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Off Topic / Re: O.M.G. Zelfs
« on: June 09, 2014, 07:38:03 AM »

I'm not saying they did it, but it is a big coincidence!

When Zelfs first came out I rememer they had a contest on Facebook and you could submit your own Zelf. I don't have the pictures on my right now but I can show you all them soon.

I sent them and idea for a snow Zelf, and a zebra zelf, and it's kinda cool that yet made a white tiger Zelf that looks just like my Zebra one :B

And SnapJack looks like the snow one I submitted!

Post Merge: June 07, 2014, 03:29:38 PM

Oh and I just went to the second TRU in my area, about a thirty minute drive and I found Dorothy Doe, Catsby, Dandy Lion, Owlmanda, Webina and after asking to look in the back I found ANOTHER Jewely!!

I think it's strange how I could only find wave 1 of series 2 at my
Local TRU yet the or farther away had more I think I'm the only one that buys them!

I also agree I would LOVE a Zelfs web forum

If you find extras, or if anyone does for that matter I still need a majority of them! :) I can PayPal immediately. I still need medium Webina, Catsby, Lachlan, and Dorothy Doe. I'd also love Jewely and Clover if anyone has those. Then I need large Webina, Owlmanda, and Dandy Lion.

I'll keep an eye out for you. I've been zelf hunting myself and have seen a few of the ones you are looking for (but I bought them for myself, which is probably why you havent found them yet. I hit up all the toys r us in our city  :blush:) If you want you can message me a list of the ones you are looking for other than the ones you just listed. I'll be going zelf hunting very very soon  ;)

On another note--I don't particularly like the jewerly zelf. But I would still buy her if I came across her :blush:

The Tuesday Morning near me has DD Lagoona. I think they have two of her. (They also have Scaris, and Ghouls Alive Clawdeen and Frankie) I couldn't tell you if DD was rereleased or not though. I did happen upon her at a random Target as well.

Just a question: do the fakie boys come with random hair colors? Because I don't remember fakie deuce having such colorful hair  :| It's interesting, haha. (In the mean time free bumps for your post?)

Monster Discussion / Re: Lorna McNessie mentioned
« on: May 27, 2014, 08:55:52 PM »
I would be so excited when they make a kitsune. Heck, they need a whole Asian themed line (with cute little kimonos, and cherry blossoms) I'm also waiting for my two tailed nekomata (anyone seen/read blue exorcist? I'm talking about kuro here, haha!)

I'm not asking for dead babies, or decapitated heads (lol) but there's a whole range of mythology out there with spectacular creatures. I loved what they did with jinafire and skelita, and that's why I want more of them. I absolutely adore the new dolls coming out, so I'm not hating on Mattel in any way.

I love the werecats, but that doesn't change the fact that five "daughter of the werecat" is a bit weird considering only two are related. If they were like clawdeen I would understand the array of characters that all have the same parent (big family there, clawdeen) but the werecats are not related in anyway, and to me that's just weird, especially considering there are so many mythological cats out there.

I honestly didn't even know what Venus was based on. When I read her "daughter of a plant monster," I really wanted to cry. It made her sound so boring. I was expecting some spectacular name for a parent :) not an ambiguous plant. I suppose trademark issues make sense though. (I honestly thought she was based on the swamp thing, haha! Guess not?)

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a bendable tail!!! Oh my Ghoul!!! I am so going to check mine out asap!! You positively just gave me something awesomely new to look at. Thank you!!
I'm glad I'm not the only one that is just finding this out. I wonder how many collectors had her for years and didn't even know this feature!

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Monster Discussion / Re: Lorna McNessie mentioned
« on: May 27, 2014, 11:26:44 AM »

I'm so pumped for Lorna McNessie!!  I wonder what color she will be?  I hope she has a fantastic accent like Scarah does!  Can you imagine what a "big foot" doll would look like????  Hahahahaha, I wonder if she will have bigger feet!  Hooray for monster diversity and I love the idea of monsters from different cultures.

