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Customs / Dirili Custom Lab: 3 new video tutorials (1-3-16)
« on: October 17, 2016, 05:02:56 PM »
Since last time I posted, I've done 3 more video tutorials:

Head reshaping/resculpting:

Rerooting in shrunken heads:

Full body sanding/seam and molded underwear removal:

Finally back! I was gone so long, my old custom thread is locked hehe, so starting up a new one!

Did quite a bit of work in the last week! Finally dressed that last Clawdeen I painted months ago. Finished painting and dressing an Apple White, and a Robecca. All with shrunken heads of course as usual!

Clawdeen in a custom dress with shoes painted to match:

For more images of that Clawdeen:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

This is a repainted Apple White doll with her head shrunken and reshaped to give it a little more dimension. The doll is the from the Hattastic line, and since her hair color so perfectly matched Cedar’s Hattastic dress, I put her in that with most of the matching accessories, being that I had turned that Cedar into a dryad. All accessory details painstakingly painted in by hand.

Detail images:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

This Robecca has had every plate of her body meticulously shaded and highlighted, along with various mixed stock that has been repainted to match and also detailed just like her body. Doll Fully sealed in semi-gloss to maintain her metallic look. Gold accessories sealed in full gloss for shinier look.

Detailed images:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Customs / Body Blushing Tutorial
« on: December 13, 2015, 05:54:58 PM »
I was asked to write a tutorial on body blushing a few weeks ago and finally just got around to it with the last doll I worked on.

I'm going to go ahead and write about the details that I put into the dolls, but of course there are many ways to do this, many different ways to paint dolls and do the details differently. This guide will provide some ideas to those who have no idea where to start and will teach you about some of the techniques I use if you'd like to use them yourself. This tutorial assumes that you have experience with doing faceups on dolls and know how to use things like sealant properly.

Materials you'll need:
cup of water
paper towels
soft high quality chalk pastels
xacto knife or something similar to grate pastels with
medium and fine paint brushes
sealant: Mr. Super Clear or Citadel Purity Seal (I greatly prefer the later)
-water color pencils (optional)
-acrylic paint (optional)
-Tamiya gloss or semi-gloss or something comparable (optional)

1. Sanding: First off is an optional step. If you're going to go through the trouble of doing a detailed bodyblushing, sanding the seams and molded underwear smooth are good steps to take beforehand for maximum effectiveness. Plus lightly sanding all smooth surfaces provides some tooth to the plastic for the sealant to stick to better and be less likely to scratch off. For more about sanding, you can visit my tutorial page on that:

2. Base coat of sealant: I should have taken pictures for this step but didn't... You want to spray your sealant all over the body of the doll and to make sure you cover everything, it's best to have the doll's knees bent and arms spread a bit out to the sides and lay it on the ground on some kind of cover like this on it's back to spray the front. Wait a few minutes for the sealant to dry. Straighten the knees, bend the legs forward at the waist a bit, bend the elbows and lay the doll face down this way to spray the back. Again, let dry.

3. General body shading: Choose or mix a color from grating soft pastels to shade the doll with. The images below the powdered pastels and brushes shows the areas that I typically shade on my dolls. If you're worried that you might accidentally smudge areas while you're doing this, you can spray seal any area at any time and let dry before resuming your shading.

4. Hand and feet detailing: General shade first like on the body, you should be able to see the areas, generally the recessed areas that get shading. Also shade on the knuckles, both inside the bends and outside. For the details of the wrinkles on the palms and the knuckles, you can either use a sharpened color pencil, or you can wet some darker grated pastel and use a fine point brush to paint the details on. If you're going to use lighter colors for the nails or other details, you'll likely need to use acrylic paint or watercolor pencils as the pastels usually stay opaque after many layers.

5. Final sealant coat: Spray your final sealant coat to secure all those painted details.

6. Gloss or semi-gloss nails: OPTIONAL  This is what the Tamiya or whatever brand of gloss, is for. Depending on how glossy you want your finger and/or toenails, if you want them glossy at all.

And all done! As far as I can think at the moment at least. Feel free to ask any questions!

