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Sales / Lots of Minis on eBay
« on: October 17, 2016, 04:08:47 PM »

Was having trouble getting people to negotiate here so I figured, to eBay with them!

I'll probably be listing a few other MH dolls in the next few days too, check me out I have a lot of HTF minis!

Wanted / Wanted! Some cheap bodies!
« on: August 06, 2016, 10:30:57 PM »
I'm rebodying some of the new heads from some of the unarticulated dolls so I'm looking for dolls that may not be in the best condition hair/makeup wise. Heck they can be bald and sharpied across the face for all it matters, as long as the bodies are Have all their pieces (including the neck peg!) and are not chewed!

I'm specifically looking for:
Frankie X1
Draculaura X2
Cleo X2
Clawdeen X1

I'm willing to trade things from my trade post, including Minis to get then, but I'm also open to buying but I don't want to spend as much as buying a new doll would cost. So yeah if you have any unloved doll parts laying around, lemme know I'd love to give them a good home!


I'm only interested in the Lala and the Cleo, so I was wondering if anyone out there would want to split the package with me and buy the Frankie and Clawdeen? I personally intend to rebody them, but I really want the fashions and the specially rooted hair designs for this pack. I can get it delivered to my Walmart for free so all you'd have to pay would be 1/2 the total price point after taxes and then shipping from me to you. Lemme know if this isn't the right place to post this, wasn't sure where to post it!

Trades / Lots to trade, expect this thread to update a lot XD
« on: June 10, 2016, 12:48:16 AM »
First up are some pre loved dolls I've gotten second hand, they come as seen with no major flaws or damage except for the fakie Nefera who has a snapped off leg at the leg peg. It can easily be gorilla or super glued back on but they sent me another one so I didn't have to. Oh and Picture Day Lala's hair needs a good boil and wash its ca-Ray-zee.
Here's the gallery for those:
(soldHome Ick Frankie is gone)

Update 8/23/16 some more inbox dolls looking to trade, some old EAH and some newer MH

Update 9/10/16 some more inbox dolls, Haunted and Dragon Games

Update:I have some extras of the Monster High Minis as well here's who I have of those:
Season 1
Original Ghouls:
Catty Noir
Swim Frankie
Sleepy clawdeen
Ghostly clawdeen
Candy Lala
Ragdoll Ari
Circus Venus
Sleepy Ari
Candy Abbey
Swim Moanica
Ragdoll Frankie
Ghostly Twyla

Loads of alll new in box EAH, Monster High and Descendants dolls added to the trade list! Also updated my extras of my minis list because I've gotten a slew more of them! Right now I'm willing to trade just about anything you see here for the Halloween MH Minis!

ALSO! I have tonnes of loose shoes, in pairs, that I'd be willing to trade for stands, legit MH or EAH stands only please. If you'd be interested in trading me some stands for shoes that would be awesome! I have too many shoes my girls can't wear them allllll!

I'll be adding a bunch of NIB dolls and a bunch of dolls like new out of box, these are just the top,of the pile as it were lol.

Will trade for
- any of the new reboot dolls, especially : Clawdeen with locker, day to night ghouls, Frankie Pets Beast Friend
- Forbitten Love NIB
- I heart fashion Cleo
- first wave Cleo/Deuce NIB
- any Fearleader dolls or fearleading outfits
- good condition first wave Nefera and Cupids
- SDCC Ghoulia
- SDCC Frankie
- CAM parts ( 3 eyed, ghost, Skelton, Blob and werewolf grey)
- 13 Wishes Abbey NIB
- Ghouls Alive Cleo
- I heart fashion Venus
- any of the articulated reboot dolls (I Will trade for budget reboot dolls but since they cost less I'm keeping that in mind, still interested tho)

I also collect MLP (Rainbow Dash) and EAH as well as fakies, the weirder the better. If it's not listed here it never hurts to ask and just show me your trade list either! So go for it :)
Other things I collect that I'd trade for : BJD wigs and eyes, MH clothing, stands, Amazon credit, Barbie clothing, old wave Bratz, especially Jade or Sasha, 1980s sweetface Barbies with their hair in good condition, any of the Neon lights ball Descendants dolls, free face ups or rerooting, lots of stuff, if you see it,p and want it, ask!

Brags / Savers has come thru for me twice!
« on: June 09, 2016, 10:17:26 PM »
So we have three Savers in my general area and I check in to them each about once a month looking for dolls, I usually find nothing but old Barbies but then one day I found a First Wave Lala new mint in box!
And figured okay, that's it, that was my Savers good luck I'm never going to find another Monster High girl ever again because I hit a Grail doll for $4.00, but then I went in the other day and some kid must have outgrown their collection because looked here!

Another first wave Lala and FearLeaders!!! I'm trying to build a full squad of the whole study body each in a fearleading outfit so I've been scrounging up any I can find and these ghouls are in primo condition! The Cleo is actually better than the Cleo I had already, so woo!

The one Clawdeen and Frankie are Ghouls Alive too and they still work, the others, let's just say they're getting some hair boiling and TLC lol.

Introductions! / Hey hey all!
« on: June 08, 2016, 10:24:21 PM »
So I'm a long time doll collector, started with BJDs, have nearly 20 of them, then fell in love with this little thing called Monster High and realized fashion dolls could be super detailed and awesome too!
After that it was all downhill as now I find myself collecting Everafter High as well and I dabble in Barbies, the Descndants and Bratz as well. Oh and can't forget my Blythe and Dal/Pullips!

Basically if it's a dolls, I probably have some form of interest in it. I also collect anime figures so my office and bedroom and claustrophobic little Fujoshi showcases lol.

I'm probably older than a lot of people here as I'm in my early 30s, and live the old cat lady lifestyle lol, not really I just love cats and have a lot.
I draw comics for a living and am housebound a lot due to a chronic illness that will someday kill me, just not yet, darn it! So ummmmm okay yeah, I think that sums me up! Hi, please be kind!

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