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...Because I think Iím finally at that point. :/ I feel like my collection has just become too MUCH, and Iím not enjoying any of it as much as I did when it was smaller and more focused. Displaying them has become a chore, since I now have to dig through a ton of boxes to find what Iím looking for. Iíd love to sell some of it off and get back to having a small, well-loved collection instead of a giant, chaotic, messy one.

Do you/have you felt this way before? How did you go about downsizing (the hugeness of my doll stash is intimidating, lol)?

Monster Discussion / What is the ďidealĒ storage method?
« on: April 03, 2018, 10:15:47 PM »
Spring is here (well, not in Michigan, but I digress...), and itís time again to take on the insurmountable task of organizing my collection. XP

Iíve been storing my undisplayed dolls in cardboard boxes, with layers of bubble wrap for safety. This makes accessing my collection pretty difficult; the boxes are flimsy, hard to stack, and itís a hassle to dig through them all to find a doll Iím looking for.

Iím looking to trade up, and Iíve been debating my options... What would be the best/safest/most convenient storage containers for my ďdoll archivesĒ? Iíve seen people use canvas totes, plastic drawers, and the like... I like the idea of plastic, stackable bins, but Iíve heard that itís bad to store dolls/figures in bags or boxes that canít ďbreatheĒ (something about trapped moisture, molding, and/or rubber deterioration?).

Iím willing to invest some cash in a nice storage solution, but Iím just not sure which way to go. What should I do?

Monster Discussion / Finnegan Wake with international diary?
« on: March 26, 2018, 06:37:28 PM »
I purchased a new Finnegan Wake on the U.S. Amazon a couple of weeks ago, and I just got around to thumbing through the included journal... For some reason, I received the ďinternationalĒ variant (where thereís just one page, repeated in several languages). I did purchase him from a third-party seller/store on Amazon, but Iím pretty sure they were U.S. based as well.

Just curious... Was the ďinternationalĒ packaging for Finnegan more common and/or distributed in the U.S.? Iíve never received anything but the English language journals before, and Iíve bought a lot of MH from a lot of different sources. Itís not an issue really, but I did find it unusual.

Off Topic / Tired of stereotypes... :(
« on: May 15, 2017, 06:55:25 AM »
There are way too many "one-size-fits-all" stereotypes and stigmas out there... It's really been getting me down lately. :(

Here's the short of it: I have a number of medical conditions that prevent me from living alone, driving, or working a conventional, nine-to-five job. At this time, those things are literally impossible. Given the nature of my special needs, they may never be possible. Every day I struggle simply to live my life, and I have a schedule full of various doctor's appointments. It isn't an easy life, believe me. But that's not what I want to vent about...

I've come to terms with the pros and cons, the good and the bad... Life is what it is, and you do the best you can with what you have. What I haven't come to terms with is the flood of stigma, misguided assumptions, and negative stereotypes I have to deal with. Because I'm an adult who lives at home and doesn't work a traditional job, people make a lot of assumptions. My disbilities are not "obvious" at a glance--most people don't realize anything's wrong until they spend some time with me. Those who don't know me well have said hurtful things (maybe even without meaning to) about my lifestyle and living arrangements. It hurts me in a very deep way, because I can't help the conditions I was born with, or the ways they impact my life. I'm not lazy or dispassionate... I sew and craft, have sold my work, and am in the process of improving on these skills so that I can hopefully turn them into a source of some income. And yet people still see fit to passive-aggressively mock me. :(

Additionally, the media doesn't help. Stereotypes like "failure to launch", "basement dweller", "boomerang millennial", etc. permeate television, film, books, and every other possible outlet. Even MLP recently aired an episode based around that premise... Because apparently we need to reinforce cruel stereotypes in a children's pony cartoon about friendship and understanding. =P I realize that my own scenario is different in that I have special needs, but it still hurts to see "adult living with parents" portrayed as a problem or a hallmark of dysfunctionality, rather than what it is: simply a different lifestyle arrangement.

Statistically, around 96% of adults with my condition live with their parents/guardians. Many or most of them live productive lives, have jobs (whether or not these are "conventional" jobs), and many are in relationships/married. I'm sure none of them appreciate the stigma, either. :/

In any case, I just really needed to get this off my chest. :( It's been eating at me for a while...

