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Off Topic / Welcome to Night Vale!
« on: July 30, 2014, 06:03:05 PM »
Does anyone else here listen to Welcome to Night Vale? I was introduced to it this year, and I just ADORE it completely! If you're not familiar with it, here's the official description:

"WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE is a twice-monthly podcast in the style of community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff's Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events.

Turn on your radio and hide." - (The Official WTNV site.)

It is so funny, and charming, and surreal, and progressive, and it really becomes very emotionally involving. I can't say enough good things about it! I've also heard it described as "News from Lake Woebegone Meets The Twilight Zone".

You can listen to almost every episode for free, right here:
I like to download them to my phone and listen during my commute. ^.^ Don't be daunted by the number of episodes! If it really grabs you, you'll eventually come to feel that there isn't nearly enough. I know both myself and my friend felt kind of bereft when we were finally all caught up! But luckily, there's still two new episodes every month to look forward to. :D The second anniversary special just aired, which wrapped up a looong running story arc, so now is a great time to come on board - you won't get to a point in the arc that's a total cliffhanger emotionally and then have to wait for the  next update with bated breath, like the rest of us did! :lol:

I have been extremely lucky in that the cast, while taking the show on live tours this years, came to Texas twice - and I was able to see them both times! First in Dallas back in March, and then more recently right here at home in Austin, at my favorite classic old theatre, no less! For their visit to Austin, I rounded up all my local friends who also love WTNV, and we all attended the show together dressed up as some of our favorite characters. :party:

Here are some pictures of us in our costumes at the event:

At the far left, a member of the Sheriff's Secret Police!
In the middle, myself, as the mighty Glow Cloud! ALL HAIL!
On the far right, a female version of Cecil, the intrepid Radio Host! (We call this version Cecilia.)
And kneeling in front, a member of The Whispering Forest! She asked me to tell you that that shirt you're wearing really brings out your eyes. ;)

A shot in the dark, so you can see that I really did glow! The lights are constantly changing in color and pattern, and I think very beautiful. :) I turned them off during the show itself, of course.

And finally, myself meeting Cecil Baldwin, the Voice of Night Vale! This was like a dream come true! I actually met almost the entire cast, and all of the creators! They were kind enough to come out after the show and do a completely free meet-and-greet, autograph, and picture-taking session with the fans. Everyone was incredibly awesome and sweet, I could not have been happier. :inlove:

I am not sure if this will work, but here is a link to my Facebook album with the rest of the pictures:
Mostly of my friends and I, but I also took a few shots of the show itself, and other cosplayers we met there! (Let me know if this doesn't work and you're interested in seeing any other pictures, I can repost them some other way. I'm also totally fine with anyone from the Arena friending me on Facebook. :))

Update: I would also be happy to discuss any kind of goth, horror, or spooky-themed toys you'd like! :D I posted about a couple of my own Living Dead Dolls a bit down the page, and I've got tons of cute plushies from various lines too. I'm always up for checking out other creepy/cute toys, old or new!

In honor of my newest addition, I thought I would start a thread about the lovely and strange Bleeding Edge Goths, or Begoths, as they're often called. ^.^

Said addition is my beautiful Slayer Storm, who I was lucky enough to adopt from a wonderful Arena member:

More pictures!
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

These two, though, are my princesses. I just love them to bits! Leda, the doll on the right, is the reason I have so many of these 12" Begoth fashion dolls now - if not for her, I might have stuck to just the 7" figures forever. I'm sorry about the picture quality, I am really not good at this. ^^;

More pictures of my 12" girls:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

And that's my 12" collection for now! I have a few more on my wishlist, but I'm not willing to pay outrageous prices for them, so I shall keep waiting, and watching! I have a much bigger collection of the 7" figures, because in some ways (and aside from my Leda!) that's where my heart really lies with this line. I can post photos of their shelf, too, if anyone is interested. :)

Does anyone else collect these ladies? If so, please tell us about your collection, post photos, reminisce, whatever you want! ^.^

Buy/Sell/Trades / Keelee's Halloween Swap Wishlist 2015!
« on: August 10, 2013, 01:43:34 PM »
Welcome to my Halloween Swap Wishlist 2015! Third year running!

