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Monster Discussion / Re: Fakies, good for a laugh.
« on: May 26, 2014, 11:19:33 PM »
My fakie Wydownas have normal MH feet as well. :)

Monster Discussion / Re: Monster High Discussion Thread
« on: May 22, 2014, 11:33:02 PM »
Mmm. Not a fan of the MLP-like "cutie marks" on Avea's back leg.

I have to agree, I might end up removing the paint myself when I finally get my hands on her. I really cannot wait to get the new girls, and I really want that Soccer Toralei too. Toralei is just going to end up being an army, lol.

Monster Discussion / Re: Fakies, good for a laugh.
« on: May 22, 2014, 10:37:01 PM »
Okay! I got my dollies (thanks to my husband going to the post office to sign for them since he wasn't home when the postman came by<3), I should have read the description closer on the Monster Elves "Scaris" fakie since it said there was a "chance" the box would get flattened in shipping since they do not ship in boxes "to cut shipping costs". More like it WILL get crushed.

Wydowna Fakies by StormyRavenNeko, on Flickr

The Monster Girl Monster-conic Lipgloss Set I actually paid less for that came in a much larger box was boxed & not bagged. The box received a little damage but nothing like the other. LOL

Wydowna Fakies by StormyRavenNeko, on Flickr

And then The fakies with the real Wydowna in the middle:

Unboxed fakie Wydownas with the real Wydowna in the middle by StormyRavenNeko, on Flickr

Unboxed fakie Wydownas with the real Wydowna in the middle by StormyRavenNeko, on Flickr

From a far you cannot really tell that they are fakies like bewilderness had stated earlier. When you actually handle them you can tell by the way the limbs are flimsy (imagine the feel of MH hands taken and then used for the legs (below the knee) and arms (including the upper arm). The heads are thinner and lack a lot of the facial contouring that the original has. The eye sockets that have the actual iris' are sunken in indents (like the EAH girls), and the bug eyes are missing the appearance of eybrows. The texture of the hair reminds me of the hair that Barbie fakies have if you're ever had the chance to play with those. The clothes of both girls require you to pull the head off to change - luckly the heads are anchored a bit like a CAM head. I'm liking the way the blue, gold, & purple look against her and I have a feeling that one will be rooted in a bright purple & one in a deep topaz blue.

Monster Discussion / Re: Fakies, good for a laugh.
« on: May 22, 2014, 09:24:14 AM »
 :freak: Both of my Wydowna fakies are out for delivery today. I won't be here when they arrive but I know I'll have something waiting for me when I get home from work tonight. I just hope it doesn't end in disappointment since I've waited so long on the one "Scaris" one.

Monster Discussion / Re: Fakies, good for a laugh.
« on: May 21, 2014, 12:32:02 AM »
I've found a Fakie Weberella on eBay (The one that comes with an umbrella?!)

I was wondering if anyone has a Weberella fake, and she she good quality? I've found her for 11.99. I just want to know if she is worth it?

I ordered one off of AliExpress & it is still on its way to me, when I get it I'll be sure to post on the quality. :) It'll probably just be a few more days since she has now gone through the sort facility in either NJ or NY - I'm not sure since she and my original fakie went through each. I'm going to end up leaving neutral feedback on the original doll ("Scaris" box) I ordered on April 8th since it took me chatting with them on May the 3rd asking about the tracking number that never budged for them to get off their butts and ship. (Trying to say it got sent back to them.) Has anyone personally had an issue like that from some of these sellers? I've done my best to be patient since I know they are coming from over seas but when you mark something as shipped and you know it is registered mail and the system cannot find it it's annoying (more so when other people who ordered after you get their item).

Monster Discussion / Re: MH secondary market?
« on: May 16, 2014, 10:13:36 PM »
The most I paid second hand was $50 something and that was for a complete signature Holt, other than that I don't do too much 2nd hand shopping. Holt is hanging out at the Casbah as the DJ.

Monster Discussion / Re: What are prices like now?
« on: May 13, 2014, 08:34:52 AM »
That buying items at low with the sole intention of turning a profit on collectors isn't scalping...that's news to me  ^^; I have done this myself, but I take it to ebay. I guess ebay is just less personal and the buyers set the price so that I don't feel guilty.  It's just how I personally feel that I am at forums to share the love of the hobby and feel guilty profiting off other collectors. Maybe times are changing or this forum just has a different vibe than other ones. Congrats on finding that great lot, and I apologize if I offended anyone with my first post (I didn't realize it would cause so much defensiveness).

No worries~  I knew there was a huge misunderstanding in the huge facebook group (the reason why I left) about the subject but I am not sure about the exact location it started out at. I didn't want to cause drama, just wanted to set the record straight on scalpers when the subject comes up. Here we can post the prices we want without someone posting prices are too high, sometimes our items we are selling may sit around (supply & demand and all that). I'll always call here home for my Monster High addiction because everyone is so warm and friendly, or at least try to be.  :hug: Welcome to the club, pull up a chair and some cookies - there are loads of cookies and sweets here!