Yay, I finally have my own customs thread! XD I'll be posting updates on my in-progress dolls here. I usually work on several projects at a time, so I'll keep a list in this post of what's finished and what's still in the works. :3

Current Projects:
:cat: Bakeneko (Sig Catrine base doll)
:grr: Lamia (Sig Clawdia/Peri&Pearl base dolls)
:lag: Naija (from the video game "Aquaria") (SRM Frankie base)

To start off, here's a shot of my first full reroot, for my Bakeneko character. I changed the part, and even scraped away the scalp paint at the center to create the appearance of "skin" at the part line. :) I haven't attached it yet, but there will also be a bun in back. I'm basing the hairstyle off of a Kokeshi doll:

More pics coming soon! ^_^

So I'm buying a Dremel tool and attachments for my custom work... I'm planning on sanding soft vinyl, plastic, epoxy, and sculpting compounds. I also want to reshape soft vinyl heads as in this tutorial, but I'm confused about what type of dremel bits to buy... I'm assuming that an appropriate tool for cutting plastic (like MH bodies) is included with the Dremel itself? If no, what will I need?

This is the specific tool I'm planning to buy: Amazon link. It has a few options for including accessories... I'm not sure what to get. ^^; Will I need the flexshaft attachment? The 160 piece kit? Both?

Please help, I'm so lost! XD

Oh, and I was wondering what general sanding supplies would be good to have on hand? I have sandpaper, sanding needles, and respiratory protection... Anything I'm missing?

So lately I've just been feeling terrible, both mentally and physically. :( I've battled depression, anxiety disorder, OCD, panic disorder, ASD, sensory processing disorder, and hormonal imbalances for almost my entire life, but I feel like it's all finally cuaght up with me. The stress has resulted in severe spinal/neck pain from all of the muscle tension, and for the last week I've been almost bedridden with the pain and vertigo. Now my hormones are going crazy too (most likely these problems are related), and I have to set up appointments with three different specialists to try and figure out what's wrong.

My SPD renders me almost blind in ANY sunlight--even when I wear dark glasses. Because of this, I've never been able to drive, and barring some miracle innovation in medicine, I never will. I can't work anymore, for various health reasons--I won't bore you with the ugly details. Suffice it to say, I'm feeling really down about where I'm at in life.

I'm so frustrated, and I don't know what to do. I'm trying not to think about the job situation right now, and just focus on my health... but I can't help it. At this point, the only realistic "job" I could manage would be scraping by on my sewing/crafting skills and selling online. Obviously, that's not likely to make me a lot of income... I truly wish I could work a "normal", nine-to-five job, but it's just impossible at this point. I've ended up hospitalized and/or catatonic as a result of my recent attempts to work or attend classes.

Blah... I just feel lost, and I need to vent. :(

ACTIVELY seeking EAH Spring Unsprung Cerise and Holly!
    :blackcat: Welcome to Nemesis' Wishlist! All new! All different! And every bit as obsessively organized as its predecessor! =D

These are dolls/toys that I am actively seeking. If you are selling these items, please drop me a PM or post here... or both. =D I do not keep my dolls boxed, so BOXES ARE MEANINGLESS TO ME. In fact, I prefer to buy dolls in gently used/loose condition, since I will just be removing them from the packaging anyway, and it cuts costs. I DO care about stands/brushes/diaries, but can live without them, depending on the price.


:tora: I use PayPal, and pay very promptly. I have 100% positive feedback on every site I've ever bought or sold through. Here's my Ebay profile (shared with family, ATM):

:tora: I am located in the U.S., but am willing to buy internationally if an item is not readily available in the States.

:tora: If I turn down a perfectly fair offer,  it's nothing personal! Most likely, Iíve just exhausted my doll-buying funds. XD

:tora: Sometimes I forget to check the boards, so if you don't receive a reply from me immediately, send me a PM! I will try to monitor and update this thread, but I can get easily distracte--hey, a shiny thing! :D

On to the list!

