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Wanted / darkcatra's wantlist
« on: November 14, 2017, 03:03:04 PM »
I realized I never put a wantlist on here, the items can be out of box but complete. It doesn't matter to me with wonk eye or loose limbs. I'm primarly trading at the moment.

Want List:
Monster High Monster Family Pawla Wolf
Monster High Cleo Family Set
Monster High Pharrah
Monster High Monster Family Ebbie Blue
Monster High Monster Family Lagoona Blue and Kelpie Blue
Monster High Monster Family Clawdeen Wolf, Barker Wolf, Weredith Wolf
Monster High Dracula
Monster High Monster Family Fangelica
Monster High Monster Garden Ghouls Lumina Firefly 5" Doll
Monster High Monster Garden Ghouls Wingrid Dragonfly 5" Doll
Monster High Monster Garden Ghouls Beetrice Bee 5" Doll
Monster High Garden Ghouls Treesa Thornwillow Doll, 14.5"
toys r us dc super hero girls harley and ivy set
Amazon's Monster High Abbey Bombinble
Ever After High Back to School Meeshell

Thanks for looking!

Looks like we're getting a new Ever After High book series in 2017 called Ever After High: Fairy Tale Retellings.

I saw on Amazon that we'll be getting two books on March 7th, 2017. No cover art yet.

Ever After High: Fairy Tale Retellings Book #1

Things have gone topsy-turvy at Ever After High! After Faybelle casts a spell on the midterm hexams, the students unhexpectedly find themselves inside the wrong storybooks!

Cupid thinks it's fairy fableous to be Cinderella-even if it's just for the day! But when she notices her wicked stepsisters secretly sneaking out of the Prince's Royal Ball, Cupid decides to investigate with the help of her friends, Hopper Croakington III and Madeline Hatter. Together, they discover that the stepsisters might not be as wicked as they seem... Can Cupid flip this story on its crown and make it a Happily Ever After for everyone?

Ever After High: Fairy Tale Retellings Book #2
Things have gone topsy-turvy at Ever After High! After Faybelle casts a spell on the midterm hexams, the students unhexpectedly find themselves inside the wrong storybooks!

When Cerise Hood and Dexter Charming realize they're in the story of Beauty and the Beast, they both think it's a royal fairy fail. Cerise would rather run outside than stay in a castle, and Dexter is worried that he'll never escape his big brother's shadow. But when they discover that they'll need to make it to the end of the story to return to school, Cerise and Dex are determined to fit in-even if they're better off being themselves. Will this team find their fairy own hextraordinary way to a Happily Ever After?

Sounds pretty cool, hope there will be more than these two.

Wanted / Kat's Wishlist
« on: January 16, 2015, 06:36:45 PM »
None at the Moment

Monster Discussion / PC: Music Festival Draculaura
« on: December 15, 2014, 04:03:11 PM »
Can anyone tell me the price of a fully clothed Music Festival Draculaura that is only missing her Music Festival necklace and her earrings have been cut.

Thanks so much!

Howdy everyone!
I've gone through another purge and have a bunch of dolls that are looking for a good home. The dolls themselves are in very good condition and were used only for display purposes. The dolls do come with the original accessories. Prices are below the picture, will accept a best offer. Shipping for one doll will be $4.99 and I combine shipping on more dolls purchased. I accept paypal and will ship international just pm me for a quote.

scaris rochelle -$6
coffin bean venus - $11
dance class lagoona - $4
scaris ghoulia - $4
frights camera action cleo - $5 (SOLD)
Cheer lagoona $2
student disembody council lagoona - $6 (SOLD)
ghoul's getaway meowlody - $5
ice cream cleo - $5 (on hold)
art class draculaura - $9 (SOLD)
beach lagoona - $5 (SOLD)

ghouls night out rochelle - $9
cleo - $5 (on hold)
dawn of the dance cleo - $6
lagoona - $4 (on hold)
dot dead goregeous lagoona - $9
skull shore ghoulia - $10
locker draculaura - $21
gloom beach cleo - $7
Cheer Cleo (SOLD)
scaremester catrine demew - $10

creepatria cleo - $10
welcome to monster high lagoona - $8
tricastleton cerise - $20 (SOLD)
dance class robecca - $7
crystal - $5
scream and sugar nefera de nile - $11 (on hold)
picture day lagoona - $9
ghoul fair scarah - $11
picture day cleo - $7
elissabat GHOULEBRITIES LONDON - $12 Sold

scaris clawdeen - $7
book party kitty cheshire - $5 (on hold)
13 wishes draculaura - $8 (Sold)
scaremester cATTY - $15
scream and sugar amanita - $11
lagoona shriekwrecked - $7 (on hold)
boo york nefera - $15
boo york cleo - $9
13 wishes frankie - $10
welcome to monster high cleo - $7

ghoulebrities in londoom catty - $11
scaremester clawdeen - $11
haunted clawdeen - $8
haunted rochelle - $30
boo york clawdeen - $5
geek shriek catty - $21
i love fashion scarah - $11
picture day abbey - $5
ghoul fair skelita - $6 (on hold)
boo york draculaura - $5

roller maze ghoulia - $10
lagoona - $2
electrified cleo - $6
bike lagoona - $6 (on hold)
dead tired lagoona v2 - $8
birthday ball duchess - $8 (on hold)
way too wonderland kitty - $12
scaritage skelita - $32
student disembody scarah - $5
picture day draculaura - $10

schools out lagoona - $11
picture day frankie - $5
ghoul fair skelita - $5
schools out frankie - $12
i love fashion iris - $19
intergalactic gala supergirl - $11
intergalactic gala starfire - $11
schools out draculaura - $15
legacy day cerise - $21 (SOLD)

i love fashion frankie - $25
haunted draculaura - $7
training supergirl - $5
Enchanted Picnic Cerise - $11 (SOLD)
hat-tastic cerise - $11 (SOLD)
training batgirl - $5
training bumblebee - $15
i love fashion abbey - $25
plane wonder woman - $8
starfire - $7

13 wishes clawdeen - $13
training harley - $8
batgirl - $8
intergalactic gala wonder woman - $11
action wonder woman - $11
supergirl - $8
training wonder woman - $5
blaster batgirl - $9
scream and sugar cleo - $6

thanks so much for looking!

Wanted / Found
« on: December 18, 2013, 07:38:27 PM »
Looking for the spider web Operetta Picture Day Mask. Will trade 2 monster high doll stands for it. Thanks so much.

Nevermind I found one.

Introductions! / Howdy
« on: December 04, 2013, 01:42:26 PM »
Howdy! My name is Kathryn, I've been collecting Monster High since 2011. I heard about Monster High back at Comic Con 2010 and was hooked. I didn't get my first doll until Comic Con 2011 with the Deadfast Ghoulia. She remains to be one of my favorites to this day. I look forward to getting to know everyone on this board.

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