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Author Topic: MH Glossary / List of Doll Terms & Acronyms  (Read 15723 times)

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MH Glossary / List of Doll Terms & Acronyms
« on: June 06, 2013, 06:34:03 PM »
Starting a new collection/joining a new fandom generally means getting hit with a whole bunch of unfamiliar lingo, so here's a glossary of sorts to help new (or old!) ghouls decode the MH conversation! The newest updates are highlighted for easier skimming ^.^

:female: Monster High Doll Terms & Acronyms

13W = 13 Wishes
17" dolls = refers to the 17-inch-tall body mold that debuted with Gooliope Jellington; it is also used for the Frightfully Tall line
AC = Art Class
Basic = first doll release of a character in their "everyday" outfit, also called the Signature (Sig) version
BC = Black Carpet (part of Frights, Camera, Action!)
BFF = Beast Freaky Friend; refers to 28-inch-tall dolls (also referred to as Gore-geous Ghoul)
Big Sister body = the taller, more adult body mold that debuted with Nefera; Bloodgood, Clawdia, Casta & Marisol also have this body
Budget/Slim-Box/Thin-Box doll = doll released in a narrow box, about half the width of the deluxe doll box, and relatively lower priced
BY/BYBY = Boo York, Boo York; incorporates three lines: Gala Ghoulfriends, City Schemes, and Frightseers
CaM = Create a Monster
CB = Coffin Bean
CC = Comet-Crossed; refers to the Boo York Cleo/Deuce 2-pack
CG = City Ghouls; refers to the Boo York Luna/Mouscedes/Elle 3-pack
Classroom = refers to school subject-related dolls and playsets (note: occasionally the first two Killer Style dolls are erroneously referred to as "Classroom" dolls)
CMC = Color Me Creepy (part of Create a Monster)
CoF = City of Frights; refers to the Scaris dolls
Collector doll = refers to an elaborately detailed doll with a longer-limbed body, made for the collector market; this style of doll and body type debuted with Collector Draculaura
CS = City Schemes (part of Boo York)
CT = Creepateria
Cursed Cafe = fan name for the wave 3/4 fashion packs
DatM = Day at the Maul; refers to the Frankie/Draculaura joint fashion pack (and sometimes the wave 3/4 fashion packs)
DC = Dance Class
DDG = Dot Dead Gorgeous (note: occasionally the first two Killer Style dolls are erroneously referred to as "Drop Dead Gorgeous" dolls)
Deluxe doll = doll released in a standard-width box, wider than a budget/slim-box/thin-box doll, and relatively higher priced
Deluxe fashion pack = fashion pack that includes more than one outfit (first released along with the wave 5 single fashion packs)
DotD = Dawn of the Dance
DT = Dead Tired
DtR = Double the Recipe; refers to the Classroom Heath/Abbey 2-pack
EAH = Ever After High (spinoff line based on fairytale characters) -> EAH Release Guide & Glossary
FatM = Fangin' at the Maul (also known as MM for Maul Monsteristas)
FCA = Frights, Camera, Action!; incorporates two lines: Hauntlywood and Black Carpet
FdC = Freak du Chic
Fearleading = refers to Ghoul Spirit dolls, primarily the 3-packs
FF = Fangtastic Fitness / Freaky Fusion; incorporates four lines: Fusions, Fusion-Inspired, Hybrids, and Save Frankie
FFT = Freaky Field Trip
FL = Forbitten Love; refers to the Clawd/Draculaura 2-pack that was part of the second signature wave, AKA School's Out (FL may also sometimes refer to Fearleading dolls)
Freshie Lagoona = refers to the transformed (freshwater instead of sea monster) Lagoona doll released only as part of 13 Wishes
Friday the 13th = refers to dolls whose release is timed to coincide with the date
Fright-mares = small centaur figures; a companion line
FS = Frightseers (part of Boo York)
FT = Frightfully Tall; 17-inch-tall versions of signature dolls
GA = Gore-geous Accessories / Ghouls Alive
G&B/GnB = Gloom & Bloom
GB = Gloom Beach
GC = Ghoul Chat (also known as GT for Ghoul Talk)
GF = Ghoul Fair
GG = Ghouls' Getaway / Gala Ghoulfriends (part of Boo York) / Getting Ghostly (part of Haunted)
Ghouls = girls/female monsters, or all monsters
GiL = Ghoulebrities in Londoom; refers to the Catty/Viperine/Elissabat 3-pack
GNO = Ghouls' Night Out
GR = Ghouls Rule
GS = Ghoul Spirit (refers to single Fearleading dolls, and the Student Council 5-pack) / Ghoul Sports / Geek Shriek
