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Monster Discussion / Dawn of the Dance rereleases
« on: October 23, 2014, 05:27:07 PM »
I just saw the DotD rereleases at Toysrus today. I thought they were supposed to be a black Friday thing? Has anyone else seen them yet?

Sales / Dolls! Nudes and completes! Cheap!
« on: September 02, 2013, 02:24:44 PM »
All dolls $5 each, or $4 each if you buy 5 or more!

Shipping is extra. Most dolls are slightly imperfect in the eyes, but nothing else wrong with them, great for customs!!

Complete, but open:

Dance Class Operetta (good eyes)

Dance Class Lagoona (slightly droopy left eye)

Dance Class Robecca (slightly off left eye)

Ghoul's Night Out Rochelle (good eyes)

Double the Recipe Abbey (good eyes)


Roller Maze Ghoulia (good eyes)

Roller Maze Clawdeen (left eye a teeny bit closer to her nose)

Picture Day Lagoona (right eye slightly droopy)

Skull Shores Ghoulia (right eye slightly wider and skinnier)

Wolf Sisters Clawdeen (right eye bigger)

Gloom Beach Clawdeen (right eye more diagonal)

Lab Partners Cleo (eyes too close together, looks cross-eyed)

Gloom Beach Draculaura (right eye shifted up and towards her nose)

Dance Class Robecca (right eye too far towards ear and stretched funny)

Coffin Bean Clawdeen (eyes a little too high, but even)

Introductions! / Because everyone else has one...
« on: June 12, 2013, 11:13:51 AM »
I guess since everyone else has put in an introduction, I figured I should be a good doobie and do one too. 

I have been a member over at the Pony Arena for a while, and mostly ahng out in the MH section lately, so this new forum is perfect! I have a tons of MH dolls and I started right at the beginning, mostly because I thought they had really cool shoes, and I am a total doll shoe junkie. I like to customize MH dolls too, even if the rehairing bit seems to take forever.  I told myself after the first Barbie that I rehaired that I would never do another doll again, but now after quite a few MH dolls, I guess I didn't listen very well. I don't have a favorite doll specifically, and although I am running out, I like to keep all of my Frankie dolls in her fearleading dress. I am really excited about the new forum, but I am also wondering if I will be at the "other Arena" much since my pony interest has waned a bit.

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