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Monster Discussion / Collector's Edition Abbey Bominable
« on: Today at 07:06:37 AM »
Pics are here (they are not mine)- but be warned, this has proven to be a divisive doll, so you may hate it:

I personally think she has potential. The aurora-bright colors are interesting to me, and I think they're toned down nicely by the rest of the doll. I love the ancient tribal theme and the fur on her dress. I don't think her ponytail flatters her, but the hair is stunning and her face paint is really interesting to me. Would I have preferred a G1-style face? Probably, but since she's really out-of-context already, it doesn't bother me.

In the group of collector dolls? Well, she's no Draculaura, but I do appreciate that the CE dolls have since fit in with the rest of the group. I like her more than Skelita, too- she has more impact to me and it's easier to see where the budget went.

Now to see what her box looks like...

Monster Discussion / Reboot Venus- Why?
« on: February 08, 2017, 09:06:02 AM »
So, what's the deal with the new body? It's common knowledge now that her joints are ugly and can't be disassembled, but what exactly is the reason? I've heard the idea that it's a test run for more sturdy dolls, but the poorly-assembled joints lead me to believe the theory that it was a construction error they were too lazy to fix.
Poor ghoul's gonna need to be rebodied left and right if I get any of her new releases.

Monster Discussion / Loose torso joint?
« on: January 21, 2017, 03:24:42 PM »
My new Gooliope has a rather floppy torso joint, which her head exacerbates. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Rubber bands either won't sit under the joint or will get sucked into the hollow space within, so I need a more reliable solution.

Trader Support / An Amazon grievance...
« on: January 17, 2017, 02:34:28 PM »
I've tried to order the CAM Gorgon/Mummy set from Amazon, and the listing was from a seller with recent positive reviews. However, they failed to ship the item within the proper time period the first time. I try again. And then I hear nothing. After about a week, I check the orders tab, which informs me that the package has been successfully delivered. Um, no. No. It hasn't. And yes, I've looked. We didn't have a drunken mailperson stash the box somewhere obscure. And the neighborhood I live in is not an unscrupulous place, so theft is highly unlikely. I've requested a replacement, but I didn't expect an ordinary item to turn into a grail purchase through the process of ordering it!
 Is it a crappy seller who bought themselves a good image, or horrendously bad luck with circumstance conspiring against me?

EDIT: The seller has replied in condolence and promises to get back to us...I'm hoping they're a kindhearted slacker, but their side of the story will be key to understanding this mess.

[Admin Edit - moved to Trader support] - Lilith

Clawdeen's Closet / Fright-Mare clothes?
« on: January 16, 2017, 02:09:28 PM »
Has anyone tried making outfits of cloth for the Fright-Mares? I can get around the articulation, but the painted-on outfits bug me, so I was wondering how easy/difficult it would be to create physical representations of their clothes. Merry's the only one I'm interested in, so I think only two fabrics would be needed- the black-and-white stripes and the pink for the dripping collar and one of the stripes. I just need to figure out the wings situation.

Does anyone have any experience with this, or any general clothing tips?

Off Topic / Failures/annoyances/embarrassing moments?
« on: January 12, 2017, 07:38:34 AM »
In doll collecting, I've learned that there are just some dolls that won't work for you. And then there are those that you mess up when you try to experiment. What are your shameful or frustrating stories with your collections?
Note: While this isn't a place for success stories, this is not a place to spread negativity, just to commiserate and sympathize.

I think one that I could not fix, no matter what, would be Kala Mer'ri. Her hair fiber is that awful material that doesn't hold its shape when boiled and stops behaving like hair after it, and despite tutorials on how to fix it with an "alternation wash" (normally a solid technique that I've used many times), neither of my attempts have been successful. I've accepted my second one, though, as she's not as bad as the first.

Another frustration that I'm sure many have shared is Casta. But for me, the awfully restrictive and not-closing dress was not my only problem. Mine has almost zero glue in her head, if at all, which means it only squishes when you try to move it up and down, and her hair sheds a lot. It's also really glossy and pretty when combed, but just loves to separate and look like a mess whenever it's handled. I'd love to love her, but the quality isn't there, and for my favorite monster type, I'm disappointed.

