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So I'm considering cosplaying Forbitten Love Draculaura sometime in the future, and I'm in the reference pic collecting and brainstorming stage. However, I don't actually own her (yet) so I need some help.

I've gathered a decent amount of pics so far, both box/official art and photos of the doll and the Halloween costume version, but I have a few gaps I need to fill.

First, I need top and bottom (inside) shots of her parasol. Second, I need a shot up her skirt (sorry Lala). Specifically the layering of it. Is the tulle its own layer or is it attached to the edge of the pink above it? How do the ruffles meet the flat panel (most helpful here would be just a shot of the bodice of the dress turned inside out). Third, the back. Obviously doll clothing and people clothing can close very different, but do the ruffles run all the way around the back or is the same as the front with the front panel?

Right now my plan is to make two pieces, a blouse and a high-waisted skirt (probably with boning for shape) unless I happen across a good commercial pattern to go off of (taking suggestions for that too!). I even already found the plaidlike pattern on Spoonflower. And then I need a way to attach Kiyomi to my shoulder bc otp.

Thanks in advance for any help!

How do these two great dolls look together? Maybe also Heartstruck Cupid?

idk if they appeared in these outfits in DG because I haven't watched it yet, but I'm curious how the dolls look together

Brags / Craigslist score!
« on: December 13, 2015, 08:16:39 AM »
So I have been hunting for I  <3 Fashion Frankie for a while because I love her hair and makeup. She's gonna be my clothes horse, so I can pick up a few random outfits to put on her (like Ghoul Chat Rochelle's dress, omg need) so I don't feel the need to buy the dolls they're on.

When I found the listing and saw Abbey, I thought immediately of our own Lady Frostbite and we worked out a deal for me to get it for her!

So here they are! Frankie is amusingly wonky, she looks like she's judging me for that outfit. "....Really?"

So for now she hangs out on top of the bookshelf with my wife's thrift store cat statue "rescues" and other assorted toys we have here at the apartment until we get our proper display set up.

The only outfits I have for her are what she came with, but there are more on the way!

What did I pay? $35 USD. Not each, for both.  :dropjaw:

And they have a lot more NIB things to get rid of. Nothing super juicy like Wave 1 original ghouls (based on the pics she's sent me so far) but I might end up getting a big lot of them to flip lol

Also, I am working on another Craigslist deal, but it's being a bit of a pain. But if all goes well, it'll include an even better deal than these!

Monster Discussion / Premiering in Great Scarrier Reef - Zori Weatherbolt
« on: November 30, 2015, 11:04:41 PM »
Apologies if this already was posted, I searched a bit and didn't find it.

But there's a new ghoul appearing in Great Scarrier Reef and she's super special! Her name is Zori Weatherbolt and she was designed by a girl named Tori that had been blinded by a brain tumor, courtesy of the Make a Wish Foundation.

Not only did they let her bring her beloved character to life, but they also are having her voice her appearance in the GSR movie.

Here's the video, courtesy of the Make a Wish Foundation's youtube:

Pic from the eahdolls tumblr

Brags / MH Signature Collection status!
« on: November 24, 2015, 11:09:23 PM »
So if I don’t draw a line somewhere I would have impulse control issues. So my collection is Sig-only. Since they're getting packed up for moving soon, I thought I would post what my collection currently looks like.

Not pictured are Twyla, and vinyl Lagoona and Ghoulia. Jackson is covered by Luna and Moucedes. He's a bit short because he doesn't have a stand yet.

Also I am amused at Cleo, Elle, and Amanita up in the center. Elle: Whoa, sister! Quit upstaging me! Amanita: *self absorbed monolguing* Cleo: Deuce, she's doing it again. Stop looking for your sunglasses and save my sanity!

I'm missing 13 Wishes chars, FCA chars, SDCC chars, Nefera, Cupid, Astranova, all the werecats, Gill, Garrot, SloMo, and anyone released since BYBY/FDC. Mostly due to moving/wedding expenses and lack of cat-proof display space. (This is at my dad's house.) Also missing a handful of pets, diaries and accessories  (like Deuce's sunglasses).

Not bad for just over a year in huh? My first was Bonita up there from my now-wife for my 30th birthday!

Sightings / MEIJER: Finds and Sales
« on: August 05, 2015, 02:03:50 AM »
Went to Meijer tonight (Highland, Indiana) and they have BYBY on sale! Gala Ghoulfriends were 15.99, and I think Nefera and Catty were 20.99. The two-pack was not included in the sale. It ends on 8/8 according to the tag.

They also had the workout set, Ghoul Fair, Picture Day, Freaky Fusion (all kinds), Monster Exchange (Marisol and Lorna are hiding behind Lagoona), Zombie Shake, Art Class, Freaky Field Trip, Geek Shriek, Way Too Wonderland, Through the Woods, the EAH swim set, um. Actually the best variety I've seen anywhere around here.

Here's an album of pics (yes, the first two repeat, no it is not your imagination). No, the head isn't $20, I think that's supposed to be the tag for Nefera.

