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Off Topic / Toylines being rebooted
« on: November 19, 2017, 09:46:11 PM »
This got brought up in the "Health of the MH line" topic, but was unfortunately off-topic. I made mention that "Boy Lines" get rebooted more than "Girl Lines" do, but SaelaVe corrected me:

This is inaccurate.  MLP's only truly unsuccessful reboot was G3.5, which only lasted for a single year. 
G2 was not very popular in the US and was only produced from 1997 to 1999 here.  But it was quite popular in Europe, where it continued to be produced up until 2003 when G3 was introduced. 
G3 lasted from 2003 to 2009.  And G4 has lasted from 2010 to present.  That's a six-year run for both G2 and G3, and a seven-year run for G4 to date.

Since LPS was introduced in 1992, the line has seen a total of seven incarnations, including the original run under the Kenner division, one hard reboot, and five soft reboots.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has had four reboots to date, including the TMNT film and the Bay-produced live-action movies.  That's the exact same number of reboots as MLP.
I'm not especially familiar with the history of G.I. Joe, but I'm only aware of six reboots to the original 1960s-1970s line: A Real American Hero, Extreme, Sigma 6, Resolute, Renegades, and the live-action films.
I wouldn't consider either TMNT or G.I. Joe to have had "endless repeats".  No more so than the girls' lines that we've discussed.

Now Transformers I'll give you.  It's a damn powerhouse with more reboots and offshoots than I can count.  (It has had 23 animated series alone!)
I feel like Transformers is for Hasbro what Barbie is for Mattel.  They seem to pour all of their attention and energy into keeping Transformers alive at all costs.

Power Rangers is a bit unique.  It's a westernized version of the Japanese Super Sentai series, and it gets a new series in the West every time that a new Super Sentai series comes out in Japan.
None of the other shows/toy lines that we've discussed have been quite like this; and it's near impossible to say if Power Rangers would have been rebooted as many times as it has were it not for the ongoing success of Super Sentai.

It may appear as though the same does not hold true for girls' lines, but it does.  Strawberry Shortcake is a great example of this.  Strawberry had an extremely successful run in the 1980s and then completely died off.  It was revived in 2003 and has been relaunched twice since.

If you're largely unfamiliar with the history of girls' toy lines and are more familiar with boys' lines, then I can see how it may appear as though boys' toys get more reboots, more chances, and have greater longevity than girls' lines; but this really isn't the case.
It would be completely moronic for toy manufacturers to alienate such an enormous demographic of potential customers by focusing all of their efforts on boys' toys and allowing girls' toys to fall by the wayside.  These companies' foremost concern is making bank, so they're going to do whatever it takes to make a successful toy line last for as long as possible, regardless of which gender it's being marketed to.

I found it an interesting point, especially as I was so unaware of the girl stuff being rebooted quite often (I only remember one My Little Pony re-release coming before the modern-day one). I think the reason I was so ignorant of that fact was that the girl lines tend to be... quieter... re-releases. TMNT reboots take place alongside big, well-advertised cartoon shows. G.I. Joe & Transformers get movies (and Transformers really hasn't gone away- I don't even think most count as "reboots"- they just make a new line every couple of years).

Like, I didn't realize Strawberry Shortcake had been rebooted, well, ever. I've seen some Rainbow Brite stuff recently, but nothing on the level of the '80s run. Care Bears seems to be in a constant state of release, but has technically been rebooted several times.

The "Girl Stuff" seems to be so much quieter, as IPs are simply re-fashioned or released intact, often without a TV series or a major marketing push. I find it an interesting contrast to stuff like TMNT, which is nearly always treated like a big deal.

It does give me hope for the flagging Monster High line, anyway. It seems likely that even IF they dropped the line, Mattel would keep the IP and bring it back in a half-decade or so.

