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Monster Discussion / Re: Garden of Frights doll asst.
« on: Today at 07:20:17 AM »
From thedollcircle on Instagram:

Twyla doesn't have the weird arm shadow! Now she shadows? And Toralei's hair is crazy! Cleo looks pretty good, but I'm not blown away by any of these.

The nymphs. So they each come with a piece of scenery. Jada's my favorite.

Full-body (and full-height) shot of Treesa. I wonder what her mechanism is.

Monster Discussion / Collector's Edition Abbey Bominable
« on: Today at 07:06:37 AM »
Pics are here (they are not mine)- but be warned, this has proven to be a divisive doll, so you may hate it:

I personally think she has potential. The aurora-bright colors are interesting to me, and I think they're toned down nicely by the rest of the doll. I love the ancient tribal theme and the fur on her dress. I don't think her ponytail flatters her, but the hair is stunning and her face paint is really interesting to me. Would I have preferred a G1-style face? Probably, but since she's really out-of-context already, it doesn't bother me.

In the group of collector dolls? Well, she's no Draculaura, but I do appreciate that the CE dolls have since fit in with the rest of the group. I like her more than Skelita, too- she has more impact to me and it's easier to see where the budget went.

Now to see what her box looks like...

Monster Discussion / Re: Toy Fair 2017
« on: Yesterday at 07:04:12 PM »
Collector Abbey...color me surprised.
I think without that ponytail, Abbey would look great. I'm loving the bright aurora colors and her face paint...she's more interesting than Skelita to me and she fits in with the regular dolls unlike Draculaura...I think I might try to get her.

And I want that Skullete-character keychain.

Monster Discussion / Re: Family Sets and the Clawd/Clawdeen 2 pack
« on: February 18, 2017, 07:09:03 AM »
And the DC girl, Frost, looks a LOT like Crystal Winter. xD
Well, at least Killer Frost has an excuse- she's based on her real comics designs. And she's more blue than green/purple, so she's different enough.

Off Topic / Re: ST:TLJ trailer...
« on: February 18, 2017, 07:06:29 AM »
I don't mean to be rude, but shouldn't it be "SW:TLJ?"

Monster Discussion / Re: Toy Fair 2017
« on: February 18, 2017, 07:05:56 AM »
Ooh, I LOVE the branches molded onto her limbs. That's great!

Also, it looks like she has a standard vinyl head rather than hard plastic like her prototype images indicated.

Monster Discussion / Re: Toy Fair 2017
« on: February 17, 2017, 04:03:21 PM »
There's a presentation linked in the "MH coming to an end?" topic that has a Family spread in slightly higher quality. Dracula still has unarticated arms.

Monster Discussion / Re: Family Sets and the Clawd/Clawdeen 2 pack
« on: February 17, 2017, 04:00:11 PM »
I think Pawla is the name of Clawdeen's little sister in the family line, not her mom. And I'm also happy that the GSR designs stuck around.

Monster Discussion / Re: Family Sets and the Clawd/Clawdeen 2 pack
« on: February 17, 2017, 02:48:12 PM »
This artwork for the new YouTube series shows some more family members...might we be seeing these soon?

Pic is from this presentation:

Monster Discussion / Re: Monster High facing its end?
« on: February 17, 2017, 02:46:09 PM »
Honestly, if it has to end, I'd much rather it leave with a shred of dignity before coming a complete shadow of itself like the embarrassment of EAH right now. I never expected the line to be a generation-spanning success, and the concept itself is limiting. If it's not working, then they'd be wise to stop trying, and what we got was great, so I won't be too sad if it doesn't keep up.

Monster Discussion / Re: Plastic tag fasteners of hate
« on: February 17, 2017, 07:06:39 AM »
The only time a plastic tag has ever ruined something for me was with my own FCA Operetta. I tried to de-staple her fascinator and wound up cutting the elastic strap. Now it's held on sloppily with a rubber band, and I'm not happy about it.

Off Topic / Re: Haunted Dolls
« on: February 17, 2017, 07:04:55 AM »
I think play dolls are usually exempt from hauntings- it's the baby dolls and fancy antiques you gotta worry about, and none of those infest my home. I tend to be a very rational/scientific person with a constant fear of the supernatural despite that, but I don't believe I've ever had any "genuine" experiences of the kind, and I'm a bit surprised, because my fascination/horror regarding scary things has not made a ghost "follow me home".

Monster Discussion / Re: "Electrified" Movie
« on: February 17, 2017, 07:01:20 AM »
Even though Clawd is still around, we have yet to see him in proper canon, so it's unclear exactly where he stands. Maybe he will get a role, or maybe he's fan-service for those still attached to G1 and they have no canon plans for him.
 As for Frankie/Draculaura...yeah, it's not gonna happen. For one, it would go back on both of their previously-established sexualities (unless they both turned out to be bisexual), and despite Gaga joining the group, EAH is overall much more bold with its progressive themes, and even it knows that it can't go all the way for risk of hurting sales. (Instead, they put out terrible stuff that does more damage to the brand than modern sensibilities...go figure.)

