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For those of you who still have Creepateria on the shelves, you might want to pricecheck- I got Cleo at mine yesterday for $8.98 (she did have a clearance sticker).

I was browsing Shopular (Thank you to whoever posted that on here that one day- it really helps!) and there is a Target toy event going on! Basically, you can trade in an unwanted/used toy and get a 15% off coupon that is good towards new toys. What I've found:

"Do you have old toys collecting dust in your home? Mark your calendar for Target’s Toy Trade-In Event taking place March 28th-29th. On these two days, bring your used and/or unwanted toys to any Target and get a Target coupon valid for 15% off the purchase of a new toy – coupon expires 4/15/15. Note that there is a limit of one trade-in coupon per guest." via

I thought that many of us could participate in this and save some money. I hope this helps! :)

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My target had the Haunted deluxe dolls for $14.99 tonight. That was the impetus I needed to get kiyomi!

Target's website has the Haunted deluxe dolls for 50% off on their website only!


--- Quote from: Morieris on March 24, 2015, 05:50:41 AM ---Target's website has the Haunted deluxe dolls for 50% off on their website only!

--- End quote ---

And if you can get your Target store to do it, you can price match for 9.99 then use the 25% off coupon on Target's Cartwheel, then and additional 10% with another Cartwheel offer. In their price match policy, it says you can't combine price match and Cartwheel but I've read several stories where people got them to do it. Plus, the dolls would be $6.75  each :)


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