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Introductions! / Hello Friends!
« on: October 22, 2013, 07:28:08 AM »
Hi there,
I'm Lisha, I am 29 and I am currently a homemaker and I live in California, the far north, almost in Oregon. :) Right now the most important people in my life are my three beautiful children  and my husband.

My oldest daughter came home from school in January crying because she had no idea what the other little girls were playing, and therefore they were excluding her from their games. When I asked what it was she said "Monster High."
I had no idea what that was, but I was devastated my daughter was being excluded for not being up on a current trend. It was like my school days had returned to haunt me. We immediately started googling and found out all about the dolls and movies and games... the rest is history.
We have been collecting the dolls for less than a year, I really got interested in them so that I would be able to participate in something with my daughter. We love them very much and take our collection pretty seriously now. Today we only posses 17 dolls. Our absolute favorite being Nefera de Nile which we acquired from Ebay last week.
Most of our dolls are from basic lines like Scaris (almost complete, we are only missing Clawdeen and Jinafire, scored Duece at Target recently!), RollerMaze, Dance Class and DeadTired. We have the entire Target Exclusive Scary Tales line, which I adore! From the more deluxe lines we have Frankie Ghouls Night Out and Spectra Dot Dead Gorgeous... She is truly Stunning.
We actually have one more on her way in the mail (Skelita, my second favorite of them all), and 7 on layaway for Christmas, that include the Draculaura and Clawd Music Festival two pack, the Home Ick two pack, the Fear Leaders with Torelai!! and Power Ghouls, Cat Astrophe! and I already know that her aunts and other friends have bought her different ones for the holiday as well, two other Power Gouhls, and Venus Music Festival and the Coffin Bean with Clawdeen.
We did aquire an Ever After High Doll from Justice over the summer, Madeline Hatter, and just saw another one at Target over the weekend.
 I think we are just really excited to be out in front of this new line, despite it's lack of individuality (can we say matching bobble heads?) but should it become equally as popular it will be fun to know we got in on this trend from the start.
Despite our being three years behind this MH trend I feel confident that we can play catch up while still collecting the new ones. That brings our grand total at the moment to 25 I believe.
Sounds like a meager collection compared to some, LOL, we may not have a lot, but we love what we have. :)

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