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Customs / Question on sealant and watercolors
« on: March 25, 2018, 04:02:25 PM »
So, I have a question on something. Iím currently preparing to color my latest custom ďCherryísĒ body red. I saw dollightful color her EAH doll black with chalk pastels but that started off bad with her flareon when she was trying to make her red. So Iíve resorted to acrylic paint in my airbrush. I have a few questions though, is there an alternative to MSC? It seems pretty expensive and I think any regular sealant would work just as fine? Also, do I seal before and after or just after? I would like to have her not to chip off. Sheís going to be reboxed so Iím not worried about the joints but Iím worried about her shins and stuff chipping on the packaging. Another question, will any watercolor pencils work? I have artists loft watercolors and Iím not sure if it would work. Iíve seen other artists use prismacolor so I bought one and they work just about the same. I havenít sealed first yet so Iím not sure about that. I also have liquitex which I could use in my airbrush to seal it all. Iím just not sure how well the watercolors would stick to the head after I put the acrylic red on to change the skin color.

Customs / Cheap, easy, and quick mold making tutorial.
« on: March 03, 2018, 04:27:24 PM »
So I was trying to find a method of making a mold for holt Hydeís ring to give to the rest of my boys. It took a lot of trial and errors but I eventually got it. Here are some of my fails ( red- fail. blue- success )

Test 0: not in photo but I tried to use clay and make a mold but didnít work at all
Test 1: my dad brought me in some old silicon he had so I tried it. It took awhile to dry and it was pretty bend and break.
Test 2: my dad brought in another silicon which I think was used to repair showers or something? Anyways I did my usual mix of corn starch and whatever the product was and pressed in my bracelet. I waited a day and it wasnít drying. I eventually just took the bracelet out which stuck to the middle. This would have probably worked if I gave it more time but I was looking for something quicker.
Test 3:
 I eventually just went to michaels and bought Mold Builder which is a brush on mold maker. I had high hopes in this as well. This eventually took forever to dry between each coat and when I took it off the hat I was making my fingernails made indents into it. I was so mad because I paid $17 for it and it was just trash. I refunded it though so I guess itís not too bad.
Test 4: I eventually saw a tutorial online for silicon and soapy water. I tried it and molded it onto my bracelet. It however took super long to dry as well. It was super squishy even after a day! This would have worked too if I let it dry longer but I was looking for something quick. So I tore off the slime and tried something else.
Test 5:

SUCCESS!!! Finally. This is where the tutorial starts.
Corn starch
100% silicon ( the one above works but if another one works just as well please post photos of it ^^ )
Paper towels ( When you get it on your hands )
A mixer ( Iím using a plastic knife )
Bowl ( Iím using a disposable one )
Something to mold

First step:

Get your bowl and pour your corn starch in there. The amount depends on how big the thing your molding is. I used a key to practice on. I suggest practicing on something if itís your first time molding.

Second step:
Start to squeeze your 100% silicon into your bowl of corn starch. Start mixing it with your mixer ( Iím using a plastic knife )

Third step: once itís evenly mixed into the corn starch get some of the corn starch on your hands and mix it into a dough. Once itís not super sticky put it over the thing you want to mold and push it onto it.

Fourth step: I suggest grabbing the paper towels and getting the silicon off of your hands. This stuff should dry in 30 mins so work quickly.

Fifth step: ( after 30 mins of drying. )

Congrats! Your mold should now be good and you can now take whatever you molded out of the silicon. If it feels squishy still to the point you can stretch it and make indents into it please give it more time to dry.

I hope this was helpful! Feel free to put this in the sticky thread with all the other tutorials :) Also, this is a cheaper alternative for molding. So good luck! If you have any questions feel free to leave them here :)

Brags / Modern buys
« on: February 21, 2018, 06:58:32 PM »
Literally my entire post just randomly deleted :/ let me explain briefly again, this will be my brags thread about mostly all of my purchases! I recently bought a lot of dolls including some rares for $5 each! It would be overly complicated to list them all at once so I will be trying to upload a photo of a random lucky doll every day :)
First day:

I<3 shoes lala. She is just adorable in my opinion. I love everything she came with! Her outfit is my favorite part. I love how 80s ( I think ) it looks. I love how her yellow shoes have hearts on them and I think the tiny bag is just the cherry on top for me :3 I will be posting extra photos in the doll a day challenge too since they correspond. Thanks for viewing!

