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Monster Discussion / New Faces
« on: June 10, 2015, 01:41:04 AM »
What is up with the new faces, face stamps, face molds, whatever you wanna call them, they are so weird and different  :| what do you guys think of them? here are some examples

im sorry if the images loaded wrong, im still trying to figure out photobucket, but, i mean, clawdeen´s eyes are getting closer and closer together, ghoulia seems to be always wonky, lagoona´s eye shape is completely different, what are your thoughts on this? and what about frankie? i didnt feel the need to post a picture because we all know the obvious, cleo´s and nefera changed a lot too! i love the old faces! i hope this is just a temporary change

Hi! im sorry if this is a repeated topic but ive been having some really awful dust issues at home and i was wondering if any of you guy  had any tips for those of us that dont have like dustproof display cabinets or something to protect our dolls from getting dirty! any tip will be highly appreciated  :)

Introductions! / Hi! Daniel from mexico :)
« on: July 15, 2014, 05:11:44 AM »
Hi! my name is Daniel, you can call me Dani, or Dan, or D or whatever you like, im a college student majoring in psychology, im from Mexico, i live right in the border with Texas in a town called Matamoros, i love Monster High and horror movies, i also like Sailor Moon and Marvel comics a lot, specially X Men, my favorite mh characters are Lagoona, Rochelle and Abbey, but i love all of them to be honest, i own about 83 dolls at the moment but absolutely plan on getting more, i love to chat and meet new ppl so dont be shy, im also kind of a street "artist" since the city i live in its going thru a violence crisis, me and some friends try to bring some happy messages to the ppl by painting some walls or street lamps with nice positive messages, i hope i can bring something to this forum and would love to make some friends and hear from you guys!   ;)

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