Customs / Seam sanding the 17" dolls.... 12 HOURS!!!!
« on: October 08, 2015, 02:09:50 PM »
I'm not really sure it's worth it... I mean if I was keeping a doll, I would definitely sand it, but I'm not so sure it's appreciated enough to spend 12 hours on? A huuuuuge part of what takes so long is the fact that the molded underwear's texture is so much thicker than the small dolls' are. I use an xacto knife to cut off the the thick details, but since there's so much coverage, it just takes foreeeever because I have to be so careful. Plus you'll notice the arms have some strange mottled pattern on them which is a bit difficult to deal with since it's the soft plastic or vinyl.

Then again, I've had some instances on the small dolls where some pants don't quite lay right because of the underwear so the same thing may happen with the larger girls too... I dunno... I'm on the fence as to whether it's worth it to do this for future dolls. Solely for the time issue... I LOVE having dolls sanded myself and especially with certain areas on these big girls, like with those strange 3 way split seams on their feet.

I just don't know T_T Here's some pics of before and after the sanding though:


I really hope no one thinks less or thinks badly of me for this... I kind of feel like some of you on these boards are friends and I was hoping that if maybe some of you were interested in what I'm doing on my channel, you might like to check it out?

I started a Let's Play channel focusing on playing/reading/narrating visual novels which are kind of like something in-between anime and manga as well as stealth and horror games.

No pressure, on anyone but if you happen to know people who like visual novels but can't afford them and would like to watch them, or like to watch let's Players, then they might enjoy my channel. I haven't started establishing my personality yet really, but I think I'm going accent my half Chinese/half white, old lady gamer image. I'd say 39 is older than the typical YouTuber lol.

I got the idea to do this because I had been trying to find visual novels to watch/listen to while I was working on dolls. Problem is that most of the videos on YouTube were not fully read out loud, so I'd have to stop working and look up to read everytime the person stopped narrating, so I thought I'd do full readings for other people like me who want to hear full narration.

Well, if anybody out there is interested or knows someone who might be, my channel is:

It would be cool to get some input or criticism from aren't friends or family. Still self-conscious of my voice and trying to speak more clearly and later I'll concentrate on character voices. Workin' on it!

*ducks and covers*

Customs / Making transparent accessories look clearer and glassier!
« on: October 04, 2015, 12:20:30 PM »
It only occurred to me today, and I wish I had thought of it sooner, but it works well!

You may have noticed a lot of transparent parts and accessories with dolls have a kind of satiny finish which keeps them a little smokey. If you coat the pieces with Tamiya gloss inside and out, it gives it a clearer glassier finish! Should also work with a spray sealant too like MSC gloss.

Here's some pics of one of EAH's Ashlynn Ella's glass slippers glossed over next to one untreated one:

Customs / Spraying indoors with a spray booth
« on: October 01, 2015, 10:43:13 AM »
Before even thinking about buying a spray booth and trying this, please carefully read and consider the warnings.

This particular machine that I bought says not to use flammable materials with it, but as far as I know, ALL sealants are flammable. So keep that in mind if you are to attempt this, and it is a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher or something nearby in case something was to happen.

Spend as little time as possible in the room that you are spraying in, and be sure to keep the room's door closed, letting the fumes air out the window afterwards so the fumes do not waft into other rooms.

I've used this for a few dolls over the summer and it's worked out ok so far. I don't exactly recommend it though as there could be factors I am not considering.

This is the machine that I bought, Best Choice Products® Airbrush Spray Booth Kit Paint Craft Odor Extractory Hobby Spray Booth:

Stock image:

Be sure to use a respiratory mask and eye shields. They are VERY important!!!

I work in a small room and keep the door closed so that the fumes do not get into the rest of the house.

I remove the filter from the machine so that the fumes can be sucked out faster and more powerfully. I use a vinyl table cloth to cover the top half of the opening because if I don't, even with the suction running, spray runover spills out into the room. A lot more gets trapped in the box and filtered out the window if you partially cover the opening. I use clips so that it won't slip.

