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Buy/Sell/Trades / Seeking Lagoona~!
« on: March 22, 2014, 05:12:10 PM »
Would prefer Picture Day Lagoona but any Lagoona excluding 13 Wishes would do c:
I'll buy nude and/or loose. =)

Off Topic / Skeleton Story~!
« on: March 21, 2014, 05:53:56 PM »
So today I got my very first MH...Skelita~!

And its kinda funny and silly at the same time, but I got a little emotional as I was unwrapping her and taking the plastic and the little tie off her. To get a big piece of plastic off around her waist, I had to take her clothing off and it was just amazing to see the detail, the bones and ribcage and everything that Mattel had done for her and then I got a little emotional...
I hope it's okay to share this, if not, then a mod please correct me or erase the following text.
Almost three full years back, I was diagnosed with anorexia. I was placed in rehab and I was exposed to many things a little thirteen/to/fourteen year old should not be exposed to. While in rehab I was also sexually harassed by another patient, making both that and the experience as a whole very traumatizing. Seeing bones of any sort, people bones or even the skeletal bones of a doll just is very hard for me. I'd picked her for her interesting design not realizing how hard this would be for me.

I sound very silly and I'm sorry. I just wanted to share this little story and how I didn't realize how much Skelita would come to mean to me.
But anyway, this year I'm going back to school and it's been very hard for me. I have anxiety and I hate it. I'm having a hard time accepting my body and the weight I have gained through recovery and then binging.
Seeing her bones and her body just brought all the feelings forward I guess. But it felt good to cry and think about it? Does that make sense?
Thank you for letting me share this story with you all though  :redface: It feels really nice to write it all out!

Anyway, I'll have some pictures up soon. Her hair is an absolute mess ;n; and she has this tiny little piece of plastic sticking out of her head that I think I'll take a tweezer to. But she's so gorgeous ;n; And she's my first MH! I hope to do some photo shoots soon.
Would anyone have any ideas how to make her joints a little more moveable? They're very stiff :C

Introductions! / How terrorific!~
« on: March 20, 2014, 07:25:09 AM »

How old are you? 16
Where do you live? State, Country? Planet? The depths of the the Atlantic ocean

Do you work or attend school? Profession or major?
I tend high school, but would like to go into a career involving mental and physical health.

Who are the important people in your life? My mother, my brother, and our doggies Rocco & Nahla :3

Dolls: Skelita is on her way~!!

How long have you been collecting? Just began like two (?) days ago.  :wow:

What made you want to collect Monster High dolls? The arena & tumblr! I migrated over here from mlparena.

Tell us about your collection! Nothing to tell yet but hopefully soon~!  :skel:

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