Dead Tired rerelease Cleo is the only one of them I genuinely regret buying, though, as she was an impulse purchase that failed to satisfy me. Her hair was also plagued with glue and wasn't that nice to begin with, due to the sloppy style and tinsel. I should have held out for a better Cleo and not given into my disappointment with not finding anything that day.

One that I should have left well enough alone was Freak du Chic Twyla. Despite my absolute and total love for everything about her stock design, I couldn't resist the tempation to mess with her hair, and the results were awful. Her rolled bangs were ruined, for a start, and try as I might, there was no way to get it to look good again- it wasn't straight or curly enough to be presentable. I'm in the market for a new one.

Another one would be Gooliope. I've already shared this stupidity, but it bears mentioning again. I was wondering if her stiff and heavy vinyl was due to a glue problem in her head, and I thought "maybe I can freeze it to loosen the excess glue!". Well, spoilers, it wasn't glue, just the thickness of the vinyl. And like a genius, instead of soaking her head in hot water to soften it enough to pull it off, I resorted to hacking off her neck post. I don't know, either. Fortunately, I guess, I wasn't too attached to that one, and I've seen a better one I want for my replacement.

Catrine's Art Studio / Custom CAM Skullettes!
« on: January 06, 2017, 04:06:05 PM »
I was thinking about the official Skullettes for each character, and wondered why I couldn't make some for the unnamed characters in the CAM world. More will probably follow, and opinions are appreciated- I'm not a Photoshop wizard.

I'm leaving them unlabeled as a test of their recognizability, but I'm putting identification in a spoiler.


Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Monster Discussion / Collecting majorities?
« on: January 01, 2017, 11:05:30 AM »
What are you "mosts" in your collection, the patterns or trends that emerge to show what you go for?

Most of one character:
Since I don't have three of any character yet, it's a tie for several characters with two each. If I actually had any of them from my wishlist, my collection would probably be mostly Frankie and Draculaura, though.
Frankie, with three- Gloom Beach, Original Favorites, and Freak du Chic.

Most from any line:
I've collected the most from BYBY, with Elle, Luna, Mouscedes, and Cleo and Deuce, and Freak du Chic, with Gooliope, Twyla, Honey, Toralei, and Frankie.

Most multiple copies of one doll?
So far, I've only gotten two of one character, Kala Mer'ri, because the first one broke.

Most of a release format? (Standard, slim-box, multipack, etc.)
Probably standard and slim-box, as I tend to collect signature characters and, when not available or preferred, I go for the best economy version.

Most of any kind of touch-up work/customizing?
Hair, 99% of the time, and the extent of my customizing comes down to accessory redistribution and occasionally paint removal for features I don't like.

Most bought in one day?
My foray into MH consisted of sig Amanita, FCA Operetta, and Kala, and I don't think I've ever gotten three or more MH products on the same day since.

Customs / Deuce done right!
« on: December 30, 2016, 08:55:43 AM »
When I got the G2 Deuce, I was excited because his body was perfectly upgraded. But the more I looked at his face, the more I despised it, so I resolved to perform a head swap with a G1 Deuce when I got one. (I'm probably gonna do this when G2 Clawd comes out, too- I hate the hair and eye black, so I'll probably pop Scarnival on him.)

Well, here it is!

I was surprised that the BY outfit could squeeze onto him, but I'm glad it can.

Here he is undressed. They're not exact skintone matches, especially because of the shimmer, but I hate this face so much less, I don't even care.

And here he is in the DtFA stock with the leftovers.

Monster Discussion / Piercing oddities?
« on: December 13, 2016, 08:12:26 AM »
As I understand it, the majority of MH dolls have molded indents in their earlobes as guides for the piercing machine at the factory, and if additional piercings are a nonstandard feature, those are just punched in without guides. Obviously, if the character never wears earrings, like most of the boys or Bloodgood, they don't have guide marks.

Elissabat, for example, has molded piercing guides in two spots on each ear as proven by her unpierced Londoom doll (even though only her signature doll has multiple earrings per ear), while Venus only has them on the earlobes and extras are punched in for those dolls that have them.

However, I've noticed some strange stuff. Some signature dolls without earrings have guide marks (Kiyomi, for example, though her art indicates earrings were planned), some have none at all (Scarah), and some have functional piercings even though they have no earrings! (My Lorna has a pierced left ear, for no apparent reason-only her right has an earring).