:female: MONSTER HIGH:

  • Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta
  • BY, BY City Schemes Catty Noir
  • Scaris Frankie and Clawdeen
  • Fearleader Werecats 3-Pack
  • Gloom and Bloom Catrine, Cleo, and Jinafire
  • Ghoulsí Getaway Elissabat
  • I Heart Fashion Frankie, Abbey, Venus, and Cleo
  • Ghoul Sports Spectra
  • Wheeliní Werecats Meowlody and Purrsephone WITH scooter and accessories
  • Gore-geous Robecca
  • Scarnival Skelita
  • Collector's Draculaura

  • Roller Maze doll stands (5)--these are bright, neon green.
  • Ghoul Sports Toralei accessories (shin guards, ball, bag, and drink)
  • I Heart Fashion Abbey stock
  • Roller Maze Clawdeen collectible card
  • Music Festival Clawd Sunglasses
  • Various replacement arms/hands

  • Spring Unsprung Cerise and Holly
  • Budget Ballet Ashlynn

:rainbow: Equestria Girls/MLP
  • EQG Friendship Games Motocross Bike
  • Ponymania Time to Shine Fluttershy


  • Jakks Pacific Winx Club 12Ē dolls: ďEverydayĒ Tecna, Aisha, and Musa
  • Shibajuku Girls: Wave 1 Yoko and Suki
  • Barbie Collector: Hunger Games: Mockingjay Katniss, Peeta, and Gale

(Seeking the following dolls in virtually ANY CONDITION!):
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire--Kida fashion doll
  • Disney Store Zootopia Singing Gazelle
  • Licca, Jenny, and other anime-style, Japanese fashion dolls (both modern and vintage)
  • ZELFS: Seeking "standard size" Beetrice, Dandy Lion, Lochlan, Owlmanda, and Sketalia.
  • Bratzillaz Switch-a-Witch sets/dolls, as well as several later-released sigs

  • Vintage Strawberry Shortcake clothes, hats, shoes, pets, and other accessories.

:hearts: ETC.:
(These are the other, non-fashion-doll toys from my wishlist.)
  • Blind Bag toys! I collect Shopkins, Num Noms, Twozies, Squinkies, Hanazuki, and just about everything else in that vein. If you're willing to swap duplicates, all the better!
  • Vocaloid Funko Pops
  • I'm a sucker for plushies, especially Sanrio or Tsum Tsum.
  • I also collect Steven Universe toys and collectibles. If you're selling any, drop me a message!
  • Iím seeking a Transformers Animated Blackarachnia figure, in complete or near-complete condition.

Thanks for looking! :)[/list]

Customs / Help picking the right reroot color for Starfire? ^_^
« on: February 12, 2017, 11:44:07 AM »
I absolutely love the new DC Girls Starfire... to the point that I plan on buying a second one to reroot in animated Teen Titans style. XD Reference:

I'm planning to buy saran hair from DollyHair, but I'd also be willing to use nylon if that has a closer color match. What color/s or blend/s should I use? :/ I thought the Sherbet Pink was closest out of the saran swatches, or maybe a blend of Watermelon Martini/Candy Kiss if I went the nylon route... I've never seen those colors in person though, so I'd love some input from a more experienced rerooter!

(I'm sorry if this is long-winded! I just really need to get it off my chest. :( Feel free to skim!)

So I've been interested in doll-making for a few years, now... I've worked with specialty clays and studied up on the best tools and materials for painting. As far as sculpting goes, I'm very much a novice, but also very eager to learn.

I also love customs. I'd always heard that Mr. Super Clear was in a league of its own as far as sealers go, so I decided it was time to invest in some. Tonight, as I was researching a good respirator to use while working with it, I had a huge facepalm moment. While I had studied into MSC, I had not realized just HOW toxic it can be when inhaled. Obviously, I was already on my way to buying a quality respirator and practicing as many safety precautions as possible. But that still leaves me with a major problem...

In short, I have dedicated much of my life to rescuing animals. I'm by no means a full-blown rescue or kennel, nor do I ever keep more pets than I can reasonably handle. At this time, I have two dogs and four cats, as well as a dozen hens (yay for organic eggs!). I love them dearly, and work hard to ensure their safety and happiness.

