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Which doll for Momo Sohma

Lottie doll
2 (100%)
Chelsea doll
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Author Topic: Attack on Titan, Fruits Basket, Naruto, and other anime and game characters  (Read 299 times)

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This is originally posted on the MLP Arena but Iíve decided to do a very big update on all that are complete and those who arenít.

Starting with Fruits Basket

Only one thatís completed is Kisa Sohma (a Lottie doll that I brought). All that she needs now is some clothes (from the creators of Lottie Dolls, thanks to the pictures and descriptions I gave them on her, Hiro, and Momiji dolls)

Hatori Sohma got head and body all he needs is a wig, and his clothes

Got the dolls for Akito (both the 2001 and 2019)

Saki = Got doll need to do hair and clothes

Yuki = Same as Saki

Hatsuharu = Same as Yuki

Arisa = Same as Hatsuharu

Kagura = Same as Arisa

Rin = Same as Kagura

Ayame = Need doll

Hiro = Need Lottie doll

Momiji = Need Lottie doll

Momo = Need Lottie doll or Chelsea doll with brown eyes and curly hair

Kureno = Need doll

Megumi = Need doll

Mai = Need doll

Okami = Need doll

Motoko = Need doll

Minami = Need doll

Mayuko = Need doll

Tohru = Got doll need to do hair and clothes

Ren = Need doll

Rika = Need doll

Ritsu = Need doll

Shigure = Need doll

Samurai Warriors

Masamune Date = Got doll

Ujiyasu Hojo = Need doll

Nobunaga Oda = Need doll

Ranmaru Mori = Got doll

Sengoku Colkection (Female versions of the Samurai Warriors characters)

Date Masamune = Need doll

Katakura Kojuuro = Need doll

Tokugawa Ieyasu = Need doll

Fuuma Kotaro = Need doll

Naruko (Naruto)

Naruko = Got doll

Kakashi (non Sharigan)= Got body need head

Iruka = Need doll

Fū (Seven tailed Jinchuriki) = Got doll

Fū Yamanaka = Need doll

Shikaku and Shikamaru Nara = Need Ken doll and BTS doll

Yugito Nii = Need doll

Hyūga Elder, Hiashi and his brother = Need Albus Dumbeldore body (Elder), and two Ken dolls (Hiashi and his brother)

Neji, Hinayana, and Hanabi = Need BTS doll (Neji), EAH doll (Hinata), and Lottie doll (Hanabi)

Shibi, Shino, and Torune Aburame = Need two Ken dolls (Shibi and Torune), and BTS doll (Shino)

Karui = Got doll

Chōji = Need doll

Inochi and Ino = Need Ken doll, and EAH doll

Inojin = Need doll

Karin = Need doll

Kushina = Need doll

Taiko = Need doll

Shisui, Itachi, and Obito = Need BTS dolls (Itachi and Shisui) Obito is ??? (Donít know which doll to do for him)

Sarada and Izumi = Need dolls

Madara = Got Dumbeldore body need head

Tsunade = Got body (need to change it) Need head

Tobirama = Need doll

Hashirama = Got Dumbeldore body need head

Kurenai Yūhi = Need doll

Mirai = Need doll

Asuma Sarutobi = Need doll

Shikadai = Need doll

Termari = Need doll

Garra = Need doll

Tsume and Hana, and Kiba = Need Barbie dolls for Tsume and Hana, and Kiba doll is up in the air at the moment (got a spare Deuce doll and I have no idea on who heís going to be either Kiba or Obito)

Minato = Need doll

Yagura Karatachi = Need doll (going to be funny on who itís going to be because of his height heís an adult but people think he isnít)

Utakata = Need doll

Anko = Need doll

Genma = Need doll

The two chunin forever Izumo and Kotetsu = Need Ken dolls (I swear these two are cursed)

Jiraiya = Need doll (this is going to be one of the most hardest one to do)

Kin = Need doll

Konan = Need doll

Yūgao = Need doll

Yamato = Need doll

Shizune = Need doll

Sasori = Need doll

Sai = Got doll

Might Gai and Rock Lee = Need Ken doll (Gai) and BTS doll (Lee)

Rin Nohara = Need doll

Mizuki = Need doll

Got other characters to do but my minds gone blank on Naruto

Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi = Got doll

Tamaki = Got doll

Kyoya = Need doll

Honey = Need doll

Mori = Need doll

Hikaru and Kaoru = Got dolls both have different colour hair (episode when the twins fight)

Attack on Titan (not adding the ones Iíve completed because itíll be too long)

Survey Corps

Eren (Female) = Got doll need to do hair

Connie = Being prepped

Baer = Need doll

Dita Ness = Need doll

Erwin = Got doll

Hange = Got doll

Harold = Need doll

Jean = Need to do hair

Lauda = Need doll

Levi = Got doll

Luke = Need doll

Marlo = Got doll

Sandra = Need doll

Gordon = Need doll

Sasha = Need to do hair

Moblit = Got doll

Mikasa = Got doll

Military Police Brigade and Garrison

Nile = Got body need head

Dennis = Need doll

Waltz = Need doll

Hitch = Got doll

Roger = Need doll

Kenny = Need doll

Ralph, Sannes, Duran, and Boris = Need dolls

Dot = Got doll only need to do face

Kitz, Gustav, Phil, Hugo = Need Ken dolls

Hannes = Got body and head

Ian = Need body

Scary Medic = Need doll

Carsten = Need doll

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Offline Bright Rabbit 1

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Training Corps

Keith = Need doll

Marco = Got doll and have done half of him (his body got half eaten by a Titan. And people are still telling jokes like half price, halfway there)

Mina = Got doll need to do hair and eyes

Samuel = Got doll

Thomas = Got doll waiting to use fluff from yarn wefts

Nac = Got doll

Mylius = Got doll

Royal Government and People behind the wall

Darius = Need doll

Rod, Frieda, Abel, Ulklin, Florian, and Dirk Reiss = Need Ken doll (Rod), Need Barbie Made to Move Pink Top (Frieda), got  Stacie doll (Abel), got doll EAH (Ulklin), got Lottie doll (Florian), and Got doll Harry Potter (Dirk)

Nick = Need doll

Roderich, Aurille, Gerald, and Deltoff = Need dolls

King Fritz = Need doll

Karina (Create a Character from A.O.T 2 game) = Got doll

Historia = Got doll

Carla = Got body need head

Alma = Need doll

Erwinís Dad = Need doll

Sashaís Dad = Need doll

Peaure and Roy = Need dolls

Ellie, Kaya, Louise = Need Lottie dolls

Isabel = Got doll

Furlan = Got doll

Kuchel = Need doll

Beyond the wall

Zeke = Need to repaint hair

Bertolt = Got doll

Annie = Got doll

Ymir = Got doll

Gabi = Need Lottie doll (going to be done last)

Falco = Need Lottie doll

Colt = Got doll

Zofia and Udo = Need Lottie dolls

Porco = Need doll

Pieck = Need doll

Grisha = Ned doll