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Trades / Volley's trades: Deuce, EAH, CAM
« on: August 02, 2016, 01:55:01 PM »
These are the Dollie items I have for trade. I'm only trading within the United States and I am trading for items from my trade list only. If you have any of those items and are interested in any of mine please let me know.

Here's my wish list:,12021.0.html

MH dolls :female: :female: :female:

EAH dolls  :rainbow:


Bee Girl



Cyclops girl

Ken Clothing

Share and Scare MH Game

MH Sketch Pad; never used

Brags / Volley's doll finds
« on: July 16, 2016, 10:27:50 PM »
Tonight I headed to Target to see what monsterful goodies they had on sale. After walking back to the MH isle I found the student disembody council 5-pack. There were easily around 10 there. I looked down and realized the price , originally $49.99, had dropped down to only $24.98. I decided to get one so I began looking at the other 5-packs to see which one had the best doll hair and finally decided on this one, in which Cleo's hair seemed the least out of control. I'm super pleased with the characters in this set , especially Lagoona. I can now finally say that I own Gilda as well, whom looks adorable in person. Now, hopefully since they are clearing out this 5-pack, maybe Target will get in the Maul Monsteristas :) Please Target!  :biggrin:

Wanted / Volley's Wishlist (Updated 8/4/16)
« on: June 13, 2016, 09:44:50 AM »
I'll try and post a trading list shortly but for now here are my wants.

(I'd like to just keep trades within the US to help with shipping/handling)

Monster High   :female:


-Signature Holt Hyde Found!
-Gil Webber Shriek Wrecked (In box)
- InvisiBilly Maul Monsteristas
-Garrott Duroque

-Gloom Beach Ghoulia 
-Ghoulia: Ghoul Spirit Fearleading 3-pack
- Ghoulia: Ghouls Night Out 4-Pack

- Lagoona Blue; in MaDREAD Spain  (In Box)

- Draculaura, in ShiBOOya Japan  (In Box)
- Draculaura Maul Monsteristas

Other Ghouls
-Clawdeen: Ghouls Night Out 4-Pack 
-Clawdeen Maul Monsteristas
-Spectra Maul Monsteristas
-Gloom Beach Cleo
-Gigi Maul Monsteristas
-Signature 2.0 Cleo

MH Extras
- Crescent (Sig Clawdeen's Pet) Found!
- Entrepreneur Fashion Pack
-Toralei Fashion Pack

Sales / Volleylove7's Monster, EAH, and dolly sales
« on: October 03, 2014, 11:33:07 AM »
Down below I have MH and EAH items that I'd be open to trading for items on my wishlist, which is down below. I could also manage to sell them if one would rather do that but I prefer to trade.
Here is a list of what I have for Trade (I'll add pics this week):

Monster High (Out of Box unless listed otherwise):

 *Gigi Grant 13 wishes :gigi:

 *Swim Class Holt Hyde :holt:

 *SS5Pack Draculaura

 *SS5Pack Ghoulia

 *Scaris Deuce 

 *FCA Operetta (MIB)

 * Abbey Fashion Pack (With blue Ice Crystal Dress)


 *Thronecoming Raven w/ stock (OOB)
 *Thronecoming Apple w/stock   (OOB)

Random MH:

*Freaky Friendship Bracelets (OOB)<Everything that came in package is there>

CAM Sets:

*One Eye Ghoul (Wig and everything)
*Bee Girl (Everything)
*Skeleton Girl (Everything)
*Mermaid (Customized Tail w/Nail Polish)
*Sea Monster

Also Have all Create a Monster, listed below, Clothing Items

Non MH or EAH:

Pinkie Cooper Ginger Jones (NIB)


 *Basic Holt Hyde
 *Basic Clawdeen Wolf (1st Release)
 * Toralei Fashion Pack (S3)
 * Spectra Fashion Pack (S3)
 * SDCC Ghoulia
 * Jackson Jekyll Gloom Beach Flip Flops
 * Gloom Beach Ghoulia
 *Fearleading 3 Pack Ghoulia

Non MH
 *^Miss Clover Zelf^
 * ^Jewely Zelf^

Thanks for Looking! ^.^

Brags / Duce and Gil Mansters 2 Pack! (Pics added )
« on: July 25, 2014, 06:13:18 PM »
Wow! I went to Toys R Us today not expecting to find anything and bam! That's when I so this amazing set sitting right on the shelf! They also had the beginner set for inner monster c: (But I didn't get if because I'm not that find of the create a monster sets) So now I have those lovely 2 now I have those 2 new lovely 2 boyz!!!

Brags / Black Friday Brag!
« on: December 03, 2013, 09:05:54 AM »
         Hi! This week I went Black Friday shopping! I first, stopped at Toys R Us hoping to find an Art Class doll. After waiting in line outside for what seemed like forever, I ran inside to head to the MH section. When I got there, it didn't seem like any of those dolls were there. I then, decided to dig through the shelves to see if I could find anything and I started to see this box that looked weird on the side. Sure enough, when I pulled it out, it was Art Class Lala!  Afterwards,  I headed to a Target, there was nothing, then I headed to Kohls. There I found the 3 wave 3 Dead Tired dolls! They were so amazing and were also amazing in price, too! They were 10 dollars each. After Kohls, I went to Target, hoping to find Honey Swamp from Frights Camera Action since I had been looking for her all night/early morning. When I walked into the aisle I was sort of trying to tell myself that she wasn't going to be here but, when I went in the aisle, she was there! She was knocked on her side, lying under another doll on the shelf. I looked and saw that she was the only FCA doll there and I was so happy!

           Later the next day,  I decided to check the stores again. At the same Toys R Us the next day they had the rest of the Art class dolls but I decided I didn't need them since I had just gotten a lot of dolls the day before. When I went to Target, when I walked into the aisle: there she was. Catastrophe! She was finally mine! Muhahaha!

        And that was my exciting weekend.  :biggrin:

Introductions! / Hey Hey!
« on: June 22, 2013, 10:54:16 AM »
Hi! You may know me from the MLP forum or the Kenner LPS Forum but I'm Mo. I collect MH dolls, LPS, Disney Vinylmations and Pins, and lots of other things that I have bits and pieces of but can't name all of it.  ;) I am from the USA and have an adorable little yorkie named Ginger who I adore and who thinks that she is bigger and tougher than any of the other dogs of mine even though she's the smallest.  ::) Anyway... I hope to get to know you guys very well and make new friends. Thanks!

                        ~Mo B.  :)

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