With that in mind, some of these pets have issues or disabilities. Both dogs were rescued... My Lhasa Apso (Gremlin) was abandoned multiple times, and has some mild behavioral issues. She is not good at following commands, and will refuse to "drop it" or come when called if she is distracted at all. My Bichon Frise (Ghosty) has much worse issues... She was rescued from a puppy mill. :( She spent eight years in a tiny cage, and had never touched grass before. She had never been taken on a walk, socialized, or received any form of positive attention from humans. Her legs were even slightly atrophied from years of inactivity and neglect. Despite this, she is the sweetest dog who has ever lived. She loves everyone and everything, even if she is initially frightened by them. Unfortunately, she is also danger-prone because she does not have much experience with the world around her. She will investigate everything, and not understand when you try to redirect her. She has learned words like "outside" and "good dog", but has a hard time with commands. I have worked with her for nearly a year, and she has come a long way, but still requires special attention.

Three of my cats live indoors. One of them (Bonkers) has pica--a condition that sometimes occurs in cats and even people. Pica causes one to seek out non-food substances to eat. Bonkers' favorites are plastic wrap, packing tape, cardboard, dried acrylic paint, and any form of flexible plastic (including doll hands). DX I have to work hard to keep anything of that nature out of his reach or closed off. No mean feat--he's a CAT! I've had a few chewed up dolls, let me tell you... The other two indoor cats are typically curious, but haven't exhibited anything resembling pica behavior. One cat lives outdoors as well (my home is out in the country, and I have a barn she sleeps in at night). She goes where she pleases around the property, and it is impossible to keep anything outdoors away from her if she wants to investigate it.

How does this affect my doll making and customizing? Well, I can't keep hazardous materials within the reach of my animals. If I spray an aerosol with a lingering odor, such as Mr. Super Clear, outside, then I've created a toxic environment that my outdoor cat can (and most likely will) easily investigate--no matter where I do it. If I leave the doll outside to set, then it will almost certainly be discovered by her or by one of my very curious dogs. My dogs will obsess over ANY strange new smell; they notice any tiny thing that's new or different. If I somehow manage to keep ALL of them away from the doll OUTside, then my pica cat will almost certainly attack it INside. Given his history with glue and acrylics, I'm guessing he'd try to lick up the sealer.

As chaotic as all that sounds, I've always managed fine. I have a dedicated craft room that no animals are allowed into. I can ventilate certain rooms and close off the animals until I'm done with acetone, glues, or dyes. But I absolutely cannot spray toxic sealants inside my home, nor is there another viable option in my current living situation. :( As such, I'm stuck with brush-on sealer. I'm not sure how toxic Liquitex medium and matte are when sprayed from an airbrush, so maybe that's an option? But it's still no Mr. Super Clear. :/

Customs / First time using Mr. Super Clear... So many questions.
« on: February 09, 2017, 11:02:11 AM »
I just bought two cans of Mr Super Clear UV (one flat, one gloss). I've been watching tutorials and reading up on it, but I'm still confused by some things... I've never used it before, and I really don't want to wreck anything. DX

First... Just how weather-sensitive IS Mr. Super Clear? I live in Michigan, and we have a lot of... variety... in weather. It's winter right now, so can I even use it AT ALL in temps at or around freezing? Or will customizing have to be reserved for warmer seasons?

Second... I'm definitely only spraying this stuff outside, with a respirator on. But what about drying? Is it still toxic and/or giving off fumes while setting? Should I leave the doll outside to dry? If so, how do I prevent dust or debris from collecting on the sticky area?

Third... What happens if I "botch" a layer of Mr. Super Clear? Can it be removed without ruining the doll?

Aaand fourth... Is this a permanent seal? Will a face-up sealed with Mr. Super Clear still yellow or deteriate in time?

Thanks so much in advance! I feel so lost, and searches haven't turned up the answers to those worries. ^^;;

Monster Discussion / Doll Stand Recommendations
« on: February 04, 2017, 01:31:34 PM »
Yeah when SRM came out it they were the cheapest range at $15. We didn't have any $10-$5 budget dolls like we do now. But unfortunately even the $15 budgets no longer have stands now because costs went up.

Yes, back in the glorious, early days of MH, even budget lines like Dead Tired included stands. I remember, because I was so upset when they stopped and I had to start buying expensive Kaiser stands. X/

I heard there are plastic stands on taobao that are cheaper.

I have some taobao stands, but I have concerns over whether they could stain or something in the long run. :/ I have no evidence to back-up my paranoia, but I just usually opt for the time-tested option. XD Thanks for the thought, though!

