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Author Topic: Attack on Titan, Fruits Basket, Naruto, and other anime and game characters  (Read 531 times)

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This is originally posted on the MLP Arena but Iíve decided to do a very big update on all that are complete and those who arenít.

Starting with Fruits Basket

Only one thatís completed is Kisa Sohma (a Lottie doll that I brought). All that she needs now is some clothes (from the creators of Lottie Dolls, thanks to the pictures and descriptions I gave them on her, Hiro, and Momiji dolls)

Hatori Sohma got head and body all he needs is a wig, and his clothes

Got the dolls for Akito (both the 2001 and 2019)

Saki = Got doll need to do hair and clothes

Yuki = Same as Saki

Hatsuharu = Same as Yuki

Arisa = Same as Hatsuharu

Kagura = Same as Arisa

Rin = Same as Kagura

Ayame = Need doll

Hiro = Need Lottie doll

Momiji = Need Lottie doll

Momo = Need Lottie doll or Chelsea doll with brown eyes and curly hair

Kureno = Need doll

Megumi = Need doll

Mai = Need doll

Okami = Need doll

Motoko = Need doll

Minami = Need doll

Mayuko = Need doll

Tohru = Got doll need to do hair and clothes

Ren = Need doll

Rika = Need doll

Ritsu = Need doll

Shigure = Need doll

Samurai Warriors

Masamune Date = Got doll

Ujiyasu Hojo = Need doll

Nobunaga Oda = Need doll

Ranmaru Mori = Got doll

Sengoku Colkection (Female versions of the Samurai Warriors characters)

Date Masamune = Need doll

Katakura Kojuuro = Need doll

Tokugawa Ieyasu = Need doll

Fuuma Kotaro = Need doll

Naruko (Naruto)

Naruko = Got doll

Kakashi (non Sharigan)= Got body need head

Iruka = Need doll

Fū (Seven tailed Jinchuriki) = Got doll

Fū Yamanaka = Need doll

Shikaku and Shikamaru Nara = Need Ken doll and BTS doll

Yugito Nii = Need doll

Hyūga Elder, Hiashi and his brother = Need Albus Dumbeldore body (Elder), and two Ken dolls (Hiashi and his brother)

Neji, Hinayana, and Hanabi = Need BTS doll (Neji), EAH doll (Hinata), and Lottie doll (Hanabi)

Shibi, Shino, and Torune Aburame = Need two Ken dolls (Shibi and Torune), and BTS doll (Shino)

Karui = Got doll

Chōji = Need doll

Inochi and Ino = Need Ken doll, and EAH doll

Inojin = Need doll

Karin = Need doll

Kushina = Need doll

Taiko = Need doll

Shisui, Itachi, and Obito = Need BTS dolls (Itachi and Shisui) Obito is ??? (Donít know which doll to do for him)

Sarada and Izumi = Need dolls

Madara = Got Dumbeldore body need head

Tsunade = Got body (need to change it) Need head

Tobirama = Need doll

Hashirama = Got Dumbeldore body need head

Kurenai Yūhi = Need doll

Mirai = Need doll

Asuma Sarutobi = Need doll

Shikadai = Need doll

Termari = Need doll

Garra = Need doll

Tsume and Hana, and Kiba = Need Barbie dolls for Tsume and Hana, and Kiba doll is up in the air at the moment (got a spare Deuce doll and I have no idea on who heís going to be either Kiba or Obito)

Minato = Need doll

Yagura Karatachi = Need doll (going to be funny on who itís going to be because of his height heís an adult but people think he isnít)

Utakata = Need doll

Anko = Need doll

Genma = Need doll

The two chunin forever Izumo and Kotetsu = Need Ken dolls (I swear these two are cursed)

Jiraiya = Need doll (this is going to be one of the most hardest one to do)

Kin = Need doll

Konan = Need doll

Yūgao = Need doll

Yamato = Need doll

Shizune = Need doll

Sasori = Need doll

Sai = Got doll

Might Gai and Rock Lee = Need Ken doll (Gai) and BTS doll (Lee)

Rin Nohara = Need doll

Mizuki = Need doll

Got other characters to do but my minds gone blank on Naruto

Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi = Got doll

Tamaki = Got doll

Kyoya = Need doll

Honey = Need doll

Mori = Need doll

Hikaru and Kaoru = Got dolls both have different colour hair (episode when the twins fight)

Attack on Titan (not adding the ones Iíve completed because itíll be too long)

Survey Corps

Eren (Female) = Got doll need to do hair

Connie = Being prepped

Baer = Need doll

Dita Ness = Need doll

Erwin = Got doll

Hange = Got doll

Harold = Need doll

Jean = Need to do hair

Lauda = Need doll

Levi = Got doll

Luke = Need doll

Marlo = Got doll

Sandra = Need doll

Gordon = Need doll

Sasha = Need to do hair

Moblit = Got doll

Mikasa = Got doll

Military Police Brigade and Garrison

Nile = Got body need head

Dennis = Need doll

Waltz = Need doll

Hitch = Got doll

Roger = Need doll

Kenny = Doll on way (Mary Poppins Return Jack)

Ralph, Sannes, Duran, and Boris = Need dolls

Dot = Got doll only need to do face

Kitz, Gustav, Phil, Hugo = Need Ken dolls

Hannes = Got body and head

Ian = Need body

Scary Medic = Need doll

Carsten = Need doll

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Offline Bright Rabbit 1

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Training Corps

Keith = Need doll

Marco = Got doll and have done half of him (his body got half eaten by a Titan. And people are still telling jokes like half price, halfway there)

Mina = Got doll need to do hair and eyes

Samuel = Got doll

Thomas = Got doll waiting to use fluff from yarn wefts

Nac = Got doll

Mylius = Got doll

Royal Government and People behind the wall

Darius = Need doll

Rod, Frieda, Abel, Ulklin, Florian, and Dirk Reiss = Need Ken doll (Rod), Need Barbie Made to Move Pink Top (Frieda), Got Hermione body and all I need now is a head (Abel), got doll EAH (Ulklin), got Lottie doll (Florian), and Got doll Harry Potter (Dirk)

Nick = Need doll

Roderich, Aurille, Gerald, and Deltoff = Need dolls

King Fritz = Need doll

Karina (Create a Character from A.O.T 2 game) = Got doll

Historia = Got doll

Carla = Need doll

Alma = Need doll

Erwinís Dad = Need doll

Sashaís Dad = Need doll

Peaure and Roy = Need dolls

Ellie, Kaya, Louise = Need Lottie dolls

Isabel = Got doll

Furlan = Got doll

Kuchel = Need doll

Beyond the wall

Zeke = Need to repaint hair

Bertolt = Got doll

Annie = Got doll

Ymir = Got doll

Gabi = Need Lottie doll (going to be done last)

Falco = Need Lottie doll

Colt = Got doll

Zofia and Udo = Need Lottie dolls

Porco = Need doll

Pieck = Need doll

Grisha = Ned doll
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