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Author Topic: Gilda Goldstag Mod -- Kind of got there???  (Read 811 times)

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Gilda Goldstag Mod -- Kind of got there???
« on: January 22, 2019, 06:40:08 AM »
So I'm finally getting back to customising after two years of not working on a single MH doll, and I decided to get around to tackling my Gilda. I got around her horrible glue head by freezing and then melting the glue inside with hot water (freezing popped the glue off the vinyl inside, heating it up made it easy to remove; bless you, high school chemistry). Unfortunately, that was the easy part.

One of her horns is crooked, and I'm trying to figure out if I can remove and reset it without horribly damaging her head in the process. Failing that, I'll probably cover the gap caused by its crookedness, but I'd like any advice anyone might have for fixing it first. Here's her post de-hairing photo:

It's not super clear because I had poor lighting, but her left (our right) horn is not properly seated in its little notchy groove. There's a pretty big gap in person and it bugs me so much that I've bought two other Gildas over time, seeking that Perfect Pair of horns (I did get there eventually).

Anyone have suggestions?

I'm letting her head soak in soapy water over night in the hopes that it might soften the glue somewhat, then I'm going to try attacking it with more soapy water and acetone.

I kinda got there. Sort of. A bit. I basically sliced her head open, then cut in and back at an angle to cut the horn out. I've shaved it down and tomorrow I'll clean her face-up off the rest of the way tomorrow, patch her with some Liquid Fusion, and try to put the horn back in place once it's dry. After that, REINFORCE THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF IT SO IT WILL NOT BUDGE EVER AGAIN.

I do not recommend this method, but it looks like crooked horns can't be fixed any other way. I tried dissolving the glue with acetone, wearing it down with hot water, soap, and a diamond file, and even scraping away at the hard glue with a awl. In the end, the glue underneath is too firmly attached to do anything but cut the horn out as close to the edge of the glue as you can get.
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