What did they think of it? I find it interesting trying to get a group of comic book fans and RPG players interested in the characters. I did the same with Monster High, and while it obviously didn't "take" (a few fathers had notes about how fragile the dolls were, though :)), they confessed that many of the designs were remarkable, and that the designers really knew what they were doing. Many suggested that comics would do well to get actual designers to work for comic book companies, thus preventing the occasional atrocious costume designs comics is known for.

They were a bit less impressed with EAH, particularly the one female in the group, who was a BIG fan of the "classic fairytales" and couldn't figure out how these "matched".

Things they noticed:

* Nobody can get over the fact that the origins make no sense if these characters are teenagers- like Rapunzel gets kidnapped AS A BABY, and yet she has teen daughters who are supposed to replace her? Granted this comes up in the EAH fandom, too, but comics fans have issues getting over this :). Years of having to cram contradictory continuity intoa  cohesive universe that makes sense.

* EVERYONE was taken aback at Apple's "Everyone should follow their destiny!" thing. Like, they view her as a total monster, and can't get over it. Some of the Rebels will DIE if they follow their story!

* Everyone got a huge kick out of Daring Charming's picture. "The Douche Side is strong with this one". "I can smell the Axe Body Spray coming off of him".

* A fan of Russian folklore was impressed with the inclusion of Baba Yaga.

* Mentioning Blondie Lockes and her personality dredged up memories of the Kender from Dungeons & Dragons and Malkavians from Vampire: The Masquerade- infamously annoying character archetypes known for ruining many games with distracting behavior. The Kender in particular are known for being kleptomaniacs. I pointed out that Blondie was a very unpopular character for the same reason that people hated Kender- it's a very annoying trait.

* People are easily confused by how similar all the characters are in design, and how similar the voices are. SameFace AND SameVoice in the show are a pretty hard thing to overcome. It doesn't help that most everyone uses the "Large-eyed girl with giant hair and a frilly dress" look, and has costumes with more than one color in the scheme (it'd be easier if there was a "blue one" and a "red one"- instead there's blue/gold/blonde, red/white/blonde, black/purple, teal/minty-green, etc.).

* One guy: "I started watching the Netflix collection of the stories last night. So far, liking it but not as much as Monster High. Is anybody else getting a religion vs atheist vibe to the series? Apple really reminds me of the Christian queen (word removed, do not attempt to circumvent the word filter) -Melissa, EAH Discussion mod. Moderator edit reposted 11/12/17 as it was removed by the user. from Easy A."

Ever After High Discussion / Stuff you'll miss about Ever After High
« on: September 26, 2017, 03:38:41 AM »
Since the line is all but dead where I am, and they're not making any more episodes or movies, I've been kind of disappointed in what became of EAH. So I figured I'd make a "mourning list" of stuff I'll miss about it. Feel free to add your own stuff:

* Jonquil Goode's AMAZING Apple White. She just absolutely KILLED IT with that character, turning what could have been a classic "Mean Popular Girl" character into kind of a lovable doofus. Her raspy voice was just SO perfect for this role, in a way you wouldn't expect- much less sing-song than other actresses would have gone with.

* The Apple/Raven relationship. They were great fun at first, with their rivalry thing, then when they sort of became friends, but with Apple always bugging Raven to try and be more evil.

* Being able to go to the store and see brand-new stuff out there. It was a ton of fun heading to one of the three Toys R Us stores in town and finding all-new EAH stuff on the shelves, or better yet, old stuff that hadn't sold yet.

* Erin Fitzgerald's great Raven Queen. Especially the way she voiced the laugh. Erin being dumped from Mattel's voice-acting entirely means we'll probably never hear her as the other characters, either.

* Cupid's completely insane, obsessive crush on Dexter Charming. I've never seen such psychopathic infatuation done on a show meant to appeal to such young children, and it's HILARIOUS. The whole thing where Dexter catches her doing photoshop on her computer, she gets shocked, then THROWS IT ACROSS THE ROOM, only to collapse and stare at him while giggling is absolute perfection.

