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Title: Nessa's Sales Updated
Post by: nessa16 on March 12, 2018, 12:28:51 PM
Dolls do not come with stands and are loose unless otherwise noted. 

$5 Dolls
Home Ick Classroom Abby
Black Carpet Lagoona, missing shoes
Freaky Field Trip Gigi
Coffin Bean Twyla
Recharge station-playset only
Ghoul Fair Elissabat
Coffin Bean Counter
Die-ner Counter
Vampire CaM
Werecat CaM

Dance Class Operetta, Lagoona x2
Scaris Skelita-$18
Music Festival Clawdeen
Sweet Screams Ghoulia?-$18
Freak Du Chic Gooliope-$20
Scaris Lagoona in her scream swim uniform-$12
Werewolf CaM-$8
Vampire boy CaM-$25
Sig Abby without pet or diary-$18
Boo York Boo York City Ghouls-Luna Mothews-$18
BYBY City Ghouls-Elle Eedee-$18
BYBY City Ghouls-Mouscedes-$18

Getting Fairest Apple-$15
Getting Fairest Briar-$15
Getting Fairest Madeline-$10
Getting Fairest Raven-$15
Apple’s chaise bed-$18
Raven’s vanity-$18
MIB Thronecoming Briar and playset-$50
Legacy Day Raven-$18

If buy GF Apple and Chaise bed together-$30
If buy GF Raven and vanity together-$30

I am happy to consider trades for things on my wish lists located in my sig. I also have many journals that I would likely part with, as I never look at them.  Various accessories and clothing pieces will be posted also.