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Off Topic / Re: What non-MH purchase did you recently make? 2.0
« on: May 06, 2018, 05:21:45 PM »
I got Bratzillaz Magic Night Out Jade J'Adore for just 25 bucks yesterday on sale. Which doesn't quite sound like a bargain, until i mention that online and she's going for $80 - $390 bucks. I absolutely adore her and i'm so happy i could get her!

Off Topic / Re: Mattel Closing New York Office
« on: April 14, 2018, 07:46:02 PM »
It won't get to that point because another company will gobble them up. They still have lots of very valuable properties even if the company has been mismanaging them. Hasbro may very well get their wish someday.

I'm honestly kind of hoping it happens, since it's very easy to see that Mattel has great ideas, but (as of the last couple of years, at least) a rather dubious modus operandi  ^^;

Off Topic / Re: Mattel Closing New York Office
« on: April 14, 2018, 06:52:12 AM »
I wouldn't think that this would help with product quality at all.  They're $650 million in debt, so I'm guessing that whatever they save or earn by closing this office will need to go straight to their investors and lenders.  It wouldn't be available for pouring into production.

Right. I assumed so as's a shame though, because Mattel is in a weird cycle of making "passable" quality products (sometimes not even that) and bland ideas which might put people off from buying them, then they cannot make as much as they would hope for, which then turns into them not being able to make better quality products due to lack of profit. I don't know how it is where you guys are, but here their products are gathering dust in the shelves everywhere, and they've been on sale since december.

Hopefully this two year plan to recover from the debt will help - I can't imagine how would it be if Mattel ever had to file for Bankrupcy :| I'm also super curious as to what caused them to be in such a huge debt.

Off Topic / Mattel Closing New York Office
« on: April 11, 2018, 01:52:50 PM »
Saw this today:

Well, I'm not sure if them closing their New York Office in order to help them get out of their debt will affect the dolls quality for the better, but things are still looking a bit dark for Mattel to have them do something like this.

What do you guys think? Hopefully closing that office will help relieve some of the costs and those can be relocated into their products, but if that's the case i'm pretty sure it will still go to the brands they make products for, not necessarily their own.

Monster Discussion / Re: Abbey's Ice Sculpture Differences?
« on: March 20, 2018, 08:31:40 AM »
Maybe a difference in the different factories?

Oh, is that a thing that happens with accesories on MH? I think this is the first time I notice because it looks so different. Actually, I just realized that my PD Operetta has the variant web mask! I didn't realize she had two versions.

If it's a factory thing, that's a random inconsistency. I guess because these are playline toys they don't care too much about details like that, but to an adult collector those kind of differences are pretty noticeable, maybe even to a teenager. Who knows  :P

I'm actually really liking the new lines, it feels like mattel is putting some effort to them beyond the budget line mark. However, and I hate to be that guy, but if i have to be picky, the amount of reused accessories is actually crazy.

On the Ghostly Tea Party Line:

- Clawdeen's teapot is Madeleine Hatter's and her shoes are Toralei's Coffin Bean shoes
- Lagoona's hair piece is Amanita Nightshade's hair decoration, and her shoes are the ones from the
   student exchange program.
- Ari's bag is Signature Spectra's bag. It does seem to me like the fan and the teacups are new, tho!

Not sure about the rest, and not necessarily saying that reusing accesories is bad, but it still feels subpar to what they used to do. The hoodies line is great, anyway. I think out of all of them i'm wanting Ari Poodleton the most. If anything i'll just make her a rococo inspired dress to match the crazy hair!

Monster Discussion / Re: Abbey's Ice Sculpture Differences?
« on: March 18, 2018, 11:06:17 AM »
Mine was iridescent too, and all that were on sale area were iridescent, so I can't say if it's a rare thing or maybe the iridescent coating rubbed off?

That's the strange thing, because it didn't look like the texture was painted on, it seemed more like they used two different kinds of plastics. I was checking out some pictures on amazon, and even those have different sculptures on the product page:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Also, i just noticed looking at these pictures that on the promo pic Abbey's icycle belt is blue, but i know for a fact it's white on all the ones i've ever seen, so that might be a picture of the prototype.

Maybe the iridescent version was a limited run and then they used white plastic for the next batches?

Now i'm even more curious haha :P

Monster Discussion / Abbey's Ice Sculpture Differences?
« on: March 17, 2018, 10:09:30 PM »
Hey guys!