* Dexter being absolutely oblivious to Cupid's affections, no matter how obvious they were. I wonder how many girls went through that themselves, not realizing that boys can't read subtlety at all?

* Daring being completely self-involved.

* The GREAT animation. I've never seen "Flash-style" animation done this well- the hair movements alone were fascinating to watch. My only issue with the animation was that the characters moved so fast that some of the beautiful art would get skipped over entirely.

* The fascinating background characters. The animators sometimes put themselves in, but they had some REALLY interesting "looks" in the back. Many of which were better than the character designs of main characters- specifically the "Ice Queen" girl the entire fandom loved. And the Indian girl.

* The possibility of any of the new characters possibly joining the narrative of the series. Every one of them just kind of popped up for a single episode, then did nothing else.

* Dexter & Raven's relationship going further. They literally went on ONE DATE in the cartoon and then we saw nothing else. If anything makes me wish they'd done a REAL cartoon series of EAH, this was it. SO MUCH could have been done.

What stuff can you guys come up with?

Ever After High Discussion / Theme Songs for the Characters
« on: October 30, 2016, 03:48:35 AM »
I've been thinking about this a while, and I don't think it's been brought up here before- what are some fun songs that would be ideal signatures for a character in EAH?

RAVEN QUEEN: Defying Gravity

-I mean, duh. A girl defying authority and doing her own thing. EAH is such a Wicked-like thing anyways (a dark-haired girl who's picked on for who she is having to room with a popularity-obsessed blonde in a relationship that gets super, SUPER close?)


-A pro wrestling theme song, but PERFECT for Daring. At least before Epic Winter.

DEXTER CHARMING: Girl Is Beautiful

-Pretty much how a teenage boy thinks when he sees a pretty girl (ie. direct, dopey and kinda over-done, but sweet in its own way :)). Fits perfectly for him and his relationship with Raven.


-Well, come on. She's BASICALLY a genie. Until noon. Or midnight.

I only got into this line a couple of years ago, and that was mostly crossover from liking the Monster High designs- I found EAH much more boring, but then I watched the webisodes and found them MUCH better. As a child of the '80s, I spent more time collecting the Transformers, G.I. Joe, the Ninja Turtles (I had a billion of those) and Dino Riders (I've spent a fortune getting a near-complete collection), and after that, I was way into the Marvel Super-Heroes & X-Men lines, so I have little familiarity with "Girl Toys" beyond my sisters collecting Barbies as kids. I mean, I was a HUGE fan of Jem & The Holograms as a kid, but you wouldn't have caught me dead COLLECTING them- I kept it well-hidden from all my male friends (I can't even imagine the bullying if I'd let that one out :)).

So since I was so unfamiliar with "Girl Toy Rules", I found a few things surprising and mystifying, both about the fiction and about the toys themselves. I thought it might be amusing to share:

1) The whole "changing clothes" thing. I was curious as to why anyone cared whether or not characters had molded-on clothes, and nearly all of the complaints were due to issues with re-dressing them. I was like "... You change their clothes? ... but... but those are the clothes they CAME WITH!" It actually blew my mind a bit that clothes were traded around or altered or what have you. As a boy, it never occurred to me to take off Iron Man's armor and put it on Spider-Man. Molded-on clothes was basically the RULE for boys' stuff- Spider-Man and the like were all hard plastic and we LIKED IT that way. Cloth clothing made them look like -*ugh*- DOLLS.

2) The Same-y Bodies: This is part of Thing #1 up above, really. I was a bit weirded out by the fact that EVERYONE had the same body (SameFace is notoriously a problem with many "Boy Things" like superhero comics), but duh- it's so the characters can switch clothes. Again, most Boys' Toys are shockingly-different in scale- She-Hulk is enormous compared to Spider-Woman, never mind how Spider-Man, Venom, the Hulk and the Juggernaut fit. G.I. Joe toys have feet & hands that can hold any item, but can vary greatly in size as well. You'll routinely find figures with twice the bulk of others in human-based lines, much less stuff like the Transformers. Only He-Man typically re-used the same body type over and over again.