I liberated a hidden Skelita vinyl to complete my set and brought Elle home with me. 8D

Updated: 11/25

I hope the off-topic dolls aren't too much of an issue. There's some overlap in interest and heck, MH can use Barbie purses and other things.

All prices do not include shipping, which will be coming from the US. I will ship internationally, but I vastly prefer tracked shipping in these cases. It protects both of us. After each price is how flexible I am on the prices of these dolls. Please respect that. I am not looking for trades at this time. And please do not fret over any paint you see on the table I took these photos on. It is acrylic and long-dried.

Complete Dolls

Student Disembodied Council - Slo Mo, Cleo, and Scarah - $10ea (firm)

Scaritage/ I <3 Accessories SkelitaSOLD and 13W HtC Abbey $10ea (flexible) Face close-ups: Skelita, Abbey

Nude Dolls

Nude Bratzillaz Yasmina Clairvoya and Jade J'adore (with black legs). $10ea (flexible)

Clothes, Accessories, and shoes - All these prices are flexible

All items in this pic are Barbie unless otherwise noted
  • Knockoff Barbie lavendar halter top. Full split velcro in the back. $2
  • Knockoff Barbie mod style skirt. Buckle can slide along front ribbon for a little interest. Made of nylon similar to a drawstring backpack. Velcro back. $2
  • Cheetah print skinny jeans. Velcro closure at back. Jean pocket and fly detail stitching. $4
  • Flowing purple evening gown. See on doll here. $6
  • Black purse with ruffles on front, bow on tope, and chainlike strap. $2
  • Gold camera on separating gold strap. $3
  • Purple cell phone case on a chain strap. Other side has quilted detailing with an envelope style flap with a heart closure. $2
  • Orange wristlet with gold studs. $2
  • Shiny black quilted satchel with gold chain strap. $3
  • Silver cabochon necklace. $2
  • Gold ring necklace. $2
  • Purple ruffled silver clutch (loop is for going around her finger so she can hold it). $1
  • White “ostrich skin” wristlet with tassels and studs. $3
  • Burgundy studded wedge booties. $3
  • Black platform heel strappy sandals. $2
  • Purple glitter pumps. $3
  • White blue and orange pennant on a stick. $1
  • Pearlescent white and silver platforms with studs and tassels. $3
  • Black block heel strappy sandals. (Less detail and wider heel than 15). $2
  • Pink peep toe sandals on black soles with ankle strap and studs. $3

21. Sashabella Paws Back to Magic top. Fully splits with velcro at the back. $5
22. Romantic Spell fashion pack pet dress and hat. $2
23. Romantic Spell fashion pack shoes $4
24. Wicked Night Out handbag $5
25. Jade J'adore criss-cross ankle strap shoes $5
26. Romantic Spell fashion pack purse $4
27. Wicked Night Out fashion pack boots. $4
28. Yasmina Clairvoya shoes $4
29. Romantic Spell fashion pack shoes. $4
30. Charmed Life fashion pack purse. $4
31. Yasmina Clairvoya pants $5

32. Mod Angelique bulldog boots made for Blythe - $15 (firm)
33. Beatrix girls lace socks. $1
34. Beatrix girls white fuzzy slippers. $1
35. Vi and Va Party fashion pack shoes. Do fit Bratzillaz with a little bit of a gap under the foot, small Monster High feet (Lorna McNessie) loosely, larger Monster High feet (Gilda Goldstag) snugly. (I can try Marisol, but even allowing her toes to overhang like in her stock shoes will probably be too tight.) In all cases the slit at the back does not gape. They do not have right and lefts, that is, each shoe is exactly the same.They are quite soft and squishy so there is a lot of give. Black mark is from a missed printing of the serial number, can probably come off with alcohol. $3
36. Vi and Va teal handbag. Some sloppy flashing. $2

Bought used:
37. Unknown green peasant top with purple and light blue butterflies in shiny satiny fabric. Elastic at the neck and sleeves. Lots of fraying of the inside hems but it is not in danger of falling apart. Too large for MH, might fit Barbie, Blythe, Pulip. Fully splits with velcro back. $2
38. Unknown brand glasses, fit American Girl and similar. Scratched plastic lenses. $3
39. Unknown pink one-shoulder top with butterflies. Might end up a crop top on most dolls. Too large for MH, might fit Barbie, Blythe, Pullip. Fully splits with velcro at the back. $2
40. Unknown denim miniskirt with purple ribbons. Too large for MH, might fit Barbie, Blythe, Pullip. Velcro back. $2
41. Unknown (possibly handmade) capri pants with lace belt detail. Waist may gap on dolls with more defined hips.Too large for MH, might fit Barbie, Blythe, Pulip.  $2
42. Barbie brand floral shirt with smocked waist and elastic at the cap sleeves and neck. Lower hem surged and upper ribbon in brown. $2

Please contact me for any questions or to set me straight on IDing anything! The only doll series I know anything about is Monster High so I may be wrong on some things. (All these oddball doll lines were experiments in dressing my Hujoos and Resinsoul Yo-SD.) I can honor requests for additional photos. Please check the tag “lance sales” on tumblr for more items like ponies, Minecraft Minifigures, and BJD clothes for slim minis and Yo-SDs! All items come from a smoke and pet-free collector’s home.

