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Monster Discussion / how to fix frightfully tall hair issues?
« on: December 07, 2016, 09:57:04 PM »
i know that 17 inch dolls are relatively old news but i thought i'd ask in case anyone knows what to do in this situation:

so not too long ago, maybe two/three weeks ago i got my 17 inch elissabat and of course i was practically weeping in happiness because who doesn't love big vampy dolls???

however, i noticed a lot of reviews have had complaints about the hair quality on most, if not all of the dolls released including bald spots in obvious places. knowing this, i decided to go for it anyway and hope that she would come in perfect and i'd have a lovely vampire queen to keep me company.

i opened her up and she was absolutely stunning save for a veeery slight (cracking?) in the corner of her eye and the situation.

 after taking the gel out of her bangs and giving her a gentle comb (which was not easy lol) i discovered that i was in for a shock and she had a large bald spot near her right temple, while the bottom area of her hair near the neck was perfectly thick and nicely rooted. (ugh, really? is it karma?  :annoyed: ) after trying to tie her hair up to hide it or meticulously comb and hairspray the hairs in place, i still can see the rooting peeking out and under proper light, some of her scalp.

i've considered saving up to get her a wig in a similar style, but i don't know if i want to resort to that because money is definitely an object to me (a rare one, at that.) i'd consider a reroot but the 17 inch dolls have harder heads and way bigger holes.

anyone else run into this issue and found a solution?

Introductions! / hello
« on: December 02, 2016, 09:39:20 PM »
hey everyone!

i'm frey and i'm a 17 year old guy living in the usa.

i've been head over heels for monster high ever since i was a baby bat in fifth grade, so pretty much since release! i've always been kind of a dark kid enamored with campy horror and gothic fashion (i blame it on being born on halloween- no, for real) so seeing dolls with stitches and fangs was love at first fright! (oh, and did i mention i love making corny puns?)

i love my frightfully tall elissabat, vamptastic room playset, original favorites draculaura, and my monster exchange draculaura. i'm also super hoping to collect a lot of extras like playsets,minis, mega bloks and vinyls. (the more monster high i can shove into my life, the better)

if you couldn't tell by my collection and my username, i really love draculaura! bats, lace, pink? matches made in heaven. but if i HAD to choose a true favorite among all the lovely ghouls and guys, i think it would be elissabat. (isn't it such a shame they don't release more of her?)

but despite holding this doll line so close to my heart for so long, i just started collecting this past mid-november, so basically a few weeks ago. at the moment my collection is tiny but quickly growing! i'm excited to finally get into collecting and being surrounded by a great community, so i hope you'll have me!

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