3) Pretty much everything's the same size: There's no "mini-size characters", or multiple variations of the same figure, save the two giant Madeline Hatter dolls. Transformers offers toys at numerous scales (some for poorer kids; others for ones with rich parents), and even super-hero stuff is offered at micro-scale, large-scale and a lot of medium-size stuff.

4) Almost all of the male characters are derived from what young girls would find more attractive, even if the characters are supposed to be strong or athletic. So you get guys like Daring Charming, who is supposed to be a super-athlete and a great fighter, but is built like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, with giant dewey eyes and a non-threatening appearance. Even Hunter Huntsman, who has a "punk-ish" haircut, is built rather delicately when he's supposedly a great outdoorsman. It's an interesting look at how what women (or younger girls, in particular) find attractive compared with how men would rather look- boys in High School usually want to look more like Brock Lesnar or Bill Goldberg than these rather fragile-looking boys. I guess it's a "non-threatening" thing- plus, girls don't want to hook up with giants who resemble shaved gorillas :).

I do find this contrasted a bit in Monster High, where the athletes are Clawd Wolf & Manny Taur, who are much more athletic-looking.

5) The whole "No Boy Figures" thing. I find this one absolutely hilarious, because it's IDENTICAL to what "Boys Lines" go through with female figures- Justice League toys getting released with no Wonder Woman or Hawkgirl, for instance. Avatar toys with no Katara, Azula or Toph Beifong. The "rule" being that "boys never buy toys of girls", and thus nobody actually PRODUCES them. And so it's amusing to watch both MH and EAH plop boys into tiny figure runs because "they don't sell" (granted, I've seen many shelfwarm, but that's often in expensive two-packs as well). And in both cases, this annoys collectors greatly, because it's hard to find opposite-sex characters.

But seriously, you think EAH has it bad for Daring Charming taking four years to get released? Try being a Transformers fan, who had to wait TWENTY-FIVE YEARS after her introduction to get an Arcee figure. If you were an adult when Arcee debuted in Transfomers: The Movie, you could have an adult child today.

6) Everyone's so SHORT. This is true in many Teen-Focused things, as the whole "Teens Are Short" trope comes into play (in real life and in cartoons, they tend to ensure than the teens are very short, in order to make them look younger than the adult characters). It's a bit odd, because at 16-17, most teens should be more or less similar to their final adult height. At MOST a few inches should be different, save for random freak occurences. But instead, all of the girls are more than a head shorter than adult WOMEN, much less the male teachers.

When this happens in "Boy-Themed" lines, it's usually because the kids are MUCH younger (like 12-13). Though this could still be common in some shows (Danny Phantom was much shorter than both of his parents, as we most of the teens at Amity High, for example).

7) The toys tend not to DO STUFF. There's a handful of Action Features out there, but for the most part the dolls just sit there. Nobody shoots stuff or transforms or has a motorized feature or anything. A superhero or G.I. Joe's Base is LOADED with weapons, elevators, weapons, jail cells, weapons and perhaps even some more weapons- sometimes, a Mattel doll's set will include a swing or a door that switches panels :).

8) No Vehicles. This is like a cardinal rule of Boys Toys- even guys like Spider-Man for some reason need expensive contraptions in which to drive around. At one point, the Transformers, a line of TRANSFORMING VEHICLES, got a line of cars & jeeps for them to drive! (naturally, those ones ALSO transformed) I think one MH character got a car once, though.

9) Powers are ill-defined. Various characters can jump, run at super-speeds, have super-senses, or even use Magical Powers. But this is often barely mentioned, or characters just randomly whip new powers out of nowhere. With "Boy Stuff", particularly Superhero stories, the Powers is like SECTION ONE, and every power is carefully described, often to the point of listings its exact level, versus that of other characters. G.I. Joe toys contained detailed descriptions of their history, training, and what weapons they could use.