Clawdeen's Closet / Questions on skirts/doll dresses.
« on: February 07, 2018, 06:50:15 PM »
Hello! Since I have a few upcoming Doll customs from the danganronpa anime series I of course need some tips/helps for outfits. Currently I am working on Tsumugi Shirogane and Celestia Ludenberg. While Tsumugi has a school girl look and a simple enough skirt that doesn’t require poofiness, Celeste is a different story. If you look her up you can see she has a Lolita style with a poofy ish skirt/dress. I have currently finished making a shirt to fit her and start with. I then tried gathering a long rectangle and sewed it onto the shirt which left me with a very weird maxi skirt dress  :blink: I’m just glad it was scrap fabric.. i was thinking of cutting a large circle but I’m not sure how that would turn out. So, I am seeking help with how I should start or make my dress skirt. I’m wishing for it to be poofy and Lolita like. Here’s a reference pic
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
I’ve got the jacket (clawdia’s resized), shirt part, socks, shoes, and hat covered. I’m just having big trouble with the skirt I can probably sew ovals for the top portion and use my lace but I’m still not sure about the skirt part.. if anyone could help me please do! If I can figure it out with some help I will release a guide on making a Lolita dress along with a few patterns! Thank you!

[Moved to Clawdeen's Closet as this is a sewing question, not a customization question.  ~SaelaVe]

Buy/Sell/Trades / Modern Trades
« on: January 27, 2018, 09:33:45 PM »
Hi! Iím mostly looking to trade the things I list here. However, I may sell them if no one is interested in trading here with me. Iím interested in some MH clothes and such. Iím also interested in some baits. For my customs I will probably want some wishlist items along with my in box dolls. Prices do not include shipping.
Monster high/Baities:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
In Box Dolls ( EAH&MH):
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Customs / Rerooters needed! ( request )
« on: December 10, 2017, 10:55:57 PM »
Hello! I have a catty that I need rerooted again by someone. if you are good at rerooting please pm me or reply to this thread. I originally took out her hair because of glue seepage and not wanting it to spread but I don't have much time to reroot her. If you are able to reroot her please contact me :) she can come with a reroot tool if you need. I will cover shipping both times and pay you. Just sending what is in picture plus a reroot tool if needed.

I want her to be rooted like she originally was but without the bangs. Thank you.

Customs / Doll bangs and how to remove them?
« on: December 01, 2017, 02:30:21 AM »
I've wanted to make this thread for a long time. You see, some monster high dolls have bangs which is fine. But sometimes when they get ruined or they split it turns into a nightmare to fix. Take cupid's 1600 release for example, her bangs are horrid to fix once ruined. Twyla's bangs can get pretty bad too which is the only reason I didn't buy her. I don't like the bangs too much on catty because they don't stay in place very well and you need to have some luck with no seepage unlike me.. I saw an image online of a Twyla with a really pretty blowout style and she didn't look rerooted at all. She didn't have her bangs either. I'd like to know if anyone has remove doll bangs before making it still look nice? I'm planning to do this on Cupid or possibly 13 wishes howleen.

Customs / Modernmonsterhigh's long awaited custom thread!
« on: November 23, 2017, 12:48:13 AM »
Hello :) here I'll be posting my customs. They can be anywhere from a small fix to a whole restyle. For now, I'll be posting some of my WIP or small projects :)
Let's start off with my custom Cupid! I'm considering this a smaller WIP project because all I'm doing is some false eyelashes and an outfit or so.
She will be given this outfit with a little of my touch.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
And here's some WIP photos vol. no. 1
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Next is going to be my custom blue wolf clawd.
I'm still testing on how I'm going to paint him without it all chipping. I also don't have enough money for an airbrush so cheap alternatives please.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
A few more images of my WIP dolls. One is a howleen with a crack in her head prevent a proper reroot. Originally had been rerooted with a TERRIBLE condition yarn! Also her hair didn't stay in very well since when I brushed her 1/4 of her hair came out. Any ideas on how to fix this?
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Last image is of my two dolls I started but never really finished. Clawdeen had her eyes fall out giving them a ghostly gray color  :blink:
And Gigi had a horrible wonk so I gave her an outline for now.
Oh and clawdeen had a double left hand so if anyone has an extra right to send me or I could buy that would be great :)
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Thank you for viewing my custom thread. This is just the beginning of the beginning though! ^^

Customs / Operetta's hips and hair
« on: November 20, 2017, 02:14:49 AM »
I hate to keep spamming this forum with help with my dolls but I'm not sure where else to put it :( sorry if this is in the wrong place.
I've seen lots of dolls with the peg hips that have very wobbly hips. This is the problem for my howleen and operetta dolls. I then tried to rip out the hips of my operetta and that did not end well at all.. I ended up having to put a toothpick in each hip and make a hole in the hip socket to fit an elastic. However that is not working. Hips are still very wobbly. I really want to salvage this doll because I do not have much money right now. If you are able to help me out please do here are some pictures
The peg got stuck in one of the hips and I had to use my scissors to scalpel it out. Does not look good :(
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Also her hair is a whole nother story. It was ruined like this when I bought her. I don't know what to do with it but I want ANY hairstyle that would work for her!
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
I was going to make her into an all curl hair in the middle and then shave the sides and make it look like that but it ended up terrible... please help!!

