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Monster Discussion / Re: Monster high howling hoodies line any news
« on: November 13, 2018, 05:15:12 PM »
I got a Amazon notification on my phone today that the Twyla hoodie doll was in stock. When I finally saw the message and went to look at the page it was unavailable. I do not know if it sold out or if any went into stock/was a mistake made by amazon/seller

This is a tough question to answer... I’ve asked myself these same things many times. For me, it comes down to:
1: Am I enjoying my collection? Or has it just become a “gotta catch ‘em all!” compulsion? Do I actually display and enjoy each of these dolls, or are they just cluttering up my basement?
2: Do I have space for it all?
3: Is the sheer volume of my collection detracting from my enjoyment of the individual dolls?

Obviously you don’t want to rush into any decisions without taking some time to think. Evaluate your feelings for a few months before attempting to downsize, and definitely don’t do anything impulsive just because you’d like some quick spending money! That is a road that leads only to regret... /knowsfromexperience >_<;

I've been looking at all the lines and I think “gotta catch ‘em all!” compulsion is right on the head. There is many dolls I like but I feel there's some I could part with

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My sister and I went through this, though she always had a lot more than I do.  It was a combination of never completing collections, and losing some, that really made me take the plunge, though the unhappy feelings towards G2 didn't help. 

The hard part was definitely looking at some and being conflicted on keeping them or selling them.  Like for my sister, she had the entire New Scaremester set, but she really only liked Clawdeen and Billy.  Once she was able to split up the set by selling one, it became easier to piece it out and just keep the ones she wanted.

There's still a lot to love, but I'd rather them be in good homes than just sitting here in totes or gathering dust.

Yes. that is a good idea. weed out slowly and then it might be easier. Almost all of my dolls are in totes because of the lack of space for them at the moment. Good points

I need thoughts and opinions on the subject of downsizing.
I have every line of G1, some G2, tons of box artwork, the vinyl figures, lots of extra dolls, clothes and shoes..everything! I am (was) a serious collector until the reboot.  I would like to keep them all but if I was to keep the basics and the ones I really like selling them would also allow myself to have extra money.
Has anyone done this or similar and regretted it or was happy afterwards?

Monster Discussion / Re: Grief over the end of G1?
« on: February 05, 2018, 04:19:04 PM »
I gave the reboot a chance expect with the web-episodes because I really l loved the old series I wanted to keep that in my heart lol But with the new dolls it's depressing to walk into a store and see 4-5 dolls on the selves. It's not fun and the newer dolls made me lose interest. There's some of the new ones I liked in theory but when I saw them in person it made me sad. I've bought the Basic reboot Frankie, clawdeen, draculaura, Lagoona and cleo...and the party line but that's it. Even the new ballerina dolls couldn't get me to buy them.
I really want to keep collecting but the love/drive is gone... I think if they continue collectors dolls that might be it for me.

Bump! lots more for sale!

I just got the toys'r'us lookbook for christmas in the mail today and there wasn't a single monster high doll or item in the book. Enchantimals was the closest thing.
I think it's dead D:

Rules & Regs! / Re: thread unlock
« on: October 11, 2017, 04:33:36 PM »
If that's what you prefer I guess i'm gonna have too haha  ^^;

Rules & Regs! / thread unlock
« on: October 11, 2017, 03:50:07 PM »
Hi there...can I get my trade thread unlocked? :D I have more to add to it

Buy/Sell/Trades / Re: Catsiy's want list!
« on: September 17, 2017, 07:27:43 AM »

Buy/Sell/Trades / Catsiy's want list!
« on: September 03, 2017, 05:08:44 AM »
Hey! Just  looking to fill in the pieces I've been wanting for my collection. PM me if you have anything to sell/trade!

Monster High:

-Loose Astranova lilac version
-New/loose Ghouls alive Spectra
-New/loose Ghouls alive clawdeen
-NIB SDCC nefera Vinyl
-NIB SDCC Ghoulia
-NIB SDCC B/W Frankie

Fashion packs:

-Old Cleo Pack

Ever after high:

-NIB Through The Woods C.A. Cupid
-NIB Thronecoming C.A. Cupid

Monster Discussion / Re: How is MH Doing? Popularity, Sales, Overall, etc.
« on: September 03, 2017, 05:04:57 AM »
The Mh section of the stores around here are so tiny. Even with the resets of target and walmart there is barely anything but the cheap dolls.

Funny thing I walked by the Mh section the other day and a little girl was looking at the dolls and she had shriekwrecked catrine in her hand and was saying 'I want the dolls that move like this one..' meaning the articulation.  I feel ya girl. We all do. Even little kids care about the cheapness

Buy/Sell/Trades / Re: BIG LOTS: Finds & Sales
« on: April 03, 2017, 04:52:02 PM »
I Found all 3 dessert-themed budget dolls at Biglots this weekend along with some electrified dolls(including silvi!) and the emoji dolls. Even a birthday ball Cupid!

Monster Discussion / Re: Monster High facing its end?
« on: February 21, 2017, 12:54:33 PM »
I'm honestly thinking about selling my dolls. I'm not feeling the Dark Abbey when I bought her (returned her to get a cheaper one and ... simply didn't), and that Collector's Abbey is such a huge disappointment I'm honestly reconsidering my entire collection.

I feel the quality has really backslid, everything feels cheap and disposable. I'm losing the will  :(

I have been feeling the same way as well. As much as I love the line you've captured my feelings 100%  :(

Monster Discussion / Re: Zomby Gaga out this month
« on: January 04, 2017, 03:32:38 PM »
Did anyone else preorder her from Amazon and have trouble? I preordered her all the way back in November and she was supposed to arrive today. I checked the tracking and it said it will update me with another delivery time in the future. :( Did Amazon sell more than they had?
I had no problems at all. I actually got two of them, one for a friend and they both came yesterday

Would you trade Geek Shriek Catty for a Thronecoming Cupid?

Sent a pm!

I have a Ghoul's alive Clawdeen nib.

Yea? :D How much you looking to part with her?



Monster Discussion / Re: Day to night fashion dolls
« on: November 06, 2016, 11:22:30 AM »
Faces of day to night Draculaura and Frankie.
Frankie is next to welcome to monster high photo booth Frankie for comparison

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

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