10) A character is much more likely to be released as "the same, but with new clothes". Boys Stuff is usually released in Recolors or Redecos (many Transformers are just the same one colored differently), entirely new costumes (ie. new plastic molds entirely), or swapping out gear.

Ever After High Discussion / The Ramona/Cerise webisode translated
« on: September 25, 2016, 11:52:02 PM »
I had a Brazilian friend translate most of the episode they only released into Portugese for me:

Ramona was sent away to a Reformatory School in the Black Forest, and has now returned. Everyone's all like "ooh, Cerise- your enemy is here!" She picks on Cerise alot, jokes about the hood, and taunts her. When they argue later, it's because they're expected to fight. When their dad brings them into his office, Ramona says that Cerise "over-does" the hood thing, but Mr. Badwolf points out that if anyone discovered their parentage, there would be "a huge scandal" (not sure if that still matters now that Royal/Rebel is done as a thing, however).

In the end, they decide to just have a race to see who the best one is in the end.

Monster Discussion / Are Toy Scalpers a thing with this fandom?
« on: August 28, 2016, 12:38:47 AM »
I normally hang around the Transformers line, and this is a recurring problem there- does it happen here?

For the unaware, a "Toy Scalper" is someone who goes to toy stores, buying up the rarer stuff, then re-selling it (usually in their own store, or on eBay) at inflated prices to make a huge profit. They're VERY notorious among Transformers fans for invading Toys R Us as soon as the trucks unload, buying up EVERYTHING unique, and leaving only the numerous, common characters (Optimus Prime, Bumblebee) on the shelves. I notice that every single Combiner Wars character (who make up the big combiner figures) is 100% unseen on the shelves... but is mysteriously common in Collectible Shops, but at DOUBLE the original shelf price!

Scalpers see nothing wrong with this simple act of capitalism, but they're hated by many fans for essentially making it impossible for normal people and children to actually buy anything good. Kids are often left disappointed because only the same two or three figures are available at Toys R Us, and less-savvy parents are prone to just abandoning the hunt altogether because they don't know where else to go! There are actually huge forum arguments going back and forth on this, and some people have even resorted to taking pictures of scalpers as they go about their work!

This never seems to happen to MH & EAH stuff, as far as I can tell, though I'd imagine the San Diego Comic Con stuff may suffer from it. I HAVE noticed a handful of people selling boxed dolls from a couple of years ago for ridiculous prices at Comic Cons in my area, however- selling things only a couple years old for a hundred dollars or more! But in this case, those dolls were never rare!

There HAVE been rare-ish dolls in my neck of the woods- some things just came in limited numbers. Epic Winter has had a very small release (when compared with any MH stuff, or even the Dragon Games & Way Too Wonderland)... but nothing that scarce, and I never see them in collector shops.

Just curious. And wanting to vent a bit about scalpers making it hard to find ANY odd Transformers (looking at shelf after shelf of Optimus, Bumblebee and Motormaster is depressing and boring :)).

I've noticed this with a couple of EAH characters (WAY more than any Monster High characters suffer from it), and it always kind of mystifies me. We've gone over the problems with the doll designs before, with the big wide heads and blank expressions making everyone look the same, but I've noticed this goes even further on some characters. Most of the time, the Box Art looks pretty much like the Webisode design and the stuff showing up on the covers of the EAH books, but other times, you see the complete opposite!

To me, Darling Charming is the worst offender of all- first off, her doll looks nothing like the show's character. The doll has narrow eyes, straighter and different hair, and even a different skin tone! And then her Dragon Games doll looks different from that! And if you notice, even the BOX ART of the doll has a different face! From either version! And, and she is the only character I see suffering from this, she has a different look on the cover of her BOOK as well! That's four or five different face designs for one character!

It's sad because I really like the look her character has in the webisodes, and none of the other versions seem to look like that.