GSR = Great Scarrier Reef
Haunted = incorporates two lines: Student Spirits and Getting Ghostly
HHM/HHB = refers to Headless Headmistress Bloodgood
HI = Home Ick (refers to some Classroom dolls and a playset)
HS = Hydration Station; refers to the first Dead Tired Lagoona and her playset
HtC = Haunt the Casbah (part of 13 Wishes)
HW = Hauntlywood (part of Frights, Camera, Action!) -- occasionally seen as Howlywood
Hybrids = part of Freaky Fusion
I<3A (ILA) = I Heart Accessories (I Love Accessories); fan name for Monster Scaritage/Pride dolls
I<3F (ILF) = I Heart Fashion (I Love Fashion)
I<3S (ILS) = I Heart Shoes (I Love Shoes)
IM = Inner Monster (part of Create-a-Monster)
KS = Killer Style (refers to budget--and sometimes store-exclusive--releases of dolls wearing versions of fashion pack outfits)
LP = Lab Partners; refers to the Classroom Cleo/Ghoulia 2-pack
Little Sister body = the shorter, more childlike body mold that debuted with Howleen; Twyla, Lorna, River, Mouscedes & Astranova also have this body
LND = Love's Not Dead; refers to the Ghoulia/Slo-Mo 2-pack
Make A Splash = fan name for budget beachwear dolls released under no official line name (also referred to as Swim dolls)
Mansters = boys/male monsters / also refers specifically to the Gil/Deuce 2-pack
ME/MEP = Monster Exchange Program
MF = Music Festival
MM = Monster Maker (part of Create-a-Monster)
MS = Mad Science (refers to some Classroom dolls) / Monster Scaritage (also referred to as Monster Pride/I Heart Accessories)
Normies = humans
NS = New Scaremester; sometimes referred to as SM (NS may also refer to the FCA/Hauntlywood new characters, the "New Stars")
OG = Original Ghouls; 6-pack of rereleased wave 1 Frankie, Clawdeen, Draculaura, Cleo, Lagoona & Ghoulia
OF = Original Favorites; rereleases of wave 1 Frankie, Clawdeen and Draculaura
PC = Picnic Casket; refers to the Frankie/Jackson 2-pack
PD = Picture Day (PD may also sometimes refer to Phys Dead Ghoulia, a Classroom doll)
PG = Power Ghouls
PoT = A Pack of Trouble; refers to the Wolf sibling 4-pack
RM/SKRM = Roller Maze/Skultimate Roller Maze
RtH = Room to Howl; refers to the first Dead Tired Clawdeen and her playset
S1600 = Sweet 1600
SC = Secret Creepers and/or Secret Critters: pet lines (SC may also sometimes refer to Swim Class)
Scaris = Scaris: City of Frights, both deluxe and budget lines (also may refer to the wave 5 single fashion packs)
School Club = refers to the wave 2 fashion packs
Scream Uniform = refers to the wave 1 fashion packs
SDC = Student Disembody Council; refers to the We Are Monster High/Ghoul Spirit 5-pack
SF = Save Frankie! (part of Freaky Fusion)
Signature (Sig) = first doll release of a character in their "everyday" outfit, also called the Basic version
S&M = Scare & Makeup
SM = New Scaremester; more typically referred to as NS
SO = School's Out (fan name for the second wave of basic dolls, also referred to as Signature 2.0 to distinguish from the original Sig (1.0) dolls, AKA the wave 1s)
ST/SEA = Scary Tales/Scarily Ever After (the line is named Scarily Ever After on the boxes, but was listed at some retailers as Scary Tales and is often referred to as such)
SS = Skull Shores / Social Spots playsets (Creepateria and Student Lounge)
SV = Scarisian Vacation; refers to the Garrott/Rochelle 2-pack
Swim = refers to budget beachwear dolls released under no official line name (also referred to by fan names Swim Class and/or Make a Splash)
SwS = Sweet Screams
Travel = refers to the Scaris dolls
Vinyls = small stylized figures of the main doll characters; a companion line
WAMH = We Are Monster High; refers to the Student Disembody Council/Ghoul Spirit 5-pack
Wave 1s = the very first six signature dolls (Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Lagoona, Cleo, Deuce) in their original outfits, released in the original coffin-style boxes. Also may include the two subsequent additions to the line (also first released in coffin boxes), Ghoulia and Holt.
WL = Wheel Love; refers to the Lagoona/Gil rollerskating 2-pack
WW = Wheelin' Werecats; refers to the Meowlody/Purrsephone scooter 2-pack
ZS = Zombie Shake; sometimes referred to as ZD for "Zombie Dance"