Are there any other weird occurrences regarding the presence of molded guide marks and earrings?
And what are the worst machine-piercing placements you've seen? My Gloom Beach Frankie has earring holes actually under her ears, and my Gooliope has one slightly off the guide.

Customs / 8Brick's Custom Lab- All factory-style stuff!
« on: December 12, 2016, 02:16:49 PM »
Well, I was trying to take off Gooliope's head and I stupidly forgot I could soften her rock-hard vinyl with hot that means I essentially chopped her neck post off... :blush: I KNOW!

Anyways, I really don't want to buy a replacement for her (thus leaving behind an utterly useless Goo corpse- I don't customize) unless there's absolutely no way to repair her. I've tried hot glue, and while the neck post adheres pretty nicely, trying to push her head on at any softness puts too much pressure on it, and I've trimmed the wings and and the base of the post to make it easier with no luck. I know I made my own catastrophe here and nobody else is likely to have found themselves in such an idiotic situation, but would there be a better way to glue her neck post together? I think I can get the head on all the way, but not without undoing the glue job.

If not, Walmart has some still and I'll wait for a sale.

Monster Discussion / How to poof up Marisol's hair?
« on: December 10, 2016, 03:46:00 PM »
I'd like to give my Mari the eighties-style bouffant look from her art, but I'm not sure how to give it that shape. Any suggestions?

[Moved to Monster Discussion.  ~SaelaVe, Customs Mod]

Monster Discussion / The best of the reboot?
« on: December 09, 2016, 08:13:32 AM »
I know there are a lot of people upset and/or disappointed by the reboot output, but I wanted a place to discuss positive things about it. Here's what I like.

* Moanica D'Kay: She's just a great complete design, with separate pieces of clothing, all three kinds of jewelry and a belt and purse- add the expressive face and the interesting colors and a genuinely disturbing theme, and I think she's a real winner. It's great to see MH tackling the modern zombie genre with her.
* Shriek Wrecked Gooliope: It's completely awesome that she's being accepted quietly into the cast, and her design and hair are, to me, much more approachable than her signature.
* Shriek Wrecked as a whole, actually. While Rochelle and Draculaura are the only ones to interest me, they definitely put effort into the designs and they're preboot level.
* IHF Whisp: I'm not sure about the outfit/shoes tradeoff, but it's nice that the SDCC-surrogate line is continuing.
* Scream and Sugar two-pack: Amanita is another character who needed to return, and it's nice to see a second everyday look for Nefera, even if I don't like her design.
* The older characters' monster upgrades/technical fixes. Lagoona's scales and painted fins instead of painted arms and matching eyebrows, Clawdeen and Abbey's fur, Venus' vines, Cleo's wrappings and actual golden hair. It's surprising it took that long for them to be changed accordingly.
* Draculaura's face: She actually represents the character now, and generally looks more attractive, too.
* Lower hems: The outfits now are definitely more modest and decent, and really should have been from the start. They shouldn't have had to be changed for the younger market.
* The CG animation is much smoother and professional-looking, and a very welcome improvement.
* The more muscular male body. Hopefully, the appropriate characters will eventually get upgraded to it, since not all of the G1 guys suited that skinny frame. Ironically, though, they seem to be making the animation match the G1 body...?

Monster Discussion / Favorite personalities?
« on: December 07, 2016, 12:05:13 PM »
For those who are involved/interested in the canon of MH, and disregarding design and concept, who are your favorite characters? Who irritates you, and who almost makes themselves likable, but falls short?

* Cleo: After her reform, she's a really amusing character, with comical narcissism that doesn't get in the way of her true kindness. She's a lot of fun to watch, and must be a fun character to voice-act! I also love her rich backstory.
* Twyla: Basically 90% of my personality. I like her self-aware and sometimes snarky manner, but also appreciate her level-headedness and shyness.
* Bloodgood: The other 10%. Stern and upholding order, but a genuinely kind principal with a great sense of humor. I also love reading and/or tea.
* Whisp: Again, after her reform. She has a similar self-awareness, such as pointing out that her favorite food isn't at all relevant to her nature, and she's also a bookworm. I hope we see more of her.
* Jane: Maybe she's more pitiable than sympathetic, but her character arc won me over.
* Porter: He's endearingly annoying, and a good guy.
* Toralei: A good exection of a bully with a soft side.
* Abbey: Her accidental harshness leads to a lot of humor, and her introduction also had me on her side.
* Marisol: She's a lot of fun, and she has a great message.
* Mouscedes: I like that she has a concern for others despite being a princess, and she's got a good eye for monsters' feelings.
* Catrine: I really don't think she needs to exist, but her Scaremester planner surprised me. I think her reactions to American culture are amusing but not overdone, and I can appreciate a peaceful artist.

