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Sales / Final Collection Sale! Tons of MIB and rare dolls!
« on: September 03, 2018, 09:08:48 PM »
I'm clearing out the rest of my collection, and have tons of early dolls, including Howleen and Home Ick Frankie, up for sale on eBay:

It's been a long time since I've been active, but I have excellent feedback here and on the MLP Arena.

I'll gladly combine shipping if you win multiple auctions. Shipping is to continental US only, however.

I will not be re-listing the dolls that don't sell, so don't miss out!


I'm moving most of my sales to eBay, as I'm trying to get these dolls cleared out ASAP. All of my auctions will have a Buy It Now option, and if you use BIN and mention you are from the MH Arena I will waive the shipping charges. :)

Hi everyone, I began selling off my collection a couple years ago and now I'm getting around to finishing it. I have tons of dolls that are MIB, and quite a few that are unboxed, original releases still in great condition, so if you're a newer collector looking to add dolls to your collection there's a good chance I have what you're looking for! I'm looking to get rid of these quickly, so I'm definitely open to reasonable offers, especially if you are buying multiple dolls. I will only accept Paypal, and will hold items for a couple days upon request.

I'm only shipping to the continental US, but all will be shipped Priority mail with tracking. (The prices DO NOT include shipping.) I do work five days a week, so I may only be able to make it to the post office twice a week or so.

I do have excellent feedback here, as well as the MLP Arena, and eBay:

The picture album can be found here: and I'm still adding more. I have a ton of playsets and more MIB dolls to dig through.

Please feel free to pm me with any questions!

Loose Dolls (Dolls come with accessories as pictured in album)
Original Deuce Gorgon   $35   
Original Cleo    $30   
Original Toralei   $30   
Dawn of the Dance Frankie   $15   
Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen   $15   
Dawn of the Dance Cleo   $15   
Sweet 1600 Frankie   $15   
Skull Shores b&w Frankie   $10   
Original Howleen   $20   
Scaris Caterine deMew   $15   
Scaris Rochelle   $12   
Scaris Skelita   $12   
Scaris Deuce Gorgon   $15   
Power Ghouls Spectra   $15   
Power Ghouls Clawdeen   $15   
Meowlody and Purrsephone   $25   
MIB Dolls      
Original Twyla   $20   MB
Scaris Deuce   $20   MIB
New Scaremester Jinafire Long   $20   MIB
New Scaremester Invisibilly   $35   MIB
Picture Day Frankie   $20   MIB
Skull Shores 5-pack   $40   MIB
Fashion Pack Scarah Screams   $25   MIB
Fashion Pack Wydowna Spider   $40   MIB
Catty Noir   $55   MIB
Casta Fierce   $20   MIB
Diener   $25   MIB
Headmistress Bloodgood   $35   MIB
Music Festival Venus Flytrap   $10   MIB
Music Festival Clawdeen Wolf   $10   MIB
Creepateria Howleen   $25   MIB
Creepateria Cleo   $10   MIB
Zombie Shake Purrsephone and Meowlody   $40   MIB
Neighthan Rot   $20   MIB
Avea Trotter   $25   MIB
Freaky Fusion Bonita Femur   $30   MIB
Frights Camera Action Cleo   $12   MIB
Frights Camera Action Lagoona   $14   MB
Frights Camera Action Elissabat   $20   MIB
Coffin Bean Robecca Steam   $20   MIB
Coffin Bean Toralei   $20   MIB
Coffin Bean Abbey Bominable   $10   MIB
Coffin Bean Frankie Stein   $12   MIB
Coffin Bean Venus   $35   MIB
Home Ick Abbey and Heath   $30   MIB
Mad Science Ghoulia and Cleo   $40   MIB
Wolf Family Pack   $50   MIB
Freaky Fusion Frankie Stein   $15   MIB
Freaky Fusion Dracubecca   $30   MIB
Dead Tired Spectra   $15   MIB
Ghoul Spirit Mo   $15   MIB
Ghoul Spirit Venus   $10   MIB
13 Wishes Cleo   $20   MIB
13 Wishes Clawdeen   $40   MIB
13 Wishes Draculaura   $30   MIB
13 Wishes Twyla   $20   MIB
13 Wishes Spectra playset   $25   MIB
Fearleading Set   $65   MIB
2012 Justice Swimsuit Frankie   $30   MIB
Amazon Collector's Edition Draculaura   $60   MIB
SDCC Manny Taur   $110   MIB (comes with outer box but not jacket)
SDCC Webarella   $100   MIB (comes with outer box)

Small outfits $5 each   MIB
Ghoulia Comic Book Club Outfit   $15   MIB
Abbey Snowboarding Club Outfit   $10   MIB
Spectra Deluxe Fashion Pack   $20   MIB
Lagoona Deluxe Fashion Pack   $15   MIB
Frankie Fashion Pack   $15   MIB
Robecca Steam Fashion Pack   $30   MIB
Ghoulia Yelps Fashion Pack   $25   MIB
Operetta Fashion Pack   $12   MIB
Frankie Stein Fashion Pack   $12   MIB

Updated for a few that came off hold, and added more dolls. Please pm me if you're interested in something you don't see listed. Chances are I probably have it!

