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Monster Discussion / Re: how to fix frightfully tall hair issues?
« on: December 09, 2016, 06:10:41 PM »
My Elissabat had awful hair too. Crispy and tangled and actually rooted back onto itself in many places so that every strand was a loop. No bald spots though thankfully and she responded well to some intense treatment and a bit of a trim. Quality control really failed this girl.

definitely, it makes me upset that bad hair is so consistent on her considering she's both my fave and there aren't many releases for her. i also had issues with literal clumps of hair falling out while i was gently brushing her hair, i can't imagine a kid trying to play with this doll and having it go bald after a month or so  :( you'd think that mattel would want to scale the quality up along with the size but i suppose it was just too much to ask for

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i wonder if its possible to reroot with thicker hair, like yarn..?
or more hair in the reroot tool?

i was considering that as well, but where her bald spots are there aren't holes and her head is quite hard so i would probably have to go out and buy power tools to make holes with (which might risk even breaking the head if vinyl splitting is a possible issue on smaller soft headed dolls)

Monster Discussion / how to fix frightfully tall hair issues?
« on: December 07, 2016, 09:57:04 PM »
i know that 17 inch dolls are relatively old news but i thought i'd ask in case anyone knows what to do in this situation:

so not too long ago, maybe two/three weeks ago i got my 17 inch elissabat and of course i was practically weeping in happiness because who doesn't love big vampy dolls???

however, i noticed a lot of reviews have had complaints about the hair quality on most, if not all of the dolls released including bald spots in obvious places. knowing this, i decided to go for it anyway and hope that she would come in perfect and i'd have a lovely vampire queen to keep me company.

i opened her up and she was absolutely stunning save for a veeery slight (cracking?) in the corner of her eye and the situation.

 after taking the gel out of her bangs and giving her a gentle comb (which was not easy lol) i discovered that i was in for a shock and she had a large bald spot near her right temple, while the bottom area of her hair near the neck was perfectly thick and nicely rooted. (ugh, really? is it karma?  :annoyed: ) after trying to tie her hair up to hide it or meticulously comb and hairspray the hairs in place, i still can see the rooting peeking out and under proper light, some of her scalp.

i've considered saving up to get her a wig in a similar style, but i don't know if i want to resort to that because money is definitely an object to me (a rare one, at that.) i'd consider a reroot but the 17 inch dolls have harder heads and way bigger holes.

anyone else run into this issue and found a solution?

Monster Discussion / Re: Favorite personalities?
« on: December 07, 2016, 09:24:53 PM »
(note: all this is based off of my time watching the webisodes though, unfortunately i haven't had the chance to watch like any of the movies  ^^; )


draculaura: may be a super obvious answer, but draculaura is a long time favorite of mine even outside of the cute frilly outfits and coffins. i love that she's optimistic and upbeat and a great friend but can be a bit superficial, emotional and a gossip girl at times (relatable in my case haha) despite it all she's endearing and lovely despite her shortcomings and it helps me kind of look at myself the same way when i'm feeling down about my flaws.

clawd: my favorite boy of the bunch. not only do i like his design the best, but he's well rounded and more level headed than a lot of the other guys in my opinion and just a great match to draculaura's bubbly personality. (although i may be biased because i think he's adorable)

cleo: is great. i'm so glad they chose to move away from her being the stock mean girl and instead make her a supportive friend with a bit of an ego issue (which is refreshing because not everyone is sugary sweet all the time and that's just how some people are)

abbey: is blunt but means well and i also feel the same way about her as i do with cleo, not everyone is concerned with formality and people have different ways of showing affection and support.


ghoulia: i can't help but like the trope where a character speaks an unintelligible language and everyone but the audience seems to understand (plus i can relate to having to step in and save everyone's hides sometimes)

slomo: i would like to thank him for doing everyone a favor and punching heath's guitars

hoodude: couldn't help but be torn between chuckling or getting bummed whenever hoodude showed up. poor guy.


toralei: i can't stand toralei as a character, i like her dolls and i don't actively dislike her when not watching the webisodes, but whenever she shows up i just kind of sigh and sit through her shenanigans until it's over.

nefera: hits home more than i'd like to admit. the whole evil older sister thing? stresses me out even in a cartoon about dolls haha no thanks

Introductions! / hello
« on: December 02, 2016, 09:39:20 PM »
hey everyone!

i'm frey and i'm a 17 year old guy living in the usa.

i've been head over heels for monster high ever since i was a baby bat in fifth grade, so pretty much since release! i've always been kind of a dark kid enamored with campy horror and gothic fashion (i blame it on being born on halloween- no, for real) so seeing dolls with stitches and fangs was love at first fright! (oh, and did i mention i love making corny puns?)

i love my frightfully tall elissabat, vamptastic room playset, original favorites draculaura, and my monster exchange draculaura. i'm also super hoping to collect a lot of extras like playsets,minis, mega bloks and vinyls. (the more monster high i can shove into my life, the better)

if you couldn't tell by my collection and my username, i really love draculaura! bats, lace, pink? matches made in heaven. but if i HAD to choose a true favorite among all the lovely ghouls and guys, i think it would be elissabat. (isn't it such a shame they don't release more of her?)

but despite holding this doll line so close to my heart for so long, i just started collecting this past mid-november, so basically a few weeks ago. at the moment my collection is tiny but quickly growing! i'm excited to finally get into collecting and being surrounded by a great community, so i hope you'll have me!

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