Want to Like:
* Amanita: I think there's a great opportunity to make her a comedic villain with her extreme self-centeredness and unknowing evil (I've even written her that way), but they seem to be going for straight-up detestable, which is boring after Nefera. I hope they develop her character to either be a harmless villain or to upgrade her morality.
* Robecca: I can identify with being an old-fashioned person in a modern age, but Robecca doesn't have much else going for her.
* Ghoulia: Everyone seems to love her, but she feels very distant to me, as she can't speak English and her writing tends to omit contractions. I can't really relate to that.
* Rochelle: I'm not sure exactly what I'm supposed to think of her, but her personality never really resonated with me.
* Frankie: She's just sort of bland. I like her dolls a lot, but her personality admittedly wasn't capable of carrying G1.
* Honey: Much like Ghoulia, she's not very relatable because, despite going to high school and supposedly being the swamp-monster equivalent of 15, she doesn't speak, act, or live like a teenager, and her behavior is almost annoyingly bygone.
* Moanica: We only have room for one one-dimensional villain, and I think Moanica needs some motivation or sympathy to make her a good character.
* Elle: Just sorta flat. Her musical passion has already been done to death, (and pushes the motif of BY over the edge) and she has the same alienating lack of contractions, and no important role in the movie. I wanted her to be a loud, passionate Boo Yawker, not a bland musician.
* Zomby Gaga: I'm not surprised that they Mary Sued her, and I don't expect more, but the partnership has lots of wasted potential so far, and the voice of the unique should be interesting herself.
* Astranova: For a pivotal character, she has very little personality. I think the "outsider" thing has been done too much already, so if they want to go with that, they have to exaggerate it a bit for a space alien's perspective.
* Operetta: Again, she seems to be a bit off-course in terms of personality. I like the idea of a rough, tough Southerner, but she's a bit mean sometimes for no real reason- the Dance Class webisode really annoyed me because of it.

* Deuce: I absolutely hate the dudebro archetype in real life and fiction, and they've progressively made Deuce stupider over time. (Boo York Deuce is a total idiot).
* Heath: I'm not sure what's so funny about a constant flirt. He's not a bad guy, but he has virtually no personality outside of being a pain.
* Sirena: The spaceyness is acceptable and could be a relatable trait, but they seriously overdid it and turned it into a joke. I think the webisodes were much kinder to her than the movies.
* Venus: One-dimensional. That's all.
* Batsy: I might be reading it wrong, but she comes off as a bit prickly and misanthropic in her diary, and the sympathetic elements don't help me to think of her in a better light.
* I'm obligated to put Nefera here because she is technically the worst, but I don't despise her as a concept. It is a bit disturbing, though, how pathologically evil she is to her sister, but what the hey. They needed someone purely evil, and she does that okay.

Clawdeen's Closet / Will these fit Gooliope?
« on: November 28, 2016, 06:43:59 AM »
I've seen the Elf on the Shelf outfit packs recently, and I was wondering if they would fit the 17-inch MH/EAH body size. Obviously, some of the pieces will be too short for their legs, but I was wondering if some of the pieces would fit. If anyone has both, could they try it?

Off Topic / Best collecting/hunting stories?
« on: November 23, 2016, 05:43:25 PM »
(The closest topic I found to this was talking about human interaction, not general collecting, so I made this topic.)

I think that out of the acquisitions I've made, the genie sisters stand out as my most memorable shopping experiences.

