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Brags / Brags,Hauls , updated sep 5th
« on: August 29, 2016, 11:11:55 AM »
so heres my brag i got eah evil queen ,dragon games and Lagoona blue exchange program doll

i LOVE lagoona's hair im thinking about curling the evil queens hair lol  :biggrin:
update sep 5th
new brag ! i got three way too wonderland dolls , for 11$ each

and i also got freak du chic toralei and Kala mer'ri

i have a soft spot for kala , i think she's so beautiful

so i made my first custom dress for my elle eedee and through i really do like it , i want some tips on how to improve it or tips for the next dress i make

 tips and any comments will be greatly appreciated !!!! i wanna get better and hopefully one day sell the dresses i make !
thank you for reading

Introductions! / hi hi hi hi !
« on: August 26, 2016, 11:44:18 AM »
Hello my name is frankie and im 19 ! im a capricorn and a winter baby, i live in new york !  its fun sometimes but i prefer  the country . i currently am in college and im majoring in psychology  but i dont have a job . the important person in my life is my mother ! i adore her, other then that my cat ! he is a mainecoon and a cute lil babe. i currently own  9 dolls  ,8 monster high and 1 ever after .
my dolls are 
  • freak du chic  frankie
  • freak du chic twyla
  • freak du chic rochelle
  • freak du chic honey swamp
  • casta fierce
  • ever after high heart struck CA cupid
  •   boo york , elle eedee
  •   high beach draculaura
  • High Shriekwrecked Nautical Ghouls Draculaur

i've only been collecting for two months !  i randomly brought a freak du chic frankie doll and ended up  looking at more monster high dolls and i just fell inlove with them . i love the movie's and web episode messages and i love how different the dolls are from the ones i used to play with as a kid
currently with my collection im aiming to get the full freak du chic line and exploring  getting throne coming ever after high dolls. only need 3 more dolls i'm done with the freak du chic line ! thanks for reading! 

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