I was looking around for something about this here, but I couldn't find anything, so I figured it would be ok to post a topic about it. Hope it's ok!

A couple of days ago I was able to get my hands on my first Abbey Bominable doll, her Art Class release. I was very excited but I did notice something strange - a lot of the dolls' ice sculptures were stark white, and only one of the bunch had a beautiful iridescent/icy texture to it. I was lucky enough to get that one since the face paint and details were perfect, but it got me thinking - does anybody know why is that?

I looked up on Ebay and out of all the ones on sale, there's also only two of them that have that kind of sculptures. If you haven't seen it, here's how it looks (kind of, it's much better in person):

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

I tried looking up on the internet, to no avail  :blink:

I'd like to reiterate that i did not start this topic with the intention of causing issues.

I understand 100% having an opinion/being opinionated, but I'd like to remind everybody so that we make sure it all remains chill, that we're discussing about a fashion doll line targeted to kids and tweens. As adults, I'm sure we all understand that opinions are not facts unless we were there and/or have proof. I presented the things that I saw, read, and heard the author say in regards to this for discussion.

Mattel never even made a statement about the issue, so we really don't know what Mattel's stance on this is other than they say Garrett Sander came up with the idea and they used it, and that Aaron's MH doesn't look like theirs at all and that you can't copyright an idea (this last part according to what Aaron has said about their exchanges).

If you find that the possibility of the original idea being Aaron's is farfetched, that's cool. I don't think me or akirafay or anybody who may give it a second thought wants to force you into believing it (I'd hope).

I am all for discussing how likely it is that the ideas could just be coincidence, and how the themes could be similar yet not the same, that's awesome and could even lead to learning new things, that i'm down with. But please, let's keep it chill. It's toys we're talking about.

In regards to the topic, i'll leave this here:

It is so common a trope that it even has a page on But for me at least, the overlapping of themes is at the very least unfortunate in these two particular cases.

Monster Discussion / Re: It's almost Toy Fair time!
« on: February 21, 2018, 07:37:13 AM »
Yeah, I posted that over in the Enchantimals thread already, heh.

The video contains general information about EAH, MH, the toy fair itself, and also Enchantimals.

I'd say it's worth posting it over here as well, seeing this is the Toy Fair 2018 topic, heh. ;)

Monster Discussion / Re: It's almost Toy Fair time!
« on: February 20, 2018, 08:37:41 PM »
Judging from what I saw in this video around 1:20:

It seems the new Danessa Deer will be released with a huge house that seems to be hers, judging by the giant antlers on top of it.

I'm seriously hoping that's not the case. Why is she only released with someone or something else! :(

Also, Mommy from Mommy and Gracie show pointed out in the end that she was told that no, there are no MH or EAH dolls because they needed space for Jurassic World and other initiatives, but that it doesn't mean that there won't be dolls...which to me sounds like such a cop out answer  ^^; I mean, yeah...there will be dolls. But it also shows that MH and EAH are not in their list of priorities anymore, something we already knew, i guess.

Monster Discussion / Re: It's almost Toy Fair time!
« on: February 20, 2018, 07:08:38 AM »
There are rumors that Hasbro is still very keen to obtain Mattel, I wonder if the sale eventually goes through sometime in the future whether Hasbro would try and reboot MH?

Mattel keeps declining, even though they're not doing the best financially for what i've heard. They seem adamant in staying on their own, but the product they keep releasing isn't selling as well as it should, which only renders them to make worse quality product. For what i've seen they're applying a policy of quantity over quality and releasing stuff like crazy, and focusing the quality in licensing deals rather than their own properties :(

If Hasbro got Monster High though...Is it bad that I actually worry? the Descendants dolls seem so bland to me compared to MH or EAH :/  hopefully if that happens they'll keep the MH team and, who knows, maybe even release new head molds that will combine the best of G1 and G2...and MH C.A. Cupid will get a new release. Again, a man can dream ^^;

Monster Discussion / Re: Grief over the end of G1?
« on: February 20, 2018, 06:29:57 AM »
I feel the quality of the designs and details took a dive after Garrett Sander left the project :(

Also, I assume the articulation efforts went to the deals with WWE, their dolls and new products. Mattel still releases articulated MH dolls, but MH is now a line targeted to kids, and thus, i think articulation is more of an issue than anything else, with all the small parts and little accessories. So maybe that's why the details and articulation are becoming less and less prominent.