I imagine she wouldn't look much different than abbey, other than reddish brown fur on her outfit. A yeti and Bigfoot are practically the same thing, from different parts of the world. I mean we might as well call her a Sasquatch. Both creatures (yeti, Sasquatch) are known for larger feet, yet abbey doesn't have that on her doll.

I've been waiting forever for Mattel to get more creative with the monsters they used (bring in monsters from other cultures)

I mean how boring is "a daughter of a plant monster," and than five werecats that are all just "werecats," rather than any specific mythological cat from various stories around the world (there is so much to pick from!)

Those are the only ones I'm complaining about though, because I enjoy the rest of the cast of characters. Just sad that Venus isn't anything particularly but a "plant monster," and that five werecat thing really gets to me >_>

So I'm happy about this news, and you guys have me real excited now!

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Brags / Re: My first brag
« on: May 25, 2014, 11:57:03 AM »
She's my second Toralei, but I couldn't say no to her. I almost left her for some happy kid or collector to come along, but I figured chances are she'd end up in a scalpers hands. And I didn't want to see her sold back on craigslist for 40 or more bucks (It's happened before in my area.) My first Toralei never came with the pet and diary, and that's the main reason I did decide to nab her after all. I decided, since she has always been a grail doll of mine, that it can't hurt to have two. It's spoiled of me, I know, but I dressed her up in an operetta fashion pack, and she looks so classy!

Oh, that's awesome! I'm going to have to play with it now. Thanks guys!

Monster Discussion / Does sig Toralei have different tail shapes?
« on: May 24, 2014, 09:57:32 PM »
I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but does signature Toralei have different tail shapes? sig Toralei is one of those dolls I thought I would never have (since I'm a new collector), she's always been my grail doll, and I had a stroke of luck and ended up with two of her. I can't help but notice that their tail shapes are completely different.  :| does one of these Toralei's come with somebody else's tail, or did she really have different tail shapes?

The tail on the left makes it nearly impossible to pose Toralei near anything. It pretty much sticks straight out, and gets in the way. The tail on the right is more fitting, because it wraps around taking less space.

Brags / My first brag
« on: May 24, 2014, 09:48:41 PM »
Today I've learned that it never hurts to click on craigslist ads, even if they seem outrageously over priced at first glance. I was able to nab a Basic Jackson, Toralei, and Operetta for 15 dollars each! I think this is the best find I've ever had, and I am super happy about Jackson.

They are complete, came with their diaries, pets, and everything. The original listing had them set for 375 dollars for a lot of 20 dolls. I almost skipped this posting because the first picture for it was just of four dolls (I seriously thought this person was selling 4 dolls for 375 dollars, lol.) I'm glad I actually clicked on it, because the poster wrote "will separate dolls." I contacted the poster and found out that the dolls were 15 dollars each. Including the Jackson that was pictured! So I grabbed them the very same night I contacted the poster!

I have brought Jackson home, and promised him lots of girls to drool all over him. So you may see pictures of that later :P

Brags / Re: Fantastic thrift store haul!!
« on: May 20, 2014, 09:43:31 AM »
Nice find!
:") oh my gosh, clawd with no pants, hahaha!

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Buy/Sell/Trades / Re: MIB Monster High For Sale!!
« on: May 19, 2014, 08:16:26 AM »
How much are you charging for: draculaura powder room, blob and ice cam, roller ghoulia, and scaris two pack?

