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Title: Rowan's Most Wanted...
Post by: RowanMcInish on January 11, 2018, 03:24:33 AM
Howdy, folks! Quick blurb to precede the list: I'm a buyer located within the continental United States who is generally willing to pay for international shipping so long as I have the funds for it! Unless stated otherwise, I'm not fussy about whether a doll is still NIB; I'm typically only concerned with the doll's condition and whether or not it's complete ( example: Would IHF Cleo have all of her clothes and accessories despite being out of box? ).

My general MH wishlist can be found here: (

Currently, there are a couple specific items I'm after:

Of those three specific items, the brunette wig takes priority since I intend to use it to complete a very personal doll. The last time I saw one listed for sale, the seller was asking well over $50.00 USD for it, and while I can't - in good conscience - spend that sort of money on a doll wig alone, I'd certainly be willing to try and work something out with anyone willing to part with one.
Title: Re: Rowan's Most Wanted...
Post by: svleonard on January 14, 2018, 05:46:40 PM
Hi there,

Are you buying anything on your general MH wishlist, because I have a MIB Frights, Camera, Action Cleo.

Looooveee your Quentin, btw  :)
Title: Re: Rowan's Most Wanted...
Post by: modernmonsterhigh on January 14, 2018, 06:59:56 PM
Hello! I checked out your wishlist and I have SDCC wisp. she is pretty much complete and She even has her wisp tail thingy. She had pretty bad box hair so I took it down and fixed it :) itís sooo soft and very easy to brush through. I can put it back into the original style if you would like. Just let me know :)