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Buy/Sell/Trades / Monster High Minis FS/FT
« on: September 24, 2016, 04:19:21 PM »
Hello! I have some extra minis to sell.

They are $3.50 ea. + $3 shipping per package - meaning if they all fit in the same bubbled mailer it will only be $3 regardless of number of minis. I'll let you know if you get multiples how they fit.

Willing to trade for Mummy, Candy or Sleepover Lagoona.


Off Topic / My Mini Mixie Qs
« on: June 21, 2016, 01:01:23 PM »
Anybody else fallen for these? They're teeny kawaii blind bag characters that can change their clothes and hair/head accessories.

I will add a picture in a little bit. Thought I'd be able to post a link, but they don't have a website dedicated to them.

Customs / Monster Guinea Pig
« on: April 13, 2016, 05:51:18 PM »
Ever since Marisol's intro webisode I've been wanting her guinea pigs.

So I made one out of Sculpey. It's supposed to be the guy in the bottom left corner:

He didn't turn out too great, but he did turn out well enough that I'll give it another try:

Next time I think I'll give him feet.

And figure out a better way to do the pupil and iris. I have a hard time with paint.

Any other suggestions or tips? (And is this the right spot for this post?)

Hello all!

Just as it says, each are $10 shipped, but that's in a bubbled envelope and within the continental US.

They are all in what i'd call good used condition. I can take more pics upon request.

Shipped any way or where else and we'll have to discuss the actual shipping costs.

I will answer PMs as often as possible, but nothing posted in thread.

Will add pics of Mega Bloks Toralei tonight.

Also will add pics of the accessories i found for the dolls.

Die-ner Draculaura Sold(on the far right).

Buy/Sell/Trades / KLBailey's Wish List
« on: January 17, 2016, 04:54:00 PM »
Just a thread to help me give people my money  ;):

I am also looking for Twilight Teens Nemonia! Wuvmykitties reminded me of her existence and she should definitely hang out with my Lagoonas. I use PayPal, please let me know what kind of deal we can do.

  • Sig/Wave 1 Lagoona Blue NIB
  • Garrott du Roque with clothes and accessories
  • Sig Dexter Charming-prefer the first version, but willing to consider the second release for a decent price
    • Lagoona's Scaris clothes and accessories

    I'm looking for reasonable prices and I reserve the right to decide what that is.

    Thanks all!

Ever After High Discussion / Dexter Charming Availability?
« on: January 15, 2016, 06:39:49 PM »
I'm still pretty new to the scene here, so I'm not really sure how long a figure usually remains in production?

My daughter would like Dexter, but I've only seen him twice on shelves, and then there was only one each time (the second time on Black Friday-I'm kicking myself now).

If I keep checking Target and Walmart, do you think I have a chance of catching him, or am I stuck with the elevated ebay prices?

Monster Discussion / Lagoona Blue Discussion Thread
« on: January 11, 2016, 08:30:44 AM »
There ought to be a Lagoona thread, so here it is.

I recently started a Lagoona army despite having no interest in collecting more than one of any other character, and also despite her having my least favorite clothes usually.

She always seems to be the most level-headed and laid-back in the shows/movies, except for her relationship with Gil, and I like that she's an athlete. She's the tomboy character, without being ridiculously boyish in style.

I also used to keep goldfish, so maybe her being the "fish girl" is a big draw for me.

Favorite doll? Hard to pick. Monster Exchange has my favorite outfit, but for face-up, outfit and accessories all together I'm not sure. I think it's tied between GNO and Mad Science (I need to make a 3 eyed frog for myself - multiple 3-eyed frogs).

Not super excited about reboot Lagoona; I think it makes all of the characters look younger and simpler. But I will probably get WTMH Lagoona. I kind of like the teal and pink fish scale dress.

So anybody else like some 'Goona too?

Introductions! / Hey.
« on: October 14, 2015, 09:08:43 AM »
Personal:  Married, couple of kids, couple of guinea pigs, fish and a cat all in a very messy house.

How old are you?   Probably too old for this. I'll live with it.
Where do you live? State, Country? Planet?  South Carolina, US

Do you work or attend school? Profession or major?  I'm an Admin. Assistant, more or less

Who are the important people in your life?  Husband, kids, Mom, oldest friend. The usual suspects, basically.

Dolls: Well, I've been resisting MH for years now, always checked them out in the toy aisle, always loved seeing what they'd come up with next. Finally broke down in August and bought a Scaris Rochelle Goyle on eBay. I always liked that she had an imperfect complexion. It snowballed from there and I now have 12, only 7 of which are out of the box.

How long have you been collecting?  Watching for years, buying for only a couple of months

What made you want to collect Monster High dolls? The variety, the design, the amazingly clever details. They are a great, fun production line of dolls. And great articulation, of course.

Tell us about your collection!  Gah, I don't have time to put them all down this sec - but after Rochelle I tried to make a swim team and inherited my daughter's Home Ick set (Abby is another favorite). So, GNO Lagoona, Manster Pack Gil, Lorna (another must have), Sirena Von Boo, and Honey Swamp for swim. Then there's Dance Class Howleen to hang with Lorna and CB Robecca and 3pk Elle Eedee because I loved them and they will be best friends on my shelf and Scarenival Skelita because I love yellow and she always makes me think of one of the best people I've ever known.
However, some are still in boxes, and I have some of my daughter's to sell.

I look forward to being here!

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