Notes: (I know we're not really sending dolls this year, because of the low budget, but I'm leaving this general info here anyway just in case.)
  • I am kind of picky about wonky eyes. But I understand not everyone can see it, and will not complain if I discern a mild or even moderate case of it in any dolls I receive. I will of course choose as carefully as possible for my partner, but if I must buy their doll online there's only so much I can do to pre-screen the results (I will also keep this in mind regarding any dolls I receive).
  • No haircuts please.
  • Loose is fine. But if you're purchasing the doll with her box anyway, I would like to have it included (it can be flat-packed if that's easier). It'll be opened, so its condition is not an issue.
  • I am not allergic to animals and I have no problems with perfume-type scents. I am however allergic to cigarette smoke (and just hate the scent).

Wish List!

Bats! Tentacles! Black lace! Skulls! Damask print! Horror! I have no idea! But I have some things listed here and a lot of general information about the kind of things I like and some of my collections.

MH toys, bits, and pieces I'd be interested in:
  • PD Operetta's spider mask.
  • Any wings, particularly Cupid (MH or EAH, any version).
  • Any pants for boys! Especially in black.
  • Any other clothes for boys of a dressier nature (long-sleeved shirts, jackets, etc).
  • Elissabat's stock.
  • I love tights and thigh-highs! Especially stripes and fishnets. I like basically all the MH and EAH stock made of fishnet, be it arm warmers, bodysuits, or leg coverings, and could always use duplicates. Scaris Rochelle and Killer Style Draculaura have particularly awesome tights that go with everything, as do Signature Ghoulia's arm warmers! I would love a pair of tights that were all horizontal black and white stripes.
  • Any secret creeper or keeper pet other than Watzit or Shiver! Including the playset. Of course, this is only if you can get them on a super sale!
  • The Draculaura doll pen, I've seen it at TRU. Again, if on sale. :)
  • MH Electronic Fearbook.
  • Basically any MH books other than the Hopes and Screams graphic novel.
Just in case you really want to send me some clothing pieces, here are some general style guidelines for what I'm into:
  • I love very gothic and fancy dress styles (Victorian, Rococo, Gothic Lolita), as well as the rock star look. A ruffly poet shirt and a long coat for a boy, a black petticoat and a lacy top for a girl, that kind of thing. Gothy Bratz clothing is great! In general, the predominate color of a piece would preferably be black, but grey, white, red, pink, and purple are also favorites as predominate or accent colors.

Lots of information about Keelee!


I don't have any pets, unfortunately! (Someday I hope to own a kitty and a snake.) :cat:


My favorite kinds of sweets are milk chocolate and peanut-buttery. :happy: So I love Reese's. I also love chocolate-covered pretzels. Any little milk or dark chocolates or M&Ms are good. Not a fan of white chocolate. As for what could go in the chocolate, I love caramel, wafers, and nougat, but I prefer no nuts or fruit. In the non-chocolatey realm, I'm not super picky. I like Smarties, Sweet Tarts, Gobstoppers, jawbreakers, lollipops, etc. Things that are basically just flavored sweetness. I guess I prefer hardness to chewiness (I just realized this, looking at my list!). I don't like sour things, or spicy/hot things, and I hate coconut.

Other Collections?

I love to collect things! Some of collections and interests include:

1. Anything G4 Princess Luna (preferably purple version) or Nightmare Moon! Followed by Rarity, Queen Chrysalis, and (white) Celestia. My grail right now is glittery Funko Luna, ahahaha. Ha. Haaa.
2. Disney's Ursula and Maleficent toys and merchandise.
3. Gothy plushies, especially bats, kitties, and soft dolls.
4. H. P. Lovecraft toys and books, especially plushies. My favorite mythos monsters are Cthulhu and the Night Gaunts.
5. Any Addams Family, Catwoman, or Bride of Frankenstein merchandise.
6. Gargoyles and other elegant gothic Halloween type decorations, especially featuring bats and bones. Black candelabras, dishes with skulls on them, that sort of thing. :love: Target tends to have new things I love every year. The idea is Addams Family, not Autumn or barn dance (so no scarecrows, happy pumpkins, etc).

