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Introductions! / Down the MH Rabbit Hole!!!
« on: January 08, 2018, 07:41:27 PM »
Hi-oh! I'm a long-time ball-joint doll collector and faceup artist - 11 years! I'm on DoA and Dollfie Dream under the same username. I've been following customizers like Dollightful, Moonlight Jewel, EarthtoLylah, and Hextian for a bit and thought I'd give MH a try.

I was actually kind of surprised how much I liked the dolls once I them in hand. They're so delicate and unreasonably cute. I kind of imagine this is what fairies would look like if they were real. Tiny with big heads.

Right now I have a Clawdeen and Cleo, plus a Jane, Draculaura, and Silvi on the way that I snagged off eBay. (I thiink I went just a biiiiiittttt overboard. LOL)

I plan on customizing all of them. Clawdeen and Draculaura are going to be kind of practice dolls. Clawdeen is my favorite, so I kind of want her to keep her character (and then she can claim all of the default outfits that the other girls won't be needing.) I think I may give her a fluffy tail, though. (Can't decide if I want to give her yarn dreadlocks or a bright green re-root a la the Scaris Clawdeen... Either would be cute.)

Jane, Cleo, and Silvi are going to be customized as a (possibly dark) high-fantasy adventure group. Jane will be the spooky mage, Cleo is a thief/assassin (and the embodiment of the "where are you hiding all of those weapons trope"), and Silvi will be the tank-y Paladin.

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