Other offenders:
* Ashlynn Ella is somewhat notorious for her doll looking like another character entirely. This is probably because unlike others, her color scheme isn't as distinctive or as iconic- the yellow & red is clearly Apple, and blue & yellow is clearly Blondie. But Ashlynn's got some kind of green/pink thing going on, and it doesn't stand out as much. Even the Epic Winter doll looks like a different person.

* Jillian Beanstalk looks like the animators & doll designers were working from completely different notes. The webisode one looks glamorous, while the doll looks like a sportier jock.

* Dexter Charming seems to have more of a "handsome Ken Doll" look in the toys, in comparison to his ganglier nerdy look in the box art & cartoon.

Part of what makes this line fun for me are the horrible, HORRIBLE puns used for basically everything. Some are a bit strained and painful ("Bite-ology"? That was the best they could do?), but others are magnificent in their terrible-ness.

I always liked Spectra's "I got SICK the first day, and spent the whole week COFFIN!" from that one about their vacation.

A reference to Operetta as being the "Phantom of the Opry" was pretty clever, too.

Perhaps the greatest is the reference to "The Jaundice Brothers".

For EAH, I think Faybelle getting in trouble for "cursing in class" takes the cake for groaners :).

Ever After High Discussion / Under-Utilized Characters in the stories
« on: February 21, 2016, 12:12:14 AM »
(apologies if this was created semi-recently. I searched and didn't find any)

Given that this series is very much "Apple & Raven and the others", it's rather prone to a lot of characters falling by the wayside, whereas Monster High has more of a large cast that gets cycled in and out.

It seems that Darling Charming has jumped in as a major new character they want to push- she got her own Solo Book, a second doll close to the release of her first, and major roles in TWO movies (and a big hint in the one before those). So she's a solid #3.

However, some characters that have fallen by the wayside (note that many of them still get DOLLS- they just don't feature much in the story):
Ashlynn Ella & Hunter Huntsman: Had a major Character Arc with their relationship... but once the students accepted it and moved on, neither really had anything to do. As Ashlynn was one of the more "generic" Princesses, she has little function to the story. Though I guess she was in the "Finding the Hidden Enchanted Party" arc, but that seemed to revolve more around Faybelle, Cupid, Dexter & Raven.
Blondie Lockes: I initially thought her, Apple & Ashlynn were supposed to form a big "Popular Girl Trio" that were kind of rivals to Raven (look at the show's opening! It totally looks that way!), but instead she just kind of fell by the wayside. I think her personality, which is basically like the Kender from Dungeons & Dragons, makes her as hated as the Kender were, and for the exact same reasons.
Cerise Hood:
EASILY the most under-utilized character in the entire franchise, in my opinion (and I know I'm not alone). The whole "Introvert with mysterious parentage and inner-torment" thing could have easily made her the Main Character of the series, and yet she's basically a glorified Background Character who hasn't done anything in ages. The "Tri-Castle-on" set basically just featured her as a background character doing sports stuff!
Ginger Breadhouse: Her Character Arc is way too much like Raven's for most people, but she DID get a line themed around her (the "Cooking Class" bit). Has mostly only appeared in two Webisodes, though.
Briar Beauty: Was once a top-tier character, but kind of fell by the wayside after she hid the Storybook of Legends.
Dexter Charming: Once he asked out Raven and went on that date... he kind of hasn't done anything. Keep in mind he's supposed to be DATING THE MAIN CHARACTER, and he hasn't featured in either of the last two movies, one of which features Raven doing all sorts of important stuff.
Cedar Wood: Kind of... just a Token Backgrounder. She just follows around a more-important character and comments on things.
Holly & Poppy O'Haire: This is an odd one, as they are featured CONSTANTLY in the doll line, almost to the detriment of other characters- this has actually leveled both with a somewhat-negative reputation in the fandom, as they "shove out" more-interesting, developed characters. Seriously, they have zero character traits beyond "nice girl", and their only conflict (ie. the reason someone exists in a story) is the super-minor "the wrong one was born first" bit. They feature prominently in two VERY recent Theme Sets, AND the Dragon Games set... but don't actually do anything in the STORIES.
The Newbies: Melody Piper, Justine Dancer, etc.- they're all just too new. Though Melody has technically been around for a while now.
Glorified Backgrounders: Humphrey, Rosabella, Sparrow & Hopper are basically just one-note gags. Rosabella came out the same time DARLING did, and just look at the difference!

