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Buy/Sell/Trades / ISO 13 Wishes Draculaura
« on: July 04, 2016, 07:58:07 PM »
Hi, I'm looking for a 13 Wishes Draculaura. She does not have to be 100% complete, but I would like her to come with everything that she is wearing (dress, headband, earrings, necklace, arm cuffs, and shoes). I do not mind either if she has been played with. I can buy or trade, I have my sales thread linked in my signature. Prefer to work with someone in the US to save on shipping.

Thank you for any help!

Buy/Sell/Trades / Looking to Trade for Frankie's Fearleading Outfit
« on: September 06, 2015, 08:43:20 AM »
Hi, my daughter is totally obsessed with Frankie and I would like to see if it is at all possible to trade the pieces I have of Clawdeen's Scream Uniform for Frankie's Fearleading outfit and shoes. The one shoe has a blue mark on it that can be seen in the picture. Prefer to keep the trade within the US. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Buy/Sell/Trades / ISO Random Items to Complete Outfits
« on: July 23, 2015, 06:49:28 PM »
Hi, I am looking for a few random items. Prefer to get them from someone in the US to save on shipping. Willing to buy or trade.  I have my sales album posted in my signature. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Abbey's right hand
Music Fest Abbey boots with pink straps
Music Fest Abbey headband
Original Clawdeen socks
Cleo's left hand
Cleo's right hand
I Heart Fashion Cleo skirt
Original Deuce belt
Dawn of the Dance Draculaura shoes
Draculaura Newspaper Club fashion pack hat
Scary Tales Draculaura hair clip
Sweet Screams Draculaura belt
Sweet Screams Draculaura shoes
Sweet Screams Draculaura socks
Ghoulia black glasses -any except Physical Deaducation & Geek Shriek
Dawn of the Dance Lagoona necklace
Ghoul Chat Rochelle shoes
Ghouls Night Out Rochelle scarf
Haunted Rochelle dress
I Heart Fashion Scarah Screams leggings
Spectra's left hand
Toralei's left hand

Birthday Ball Cedar Wood shoes
Farrah Goodfairy shoes

Hello and welcome to my sales thread!
Shipping will start at $3 for dolls and for all small items within the US. Also I am only able to ship within the US at this time, sorry. I will hold items, but only for 24 hours unless we work out another arrangement. I am open to trades as well.

I also have a Facebook selling page where all my items for sale are listed.
MLP Arena Sales Thread:,368538.0.html

Nude Dance the Fright Away Clawdeen $5

Nude Welcome to Monster High Popstar Fang Ghouls Draculaura $5

Plush Watzit $4

EAH Dragon Games Darling Charming's baby dragon $2.50

EAH Dragon Games Holly O'Hair's baby dragon $2.50

Ghoul Spirit Spectra top $1
Ghoul Spirit Spectra skirt $1
Original Clawdeen jacket $1
Ghoul Spirit Spectra pom pom SOLD
Original Clawdeen top $1

Freaky Fusion Lagoonafire purse $1
Ice Scream Ghouls Frankie purse $1
Girly Ghoul Fashion Pack purse $1
Original Spectra purse $1
Creepy Cute Fashion Pack purse $1
Freaky Fusion Clawvenus purse $1
Ghoul Sports Toralei bag $.75
Terribly Trendy Fashion Pack purse $1
Shriek Wrecked Clawdeen purse $1
Ghoul Glam fashion pack purse $1

Dance the Fright Away Draculaura mask SOLD
Dance the Fright Away Frankie mask $.75
Dance the Fright Away Clawdeen mask $.75
Dance the Fright Away Draculaura prop $.50
Electrified Twyla hair clip $.50
Electrified Twyla comb $.50
Electrified Clawdeen comb $.50
Electrified Clawdeen hair clip $.50

Ghouls Getaway Jinafire belt $.75
Inner Monster Fearfully Fiesty leg wraps $.50
Inner Monster Spooky Sweet leg wraps $.50
Surf to Turf Lagoona helmet $.75
Color Me Creepy Werewolf leg wraps $.50
Party Ghouls Rochelle shoes $2
Gloom Beach Cleo leg band $.50
EAH Epic Winter Briar kids ring $.50
Day to Night Frankie portfolio $.50
Creepateria Howleen tray SOLD

EAH Faybelle Thorn purse SOLD
EAH Dragon Games Poppy shield/ring $.75
EAH Way Too Wonderland Maddie necklace $.50
Dance the Fright Away Draculaura necklace $.50
Ghouls Beast Pet Lagoona ball $.50
Ghouls Spirit Spectra single leg shackle $.25
Scream & Sugar Nefera cup $.50
Surf to Turf Lagoona knee pads $.50
Scream & Sugar Nefera pie $.50
Fierce Rockers Catty Noir microphone $.50
Creepateria Howleen milk SOLD
Surf to Turf Lagoona elbow pads $.50
Freaky Fusion Bonita Femur belt $.50
Freaky Fusion Bonita Femur hair piece SOLD
Fierce Rockers Toralei microphone $.50
Picnic Casket Frankie earring $.25
Home Ick Abbey spoon earring $.25
13 Wishes Abbey earring SOLD

Color Me Creepy blue pen $.50
Color Me Creepy red pen $.50
Color Me Creepy pink pen $.50
Inner Monster Spooky Sweet wigs $1 each
CAM Sea Monster right lower arm $.50
CAM Cat left & right lower legs SOLD

Ghoul Sports Spectra diary $.75
Freak du Chic Honey Swamps mini poster SOLD
EAH Faybelle Thorn bookmark $.75
EAH Farrah Goodfairy story SOLD
EAH Way Too Wonderland Kitty card SOLD

Halloween Minis lockers $.50 each

Brushes $.50 each

Hallmark Itty Bittys limited edition Supergirl $7

Hallmark Itty Bittys limited edition Batgirl $7

Buy/Sell/Trades / ISO: Forbitten Love Draculaura Accessories!
« on: April 24, 2015, 06:45:58 PM »
Hi, I am looking for a few items to complete Forbitten Love Draculaura for my daughter. Prefer to buy from someone in the US to keep shipping cost down. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!


Introductions! / Hello, Hello!
« on: April 19, 2015, 11:55:42 AM »
Hi all! I'm Cassie and my daughter, Hayleigh, has wanted Monster High dolls for a while now. With her turning seven this year I finally broke down and got her one and then a few more, and then a few for me. When will the madness end! lol So many ponies, so many dolls! But it's okay, I (we) love them all!

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