Draculaura's Darkroom / Show me some diaries!
« on: October 28, 2017, 04:09:53 PM »
I'm missing diaries and cards from some of my dolls and I don't want to spend $10 for a diary and possibly $40 for an sdcc diary.. so why not print one and make one for me?
If you have the time to take pictures of every page front and back of the diary/card I need:

Monster high:
C.A. Cupid ( card and diary )
SDCC wisp's diary
Signature meowledy and purrsephone' diary
Fierce rockers catty and toralei' diary

Ever After High:
Spring Unsprung Kitty's card/diary or whatever she came with :)

Thank you so much if you do this for me! Please note I'm not going to be selling the diaries I just want to have their dairy with them to sort of feel complete.

Monster Discussion / Is this DotD draculaura?
« on: October 27, 2017, 04:32:56 PM »
Someone near me is selling a lot of doll heads since her daughter outgrew them and pretty much ruined all of her dolls..
Anyways she's selling the heads of them that managed to survive.. it's not a problem for me since I have two draculaurau's with original elastic hips. I saw one in particular which seemed to be DotD draculaura? I'm still not sure since it could be her signature one since they're pretty identical. So is this DotD draculaura?

Buy/Sell/Trades / Selling 7 dolls including rerooted Cleo! $29
« on: October 01, 2017, 11:01:09 PM »
I'm selling some dolls! These all should be the beach line or from it. I'm not sure but I thought cleo's green black hair is UGLY so I just rerooted it :) and to get this lot to sell faster I'm selling her with some other dolls you can customize or keep!

Shipping may cost you and it probably won't be tracked unless you want to pay for that. shipping is $5-$6 and is already include in price so I'm not sure if I want to negotiate much maybe by a dollar or two. I'm also interested in trading for anything on my wishlist or wanted thread :)

Things to know
Abbey is pretty broken. For parts.
Sports clawdeen is missing a hand. Gimme a hand :/
Smoke-free home
Bulldog and Yorkie friendly home ^^

Post Merge: October 02, 2017, 03:29:22 PM

Already sold sorry! Please lock.

Buy/Sell/Trades / Looking to trade my reroot howleen :)
« on: September 28, 2017, 08:25:52 PM »
So I recently rerooted a howleen dance class because I burnt my other ones hair. I'm looking to trade her ( and her screw earring ) for a complete dance class howleen in or out of box plus a nude ( she doesn't have to be ) any howleen with arms and head etc. if you have the dance class howleen complete without her one piece outfit then I will still do the trade since I have an extra of her outfit ( from my burnt hair one lol ) thanks!

Only comes with her bracelets and screw earring in pic :)

Post Merge: September 29, 2017, 03:10:23 PM

If worst comes to worst you only have to send dance class howleen nude with her earrings and another nude howleen :) i will take that too.

Customs / Clawdia reroot?
« on: September 06, 2017, 05:30:45 PM »
Anyone think a Clawdia reroot with some dark red yarn would look good? Her hair is soo tangled right now but give me your thoughts and opinions :)

Trader Support / Grail doll spotted! UK people please help!
« on: September 04, 2017, 12:25:43 AM »
Currently in US. On the U.K. Toysrus website there is the fierce rockers two pack. Someone said that it will be $40 with shipping from U.K. to us not sure if it is correct but please help me get them! :)
Not sure if its pick up or delivery but if it's pick up please make sure that both dolls have no wonk eye or facial defects! Thank you  ^.^

Buy/Sell/Trades / modern wants <3
« on: August 25, 2017, 11:41:49 PM »
Hi there! This is my official wishlist/wanting to buy thread. If you have any doll(s) from this list PLEASE message me or post here saying how much it is to buy and if I am interested :) thank you!

Iím also interested in buying ďbaitsĒ with limbs! For example: Frankie with arms and glue seepage. Slightly wonky. $3. Might be looking to buy in bulk too!

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Monster High:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Ever After High:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Living Dead Dolls
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Brags / MIB abbey brag!
« on: August 21, 2017, 07:24:29 PM »
So I recently got a MIB first wave abbey for $10 off of offerup. And I got her unboxed first wave for $5 ;0; with all accessories. I guess abbey just wants a hug? ( also got a geek shriek howleen for $6 unboxed cx she so cute )

Introductions! / What can I say but HELLO
« on: August 06, 2017, 05:36:43 AM »
hi ok I'm gonna answer questions
Welcome to the Monster High Arena!

AGE: just look on my profile

Where do you live? State, Country? Planet? I live in earth

Do you work or attend school? Profession or major? I going into 11th grade

Who are the important people in your life? fam and friends  :cool:

Dolls: I'll teller you later >.>

How long have you been collecting? like 4 years I think.

What made you want to collect Monster High dolls? they are so cute! But the reboot is terrible so I grasp on what old dolls we have left ;-;

Tell us about your collection!
yes I want to trade and buy stuff oh we're talking about my collection up I have a first wave boxed abbey ( I got for $10 030 ), catty, Operetta ( missing ring ), defected Gigi, sdcc wisp, howleen, Clawd... I think I have more somewhere..

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