Monster Discussion / Re: What are prices like now?
« on: May 12, 2014, 10:06:15 PM »
You're welcome~ My PC still stands, I was going from lowest I could find to highest prices paid with items missing. It's not to collector's market that has changed or the Arena, it's a small group of people that feel that paying over retail on a retired doll is scalping. I rather not drag this off topic though, good luck on selling your lovely batch of dollies~. :) BTW seeing your DotD Draculaura makes me sad selling mine but I'm low on display space and wouldn't have a good place for her to be admired here.

Monster Discussion / Re: What are prices like now?
« on: May 12, 2014, 08:47:56 AM »
Dawn of the Dance Draculaura, near complete, missing her shoes: $39.99-54.99
Signature Holt, missing a few of his small extras and pet: $41-$62 (his price is kinda all over the place depending on the demand of the market)
Signature Lagoona:$31-90 (really depends on pieces missing)
Clawdeen: $15-26
Frankie: $8-17
Draculaura: $15-32
Ghoulia: $13-45
Signture Cleo and Deuce also missing pieces: $50-72

I disagree about pricing it at just above what you paid to pass along the good deals and also make a little bit profit. There are PLENTY of people here that would be willing to pay those prices for some of those dolls in the higher brackets because they are just not available to buy anymore. This does not count as scalping because there is only one of each doll, she did not go out and buy multiples clearing out a store for personal gain.

Ever After High Discussion / Re: Show me your collections!
« on: April 26, 2014, 11:26:14 AM »
Here's mine so far:
Current EAH doll collection by StormyRavenNeko, on Flickr

They all fit on my desk for now but as new characters come out I'm either going to need to weed out Monster High dolls I don't want again or weed out one of my other collections. ^^;

Home Ick Frankie all the way, I just love her blunt cut bangs and her makeup. She looks fabulous in any of her outfits, I've currently got her in her S1600 dress.

Monster Discussion / Re: Fakies, good for a laugh.
« on: April 08, 2014, 04:08:15 PM »
I just bought my first fakie - that Wydowna is too great to pass up. :D

I just bought LD Raven off of since she was down to $15 and some odd change. I just broke my one per character rule. >_<

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk

My Blondie came with a gold stand? I honestly don't mind the black stands too much, I just wish they'd be consistent. I'd prefer to have all metallic stands or all black stands, not a weird combination of both.

Apple's purse opens up too :) I understand why some of the purses don't open. I'm not even sure how Blondie's would. I was surprised that Cerise and Ashlynn's didn't though. It doesn't really bother me much, however, since it's not like I actually put anything inside the ones that do. It is a nice detail when they do it though.

Ooops, I meant Cerise not Blondie when I brought up the stands. @_@ I blame it being late & I should be sleeping, lol. I didn't know Signature Apple's purse opened but then I skipped that release. I don't plan on putting anything in the bags but I have to agree that it is indeed a nice touch.

Is anyone else disappointed that they've had basic black stand bases for Cedar, Cupid, & Blondie? What about the purses/bags? I so far found that only Maddie, Cedar, and Hunter have bags that open. I finally have one of each character that is currently out, all of which are the basics except for Apple & Briar - which I opted for the LD girls instead since I found them more aesthetically pleasing. When I was looking around at Justice after selecting the best Cedar (OMG so much lavender in her braid X3) one of the associates asked if I had found the new doll. I squee'd on the inside. Did anyone else look at the charm bracelet & see the whale, donkey, & fairy? I still love all of the details that Mattel pours into these dolls, even if they do skimp on giving some of the girls a basic black stand base & non opening purses. :)

I had both but I ended up thinning out my collection & sister pack Clawdeen got booted. I have a quite a few of Clawdeen's releases and this one just did not do if for me.  ^^;

Monster Discussion / Re: Monster High Discussion Thread
« on: January 02, 2014, 01:40:15 PM »
I got my Viperine in today. <3 Things I have learned: 1)the snake necklace does not come off  :annoyed:,2)her plating that goes down the front and continues part of the way down the inside of her thigh and also is continued down the insides of her arms, 3) any ghoul with a plated body is different. Reiterating my reason for loving MH dolls - all of that wondrous detail!

Monster Discussion / Re: Monster High Discussion Thread
« on: January 01, 2014, 04:06:04 PM »
Is Mattel still stocking CAM bodies 5 pack?

Not that I could tell, I hope they make a new pack with the other pieces needed for completing the other CAMs that came out this coming year. @_@ Having incomplete dolls all the way around is not cool.

Monster Discussion / Re: Create a Monster Discussion
« on: January 01, 2014, 12:56:44 PM »
I have 30 CAMs that are complete and a few that are not because Mattel never made the extra pieces it would take to complete them. Many are duplicates & quite a few have been customized by me & 2 were ones that were customized by someone else. I was so happy when the CAM lab originally came out - before I found out first hand my ideas were not handled to their truest potential. I might have to feed them some more ideas into the ethereal (as some of my customers have put it) and see what happens. LOL I'm excited to hear that they have more in the works for this coming year, I really would like for them to go back to using an all vinyl head though  instead of having those dreaded hard caps - makes it easier for customizing.  :blush:

Draculaura's Darkroom / Re: Show me outfit swaps!
« on: December 29, 2013, 11:49:22 AM »
PG Toralei in Cleo's

I loved this one, the colors just pop on her!

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