Monster High Merch?
Love it! I'll take anything.

Favorite Animals?
I love anything with bats! (The flapping kind. :P) And gargoyles! :roch: And I completely love the octopus (as well as anything else with tentacles :deuce:). I also love kitties, but prefer them to be more gothy in art, like black cats. I like unicorns, winged unicorns, dragons, and big cats too, especially white tigers and panthers.

Homemade things? Customs or clothing?

I have nothing against them! Though almost all of my collection is stock. Of course, homemade things are special, since they're made with love, and I would treasure anything. :) I would love to have a rehaired doll, like a B/W Frankie (or a standard Bratzillaz Jade) with long white hair, or any custom clothing that matches the style I described in my Wishlist.


The more gothic, the better! I love silver and black leather and spikes and anything sparkly (glitter, crystals, especially black crystals, etc) or shiny, but not gold tones. I have pierced ears, but I mainly just wear necklaces (I especially like long necklaces, amulets, "statement" jewelry kind of things) and the occasional bracelet. I'll mention bats, bones, and black chandeliers again as favorite design themes. I also love hearts and roses.

Favorite Colors?

My favorite colors are purple and black, and I especially love them when they're next to each other! I also love white, silver, grey (especially dark and light grey stripes), red (both dark red and blood red), pink (mainly in combination with black, like Draculaura), and somewhat paradoxically, rainbows! (Mainly when all the colors are together.)


I am a big fan of what I think of as "elegant blood spatter". Think Dexter Morgan in his element or sexy vampires covered in blood in a fancy castle (or with just a little blood splattered around). Of course I also love bones! But I do not like anything gross, think like rotting zombies. I would not like anything that involves bugs or looks kind of gooey or involves any bodily fluid other than blood.

Cute or kawaii things?

I love cute things, and I particularly love spooky, gothic cute things! See my love of Monster High! For more specifics think like the Japanese Anime Draculaura, Ruby Gloom, Skelanimals. (I love all of these things.)

Books and movies?

I am a horror fiend! Horror is basically my abiding interest in life. I would be delighted to get a pretty horror book or a cheap DVD, whether it's a creepy cute picture book for children or a terrifying film for adults.

This is my Halloween Swap Doll Wishlist from 2014 (updated to remove dolls I have since acquired), I'm putting it in a spoiler here for my own reference!
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Introductions! / Hello! <3
« on: June 10, 2013, 08:28:31 AM »
Greetings everyone! I'm another convert from the lovely MLP Arena, same username. :) I did originally join the Arena thanks to Monster High, but it definitely helped me discover my love for ponies and other dollies, too. I plan to follow both forums from now on (one for monsters, one for ponies, of course).

I'm really kind of obsessed with Monster High dolls, and I'm so grateful to have a wonderful, mature community to talk, trade, and just geek out about them with! <3

My collection is pretty extensive. It's almost complete up to the release of Scaris. I haven't collected any later lines or dolls because graduate skool. Maybe in the fall I'll have more cash and can fill in some gaps! I don't mind the wait, because I still have over 125 beautiful dolls to enjoy in the meantime. Very few of them are doubles, too - mostly those who are are Draculauras, who I just ADORE in doll form, even if personality-wise she isn't my favorite. That honor goes to Abbey. <3

Another fun fact about me is that I am a seriously picky collector, particularly when it comes to eyes. This basically means I create problems for myself. My kingdom for a 2.0 Lagoona with non-wonky eyes! (I have two, they're both unacceptable. =_=;) Closely followed by an I <3 Fashion Abbey with perfect eyes. (All the ones I've seen, including mine, have one eye that's much smaller than the other.) I'd also dearly love a non-wonky Skelita, but I don't think one exists. Maybe someday...

Well, I think that's enough blathering about me. On to the forum fun! :)

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