Some others COULD be used more, but have at least featured in some Story Arcs comparatively-recently: C.A. Cupid (who hasn't done anything since Raven & Dexter went on their date), Duchess Swan (okay she was in Fairest on Ice and that's it), Faybelle Thorn, etc.

I would personally argue that Cerise is by far the one that needs a bigger role, but considering how important Ashlynn & Briar were to the franchise early-on, they really need some new character traits as well. "Generic Nice Girl" ain't gonna cut it.

I was wondering about this, because some characters get release after release (the Core Ghouls, naturally get the most), while others basically languish. Some new characters get big pushes and then vanish, but then reappear out of nowhere a year or two later (GiGi Grant is like this). So which characters do you think Mattel considers failures?

But some characters I pretty much never see- Jackson/Holt is probably the easiest one for me to pick out, as he's one of the first characters released, and got a big storyline in the Webisodes (and the first Movie), but once his Dolls became shelfwarmers, he was basically cast off into Limbo permanently.

It seems the creators liked Sirena Von Boo the most out of the Freaky Fusion characters, and Neighthan showed up a few times, but Bonita & Avea have vanished off the face of the Earth. Neither has appeared in a Webisode (too hard to animate?), nor do they show up in Movies.

The Haunted cast is still pretty new, but they haven't shown up in anything since the Movie came out- hadn't Sirena & Neighthan shown up in Webisodes not so long after they were introduced? Unfortunately, I have to think that the entire Haunted line is considered a failure, as half of those dolls were clogging shelves (River & Vandala were at least harder to find), while the Boo York line was selling very well.

Wydowna Spider is all over Canadian stores- some Toys R Us stores appear to be stuck with more than FIFTY of her! Hard to say with her, as she seems to have only ever been intended as a doll (she never does anything in ANY animation), and stores may have simply over-ordered her. Will we ever actually see her do anything?

What about some of the "show up in a bunch of cartoons, then disappear" characters? We haven't seen Jane Boolittle or Amanita Nightshade in a dog's age. Does Mattel often just release these as big one-offs (or a couple dolls quickly, like Jane), then let them sit there in Limbo until they think of something else?


So this came up in the very first Storybook of Legends book (Apple realized that Raven is supposed to marry HER FATHER), but I was thinking about what kind of weird situations would get brought up if all the characters signed the Storybook and accepted their destinies:

1) Everyone's supposed to go along with these stories, and have their destinies be written out. But... are they supposed to act surprised? I mean, they're getting a huge spoiler here.

2) Snow White's story is that her father remarries an "Evil Stepmother". This means that her dad is supposed to marry Raven Queen! And also that Snow White apparently will die young, and therefore, so will Apple. What kind of a "Happy Ending" is THAT?

3) Same issue with Ashlynn Ella- I think her mom is dead in the book series, too. She even has Stepsisters in the Webisodes, implying that part's still holding still. So does that mean that Cinderella's job is to ALSO die young?

4) Faybelle Thorn is supposed to curse a baby to become Sleeping Beauty. Except she's the same age as Briar is.

5) The Big, Bad Wolf sort of dies in both The Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood, doesn't he? So why is he walking around, all alive and stuff? Also, nobody seems to know who Cerise's father is. Did that never come up?

6) Beauty's father is imprisoned by The Beast in their story, right? So... does this mean that Rosabella's father, The Beast, is destined to be imprisoned by his own future version? And Rosabella will then marry a guy just like her father?