So I've had this goal of setting up a designated "doll/toy photo booth" for a long time now... Nothing huge, just a nice little area set up with adjustable lighting, backdrop mounting, and a cabinet of dolly-sized props.

My question is... how should I set it up to optimize lighting conditions and such? Should the area be walled in (almost like a stage or shelf) with overhead lighting? Are there any pre-made "booths" (like the ones they sell for photographing Ebay items) that would be most appropriate? I have some degree of room to work with, so space isn't a huge issue.

What works best for you with photographing your dolls?

Thanks in advance!

She just showed up in the mail today! She my dream dolly! I've wanted her for years, and I just can't believe I finally have her. ;_; Here she is:

:hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

And now I'm seriously considering buying a MIO kit and making a Mistah J to go with her... X3

UPDATED 12/27/16

Alright! Here is my comprehensive, obsessively organized wishlist. These are dolls/toys that I am actively seeking. If you are selling these items drop me a PM or post here... or both. XD I do not keep my dolls boxed, so BOXES ARE MEANINGLESS TO ME. In fact, I prefer to buy dolls in gently used/loose condition, since I will just be removing them from the packaging anyway, and it cuts costs. I DO care about stands/brushes/diaries, but can live without them, depending on the price. X3


:female: If an item is listed as a multipack, then I would prefer to buy the entire set, rather than individual dolls from said multipack. They do not have to be boxed, just sold together. :)

:female: If I turn down a perfectly fair offer,  it's nothing personal! It probably just means I have to budget my doll money. XD

:female: I use PayPal, and pay very promptly. I have 100% positive feedback on every site I've ever bought or sold through, I think. XD Here's my Ebay profile (shared with family, ATM):

On to the list!


Seeking the following dolls in complete or near-complete condition (loose is preferred; I'm just going to de-box them anyway):
  • Great Scarrier Reef Clawdeen
  • Peri and Pearl Styling Head

  • Roller Maze doll stands (5)--these are bright, neon green, and are easily confused with other green stands. However, there is a color difference. If you have any to sell that you cannot confirm were packaged with Roller Maze dolls, please send a photo of them. :)
  • Roller Maze Clawdeen collectible card
  • Lagoona replacement fins (transparent)
  • Music Festival Clawd Sunglasses




Seeking the following dolls in complete or near-complete condition (loose is preferred; I'm just going to de-box them anyway):
  • ZELFS: Seeking "standard size" Dandy Lion, Lochlan, Owlmanda, Webina, and Sketalia.
  • Disney Store Zootopia Singing Gazelle Doll
  • Barbie Collector Hunger Games: Mockingjay dolls (Katniss, Peeta, and Gale)

(These are the other, non-fashion-doll toys from my wishlist.)
  • I collect dolls, figures, plush, and other knick-knacks related to the Batman villains Two Face and Harley Quinn. If you have anything along those lines, feel free to message me and I may be interested!
  • I also collect Steven Universe toys and collectibles. Again, if you're selling any, drop me a message!
  • I am actively seeking a Transformers Animated Blackarachnia figure, in complete or near-complete condition. Loose is fine.
Thanks for looking! :)

Off Topic / Can anyone ID this very strange BJD? ^^;
« on: April 18, 2016, 08:15:48 AM »
I found this... unique... BJD on AliExpress:

(I covered up some areas, even though they weren't really explicit... They were simply a bit more sculpted than, say, a Barbie doll, and I'm ultra-cautious. XD)

My love of Sphynxes and were-cats has won out, and I kind of need that doll. XD I'm assuming this one is a fakie... Does anyone know what the original doll is that it's based off of? I'd like to get a legit one if at all possible. ^^;

Introductions! / Yay! Hi everyone! =D
« on: April 05, 2016, 07:42:44 AM »
Salutations! :) I'm Nemesis, and I've been collecting MH since wave 1! I have a huge collection of MH, EAH, Equestria Girls, Novi Stars, Bratzillaz, Disney Princess, and other dolls! I also collect action figures, plushies, MLP (all gens), Palace Pets, Transformers, etc. Yeah... it's almost a little out of control, lol. XD

Other than curating my personal toy museum (lol), I love video games, sewing and designing, and hanging out with my pets. :)

ANYWAY... I'm also a member of MLP Arena (where my username is Darkflare), so maybe I'll run into some familiar faces?

Nice to meet everyone! :biggrin:

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