A long while back, I made a plan to create the perfect Gigi with the cheap budget version's dress and the Freaky Field Trip doll for an articulated body. This plan was fairly low on the list of priorities, as I planned to order FFT Gigi online. However, when checking the Toys R Us I visit less frequently, I saw a lone Field Trip Gigi sitting on the shelf. Good screening, and the last one left...problem was, I wasn't there to shop and I had to leave for a two-week vacation the next day. I reluctantly put her down and left, worrying the whole time that I had missed my chance. When I got back, I returned to TRU and I didn't see her. But when I looked up, I saw a golden shoe. She was still there, and I happily brought her home.

Whisp had a similar situation. I went to my regular TRU and saw that there was a sale- any MH doll between $15 and $20 would go down to 10. I looked through, and saw a Whisp with an especially friendly face, but was disappointed when I realized she didn't fall under the sale gap, and I put her back. The next week, though, I was willing to break my "only on sale" rule, and, like her sister, that very Whisp was waiting for me.

Perhaps a more ironic story involves the Dance Class 5-pack. I had seen it, not thinking much of it, but then I went back for Robecca, taking the last pack on sale (this was in 2016, too).
The next time I went to Target, I saw a new pack. Also, Robecca is the only ghoul who survived, the other three had awful quality I couldn't bear to keep around. Yay?

Clawdeen's Closet / Alternate outfits for Cleolei?
« on: November 16, 2016, 09:14:41 AM »
I'll admit, the Cleolei doll has grown on me in terms of hair and body- I still hate their outfit, though. I'd like to turn them into a daughter of Bast when I get them, so what would be the best redressing options? I'm thinking something primarily black and gold like the new Cleo fashion pack (to match the colors of the real cat statues), but are there any other flattering options?

11/16-Moved to Clawdeen's Closet~ ebmerc, Global Mod

Monster Discussion / Your personal "basic" dolls?
« on: November 14, 2016, 07:28:52 AM »
One thing I like to do with this brand is to identify the dolls I see as their "basic" look- which does not always mean signature. Basic to me means a look representative of their typical style while being plausible/appropriate for an everyday school ensemble (Some signature dolls are too elaborate for school).
(Note: This list is technical. I think these are the best basic representations of the characters, but that doesn't mean they are my favorite dolls of said characters.)

Frankie: Signature
Draculaura: First Day of School (reboot)
Clawdeen: Signature
Lagoona: Signature
Cleo: Signature
Ghoulia: Scaris
Abbey: Signature
Robecca: Art Class
Venus: Signature
Rochelle: Signature/Love In Scaris
Toralei: Coffin Bean
Purrsephone/Meowlody: Signature
Iris: Can't say, since her fashion sense really isn't defined
Wydowna: I <3 Fashion main outfit
Amanita: Scream and Sugar
Operetta: I <3 Accessories
Nefera: Signature
Howleen: Creepateria
Spectra: Signature
Scarah: Student Disembodied Council (Her first theme-appropriate outfit, and it fits her aesthetic!)
Jane: Signature
Gooliope: I don't think we've seen a basic look for her yet, but signature is definitely closer.
Gigi: Budget-outfit on articulated body
Twyla: Signature
Whisp: I <3 Fashion
Catty: New Scaremester
Jinafire: New Scaremester/Fierce Rockers (the symmetrical makeup helps)
Skelita: Art Class
Catrine: Signature or New Scaremester. I like the latter one more.
Clawdia: Signature
Viperine: Scare and Makeup
Honey: Gore-geous Accessories
Elissabat: Ghoul Fair
Mouscedes, Luna, Elle: City Ghouls
Deuce: Signature
Holt/Jackson: Signature
Slo Mo: Signature
Billy: Signature
Gil: Anything but Dance Class
Heath: Ghoul Fair
Clawd:  Signature

Self-explanatory, I think. This counts for aesthetic value and physical quality.

Least Favorite:
* Casta Fierce's dress: The design is fine, but it's by far the worst thought-out piece they've made. First, the bodice is too loose and desperately wants for a rubber strip to secure it. Second, the dress is too tight to fasten. Third, the bottom of the dress is literally caked with glitter, exacerbating the stiffness.
* Dance Class Gil's top: This fits poorly and does not feel right for him.
* Dance Class Rochelle's leotard- I like the fleurs-de-lis, but the colors feel too cartoony. A more elegant take would be nice.
* Kala Mer'ri's belt. Way too tight and nigh-impossible to fasten.
* Any dress secured by ribbon straps tied behind the neck- these are an immense pain to retie and are necessary to keep the wearer decent.
* Mouscedes' tiara: The comb doesn't work well because the sides of the tiara get in the way and the top of her head is poorly rooted.
* The safety-pin earrings. They're overused, they look dumb, and they're not thematically appropriate for anyone.
* Skelita's luchador pieces. Not poorly done, it just doesn't sit well with me as it feels like a tacked-on Mexican theme with zero relevance to her character. I can appreciate them trying to give her a different motif (BTW, how awesome would a Power Ghouls luchador Skelita be- it would at least make sense there), but it doesn't work, in my opinion.

