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Author Topic: Is anyone still holding on to their MH collection? Still adding to them?  (Read 1388 times)

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Offline FangedPisces

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Re: Is anyone still holding on to their MH collection? Still adding to them?
« Reply #20 on: December 27, 2019, 10:52:54 AM »
I'm keeping mine, of course. Why would I sell them? Just because the line is over doesn't mean I don't like the ones I already have. It seems sort of silly to sell a collection of dolls just because they stopped making them.
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Re: Is anyone still holding on to their MH collection? Still adding to them?
« Reply #21 on: December 28, 2019, 06:22:07 PM »
I'm actually slowly trying to rebuild my collection after losing most of my stuff from a bad relationship (thrown out, could only take 2 car loads of stuff).
I only had about a dozen, but they all had a bit of customization.
Now I"m realizing how hard it's going to be or expensive to replace them :/
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Offline QueenGab

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I don't think I could ever part with my collection.The dolls make me so happy its hard to think I'll ever get rif of them. I do get overwhelmed because I do not have space to have them all on display, so I do 'rotation' of dolls in box to dolls on display.

I miss the days when I could haunt in the stores or online. Now its almost like a miracle to find a bnib anywhere and the prices are insane. I actually feel like I bought way more dolls since Mattel stopped releasing out of the fear that I would never get my wishlist complete. Anyway ... I'm still in hope that I will finish my collection and that Mattel will bring them back or a doll line that I am interested in... enchantimals is not really it for me ...

Offline Myrcury

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I still have and still love my collection! I've had a few new (to me) dolls come and join my doll family recently, because of a friend who's downsizing her collection, but I have not bought any actual new ones in ages now. I think my last off-the-shelf adoptee was Silvi. I still adore every one of my dolls! In fact, lately I've been busy making handmade clothes for them. :)

To those who've said they're hoping to add to their collections, but are finding it expensive to do so... I have some dolls I'm hoping to rehome, and honestly I'm not interested in making a killing off of them; I just hope they'll go to a person who'll love them. So I may be able to help! PM me if you like. :)

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Offline neon_jellyfish

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I'm not interested in adding new MHs to my collection, and I want to downsize it a bit, but I will be keeping most of my MHs until they fall apart. I'm thinking about customizing some of them. I'm into other dolls now, but MH will always have a special place in my heart, I love the overall concept as well as individual designs. Same for EAH.

Offline Dosneko

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I'm definitely keeping mine. If fact, I've been trying to get my collection to a point where I consider it complete. Just a few more dolls to go!

Offline Cleoglyphics

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There is no way in hell I'm parting with my girls. In fact, the only reason most of my dolls in storage are because I just don't have the space to display them. And that when I get my own place, you better bet your butt that my room would be filled with dolls galore.

I haven't really been buying anymore though, because I'm pretty content with where I am with my collection. I have bought the last two Frightmares I was missing (Penepole Steamtail and Skyra Bouncegait), and I plan on getting the last few MH dolls in my collection that I want (check my wishlist in the sig!), but then I will be content. May try to get the SDCC Cerise Badwolf though (and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe Daring).

I tend to rotate my collections around because of limited space. I currently have all my Novi Stars, Cleo and Ghoulia SDCC and my Alice in Wonderland EAH dolls on display, but I'm going to rotate them soon. Probably to my Shriekwrecked dolls. 

I've been selling my other collections though. Got rid of all my Shoppies and Shopkins bar three, sold off all my Twosies and LOL Surprise dolls (which I never really was passionate about in the first place?) and making way for my other passions. Anime figures, the new OMG dolls (just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in), trying to collect the rest of the Zelfs I want. That stuff.

All in all, I have no interest in selling my MH collection. And their storage status is less to do with disinterest and focus on other things and more just, space.

Offline Freezestime

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I am going to keep my MIB and complete dolls until the day I die! When I die they'll either be given to other collectors or given to charities/museums. Also I'm still gonna collect all the ones I want until I get them all!
« Last Edit: January 13, 2020, 05:10:42 AM by Freezestime »

Offline Fantoma

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Once the death of MH was no longer undeniable, choices had to be made. I've kept only my favorites Spectras. I plan on getting the ones I no longer have due to some issues ( wonky eyes, loose arms or legs that don't stay in place, bald spot, etc...). I'm also considering re-acquiring all versons of Jinafire, my 2nd favorite character. And perhaps also the entire Haunted line, minus Clawdeen & Draculaura (whom have no business being included in this line, lol).
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