After I've sprayed, holding firmly onto the cloth, I pull it down to cover the full opening and clip the bottom sides in place so that it does not get sucked into the machine to touch and ruin it. I hold it like that for a minute or 2 and the majority of the spray will be out the window. I then leave the bottom of the cloth open, but let the booth run for another few minutes.

At that point, I turn the machine off, close the window so the humidity doesn't creep in and ruin things, leave the room and shut the door. It can take a few hours for the remaining particulates to settle in the room. I'm not really sure how long, but I usually don't go back in there till the next day anyway, except for subsequent layers of spraying.

First off, I have a severe anxiety disorder, so I get times where I freak out really easily.

Right now though, I'm freaking out because I ordered the 17" Clawdeen and Draculaura on Amazon and they are supposed to ship on Monday, but there is no estimate as to when they will arrive.

My heart is thumping because I want them soooo bad right NOW!!! lol  I want to know how long it will take for them to get here... if it's a decent shipping time, I want to order more, but I'm afraid they won't be available at a decent price anymore by the time this first order gets here for me to check everything and see if this company is decent to order from. I don't always trust company reviews on Amazon.

On the other hand, I shouldn't be spending so much money anyway because I don't have that much... but I want them soooo bad! I want to paint them and sew for them. I have dozens of other dolls to work on and I can't even work on anything till probably Friday after the new carpet is installed and we get all the furniture back in place, but I want THEM NOW anyway!!!! GAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

The want is so strong! soooo.... strong.....can't... take it....

Monster Discussion / Quick, easy, cheap dolly dust cover option
« on: July 20, 2015, 11:28:17 AM »
I remember seeing people talk about displaying their dolls and annoyance with dust before and I meant to get around to this a while ago, but only getting around to it now. With my bjds, I sewed cylinder shaped covers for them out of thick clear vinyl table cloths. For small dolls though, transparency sheets and clear tape work just fine. You can get creative and use something other than tape to make them more decorative and finished looking, but here's the quick and dirty of it:

Standard 8.5"x11" transaparency sheets, tape 2 together length-wise:

Establish the circumference you want, trim and tape the cylinder loop closed. Set the cylinder on a sheet, trace it for the cap, cut it out and tape it on the top.

That's it! Not the prettiest thing, in it's most basic form, but much much easier to dust than a bare doll!

When Haunted Spectra first became available in the U.S. on Toys R US, I only saw her available for about a week before she sold out and then her listing completely disappeared from the website.

Since then, SplendidlySinister on Tumblr has posted twice at different times that she had gone on sale (one of the times being yesterday), but both times I went back to Toys R Us's website and she's still not showing up no matter how I search.

Is this because I'm not searching on a mobile device? I don't have one to search with. I have a cheapy cell phone plan because I don't go out much, so I can't get on the internet with my phone. So could someone please tell me if that's what the deal is? Because if that's so, I'm going to give their customer service department a call and see if they can do anything for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Sales / Selling some OOAKs with shrunken heads - updated 9-06-15
« on: June 14, 2015, 09:45:29 AM »
These dolls can be found in my Etsy shop, or if you prefer, you can just contact me here. Etsy seems to have cheaper shipping available than I can offer through any other services. Here's  my Etsy shop:

Feel free to make me an offer if you want one of these girls but feel the price is too high! Please try to keep in mind though the amount of work I put into these, especially when it comes to reshaping EAH heads and when I sew.

Really hoping to generate a bit of financing to buy some crafting materials because there are a few techniques I thought of that I would really like to try out with making things for dolls. So any contributions will help my growth as an artist too! :D

All but 1 dolls have heads shrunken in acetone to be more proportionate with their bodies. Please read details about each individual doll for more information.

