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Title: Draculaura's Darkroom Photo Rules
Post by: BlueChaos on July 23, 2013, 12:11:42 PM
Hello everybody! Here are the rules for posting a photo in Draculaura's Darkroom.

1. Do not post or edit photos that aren't yours without giving credit to the person who did take it.

2. No pictures of anatomically correct dolls. IE, no nipples or genitals.

3. Doll nudity is ok, and so are bras and panties. No pasties or other nipple covering. Makes it look too adult.

4. No dolls in lewd positions. Kissing is ok.

5. No illicit photos. That means no drug use, smoking, sexual acts, violence, or criminal acts.

Any photo or link found to be in violation of these rules may be removed at the discretion of the moderators, and the poster notified. Asking for, or offering any of the material listed above is also not permitted. If you have any questions, or are uncertain if your photo(s) meets our guidelines, please contact one of the moderators and we will be happy to review it for you.
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