The demographic age-down seems to have taken the extent of romance even further back, too, so I don't expect as many actual relationships in G2.

And yeah, Dracula/Mrs. Wolf is a bit weird.

It's not show-related, but I did wonder something about a Cleo I saw at TRU last weekend: how exactly is she supposed to play the harp that comes in the box with her if her arms don't bend?!?! (not articulated)
Oh, good, it's not just me who thought that. Of all the dolls to skimp on articulation, this one seems the worst. I really want to ask someone at Mattel what they were thinking. Not yell at them, just... ask "on what planet does this make sense?"

Why would the EAH characters not believe that MH existed especially since C.A. Cupid is a crossover character? You're telling me that Cupid just magically appears one day in a place where everyone literally knows each other and where they came from and don't ask questions about the girl who basically appeared from thin air even though she's been there for at least a year?

At the very least, Headmaster Grimm would have to know about her. And the teachers would also have to realize "hey, there's a new student who wasn't here last semester".

 ...Wait a minute- if all the students who go to Ever After High are "the next (so and so)" then wouldn't Cupid's father have gone there? So Headmaster Grimm, who has been working there for generations, must be like "where's Cupid's kid?" while she's not there.
Cupid is as much a fairy tale legacy as she is a monster...that is, she's not one. EAH is just another job for her- she goes where she's needed and dresses the part for her surroundings.

My concern is how she's playing a harp made of strings there, so where's the music coming from?

Monster Discussion / Re: Reboot Venus- Why?
« on: February 12, 2017, 02:33:21 PM »
I don't understand why people keep mentioning that this issue indicates a new body is on the way.

IMHO it's quite clear that the issue is down to the joints and not with the body itself. It is simply a manufacturing error that Mattel is trying to fob off onto us.
All plastics shrink during the manufacturing process (some more than others) but somehow the factory appears to have used a different type of plastic for the joints and this plastic hasn't shrunk enough thus leaving the pegs (and knee /elbow discs) slightly larger than they should be, but the factory still went ahead and assembled the dolls anyway. Mattel must have been aware that the joints are too tight due to the body assembly diagram on the packaging being removed. Why would mattel still put out substandard bodies? Quite simply Mattel would have lost a lot of money if the were to have simply scrapped the production run and start all over again. Why does it affect all reboot Venus's?, I think that the factory must have produced the bodies for all three versions in one production run, probably in the region of 100,000 plus units (the more they produce in one run the cheaper it is per unit), then they just plop on the appropriate head.

I hope i've explained it in a way that people can understand, although that doesn't resolve the fact that Mattel have put out dolls with faulty joints hoping that we wouldn't notice. After all these are disposable toys made for kids...right? Right? 

Joint gaps or not, Venus' pegs are different and designed not to be removed. So even if she fit together properly, she still couldn't be disassembled. That's why people are worried it will spread to other dolls.

Monster Discussion / Re: Reboot Venus- Why?
« on: February 12, 2017, 09:13:26 AM »
Okay, so it's a dual problem. Monkfish boiled her and found that she has unique, thicker pegs that are not designed to separate, but the arms are also erroneously/poorly constructed, as there's not enough room in the socket for the peg to push in all the way.

So, yeah, it seems like non-removable hands are on the way, but they seriously screwed up Venus' assembly on top of it.

I'm pretty thrilled to be getting a werewolf who isn't related to the wolf pack, and I think it's pretty hilarious that her first name is a derivative of 'silver'. Imagine naming your child 'Cyanide'. I'm also looking forward to seeing Twyla with her new screening, I've never been a huge fan of her face  ^^;

I interpreted it as related to "sylvan" - "of the forest."

"of silver" would be more like "argentine."
It might also be a reference to Rhea Silvia, the mother of Romulus and Remus before they were raised by wolves.
Also, Snow White's daughter is named Apple, so....

Monster Discussion / Re: Reboot Venus- Why?
« on: February 09, 2017, 10:35:31 AM »
Rebody the rebooted head; problem solved. If you can find a body.
I actually like her reboot face - rare for me since I'm not a fan of the reboots in general.

A rebody doesn't solve it because then you lose all the great molded details and go back to the boring old smooth body.

Someone needs to be bold for science.
Ehh, I'm already seriously underwhelmed by her reboot molding, so a potential G1 swap isn't a problem to me. If she had more pronounced detail and actual torso molding, I wouldn't be so quick to swap.

Monster Discussion / Re: Reboot Venus- Why?
« on: February 09, 2017, 05:48:14 AM »
I imagine so. I might try heating to see if I can file them down or something, but I don't know. Such inelegant joints can't be anything but an error- if they were non-removable alone, I would think it was intentional, but because the pegs don't actually fit properly in the holes, I think it's another sign of Mattel's cheapness and they don't want to fix her body.

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