$90 Ashlynn Ella
Features: Shrunken head
              repaint and full body blushing
              Full seam and molded underwear removal/sanding
              Painstakingly repainted details on all accessories
              "glass slippers" sealed with gloss to achieve a clearer, glassier look

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

$80 Silver and Gold Abbey

Features: Shrunken and reshaped/resculpted head
               Repainted face, but her body has it's original glitter
               Armor set made of Worbla painted with PearlEx metallics and glosses 
               No seam sanding, in order to retain the original body glitter
               Handmade outfit and accessories

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

$90 A Touch of Business Maddie

Features: Shrunken and reshaped head
               Repaint and full body blushing
               Full seam and molded underwear removal/sanding
               Hand sewn outfit
               Repainted shoes

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

$99.98 FW Lagoona

Features: Shrunken head
               Repaint and full body blushing
               Full seam and molded underwear removal/sanding (note that although the underwear and seams ARE fully sanded
               smooth, because of the nature of this doll's pearly semi-opaque plastic, you can still see the color imprint of where
               they used to be.)
               Handmade outfit and accessories
               Repainted shoes

She’s sealed with a semi-gloss to preserve and bring out the pearlesence in her skin and emphasize her water dwelling nature. Her colors may look a bit pinkish, but it's really peach. Or kind a peach that is on the pinkish side.

I can only share her head shots here because her poncho/shawl is transparent, but you should see her shoes! XD

$90 Spring innocence Frankie

Features: Shrunken head
               Repaint and full body blushing
               Full seam and molded underwear removal/sanding
               Neck bolt removal and patching
               Hand sewn outfit
               Repainted shoes

I believe the shoes she is wearing are from Winx dolls and they are a little tight, so I would advise not removing them and putting them back on unless you really really want to change her look. This way you can avoid paint/sealant scratching or rubbing off.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

$90 Sparkling Ice CAM
          Shrunken Head
          Removable hard cap wig
          Repaint and full body glitter and gloss
          Outfit and shoes made from transparent Worbla

This doll is covered from head to toe in iridescent glitter purposely a bit clumpy to emulate an icy look. She is fully sealed in several layers of clear gloss to make her sparkle and shine. This works nicely on the ice CAM doll since it helps to unify the sculpt, making it look more like one material and obscuring the view of the inner workings of the doll, while still maintaining a somewhat translucent look.

Because her head is shrunken, her head cap no longer fits. I created a hard cap wig for her rather than patch and reroot her, but you can find other wigs for her to wear if you like.

Her outfit and shoes are made of transparent Worbla which is a thermoplastic. It requires pretty high heat to deform it but it's still best to keep it out of high temperatures as much as possible. To create the effect, the back of the pieces are painted with high quality mica mixed with Tamiya gloss, then sealed with a spray gloss to secure it and maintain the slick shine. Also because clear Worbla does not adhere to itself as well as regular Worbla, the shoes may be a bit fragile as they rely on an adhesive, though I have used the strongest adhesive that I have on them, so hopefully they will hold together well. Still, it is best to be gentle with them just in case.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

$90 Red Specter Spectra
Features: Shrunken head
              repaint and full body blushing
              full seam and molded underwear removal/sanding
              painted details on the shoes
              Hand sewn outfit

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

$50 Witch CAM
Features: Shrunken and reshaped/resculpted head
              removable hard cap wig rooted with saran hair
              repaint and full body blushing
              full seam and molded underwear removal/sanding

Imperfections: The wig cap is not perfect and glue can be seen through the hair at points. Also, since the head was shrunk, the hard plastic head plug no longer fits, so without the wig cap, there is a hole in the back of her head. However, any wig you could find that would fit her head size would cover this no problem.

Sirenamber said she couldn't see my tutorial thread with tips about texturizing, so I figured it was time to stop being lazy and copy my tutorials over to my website.

They were written for bjds, but some of the tutorials, or parts of them, can be used for other dolls as well so figured I would post the links here for ppl to look and judge:

The one most likely to be of interest is my thread about making doll armor out of worbla. I plan on making some for MH and EAH dolls soon. Have to post a pic too for this one.

Tutorial for tweaking and texturizing fur or mohair wigs for short hairstyles:

Blushing parts to match:

Fitting larger neck holes on smaller necks:

Wanted / All done!
« on: June 05, 2015, 08:30:12 AM »
Don't need anything at the moment. Got everything I was looking for!

previous post:
I'm willing to pay $6-$10 each for the nude dolls listed below. I'll categorize them according to the highest I'm willing to pay for them. Please don't feel I'm trying to take advantage of anyone with my asking prices. I know some of these are new releases and are worth more at the moment, but I'm going ahead and listing them now for when they are older and worth less later. Or maybe you only wanted the clothes and my offering price helps you recoop some of your losses? Or perhaps you are just very generous? ^_^ No matter what the case, I appreciate it! If you want to send me the dolls' clothes and/or accessories or offer your doll for less than my asking price, that's appreciated too!