I don't think mattel thinks about their adult customers too much when it comes to MH nowadays, but it'd be nice if at least they'd do a playline for kids (kind of like a budget line) and kept the quality on a section of the line made for adults. I'm assuming the dolls would become a bit more expensive, but at least they would be worth the money invested.

Monster Discussion / Re: It's almost Toy Fair time!
« on: February 19, 2018, 02:05:44 PM »
The EAH line is dead, the only reason that Mattel hasn't canceled EAH officially is that Mattel signed a multi-year contract with Netflix. Part of Mattel's deal to get EAH on Netflix was that they would display the 'Watch EAH on Netflix!' blurb on the boxes. Because Mattel's deal with Netflix is still going on, they can't officially cancel the line without breaking contract. At this point, breaking the contract with Netflix would cost more than the EAH line brings in, so they have to keep putting out a few bad budget lines until the contract is up. They don't have any real designers on EAH anymore though, which is why EAH is only releasing budget lines with no articulation, cheap minidresses in pre-existing patterns, and recolored versions of previous accessories. That is the sad background/business truth about EAH, and why the line hasn't been officially canceled yet. EAH was already in a sales slump, and Disney's Descendants (which is essentially the same concept except with the more recognizable Disney versions of the fairytale parents) put the nails in the coffin on the EAH line.

That is heartbreaking :( But yeah, EAH seemed to not be working in many places. Here in Panama the dolls barely sold at all after a while, and I heard it was the case in many places as well. Hopefully Monster High will still have a couple of years left, but seeing as there was no MH this year, i'm not holding my breath for it lasting too long :(

I'll quote Aaron in things he has said publicly in his FB profile. He has mentioned before that apparently the rights to his idea (Monster High), which were published under SIRIUS, the comic company the released his comic, were sold to Mattel without his permission. That scarred him enough to publish his comics on his own since then.

Okay this radically changes things if this is true.  If Mattel bought the rights to Monster High from Sirius then, strictly-speaking, they did nothing wrong and now legally own whatever names and trademarks they acquired through that purchase.  That isn't thievery at all, that's business.

I understand what you're saying about how, from an ethical perspective, Mattel should have contacted the creator of the series; but truthfully, this has nothing to do with ethics and everything to do with legality.
If Mattel wanted to secure the rights to Monster High School, their first move wouldn't be to contact the series writer—it would be to contact the publisher.  Often comic book companies employ writers whose sole job is to create scripts for the other artists to follow.  They have nothing to do with the creation of the concept or the characters, and they don't own any sort of copyright over the work.  So Mattel would have no reason to approach the writer unless Sirius had informed them that they didn't own copyright of the story.  And let's be honest, none of us can say for sure that they didn't.  It is entirely possible that Bordner unwittingly signed over more than just distribution rights when he entered into his contract with Sirius. 
I used to work in the comic book industry as a writer, pencilist, and colorist, and I saw a lot of dubious contracts.  I worked on one particular story that will always stick out in my mind.  The creator and writer of the series was so excited to secure a publisher that he signed on with the first company to make him an offer.  He ended up signing over almost complete and total creative control of the project without even realizing what he had done.

In regards to Mattel owing Bordner a heads-up that they were buying the rights to his story: I completely concur with Crimson Kitty that that was on Sirius, not Mattel.  Sirius were the ones who should've contacted Bordner and let him know that there were selling his story.  If Mattel believed that they had bought the rights from the legal owner of those rights, they would have had no reason to contact anyone else.

That's interesting, and I guess if that was the case then it really sucks for him if it happened like that. I'm assuming the situation must've been an internal issue with Aaron and Sirius, and the deals they made without letting him know at all.

Also yeah, strictly speaking, none of them had to make any notifications to the artist and writer of a series if the contract doesn't tell them to, but damn, business can be a cold thing to deal with when it comes to art and artists. I guess things like these are a good stories to keep in mind when approached by publishing companies, record labels, etc - to never sign away things without making sure you can at least have a say in future agreements done with your work.

Not unless Mattel didn't know that he had not given the rights to sell the comic, especially if SIRIUS did it behind his back as you say.

That's the opinion I'm getting from you.  You seem to not buy the coincidence, nor do you want to listen to anyone who thinks it's coincidental.  It seems a stretch for you to think that anyone else could have come p with ____ in high school and call it ____ High.  This is just going around in circles at this point.

What I say is in regards to what i've read and seen published by Aaron himself.

