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I just can't warm up to these new dolls. Their faces are so blah and much more like a wide eyed Barbie and every other doll out there. The unique quality is gone! The outfits are just so plain with the details that made them special, gone, too. Some aren't articulated, so they are really made for very young kids, which is nice, but...sigh. So much for teens and adult collectors, I guess! I do hope they have offerings for the many Monster High faithful fans that are the main buyers of this line again soon!  (Please?! With sugar on top?)

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Monster Discussion / Re: Sticky, nasty glue problems!
« on: March 30, 2017, 05:29:51 PM »
This is a pain, I KNOW! I have a large collection of Monster High dolls and it's a problem over time, even if they are perfect at purchase. You'd think Mattel would have a solution at the factory! Since I'm a doll customizer, I researched different ways to combat this REALLY annoying issue and the only effective thing other professionals do is to

1.-Wash the hair with Dawn dish soap and let it dry. (Dawn is a great degreasing soap.)

2.-Get some Goo Gone (NOT Goof Off) and saturate hair, starting at the root area of the head and then massage through the rest of the hair. Avoid the face! Let it sit for 1 hour or so, keeping the face up and the hair down into a sink or bowl.

3.-Rinse well with warm water, then wash well with Dawn again. Rinse and repeat with Dawn as needed.

4.-This next step softens the hair, releases any knots and makes it smell sooo good: Make a light solution of water and 'little' bit of fabric softener in a bowl, swish the hair around and then comb gently, without pulling on knots too hard. Work out the bad knots carefully. After knots are all out, dip through the water again, then comb smooth. If you don't need to curl the hair further, just let dry then comb into the style you like! Then, if needed to hold the style, give a real light spray with "Wig" Spray, not "Hair" Spray for humans and you're done!

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It's either this, or reroot the doll's hair, which is also work, but it removes the glue from inside the head forever and offers the options of any new hair color or type you'd like!

Introductions! / Hi! I'm New Here!!
« on: September 12, 2016, 10:32:08 PM »
Friendly Greetings! This is my first day here! I'm Marta. I live in Washington State, located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I'm a 60  year old grandmother who is very young at heart, married to the same fella for just over 40 years. We raised 2 children and now have 2 grandchildren and 3 dogs. I am a retired Property Manager and Veterinary Surgical Technician. I've been collecting dolls all of my life, but I'm very fond of Monster High dolls for their unique, quirky and artistic look and detail. I even watch and enjoy their movies, so know their characters, interests and backstories. I have around 50 in my collection. It's hard for me to pick a favorite, but I relate to Ghoulia. I love to create dioramas for them all in my modestly sized doll room bookshelves, which go floor to ceiling. This is also my guest room and those who visit that think dolls are creepy will just have to deal with it or sleep on my couch! My favorites are the first waves and also the Boo York collection. I also like putting the couples together. It seems only right! When I finish my dioramas and place the dolls in them exactly where I want them, I'd be happy to share pics of my work, if I can figure out how to do that! I'd love to share my love of these fabulous dolls with others who also appreciate them, and to see what ya'll are doing with yours and which are your favorites! Since my friends and family don't "get" my hobby, I'm hoping I can be among others who understand and share the enthusiasm! Thank you so much!!

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