grand inquisitor) And ahsoka is in there some place!  :biggrin:

and finally my translucent ladies and their body guard Mr. Jarrus.( Yep.. Twist IS staring at his butt))

Hope you likes!!

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