For shipping, I'll pay $6 for 3 dolls and $1 for each additional doll. Padded envelopes are fine.

Also, I can only pay with Paypal. Pretty sure most people would want to use that anyway hehe.

Please only message me if you have 3 or more of the following dolls in order to keep the shipping cost worth it.

I'm using them for making OOAKs and I can work around many things, so I will accept dolls with:
wonky eyes or other facial features
shallow scratches
any hair problems (unless noted, I plan to reroot most anyway)
Loose elbow joints
loose wrists
lost or broken neck anchors

What I CAN'T accept:
deep scratches
loose knees
missing limbs
Ghouls Alive dolls

Now for the list:

Will pay up to $10 for:


Will pay up to $9 for:
EAH Kitty
EAH Bunny

Will pay up to $8 for:
Haunted Spectra
Either of the were-twins
Scaris Catrine (need her hair intact please)
EAH Darling Charming
EAH Rosabella

Will pay up to $7 for:
13 Wishes Abbey
13 wishes Lagoona (aka freshwater Lagoona)
Heath (any version)
EAH Alistair
EAH Holly

Will pay up to $6 for:
Boo York Frightseers Clawdeen, Operetta or Draculaura

Scroll further down for what I believe is a good glitter match that I have found, and below that, I found the right hair tinsel as well.

Going to use thread for hair tinsel I believe, but still looking for the ideal type for this.

Original text:
Anyone happen to know a brand or a listing somewhere with glitter that's fine enough and the right color to match Abbey Bominable's body glitter?

Also looking for something to match the iridescent tinsel in her hair.

Huge thanks for any help!

Sightings / RAKUTEN: Finds & Sales
« on: May 10, 2015, 08:03:49 AM »

Sports Clawdeen for $7.99
All 3 Inner Monster sets for $13.99, including the Spooky Sweet Frightfully Fierce one which I NEVER see on sale as low as the other 2!

Sightings / ZULILY: Finds & Sales
« on: May 03, 2015, 03:26:51 PM »
There's lots of other stores that randomly once in a while drop a good deal. Is this a good idea to have a thread that covers the rest of them?

I didn't start keeping an eye on Zulily till someone else posted a deal on some EAH dolls in the EAH section. But Right now they have Sweet Screams Ghoulia for $13.79

Also Casta for $12.29 and Scaremester Catty for $9.49, a few others at reasonable prices.

Customs / Gloss or semi-gloss spray finish tests
« on: April 29, 2015, 12:58:58 PM »
Did some testing of my own, pics a few posts further down.

I was thinking about some different ideas and noticing how metallic vinyls and plastics look more saturated and metallic when they have a bit of gloss on them.

So I was wondering if anyone has tried and has some pics of any dolls sealed with gloss or semi-gloss sealants? Would be nice to see if others have tried it before I experiment myself.

I was thinking it might look nice on Robecca and Jinafire in particular.

I wouldn't recommend doing this to a cherished doll, just in case. Just something that I learned about for others to consider.

Also, this will only work for the torso, upper arms and thighs, because the forearms and lower legs are made of something different. I've found that those parts usually don't have huge seam problems so much anyway fortunately.

So I was getting tired of just how long it takes to sand dolls down when you're smoothing seams and removing underwear so I had an idea and thought I'd test it out. I knew that acetone melts plastic and I had read once about using acetone vapor to smooth the plastic of 3D printings, or you could brush it on instead. So, took an old test bait doll to try some things out on.

If you want to try this out, it should only be used on shallow scratches, so if you have deep ones, you should sand the area down some and using this technique makes it so that you don't have to sand forever with the super fine sandpapers to completely get rid of all the little scratches.