-> MH Doll Release Guide

:female: General Doll Collecting Terms & Acronyms

Bait = a doll intended for customization, often but not necessarily a damaged doll. Some dolls are rare/sought-after to the extent that they would have to be severely damaged to be widely considered bait.
Case Assortment = the standard box of dolls of a particular line sent to a retailer, sometimes with set quantities of each particular doll within, sometimes random (MH dolls frequently come in cases of 6, often 2x/2x/1x/1x of four different dolls, or 2x of three different dolls.)
Case Revision = an altered version (either a change in quantity or in contents) of a standard case assortment
Deboxed = removed from box
EUC = excellent used condition
Exclusive = a doll released only through a particular retailer, store chain, package, set, event or occasion
Face-up = a doll's makeup/face style
Fakie = a knock-off; a doll line that intentionally copies a popular brand's aesthetic, often with lower quality standards and at a lower price point than the "official" line
FP = fashion pack
Glue Seepage = the condition in which the factory glue (used inside some dolls' heads to secure the hair rooting) seems not to cure properly and wicks up/seeps out, making the hair at the roots sticky and, well, gluey (note: not the same as the styling gel product used on certain dolls' hairstyles to keep the hair in place by stiffening it)
GUC = good used condition
Headmold = a doll's particular head shape//sculpt/design
HTF = hard to find
ISO = in search of
LE = limited edition
LF = looking for
Lip Rub = when a doll's lip paint rubs off on the inner plastic front of the box (other painted details may rub off in this way too)
Loose but Complete = deboxed, but with all pieces that originally came in the box
MIB = mint in box (variations include MISB = mint in sealed box)
MIP = mint in package
MSRP = manufacturer's suggested retail price
Multi-pack = two or more dolls packaged together (2-pack, 3-pack, 4-pack, 5-pack...)
NIB = new in box
NIP = new in package
NRFB = never removed from box (variations include NRFP = never removed from package)
OC = original character (custom dolls are often made into, or from, OC concepts and designs)
OOAK = one of a kind
OOB = out of box/deboxed
PC = price check
Playline = mass-produced dolls whose primary audience is children; widely stocked at big stores like Walmart, Target, TRU, etc. Playline dolls can be highly collectable with an adult fandom too--MH is a prime example.
Playset = a set of themed props (furniture, vehicles, miniature food, etc) to accompany doll play or display
QC = quality control
Rebody = transplanting a doll's head onto a new/different body
Rerelease = a doll or doll line produced again some time after its initial production run had ceased; a rerelease may be identical to the original release, or it may have (usually slight) differences
Sameface = the phenomenon of different dolls/characters sharing the same headmold
Screening = usually used in the context of "facial screening" referring to a doll's face-up/factory paint job
Sculpt = a doll's particular shape/design, often referring specifically to the head
SDCC = San Diego Comic Con (exclusive dolls)
Short-packed = a doll produced/released in lesser quantities compared to the other dolls in its case assortment
Split = term for sharing the purchase of a doll between two (or more) people: one takes the nude doll, another takes the stock outfit, etc
Stock = original state of a doll, as it was produced. Frequent uses: "full stock", "stock outfit", "stock face-up", etc.
TBR = to be released
Variant = a doll that differs in some minor way from what it "should" look like (different hair colour or makeup or accessories etc). Sometimes variants are intentionally produced, but more often they are factory errors. There may be only one variant found of a particular doll, or there may be a small (or even large) run of the variant.
VGC = very good condition
Wave = revision or subsequent release of an existing line. New waves may be released as case revisions.
Wonky Eyes/Wonk-eyed = badly aligned/poorly placed eyes (one higher or lower than the other, too close together/far apart, smudged, crooked, etc); can mean the entire face-up is misprinted
WTB = want to buy
WTS = want to sell
WTT = want to trade

:female: MH TV Special/DVD Release Abbreviations

NG@S = New Ghoul @ School, 2010
FO = Fright On!, 2011
WDGFIL = Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?, 2012
EFSS = Escape From Skull Shores, 2012
GR = Ghouls Rule, 2012
FNF = Friday Night Frights, 2013
S:COF (or just COF) = Scaris: City of Frights, 2013
FFTE = From Fear to Eternity, 2013
13W = 13 Wishes, 2013
FCA = Frights, Camera, Action!, 2014
FF = Freaky Fusion, 2014
HT = Haunted, 2015
BYBY = Boo York, Boo York: A Monsterrific Musical!, 2015
GSR = Great Scarrier Reef, 2016

:female: MH Puns!

Beast Friends
Fang Out
Forbitten Love
Freaky Fabulous
Of Corpse!
Oh My Ghoul!
Oh My Ra!
Scary Cute

Decomposition Book
Fear Squad
Ghoul Spirit
Home Ick
Mad Science
Physical Deaducation (Phys Dead)
Scream Team
Study Howl

Boo York
Costa Shrieka/Ghosta Rica
Monster Picchu
New Goreleans

Corrections, suggestions and additions are always welcome!

(Stickied 6/19/13 CSA)
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