Coincidence happens, and believe me, i'm not here to be convinced or wanting to convince anyone  ^^; again, not a conspiracy theorist. We're just sharing opinions and exploring the possibilities of it being true or not. I commented on what akirafay said, and agreed with her in the points she brought up. Actually, i've tried to make sure every post i make on this topic has a small form of disclaimer that i'm not trying to convince anyone and it's just speculation. If you feel the topic is going in circles, then I guess it makes no sense to keep commenting on the topic. But for other people who may want to give their two cents, then it's up to them if they want to comment on it or just ignore it.

That said, if a mod feels this is a topic that's going to cause any sort of negative response, then by all means do what's necessary. I brought it up as something interesting to share opinions on, but this is a cool community and i'm not here to cause drama over a speculation topic. Thanks!

Monster Discussion / Re: It's almost Toy Fair time!
« on: February 19, 2018, 08:31:42 AM »
This is all I've found for Enchantimals, and apart from the doll descriptions posted by Darth, I haven't seen _anything_ for MH :( I know in previous years they sometimes had MH stuff in a different room to the main showroom or w/e, could that be the case this year? Either that or they really are done for good, I suppose.

Danessa being released as a single is what dreams are made of for me. The only reason I didn't get her is because i'm really not that into enchantimals but I adore deer characters! hopefully it happens. And MH not being at the toy fair is definitely a sign of bad things, i feel. Hopefully they are and they're just being secretive about it or something.

If the comic company sold his ideas, that's on him and the comic company.  That's not on Mattel.

Oh no, if that really is the case, it's totally on Mattel.

Even if SIRIUS had the rights to his comic, it is only ethical to approach the creator of the comic and at the very least give them a heads up that an adaptation of their work is being produced as a toy line/book series/etc. Seems like a very slimy move to just be "well we don't need to talk to the person who gave birth to this idea at all, let's proceed to ignore him, say this guy (Garrett Sander) came up with it on his own, and then when he approaches us about this we just say "oh we don't think they look alike at all"". Not sure if he has attempted to sue, or if he's just given up on it, since again, all i'm basing myself off is the few interactions i've had with Aaron and his public posts on the matter.

But as you said. Whether you think it's just a coincidence or I think there's something fishy going on, it doesn't change anything at all and it's up to each person to decide, which is the reason why i made the topic. Mostly speculation. Sorry if it ever comes off as me saying "this is the absolute truth you guys!" or anything of the sort, i promise you it's not :) as evidenced by the replies on the topic, i don't think anyone can know for sure unless they're Aaron or Garrett or Mattel, myself included.

Anyway, back on topic, like I said, you really seem to have to dig for this.  It's possible they overlooked it or never even found it.  How easy was it to find in the late 90s/early 00s?  You said yourself it developed a niche following, but never exploded in popularity.  And it's very likely Adam Bordner was not even the first person to come up with such an idea. 

As for the names, Monster High School and Monster High.  About as generic as you can get.  If it was something he had come up with, like Cryptington School For Monsters, and you walk into a store, and boom, Mattel has made Kryptington Kidz or something, then you've got an argument.

I'll quote Aaron in things he has said publicly in his FB profile. He has mentioned before that apparently the rights to his idea (Monster High), which were published under SIRIUS, the comic company the released his comic, were sold to Mattel without his permission. That scarred him enough to publish his comics on his own since then.

And another thing - I think a big company like Mattel wouldn't need to get personally involved with a single guy claiming they stole his idea. Can you imagine how many people claim that about things big companies release all the time? but Mattel actually ended up sending a letter to Aaron about this, it seems:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

And like i said, it wasn't the name of the line or the names of the characters, or even the setting and storyline itself that feels weird to me, if they were all coincidences separated from each other. But they're all there, together, almost in the same order.

I'm really sorry if this all seems like a conspiracy theory thread, btw ^^; at this point I've learned to love and appreciate both releases as stand alone things, regardless of what happened. I have the 3 volumes of Monster High School by Aaron myself and over 50+ dolls by Mattel.

Monster Discussion / Re: It's almost Toy Fair time!
« on: February 19, 2018, 06:54:14 AM »
I was also looking to see if there was anything, but i can't find a single thing. The only video i found about Mattel's section at toy fair was this one:

I did see Enchantimals for a split second, but not even new ones :( actually they were straight up wave 1 Enchantimals.

I hope they're just saving MH and other big lines for later in the week or something, i did see some vloggers there weren't allowed to film in some areas, so who knows.

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