Acetone evaporates REALLY fast, so I had to take a q-tip, highly saturated, but not dripping, and rub it lightly straight down over the area, just once so that the liquid lays on the surface. It'll look wet of course. The acetone will stay wet just long enough to smooth the scatches, and even though it will still look wet, it will be dry in a matter of seconds. Like 10 or so. Won't even be tacky to the touch if you did it right. You can do this several times on the same spot if needed, just make sure you wait a minute to let the plastic completely dry, or it could get tacky and some fibers of the q-tip can come off and start sticking to it a bit.

If you want to live dangerously and play around a bit, it is possible to take a q-tip that is a bit beyond damp and rub over a rough spot for a little while to smooth it out. Can't be long though or again, the plastic gets tacky and the cotton will start sticking to it.

You can use a very fine sand paper to get rid of the glossiness if so desired. It's a lot faster to get rid of a glossy finish than it is to smooth out a rough finish with sandpaper.

So far I have not seen any negative side effects on my dolls from using this technique, but I will certainly update if anything happens.

Before and after pic:

Customs / Dirili Custom Lab (12-17-15 pg11 another Clawdeen)
« on: April 17, 2015, 04:44:27 PM »
Just some pics of the facial details on that Clawdeen I painted for the body blushing tutorial. She just needs clothes now!


So, here is where I'm going to post finished projects. Finally all warmed up here and had a few nice days with low humidity for spraying sealant outside and as a result I have my first few repaints to display.

Some of you may be familiar with my head shrinking experiment page. I'll be shrinking the heads of all my customs because I prefer more proportionate features and have always disliked huge headed dolls.  If you're interested in the shrinking process, you can find that thread here:,7252.0.html

Having a hard time starting out so admittedly these first few are not very good, particularly with the symmetry issue. Oh, and I'm reaaally bad at photography too which doesn't help my case at all. Of all the mediums I have ever tried my hand at (and it has been a LOT), photography is one thing I have never been able to get anywhere with. For the painting, I think the difficultly is partly because it's such a small scale, but also I've been working on a lot of digital art lately, so not as used to working with real mediums these days.

I'll be sewing for the dolls later too, but for now, I've started out warming up my repaint skills on some of the flawed dolls. Since head shrinking is one of the features that not too many other people use, I'm going to start out with a comparison pic of 2 Madeline Hatters shrunk, with reshaped jawlines, repainted, and the one rerooted with body paint. I don't want to overload with pics, so I'm only going to show one close up outside of spoilers, the rest of the pics I'll keep in spoilers:

I should have photographed her hands... I have a thing for painting hands and feet for some reason. I really enjoy it and I think it brings something out in a doll.

More on Maddie:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Shrunk, repainted and rerooted Ghoulia:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

2 shrunken Clawdeens next to an unmodified one. One shrink repainted:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

My FIRST repaint. Oh the shame! Feel like I should share it anyway. It was a quickie and experimental in lots of ways, but it's a shrunken EAH Cupid with drastically reshaped jaw and 3D lashes.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

I have a thing for transparent stuff for some reason... part of why Spectra is my favorite MH girl.

I'm sick of seeing product pics that show transparent accessories and then when I receive them, they aren't even opaque! Like today I received Geek Shriek Abbey and her glasses and shoes are solid purple. And the Dead Tired spectra, her product pics showed transparent purple slippers which again were solid when I received the doll.

I suppose I really ought to look up owner pics before I buy to make sure... but still, I just couldn't help feeling so disappointed with my purchase today since this has happened with several dolls that I have bought retail.

Match your stuff to the product pics Mattel!

Sightings / SEARS: Finds & Sales
« on: March 29, 2015, 10:29:10 AM »
Hope this is ok to start?

I believe there is a 3rd party seller that has a shop both on k-mart and Sears because seems to be the same prices for both sites I think. But a hand full of dolls at some nice low prices right now in their online shops:

Ghoul Spirit Venus, Frankie and Spectra: $7.80
Frights Camera Action Draculaura, Frankie, Clawdeen and Cleo: $8.40
Scaritage Skelita and Operetta: $10
Coffin Bean Abbey and Frankie: $10
Creepateria Howleen, Draculaura and Cleo: $10
Swim Draculaura: $10

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