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Author Topic: Ghoul Talk, a Monster High collectors podcast-Episode 36: Honey Swamp 7-10-15  (Read 65666 times)

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Episode 36: Honey Swamp

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Episode 37 Agenda
SDCC Exclusives: Djinni "Whisp" Grant and Kieran Valentine
Finnegan "Rider" Wake
Deluxe/Collector's Edition Draculaura
Scare-nival: Clawd, Draculaura, and Skelita
Vinyls: Target-exclusive variants of Clawdeen, Ghoulia, Venus, Rochelle, and Twyla
Fright-mares wave 2: Penelope Steamtail, Fawntine Fallowheart, Flara Blaze, and Skyla Bouncegait)
Monster Exchange: Isi Dawndancer
Great Scarrier Reed: Peri & Pearl, Frankie and Toralei revealed, we also know of Kala Mer'ri, Posea Reef, and Lagoona from leaked photos

From leaks:
Ghouls Getaway: Spectra, Jinafire, and Meowlody (without Purrsephone?!)

There were not any new reveals at SDCC really but the leaks:
SDCC Exclusive Raven Queen
Royally Ever After Apple White
Heartstruck Cupid
17" Maddie
Justine Dancer
Melody Piper, Farrah Goodfairy, Courtly Jester*
Tricastleon: Hunter, Lizzie, Cerise*
Dragon Games: Apple (+ dragon), Raven, Darling, Holly, and Mira Shards*
Forest Pixies: Featherly, Harelow, and Deerla*

*denotes not shown at SDCC

Our Apologies for the technical difficulties of this episode, we had quite a few glitches but hope you understand.

The links for pictures are:

MH at SDcc:,8738.0.html

EAH at SDCC:,8741.0.html
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Ahh, I love these Toy Fair geek-out episodes! Little correction, though; at least here on the Arena people weren't disappointed that Isi had antlers. We were talking about how it would be cool if she had real antlers attached to her head instead of just a headband ;)

Courtly Jester might be the first Apple White clone I'm not disappointed in, because it is hilarious to me that she looks like Harley Quinn. And as the daughter of the Joker card and having purple to go along with red, she looks like such an obvious Joker/Harley child. Now, I do hate that pairing, but purely coming from the character design angle, she looks great!
Her painted legs have a molded pattern, so I can pretend her legs are just made out of cardboard ot something  ^^;

Another thing I noticed on Melody's doll is that she looks regular sized while in the webisodes she's on the short model. I would have liked a short Mel. This and her lightened eyes are my only two disappointments about her. The rest of her looks better than her animation model, imo. Shorter skirt and tattoo instead of tights makes her look cooler and more like a DJane. She had a very modern look to begin with, so these fabric-saving changes are appreciated for once.
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For Honey Swamp episode I had on my notes to also comment about the Swamp Thing from movies and comics, but had some issues at home which  distracted me (nothing serious, my air conditioner broke down and the repair guy arrived in the middle of the recording session and keep running in an out), so sorry about that.

That's so interesting Jimena! Some of those sound wicked weird to me! :lol:

To me too, lol. They don't surprise me anymore as when I was a kid, because it's just too common to see or hear them here.
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