* Bloodgood's coat. It's simple but bold and dramatic.
* Zomby Gaga's suit: See above opinion. It also looks very well-constructed.
* Luna Mothews- everything: The bodysuit is well-fitted and wonderfully flexible, the train is dramatic and has the cleverest use of a skullette I've seen, the collar covers her shoulders nicely, and the tiara is bold and amazing.
* Kiyomi's purse: It's incredibly cute and clever, and I love its two moods.
* Gloom Beach Frankie's shoes: I thought they were boring until I realized the straps are meant to represent the restraints on Frankenstein's operating table!
* Budget-cheapo Gigi's dress: To me, this is the best representation of her style, and it looks great on an articulated Gigi.
* Sweet Screams Frankie's jacket: I love coats and jackets, and the dripping hem is great.
* FCA Operetta's fascinator: I love her mask, but I like it more when they have creative alternatives. Adapting her facial covering to her classic-Hollywood look with a fascinator veil is brilliant.
* Frightseers Operetta's shades: And again. Another brilliant way to hide her scars while tying into the music, crystal, and city themes this doll represents.
* Freak du Chic Twyla's clown romper. Just a great piece, and a great ensemble overall.
* Threaderella's dress: Really, I like everything about this doll, and I wish they'd do the sewing theme more often for Frankie, but the dress is nice and long, and it balances princess elegance perfectly with haphazard Frankenstein craftsmanship. I just love the asymmetrical aspect of it.
* Freak du Chic Frankie's accessories. All are usable and playable and work very well.
* Glasses...if they fit. I find that they can add some additional diversity to a look, and the dolls always look good with or without them.

I know there are some brilliant customizers and repainters out there, but in this case, I'm talking about those little changes you've made to dolls you have, either hair, accessories, or outfits (not rerooting, repainting, or homemade outfits) that have helped you to appreciate/complete dolls you like.

Londoom Catty: Stole Elissabat's Amy hairstyle since it resonates better with the pop star, and it shows off her ears better. Tying the sideswept sections of hair together behind her head was tricky, but I got it to work. I also redressed her with Iris' black dress and leggings and Operetta's fashion pack shrug- it makes her less limited, much more spooky than she normally is, and it corresponds to the evil eye superstition.
Gloom Beach Frankie: Gave her a different outfit- IHF Wydowna's yellow top and pants and DC Rochelle's skirt for now, but I hope to find something better.
Ghouls' Getaway Jinafire: The hair is a lost cause, but a low ponytail really tidies up her look, along with cutting the bangs a bit shorter. Since her swim doll showed me how well she wears pink, I also tried IHF Whisp's halter dress and scorpion boots on her, and she looks great.
Ghoul Fair Scarah: Bracelets. Lots of bracelets.
Freaky Field Trip Gigi: High ponytail and budget Gigi's outfit.
IHF Whisp: High ponytail, cut off skirt of main dress to turn it into a top.
FCA Operetta: Not intentional, but after I ruined her bangs and had to remove them, I found that pulling the black across her forehead covered up the damage and resulted in a nice look.
Neighthan: Retied his hair so the sides aren't hanging down and framing his face- a minor thing, but it really makes him look better. I also added second rubber bands further down the ponytail and literal pony tail to keep them in order- they sort of splay out everywhere as is.
Casta: Did away with the rock-star Beyonce look (no mesh sleeve, collar, or shoulder cages) and took her hair down and retied it in a simple high ponytail.
IHF Iris: I gave her her tank-skirt combo and added the jacket and heels to achieve the right balance of classy and casual. The bracelets were too much and wouldn't be seen with the long sleeves, anyway, so I donated them to others who needed them.

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