Thanks for looking and have a devilish day!

        So I am working on a sig-only collection, and that means splitting multipacks in some cases.

        Here are my terms: I buy the pack, I take the manster or ghoul I need, and send you the other, including all accessories/diaries/etc they come with. I will charge only an even split of the two (or five) -pack  price + paypal's portion + shipping, as with any GO. I will use any coupons or discounts available to me in pursuit of getting these packs. I prefer to deal within the US but I will consider sending internationally. I do insist upon tracked shipping.

        All images from Mandy85's magnificent release timeline post, and rehosted.

The packs I am needing - The doll I keep - The doll(s) up for grabs - Doll(s) claimed and by whom
Student Disembody Council 5-pack - Gilda Goldstag -  Cleo De Nile, Scarah Screams, Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch - Lagoona Blue - Robina Purchased!
Love in Scaris - Garrott DuRoque - Rochelle Goyle - Morieri
Classroom "Home Ick" - Heath Burns - Abbey Bominable
Werewolf Sisters - Howleen Wolf - Clawdeen Wolf (and Cushion)
Forbitten Love - Clawd Wolf (with Rockseena) - Draculaura - Starly

Update: 6/9/15 -  I have purchased the Student Disembody Council for 49.99, so each doll in the pack will be $10 (yes the math isn't perfect but Imma lose on PP fees and I didn't include sales tax so let's call it a wash).

Bits and pieces - Mostly stands, bags, and diaries. I would be willing to buy a lot of other chars' pets and diaries in one swoop if you're trying to unload. Having them before I get the doll makes it easier to decide on that incomplete doll :3

I am also looking for a handful of stands, not picky on color.

Sig Jackson Stand
Sig Jackson Bag
Sig Jackson Diary
Sig Abbey Diary
Sig Abbey Stand
Sig Abbey Pet (Shiver)
Sig Frankie Pet (Watzit)
Sig Frankie Diary
Sig Rochelle Pet (Roux)
Sig Rochelle diary
Sig Deuce glasses
Sig Deuce pet (Perseus)
Sig Deuce diary
Sig Cleo purse
Sig Cleo pet (Hisette)
Sig Cleo diary

I ♥ Fashion Frankie - Doll with the jumperskirt and yellow shirt the doll was wearing in the package. I kinda fell in love lol

Complete dolls neededHere is my collection as it stands. Anything not marked out with a purple x is something I'm looking for. I don't have specific prices in mind at this moment for specific dolls, but here's some info to go on for what I'm looking for if you have an offer to make:

OOB, but utterly complete: all jewelry, handbags, pets, diaries, stands, etc. Everything the doll came out of the box with. I will consider still-boxed dolls, but I will be opening them on arrival, so that will effect the price I'm willing to pay.

Overall shape: I am looking for dolls in good shape, not dirty, hair not tangled (I am forgiving of eye wonk and box-hair, so long as it's still recognizable/not too gluey), not yellowed, chipped, dented, or anything of that nature.

Shipping preferences: A non smoking home is a must. Pets being around the dolls is okay. US is preferable, but I will consider international offers, so long as tracked shipping is not an obscene amount. I do insist on tracked shipping in each and every case.

Bratzillaz stock: I am only interested in the outfits on this list, as they're for redressing Hujoos. I am mainly interested only in the soft bits, dresses, socks, capes, etc. Not at all in hats, jewelry, or shoes.

  • school dance
  • Midnight Beach
  • the plaid one with the red furry handbag
  • the one with the red furry skirt
  • school dance
  • Midnight Beach
  • the one outfit that looks like a cowgirl outfit kinda
  • pink with brown belts
  • school dance
  • Midnight Beach
  • with the white fur cape
  • pearl body chain thing
  • school dance
  • Midnight Beach
  • school dance[
  • Midnight Beach
Others/One release girls
  • SAWs
  • Vampelina
  • Victoria
  • Iliana
  • Carolina
  • Angelica

Offering for trade: 13 Wishes Haunt the Casbah Abbey Bominable. She is complete with saddle stand, genie lamp, card, and brush.

My feedback: I have good feedback on eBay, as well as Den of Angels and Castaways (BJD forums). I have run multiple GOs on both of the forums and I can provide links to my feedback threads there on request.

Thank you! [/list][/list][/list]

Introductions! / Hello from unseasonably cold Indiana
« on: April 30, 2015, 07:38:35 AM »
Hi there! I am a Lance, and I guess I'm new around here. I'm a grown person and I'm terrible at introducing myself and making me sound at all interesting, so I hope this will suffice.

As the username suggests, I am Lance, and I am a nearly 30 year old lady. No, no complicated gender things here, just a long story that starts with the glorious existence of a certain member of a certain 90's boyband.... /cough

Anyway. My job is gross so I won't elaborate too much, but my title is "Wastewater Treatment Operator". I enjoy BJDs, Tokusatsu, Hello Kitty, and actual kitties in addition to Monster High. I am working on a Signature-only collection, but I only started recently.

I'm looking forward to hanging--er fanging around :K sssh those are fangs ok?

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