Monster Discussion / PC Non-tinsel Roller Maze Abbey
« on: November 05, 2014, 04:12:04 PM »
I have someone interested in this doll, but I have no idea what her going price is. Does anyone know what a fair price is for her?

Thank you!

Monster Discussion / Re: PC on many dolls, inc. originals and comic con
« on: November 04, 2014, 05:27:42 PM »
Sales thread has been started and is here!,5899.0.html

So I've been collecting MH since the very beginning, and I have hundreds of dolls. I've realized it's time to let them go however. I'll be listing a few at a time, but if there's any others you are interested in, feel free to send me a pm and ask. I have many newer releases that are still MIB, as well as most fashion packs. I have many years of feedback at the Arena

All dolls have been display-only, non-smoking household, etc. I will make sure they're cleaned up before shipping, if needed. I'm not the pickiest collector when it comes to eye wonk, in face, I've never noticed it.

Now the for the details: Every doll has their pets, accessories, and diaries; however, I won't be splitting them up. I have sooo many dolls that its going to take me a long time to ship everything as it is, I'd rather not break it up further. I'm happy to take more pics. I work full-time, so I might only ship once or twice a week, but everything will be sent priority mail with tracking (prices do not include shipping). This goes for international packages as well. I accept paypal, but I'd rather not take payments. Again, I'm trying to clear things out quickly. But please feel free to pm me with further questions.

Update 11/7 Several dolls have come off hold, and I am listing more as the existing ones are sold. Pics will be coming soon, but feel free to pm me with questions. I have TONS more MIB dolls to list, as well as many fashion packs/playsets.

Clawd $30 SOLD
Forbitten Love Draculaura Sold
Deuce $40
Original Cleo $40
Original Ghoulia $35 Sold
Holt Hyde $55 Sold

Gloom Beach Jackson $25
Jackson Jekyll $35 SOLD
Skull Shores Gil $45 on hold
DOTD Lagoona $20 SOLD
Nefara $45 SOLD
Sweet 1600 Frankie $15
Sweet 1600 Clawd $35 SOLD
Sweet 1600 Draculaura $15

Original Frankie $35
Original Lagoona $35 SOLD
Original Draculaura $35
Original Clawdeen (non-clawed hands) $30
Original Abbey $25 Sold

NEW: School's out Frankie $20
School's out Clawdeen $25
School's Out Lagoona $20
School's Out Frankie $20
School's Out Cleo $25 Sold

Operetta $30 Sold
Spectra $20 Sold
Toralei $50
Cupid $50
Rochelle $15 Sold
Robecca Steam $15 SOLD
Venus McFlytrap $15 Sold

DOTD Ghoulia $35 SOLD
DOTD Clawdeen $20
DOTD Cleo $15
DOTD Frankie $15

NEW: Mad Science Lagoona $25
Physical Deaducation Ghoulia $20 Sold
Home Ick Frankie $30

MIB Scaris Deuce $15
MIB Dot Dead Gorgeous $40 SOLD

MIB Fearleading 3-pack $75

Dead Tired Lagoona and Hydration Station $45 on hold

NEW: Dead Tired Draculaura and Coffin/Jewelry Box Bed $20
Dead Tired Clawdeen w/ bunk bed $35

MIB Swim Class Holt Hyde $40

NEW: MIB Dance Class set w/ Gil $55 or will sell Gil separately for $35

Comic Con Frankie $300

Comic Con Ghoulia $300

Comic Con Scarah Screams and Hoodude $175

Comic Con Manny Taur and Iris Clops $120

Thanks for looking! :)

Monster Discussion / Re: PC on many dolls, inc. originals and comic con
« on: November 01, 2014, 09:44:57 PM »
I finally got a postage scale today, so I should have some listed tomorrow or Monday. :)

Monster Discussion / Re: PC on many dolls, inc. originals and comic con
« on: October 21, 2014, 03:56:33 PM »
I do plan on selling here rather than eBay, which is why I figured it was a good idea to double-check prices. I don't want to have to deal with that hassle.

As for eye wonk, honestly, I never ever noticed it, even in the pics were people pointed it out.  :blush:  So I can't say for sure whether my dolls have it or not. I will have pics of all of them though.

