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Title: Mattel US and Mattel Canada issues
Post by: VoidChilde on January 12, 2018, 10:40:28 AM
My Freak du Chic Twyla came with awful elbow joints, one of them was molded wrong, plain and simple, and the peg on the other one is crooked, making her look incredibly awkward because her arms sit at an angle sort of...back from their original position. I live in Canada and contacted Mattel, who (finally) answered that they have no replacement parts, nor a replacement doll to send. Because I'm curious, I went on the US part store instead of choosing Canada and lo and behold, there's a pair of replacement arms for Freak du Chic Twyla. Problem is, I can't buy it from Canada and apparently either Mattel Canada doesn't have access to those parts, either they just don't care. Any idea what I can do? I even looked on Ebay but haven't seen a single Twyla arm and I'm not sure I want to buy another Twyla (who knows if her arms will even be right!).
Title: Re: Mattel US and Mattel Canada issues
Post by: modernmonsterhigh on January 12, 2018, 11:27:32 AM
Yikes! Sad story for Twyla :( I have howleen replacement arms and Iíd sell em to you for how much they are on the partsí store :) my sister ruined my other dance class howleen ( straightened her hair ) and broke both her knees.. oh well, her left arm was splitting anyways. Yeah sadly there are lots of wonks on most dolls ( especially 3-5 pack of dolls.. poor Londoom Viperine :( ) from Mattel. I remember the older dolls never having wonk eyes and stuff. It would be as rare as finding a frankie without her stitch or a lagoona missing freckles. The howleen hands are the ďjellyĒ hands so keep in mind. I think she also comes with a bag on the website for parts ( Iíll check ) and id be happy to see you a little bag to fit MH shoes or something :) let me know if you would like to buy! Also, Iíll try to get you the pics of the shoes soon! For now, Iíve put the whole honey set on a nude clawdeen so they wonít get flattened with my other clothes lol
Title: Re: Mattel US and Mattel Canada issues
Post by: VoidChilde on January 12, 2018, 05:57:43 PM
I did a double-check and tried to trade Lorna's and even Kjersti's arms with Twyla's broken ones to see what she would look like with different coloured ones and...I think Twyla is more broken than I thought? I'll probably need to take a drill to her upper arms because neither Lorna's nor Kjersti's arm pegs fit in Twyla, even though they're all on the little sister body type? It looks like her arm holes were made a lot smaller than the others, probably another example of bad quality control...I'll tweak around until I can make other arms fit before taking you up on the offer for Howleen's arms - I think I could make a cool character with prosthetic arms but if they don't even fit, that would be a waste!