And finally... who's actually supposed to be READING the stories that must "continue to be told"? Is there a world of regular people (ie. us)? Or is it the Monster High world that's supposed to be reading these stories? Do they ever go into just what the whole "Following the Legacy" thing actually MEANS?

Apologies if this was a recent topic, but I went looking and couldn't find anything :).

I've heard a few different people make comments about having lots of a certain doll in their area, while others are nowhere to be found. Yet, others will have the opposite story.

I notice that here in Alberta, Canada, we had a TON of Freaky Fusion Bonita & Aveas, but absolutely zero Neigthans. Similarly, Haunted gave us zero River Styxx dolls, and I never once saw SPECTRA, either! By contrast, Porter & Kiyomi have turned into absolute shelfwarmers, with Wal-Marts & Toys R US stores alike having just PILES of them. Most stores only have a Vandala or two left, if any at all.

Other things:

* Freaky Fusion "I'm inspired to dress like ____" dolls did not sell well, and clogged the shelves. Some of the Fusions did better, but stuck around for a year or two before finally selling out. The cheaper Haunted stuff has also not done well, with the "Ghost-Version" girls sitting around for months.

* The Boo York stuff has actually been FLYING off the shelves, except for Mouscedes. And Astranova, though the sets never seem to do well here. We actually GOT all the dolls here as well (with Wal-Mart getting 3 of the new characters in one pack).

* Gooliope Jellington seems to sell well, and they haven't gotten too many.

* Wydowna Spider is EVERYWHERE. Just piles and piles of them in most stores- I've seen Toys R Us putting them on half-price discounts, and looking at more than THIRTY of them stuck on the top shelf with the overstock (which is usually just the "sets" that don't sell well). I feel like her lack of involvement in the movies & webisodes is a big part of the reason, plus the fact that she's got one of the "creepier" designs.

* Wal-Mart seems to have ordered way too many "Sound-Making" Deuce & Toralei dolls. They've been sitting around on Clearance for forever.

* "Boy + Girl" sets never seem to sell well- Rochelle/Garrote is a big shelfwarmer here.

* Recently, one local Toys R Us condensed all of the MH and EAH stuff into one side of an aisle, when they used to take up BOTH sides (minus a bit). I'm starting to wonder if they're not selling that well anymore. EAH in general seems to stick around on the shelves (though Way Too Wonderland stuff sold IMMEDIATELY), to the point where Wal-Mart has put them ALL on Clearance. At least two stores have done this, making me concerned.

* Oddly, no stores have the EAH Faybelle, Darling or Rosabella dolls, despite getting Way Too Wonderland already. Very weird.

Introductions! / Hi everybody!
« on: September 15, 2015, 06:08:03 PM »
Hey everyone! Here's my token Introduction Post!

I'm a pretty recent convert to the MH/EAH Fandom- I'd heard about it not too long after it came out, but as I'm a guy in his 30s, I never spend much time in the "Girls' Section" of toy stores, and so didn't hear too much about it. Then I started noticing them a bit more and more when Target was here in Canada, and I realized that not only were the toys AMAZINGLY-detailed, but they had some of the coolest names I'd ever seen, with references you usually never saw in girls' toys.

Seeing great designs like Robecca & Twyla, then finding out there was a character named RIVER STYXX, who was the daughter of the GRIM REAPER, made me realize that these were actually pretty awesome. Looking up stuff online, I found out the names for all the characters, and then rented some of the DVDs. I've been a big fan ever since! Now I've got a small amount of the dolls to go alongside my Disney Store stuff, and my old toys from the 1980s (Dino Riders, Visionaries, Battle Beasts, etc.).

I really like the Ever After High stuff, too- the show and characters are better than MH, though I find the dolls to be much weaker (too much SameFace going on). But both are overall really neat.

I go on about this at a few other unrelated forums, mostly as off-topic asides (one superhero RPG forum is almost on-topic, since I posted RPG builds for the characters in Mutants & Masterminds), so I'm glad to find an actual all-MH/EAH forum at last!

Glad to meet everyone!

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