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They really shouldn't have her listed in the bios. Poor uneducated Mothers are actually looking for her in stores. I was at Toys R Us weeks ago, and some older lady started asking me lots of questions. One of them was "My daughter wants me to get her a Madison Fear. Have you seen her?" I gave the lady this odd look.  ^^; I'm up to date with the releases, and obsessive. I was like "Uhhh . . . no. I haven't seen her." I thought maybe i just misheard her. I went home and looked up the dolls, after seeing she is a custom for the singer of monster high I sort of laughed. Then wished I had a contact number for this poor mother. She is running all over town trying to find a Madison fear for her daughter, and she's not the only one! I can't tell you how many questions I've seen asked about this doll on monster high groups because "Their daughters are looking for one." *face palm*

Monster Discussion / Re: Frankie Madness voting! Round 1 Heat 7
« on: May 16, 2014, 08:25:25 AM »
I didn't even realize Haunt the Casbah was so pretty  ^^; I even have her, lol.

Customs / Re: Itzelery's Custom Junk
« on: May 15, 2014, 03:58:31 PM »
I absolutely love her face up and hair together. Those boots for her are killing me! so cute.

Draculaura's Darkroom / Re: dori86's pics :D
« on: May 15, 2014, 03:51:26 PM »
Sunset shimmer is a perfect companion for Toralei! I love their colors together :)

On another note: after taking the elastic off of Toralei's glasses (what holds them on in box) Is it easy to put them on her again? mine are slightly crooked, and drive me crazy, but I'm too afraid to cut the elastic holding them in place.

She is absolutely gorgeous, I am sorry you are going through this. I read the entire post, and it really kills me to see someone going through this.

The only cat I ever had to put down was a stray I had been feeding, she had feline leukemia. I cried when we had to put her down, and I can only imagine what you are going through since Nina was a house cat rather than a stray. Please understand that you are not at fault about anything. I'm sure Nina understands why you couldn't be there when they put her down. For some people it is hard for them to see loved ones pass, for others they are strong enough people to stand there and go through with it. Don't hate yourself for this. I am one of those people that can't be in the same room either.

I am sure Noisy will come to his own understanding. Cats are more intuitive than people think, and they can often sense when other animals or people are sick. I am sure he knew she wasn't doing well. He just misses her, I'm sure, and that's why he's sleeping in her bed. Even animals go through their own grieving, so just give him some time.

As for Nina, she is in a much better place. You couldn't do anything more for her. You gave her a long, happy life, even adopting her as an adult. She lived the best life she could, and I'm sure, by the way your post is, that she knows you loved her. I have the pure belief that after animals pass on they can still be with us, and watch over us. Not everybody shares that belief, but I believe it  :blush: because after my very first cat died (she was ran over) I would still hear her clawing under doors and calling for me weeks after her death. At first it scared the heck out of me. But after I came to the understanding that she was letting me understand that she was doing well, I started to be comforted when I heard her.

Honestly, you have so much love to give, don't let what you're going through with Nina stop you from having pets in the future. Sure, no pet can replace her. She will always be in your heart, but each animal is so unique personality wise that I am sure you will be able to love another animal like Nina again. She brought you happiness all those years, and to me loving an animal and the happiness they bring you throughout all those years is worth the pain of having to see them pass from your life. It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.

Buy/Sell/Trades / Re: Group Taobao Order thread **Dolls shipped!**
« on: May 15, 2014, 12:05:45 PM »
Omglob, the original catwalk kitties looked like this:

They came with paws, and tails! If anybody can find out where to get the original catwalk kitties I'd be sold!
In the mean time I think the extra pictures and the blog has convinced me I want a catwalk kittie fakey  ^^;

Who can say no to that cute little face?

Buy/Sell/Trades / Re: Group Taobao Order thread **Dolls shipped!**
« on: May 15, 2014, 08:39:35 AM »

Nooooo!  :freak:

I'm staring to want the Catwalk Kitties heads:(

Haha, that's how they get you! Adorable little pictures :)

Did everybody rebody their catwalk kitties? Or is the last picture the normal bodies they come with?

P.s webrella's dress you put her in is so fitting for her!

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Monster Discussion / Re: What are prices like now?
« on: May 12, 2014, 06:14:15 AM »
Clawdeen, Frankie, and draculaura sigs were rereleased a few months back, so I imagine you won't get much for those three.

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