Monster Discussion / PC on many dolls, inc. originals and comic con
« on: October 21, 2014, 09:58:22 AM »
Apologies for yet another PC thread! For several reasons, I've decided to sell my collection. I've been collecting since the very beginning and all dolls are loose (except where noted), but have their accessories, journals, pets, etc.

I have looked on eBay and come up with what I think are the going prices based on completed sales, but would like to have these confirmed before I put up a sales thread, hopefully this weekend. I plan to sell everything together - no breaking up into pets, clothes, etc.

(Please no pms yet, but I want to start listing things ASAP so it won't be long! :) )

Original Wave 1 Frankie $35
Original Wave 1 Cleo $40
Original Wave 1 Ghoulia $35
Original Wave 1 Lagoona $35
Original Wave 1 Clawdeen $30 (she is the very first version with unclawed hands)
Original Wave 1 Draculaura $35
Original Deuce $45
Original Clawd $30
Nefara $45
Holt Hyde $55
Original Jackson Jekyll $35
Original Toralei $50
Original Operetta $30
Cupid $50
DOTD Lagoona $20
DOTD Frankie $15
DOTD Cleo $15
DOTD Clawdeen $15
DOTD Ghoulia $35
Sweet 1600 Clawd $35
Gloom Beach Jackson $25
Skull Shores Gil $45
Dead Tired Lagoona and Hydration Station $45
Swim Class Holt Hyde (MIB) $40
MIB Fearleading 3-pack $85?

I imagine the rest, like the Dead Tired, Roller Maze, Skull Shores, Gloom Beach, the later releases like Rochelle, Robecca, Venus, etc. will all go for about $15-20 each with their accessories. I also have lots of the more recent releases that are still MIB (I just never got around to de-boxing/displaying them) that will go for their retail prices. I also have lots of MIB fashion packs.

Now the big stuff:
MIB Comic Con Frankie $300
MIB Comic Con Ghoulia $300
MIB Comic Con Webarella $200
MIB Comic Con Scarah Screams $200
MIB Comic Con Manny/Iris $120 (no jacket)

Thanks in advance for the help! :)

Monster Discussion / Re: SDCC reveal thread
« on: August 04, 2014, 08:14:17 PM »
My Manny and Iris arrived today!!  Eeeeeeee I'm so thrilled with both of them!

So exciting!!

According to tracking, my Manny and Iris FINALLY left Bell Gardens and magically appeared in Philadelphia, about half an hour away.  Tomorrow for sure!!  Eiiie!

Mine scanned in Greensboro today! :D At least it's the same state, so everyone else who is still waiting, I'm sure it will update soon. Man, I like free shipping, but parcel post is sooooooooo slow, especially considering a priority mail package from here will get to my friend in LA in 2 days!

Monster Discussion / Re: SDCC reveal thread
« on: July 31, 2014, 06:31:44 AM »
For those of you having weird shipping issues, I noticed that when I track my package through eBay it shows that it was "Delivered" to Bell Gardens, CA. But when I track it through USPS, it's just being routed through there and scheduled for delivery on 8/6 (probably because it was sent parcel post). So, FYI, just track though It is nerve-wracking though! I want that package in my hands!

Monster Discussion / Re: Monster High Discussion
« on: October 26, 2013, 09:54:22 AM »
I've seen several Scarahs and a bunch of Clawdeens at TRU. What I have yet to catch a glimpse of are the new Power Ghouls. Every single Target I go to has stacks and stacks of Clawdeen and Spectra, but not a single Frankie or Toralei. I wonder if they ever were actually released here in NC. :|

Monster Discussion / Re: Catty Noir fan thread! XD
« on: August 24, 2013, 12:48:15 PM »
Yep I grabbed one at my Target this morning! Now if only Catastrophe would hurry and show up!


Me too!!! Waiting for the package is going to kill me!! I'm just loving these pics. I think her outfit is amazing, especially those shiny silver boots.

How much are people spending on preorders anyway? Like the ones from the comic store?

I spent $115, including shipping. Yeah a bit pricey, but I want her. The lowest I saw was $85, but I missed out on it. I was afraid her price would just go up and up so I jumped when I had the money. It's pretty comparable to what I paid for Scarah after SDCC.

I preordered her and I can't wait to see her in person. I was a bit nervous about it as well, but I figure I'll have time to file a claim if the seller doesn't come through. She's staying in box like the other SDCC exclusives though. As much as I'm tempted to play with her, those are the only dolls that stay MIB.

Monster Discussion / Re: We need a header!
« on: June 07, 2013, 08:03:35 AM »
I think some of Pickelpud's awesome photos would make a great header, if he would be OK with that.

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